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Three Tips to Secure the Best Shipping Prices in Canada

Over the years, Canada has maintained its spot as one of the US’ top 3 trading partners. After all, the country is much closer in proximity to American borders, and, through bilateral agreements, economic relations between the US and Canada continue to flourish. This robust trading relationship between the two countries has made it easier […]

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5 Ways to Cut Down US to Canada Shipping Cost

Current events have taken a toll on the global economy, and shipping and logistics aren't safe from these changes. In fact, shipping companies have to cope with these changes by increasing their fees. Adjustments pose a few challenges, especially for small businesses. So, how do they adjust? Below are five ways online sellers can save […]

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Complete Shipping Solutions for Canadian Businesses

The Canadian shipping industry may have seen numerous ups and downs, but it continues to be a crucial driver of the country’s economic growth. According to the marketing statistics website Statista, the trucking industry alone made 64 million shipments in 2018, which lead to a whopping $40 million CAD in revenue. While certain realities have […]

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Amazon Canada Fulfillment Services: A Cost Overview

If there's one reason why Amazon is so popular today, it's because the company was the first to build a customer service infrastructure that other e-commerce platforms can only dream of. Amazon implemented a customer-first philosophy to ensure that shoppers get the best possible experience, and it worked. Canada is no different than the rest […]

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Outsmart Amazon's FBA Shipping Rates

Amazon is the face of the modern e-commerce industry and one of the world's most valuable companies. Its online platform is flocked with shoppers who are enthusiastic about buying products, and sellers who are equally motivated to profit through the Amazon brand. 2019 data shows that Amazon sells products worth $4,700 every second, $280,000 every […]

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Shipping Services in Canada: Three Costly Mistakes You Need to Avoid

There is no doubt that the Canadian shipping industry continues to be a significant contributor to the country’s economic growth. A 2018 report published by the Council of Canadian Academies stated that the marine shipping industry alone generates $3 billion to Canada’s GDP. It’s safe to say that the government will emphasize multi-platform shipping services […]

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Small Business Shipping Canada: What Documents Do You Need?

For centuries, the Canadian shipping industry has thrived because it prioritized handling and trading goods with customers efficiently. According to Statista, Canada Post delivered a total of 320 million shipment parcels in 2019— a significant increase from 296 million in 2018, and 242 million in 2017. This data is mostly attributed to small business shipping […]

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Should I Add Shipping Insurance from a Third-Party or a Carrier

According to Pitney Bowes Parcel Shipping Index, 2,760 parcels are shipped globally every second. That's a total of 9,936,000 per hour! As a seller, you can't help but imagine shipping personnel handling hundreds of millions of packages every day. With all those packages passing from hand to hand, there's definitely room for error. So, there's […]

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A Need-to-Know Guide on Shipping Rates from US to Canada

When sharing the same continent, a common language, and a border, it is no wonder that a lot of Canadians are familiar with US retail brands. However, despite the stability of the country’s digital capabilities, it's been slow to adapt to the e-commerce platform of buying and selling products online. Undoubtedly because of the high […]

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Why Choose Stallion Protection?

As carriers around the world are working through this unprecedented time, shipping volumes continue to rise higher than ever, with limited staff available. In our client’s best interests, we’ve launched Stallion Protection - an affordable and reliable way to offer full coverage on your shipments, safeguarding them from potential loss or damage. Keep reading for […]

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Cheapest International Shipping from Canada: Pros & Cons

In the second quarter of 2020, North America had the highest internet penetration rate at 90.7%. With the unexpected pandemic, people have relied now more than ever on the internet for most of its purchases. As an e-commerce seller, opening your business to other parts of the globe allows you to cover a wider market […]

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Three Essential Tips to Maximize Canada to US Shipping Time

According to Statista, the United States continues to dominate the trade and e-commerce industries after it racked up a total of $193.6 billion in net sales. With the coronavirus outbreak restricting the movement of people around the world, making online purchases seems to be a part of our "new normal."  If you're a Canadian entrepreneur, […]

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