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Thinking of sending a parcel or a huge package to a loved one overseas but worrying about a possible price hike due to the lockdown? Lucky for you, there is nothing to worry about because this 2022, we’ve prepared a comprehensive list of the most affordable international shipping rates that you can now avail of even at the safety of your own homes! This article will discuss what international shipping is, how international shipping works, what Stallion Express has to offer, and how to get started with 2022's most affordable international shipping rates!

What is International Shipping?

International shipping or “freight transportation” is a type of service that involves the transfer of commodities or merchandise from one country to another (or multiple others). International shipping is commonly used by businesses with manufacturing buildings stationed overseas or family members intending to deliver a personal package overseas. 

Due to transportation and technology advancements, items can now be transported via land, air, or sea. When a parcel is shipped, it is placed inside boxes, crates, and containers which would safely transfer them from point A to B, then B to C, and so on until it reaches its destination. International shipping has been a practice since time immemorial in countries such as Spain, the Netherlands, and England; becoming more popular in the 1700s when the invention of airplanes, trains, and other faster transportation systems motivated the rise of international trade.

Affordable International Shipping at Stallion Express

Stallion Express is Canada’s number 1 shipping solutions company for Canadian e-commerce sellers, offering affordable international shipping. Championing faster, smarter, and cheaper qualities for shipping services, Stallion Express delivers within Canada, in the United States, and around the world, including Australia, England, and Hong Kong.

Up to this day, Canadian businesses specializing in e-commerce entrust Stallion Express. Our clients became a part of the 5000+ sellers who saved up to $2,000,000 in terms of shipping charges with over 3 million parcels shipped and delivered. Based on Google, the average accumulated rating of Stallion Express after 120 reviews is 4.9 stars out of 5 stars. With these pieces of information, Stallion Express is certainly worth choosing to streamline shipping processes.

2022 International Shipping Rates

For international shipping rates this 2022, Stallion Express has updated its destinations, with the inclusion of Canada to Hong Kong, London, England, and Sydney, Australia shipments. In partnership with APC Logistics and PostNL, Stallion Express guarantees a fast and reliable worldwide delivery with its features. If you avail of Stallion Express' international shipping fees, you save up 79% of the cost that you expend for worldwide shipping charges; furthermore, Stallion Express offers a full-tracking option to monitor the whereabouts of your package. The best part about entrusting Stallion Express with your international shipping concerns is that it only takes 5-21 business days for the package to arrive at the recipient's location. 

Getting Started

It is super easy to avail of Stallion Express's affordable international shipping services. We have made it easy for you to start shipping your parcel today. If you are managing a personal business, all you need to do is integrate your online store to our platform; this lets you import your customers' orders with the click of a button - saving you time from doing it manually.

Once you have settled with streamlining your e-commerce business (i.e., Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Shopify) with Stallion Express, you can now move forward with the second step: printing shipping labels. This can be executed by uploading credit to one's account, selecting the packages to be used for shipping the products or items, and printing the label/s with just a few clicks or taps on your device.

For the last step, all you need to do is set a schedule when you want the packages picked up by booking our Stallion Express pick-up services. On the other hand, you may drop off the packages at the Stallion Express branch near you.

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Shipping from one place to another is costly. No matter how much you want to lower the shipping cost, there are only a few trustworthy shipping providers that you can rely on. Some offer really low prices, but you can never be sure about the quality of their service. They may do your packages more harm than good. 

You may also wonder, “Is international shipping free with Amazon Prime?” Unfortunately for you, the answer is yes, and that’s another customer perk you have to beat.

So, how are you going to stay competitive and on top of the game?

If you want to get the best price for international shipping, you need to learn how to negotiate shipping rates. Here are some tips when you're aiming for a lower shipping cost. 

  1. Use the package volume to your advantage.

Businesses don’t realize that shipping companies offer more advantages than just providing cheap shipping rates. If you regularly ship packages in large volumes, you can ask your chosen carrier if they offer other perks, like free pick up services. . For example, a good time to ask your partner carrier for some concession is Christmas. As the demand for Christmas gifts increases, getting this kind of perk will prevent you from experiencing heavy holiday traffic.So, you can allot more time to your business. Plus, you can save on gas costs big time.

If you think you can only ship a small volume of packages per week, you can still find a way to minimize your shipping cost. Ask the shipping carrier if they offer programs, like referral systems or the like, to help you earn points for your next shipping transactions. 

Don’t be embarrassed by asking questions. That way, you can reap the benefits of low shipping costs and scale your business to gain more customers. 

Also, when you’re inquiring with your shipping carrier, be courteous and let the data speak for itself. Highlight trends in your data that prove your value. But the best way to ask shipping prices is to build a relationship with your shipping partner. 

  1. Look at other factors that inflate your shipping cost.

Some of the factors that affect the shipping cost include fuel surcharges, minimum package charges, and accessory charges. 

However, with the right shipping partner, you can subtly escape these costly charges. Each carrier may have different terms and regulations, so be sure to ask properly about it. Compare the rates of each shipping carrier. Then, ask your carrier about it to get an affordable international shipping fee. 

  1. Check out other shipping methods.

When it comes to shipping goods, there are a variety of choices you can choose from. Each mode has its advantages and disadvantages, but you have to pick a method that works best for your business. International priority shipping is costly, so try to consider other options. 

To get the best price for your shipping, you can choose the mode that will give you excellent results at an affordable price. What works for you will depend on your shipment, so gather data about that. 

If you want to ship packages that a customer doesn’t urgently need, pick standard shipping. On the other hand, if you are shipping high-value and consumable goods, pick express shipping freight. Take note, however, that express shipping is more costly than standard shipping. 

  1. Reduce the shipping distance.

The general rule is the farther the destination is from the point of origin, the higher the shipping fee. Shipping carriers also use shipping zones to determine the distance and rate. 

What you can do to lower the shipping cost is to avoid shipping to higher zones as much as possible. Better yet, partner up with companies that have multiple fulfillment centers. This way, you can store your inventory near the point of destination, thereby reducing the shipping cost.

  1. Get discounted shipping rates.

You may not know this before, but shipping companies offer several pricing discounts. Discuss these with your shipping partner. The most common form of discount is when you ship a particular number of parcels each month. Some also offer loyalty discounts instead of volume discounts. 

However, with a shipping partner like Stallion Express, you do not have to reach any number or volume of packages per week to avail the big discounts. You will automatically receive enormous discounts as they offer shipping rates half the price compared to other leading shipping companies. 

  1. Don’t make empty promises.

If you have good reason to believe you can’t reach the number of packages you promised for a given month, tell it honestly to your shipping carrier. Otherwise, you can rack up penalties and additional fees if it turns out you overestimated your shipping volume. 

Also, if your business still doesn’t have stable sales, state at the outset of your partnership that you are not making any volume commitments. Be honest with your carrier and set achievable terms. 

But again, you don’t have to leave any promise to your shipping partners like Stallion Express. Since there are no quotas you need to reach, you won’t leave anyone hanging. Plus, it will be less stressful for you because you only have to deal with your marketing and product development.


To get better shipping prices, apply the tips we shared above. However, if you want a shipping partner that will offer you affordable shipping rates for the best services, then pick Stallion Express. 

Here at Stallion Express, we believe in giving our customers our best. With us, you don’t have to worry about your packages getting lost or damaged during shipment. You can also estimate your shipping fee using our international shipping rate calculator.
To know more about our services, contact us today!

You may have already guessed that the United States of America is the biggest trading partner of Canada. In 2020 alone, these two nations' traded goods and services reached $614.9 billion. This business relationship is why shipping to and from the United States is vital to Canadian citizens and companies. Stallion Express has helped businesses and consumers alike in all their shipping needs—from appliances to other available products.

And while Canadians love to shop in the US and ship it back home, our friends south of the border also like what we offer and would love to have a taste of that sweet Canadian kindness. To help you with your shipping problems, we've compiled everything you need to know, which guarantees your packages' safety and security when opting for standard shipping from Canada to the US. Besides the fundamentals of standard shipping, you will also learn about shipping from Canada to the US! 

What does Standard Shipping mean?

As the name suggests, Standard Shipping is your standard delivery service. It's not immediately delivered at costly rates overnight, but it's also not using slower tracked mail systems. This shipping option is perfect for non-urgent deliveries that can afford to wait a few days. And this usually won't cost you extra since there are no notable additions to the package, more on that below.

When choosing standard shipping as your primary shipping method, note that it is the seller's responsibility to select a carrier when shipping products from Canada to the US. So when choosing who will be shipping products from Canada to the US, sellers must find carrier companies that provide affordable, secure, and safe shipping services to ensure their clients' packages arrive safely and customer satisfaction.

Standard shipping is the most common option for people who purchase online. There aren't any extra shipping costs and expenses similar to those included in express shipping or fancier tracking methods that will increase your package's travel time. This shipping option also helps you avoid the unnecessary spike in shipping costs and fees. Standard shipping from Canada to the US is relatively cost-effective. In fact, in some instances, customers can even get the free shipping option. When asked, "how much is shipping from Canada to the US," there is no definite or constant amount to give since many factors play into fees and shipping costs.

Most sellers online even include a breakdown of the receipts of the client's purchases, which consists of a quick detailed list of what they're paying for in shipping. An e-commerce store is a better place to shop because of the different features that vary on each seller's platform. Some sellers even include an international shipping rate calculator, which helps their customers learn more about Canada's shipping products to the US.

What other options are available aside from standard shipping from Canada to the US?

In this time and age, many shipping companies have made their services available and affordable to boost their relationship with other businesses and increase their company's online presence and reach. Some companies even create new shipping options for both the seller and buyer. 

For example, Stallion Express offers free pickup service to its customers sending large volume packages regularly within their pickup route. In this way, you as a seller, can save time, money, and effort from dropping your items to the branch location yourself. Additionally, Stallion, together with its partner companies have numerous express shipping options. 

These postage types are still available for Stallion U.S. Shipping but we still need to receive the items at our branch location first. These are the express shipping options: FedEx Overnight, USPS Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express. You can choose any of these options in your Stallion account. You can choose any of these services depending on your shipping preferences.

What other things to consider when using the standard shipping method for businesses?

Each package's weight and dimension are accounted for.

Since standard shipping often uses surface courier services to deliver your items, how large and heavy the parcel is may delay its arrival. If these products are too big or too heavy, they may not take priority when being loaded with our partner carrier’s since they take up more space in the truck. Chance of the item not being able to stack.

We suggest working with your courier of choice to negotiate on prices and how best to ensure that the costs of having an item delivered across the border won't break the customer's budget. It helps having multiple carriers and postage type options to shop between with your shipping partner - since there are pros/cons to each option depending on your business. You must keep communicating with your customer, explaining the reasons behind a delay in delivery or why they had to pay so much for shipping. From standard Canada-US border shipping, you'll get the more options at low-rates you're looking for!

The item's "for-and-to" also matters when opting for standard shipping from Canada to the US.

The farther you are from the nearest Amazon fulfillment center, the more it would cost for couriers to get your purchase to you, which is usually the case for Amazon and for people who work with Amazon. Shipping companies use zones to determine shipping rates to calculate how far your location is from the shipper's location.

If you're a seller, you need to know this information before shipping your products out to the US:

  1. Find out if your items are allowed to cross the border. If they are not, it's best to communicate this with your buyer and therefore look for a shipping option that does not deem your item as prohibited/restricted.
  2. Prepare the necessary documentation you might need for your merchandise to pass over the border. If you want to save time on paperwork, Stallion Express can prepare the documents for cross-border shipment. They can have you skip all the tedious paperwork as they will do it on behalf of you.
  3. Find out which places allow your items to save yourself some time.

Standard shipping is best used by customers who don't mind waiting for their product and prefer to save money by opting for the cost-effective route. But if you need to get an item as soon as possible, we recommend sticking with express shipping to ensure your shipment arrives as early as possible with faster delivery times.

Shipping across country borders can be challenging, but you will sail through this endeavor with a breeze if you communicate with your courier and customer. There are many perks when choosing standard shipping from Canada to the US instead of express shipping. Aside from the lower shipping rates, it also works great for items that don't require urgency in shipping. And even though it can take a while, the savings and the object itself are worth the wait. 

If you're looking for a reliable shipping company to work with, you're in luck! Stallion Express provides extensive shipping options for you and your business to choose from. We at Stallion Express by your side, you'll understand more about shipping products from Canada to the US. You can get started by reaching out to us to learn more about guiding you through the rough logistics seas!

Logistics form a core part of any online business. With the rapid globalization of online selling, it has become necessary for entrepreneurs to have a shipping partner for ecommerce to reach local and international clients at the click of a button.

Many ecommerce shipping providers have risen to answer this growing demand, innovating ways to streamline the process and simplify international logistics.

While options are abundant, sellers must still apply due diligence in selecting the right shipping partners for ecommerce. This factor alone may make or break the business.

Here are six quick facts to guide you through selecting ecommerce shipping companies for your business:

  1. Reliable

With everything going virtual, transparency has never been more critical.

Remember that your shipping partner will be the bridge between you and the customer.

Here a few ways to determine their reliability:

Satisfied clients will usually leave good reviews on their experience with the company. As a rule of thumb, choose a company that has provided consistent and quality service to customers. You can also send their previous customers an email to get direct and personalized feedback

What are they going to do when a situation takes a turn for the worse?. A serious ecommerce shipping company can provide you with a guarantee of security that your packages will be handled and delivered professionally.

  1. Affordable

Ecommerce shipping shouldn't break the bank. With the recent innovations, much has changed in the industry's efficiency and accessibility. You should be able to sell your products and still achieve a solid profit margin easily.

While diving for the cheapest option may seem feasible, this may come at the cost of quality. Soon enough, you might find yourself to the brim with lost/broken packages and angry customers. Finding the right shipping partner means finding a balance between price and quality.

Here a few factors that affect your rates:

You'll be paying for the weight or dimensions of your package, whichever comes higher. A heavy, small package can cost just as much as a big, light one.

Shippers usually base this on local, regional, national, or international areas—the farther the delivery, the steeper the price.

  1. Customer Oriented

One of this industry's advantages is that competition amongst shipping companies is quite intense, spurring innovations that ultimately benefit sellers.

Some companies go beyond delivering your product, offering further support with customer service and handling. This ensures customers are receiving updates on their development in real-time and handling messy situations such as unresponsive customers and item returns.

Having a shipping partner means they'll be able to support you every step of the way from expanding market reach to providing stellar and timely customer service.

  1. Future-Proof

What systems do they have in place? A straightforward platform can make or break the selling experience. You need to be able to make decisions that are timely and efficient. When it comes to matters concerning deliveries, you want the process to be smooth and streamlined so you can focus on improving other aspects of your business.

Find out if they have a:

While this may seem ordinary, not all tracking services are made equal. Are they providing real-time updates? Does the service show accurate time-lines of where the product currently is? Does the platform crash often? Having an accurate and timely tracking service that's easy to understand could mean the difference between an informed and angry customer.

  1.  Integration

Integrating your various ecommerce business with your shipping provider will save you tons of time and energy. Automating the process means you can quickly scale your business without much fuss at all. The right shipping partner for ecommerce has the technology to integrate leading ecommerce websites like Amazon and Shopify to their platform so you can manage your orders and shipments all in one place!

  1. Knowledgeable

Shipping internationally can get complicated fast with legislation varying from country to country. Negligence may result in your items being held up at customs, making you lose both money and customers.

You must partner up with a shipping provider that knows these things upside down. They should have a vast and proven experience in handling international packages effectively, so your items reach your customers without any hiccups or ados.


Your winning product can't stay "winning" if it's not reaching customers quickly and in one piece. It also won't amount much if your customers are burning holes in their pockets to afford the shipping fees. You'll want to get things right the first time around which is why it makes perfect sense to choose a shipping provider that gets the job done. When you grow your business with Stallion Express, you're partnering with a company that has shipped almost 3 million parcels for 5,000+ enterprises in Canada, giving them a whopping savings of $2,000,000. To know more about how we can help you, get in touch with us and book a free consultation at Stallion Express.

Deciphering and researching about the best way to ship packages internationally feels tedious especially when everything is affected by something unforeseen. As business owners, not only do you want to be cost-efficient but also, ensure the best quality of service to provide your customers.

When you search the internet about finding the most affordable and reliable way to transport and deliver orders to their customers. Most of the time, results yield that the US Postal Service will be one of the most affordable ways to ship this 2022. However, this dominantly applies if your market is in the US.

What is the best way to ship packages internationally?

We’ve done research on our own to check on how much the prices are between USPS international shipping rates and other express shipping companies that offer. But remember, when you do your research consider the destination and the origin point of the package itself.

In most instances, shipping companies consider the weight and destination when it comes to pricing the package. Moreover, these shipping companies also specify their rates per country. Some classify it according to the continent it’s located.

Which one to choose: APC vs USPS International?

Stallion Express offers both APC and USPS International as shipping options for you. While both shipping partners have their own strengths, let us compare their features. 

APC is a Stallion Express shipping service mainly for international shipping, and they are offered in both Canadian regions (Ontario and British Columbia). They offer a cheap and fast international shipment process. On the other hand, USPS is not normally advised due to higher costs vs. APC and longer delivery times. In conclusion, APC’s main strength is international shipping, while USPS International’s main strength is their US shipping.

Now, when you look at Priority Mail International - Flat Rate service, you feel that it’s the best way to ship packages internationally. A small box filled with small items would usually cost around USD 36 from Connecticut to Hong Kong which weighs around 1.8 kg.

Though, some compare international shipping rates using a rate calculator as they strive to find the one that fits their budget.

Below is a table that shows how much the small rate box is in comparison to the other USPS international shipping services. It is set at 0.91 kg or around 2 lb.

Price Tag Reference for Claims image

From the table, you’ll notice that Priority Mail International - Flat Rate services is the most affordable way to ship your parcels to other countries. Most sellers or shippers in general who do not have a business or corporate account with their preferred couriers choose this option.

If you noticed, Stallion Express has an alternative with even better pricing, leveraging our pre-negotiated rates and exclusive partnerships with well-established shipping couriers. 

Why is Stallion Express the best way to ship packages internationally?

Most Canadian eCommerce businesses choose to work with Stallion Express as their preferred courier service. One of the most common things about eCommerce businesses is the convenience they bring to their customers.

Many customers use their mobile devices to check their shops, process transactions, and provide customer service. However, it is a long process as you need to open several browsers and applications to fulfill orders. Now, sellers can integrate their online store with Stallion and manage their transactions in one platform.

After uploading credits, you can create, pay, and print your labels through your Stallion Express account. Then, arranging for a drop off or pick-up comes next. If you are swamped with work or you want to focus on your business operations, you may arrange for a direct pickup and see if you qualify to have it complimentary.

When you have your parcels picked up from the nearest branch location, Stallion Express will handle and process your shipments. Simply drop off, then let us take care of the rest.

Features of choosing Stallion Express

Stallion Express collaborates with world-class carriers including APC Logistics and PostNL to ensure secure and seamless delivery so sellers grow their business around the world. Aside from that, they offer competitive prices that will let you be cost-effective as well as ensure top-notch quality delivery to your customers.

Other features include:

How much will it cost?


Different sellers arise due to the shift to the digital economy. One of the factors that triggered this move would be unforeseen events such as the pandemic. However, sellers continue to power through and conduct business in other countries. With the current situation, people look for shipping companies that offer competitive prices that will not cripple their business too.

Working with Stallion Express is the best way to ship packages internationally. Not only do you save your resources and deliver your parcels punctually, but you also give your customers the assurance that their orders are safely handled and taken care of.

So, if you’re looking for a courier to work with, stop browsing and inquire now!

The rapid growth of technology has put eCommerce in a very significant role for both buyers and sellers. Shopping and selling are now made easy in just a few clicks on all devices. Because of this, the demand for satisfactory services drastically increases, and businesses compete for the best service provider. 

Your eCommerce business starts with an online store. For successful brand awareness, your site needs to be visible in the online sphere. Ecommerce makes shopping and selling more manageable, but building a well-performing site takes time and consistent maintenance. You will need proper implementation of the design, content, and technical aspects for transactions, such as shipping. 

International shipping is a significant issue. You are expanding locations with a variety of shipping rates and regulations. If this is the route you're trying to take, this article will be a helpful guide for you. We'll discuss practical tips on building successful eCommerce shipping from top international shipping sites!

What Makes A Good International Shopping Site?

Are you ready to launch a successful eCommerce site with an international shipping service? Whether you're a startup looking for the best international shipping tips for a small business or trying to improve your eCommerce site, these are good tips you can learn from.  

Eye-Catching, But Non-Clickbait 

Provide the best customer experience on your site. Incorporate an interactive design that gets them engaged. It would be best to have a fantastic, neat design that matches the products or services you promote. There should also be some catchy phrases: limited deals, the best price for international shipping, or free international shipping widgets. 

Do remember to stay true to what your brand can offer. Avoid using clickbait content to get clicks because once you've been found out, it will backfire and make things worse for your business. 

Here's a neat example from UPS's global page. The page displays the locations they serve. Once you select an area, UPS will show you various information: a UPS branch address, related news, or a homepage tailored to your location. The map format is a creative and interactive way of providing information.

international shipping sites UPS global image

A Technically Efficient Site

One of the most common problems online platforms face is technical issues. While we were relieved of physical location issues, the online world also has its shortcomings. An eCommerce site can be vulnerable to various factors affecting its ability to function correctly. For a shipping company, this is one of the worst-case scenarios.

Site Speed

One of these issues is the website’s loading speed. Nobody would be pleased with a site that takes too long to load every single thing on its page. Ensure that you're regularly coordinating with a web developer or any person assigned to work on-site maintenance. One way to check the status of your site speed is through Google's PageSpeed Insights

There are several ways to fix loading speed. Some of them include file compression, minifying HTML, Javascript, CSS, improving server response time, optimizing images, and many more. Make sure to consult with a technical expert so you can understand how it works.  

Website Forms

Sometimes web forms don't work well, unable to input the entered data or inform the user that their data has been recorded. It is incredibly upsetting when you're figuring out how to fill out an international shipping address. After entering a lot of information, it suddenly makes an error and removes all the input. It's easy to lose customers with such errors, so make sure to check on your web forms.

The solutions may vary based on the type of content management system (CMS) and form plugin you are using. Coordinate with an expert to monitor and ensure the forms are working.  

Working Internal and External Links

Ecommerce sites incorporate internal and external links on their store's pages as part of digital marketing strategies. Links are implemented to gather more traffic, and it helps customers find more valuable sources of information. If these links won't work, it affects the customer experience. Make sure to check on your site links constantly!

Made for International Shipping Convenience

A good eCommerce website that ships globally should be a platform that stays true to its purpose. The website is all you have to begin a connection with your international customers. It is where the transactions occur, so you have to make sure it does its job well as a convenient tool for global users.

Easily Accessible

Processing an online order is not always easy for customers, especially those unfamiliar with it. An eCommerce site must be user-friendly enough so all customers can successfully make purchases. Don't put unnecessary information and procedures on your website. Make the steps quick and easy to understand. 

One example is from DHL's services. Customers can avail of services without a required DHL account. Signing up can be a daunting task for some, so this is a convenient option. You don't need an account to send a parcel, schedule a pick-up, book a service online, or communicate with their customer service.  

Order Tracking Availability

Real-time tracking of orders improves brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. The purpose of real-time tracking is to provide customers information as fast as possible. This is especially important for eCommerce shipping. FedEx, for instance, offers order tracking services on its official website.

International shipping FedEx tracking image

There are various ways to build an order tracker for shipping. You can build a tracking page on your website or send a tracking link to the customer via email and SMS. Your transparency and aim to satisfy your customers increase brand loyalty. 

Clear International Shipping Policies

Last but not least, a site with a reliable international shipping service has a clear international shipping policy. A policy page is helpful for customers who are still not familiar with shipping policies or may have specific questions about your service. 

Amazon has a dedicated page for general international shipping information. There are separate pages for customs and taxes, freight forwarders, international shipping eligibility, and many more. 

International shipping sites amazon policy page image


A successful eCommerce site is no overnight success. You take each step with a great deal of care to ensure you're going the right way. The vast scope and variety of international shipping can be overwhelming, but with proper implementation and sufficient information, you can please your customers no matter where they reside. Learn about cheap international shipping next with Stallion Express today! Call us at +1 877-863-7447 or email [email protected]

“Success usually comes to those who search for it.” Henry David Thoreau, a famous philosopher, said. You have found yourself reading this article because you want to answer the question in your mind on how you can secure your Amazon store's success. You are looking for assurance and answers if Amazon FBA shipping service can play a role in making your business boom. Indeed, you have read several articles showing you the pros and cons of the FBA Amazon shipping service, making you think whether the service is worth the costs and troubles of learning it. 

Hence, we will provide you some details to oppose the disadvantages of the Amazon FBA shipping service. We have listed here the five reasons why the FBA Amazon shipping service is the way to go. 

#1 Acquire the reputation of Amazon FBA shipping service. 

When a buyer sees FBA Amazon shipping service and the Amazon PRIME symbol to your product listing or sponsored ads, they see more than just a logo. Your customers see reliability and authenticity. 

Reliability because Amazon PRIME has a two-day shipping service, which ensures that products reach your customers quickly. Amazon PRIME also offers free shipping, which is a massive hit to shoppers and sellers like you. 

Authenticity as your product bears the mark of Amazon itself. Amazon is known to value customers above all else. Hence, they will not allow their symbol to be used loosely. It is an assurance to buyers to see the Amazon PRIME symbol. They know they will get only authentic and original products. 

#2 Your volume of sales will overshadow all your spendings. 

Amazon FBA shipping service rates are not worth it, some people say. What shipping fees are these? Here they are:

You will not pay all these but only those that apply to what you are selling. Hence we beg to disagree that the cost is not worth the Amazon FBA shipping service subscription. We think that if you have done all the steps to optimize your business, perfect your products, and deliver quality service to your customers, you will succeed. The use of the FBA Amazon shipping service and the fees you need to pay will be nothing with all the soaring sales you will have. 

#3 24/7 Customer service to any Amazon FBA shipping service concerns

Customer care is another crucial factor you should always consider when selling on Amazon. Amazon is a customer-pleaser. They will do everything to harness the satisfaction of their customers. That is why the fulfillment services handle all customer concerns regarding the FBA Amazon shipping service.

When you sell in Canada, it is easier to communicate with your customers as you live in the same time zone, country, and background. Nonetheless, when you start growing your business, you will have customers from all over the world. Shipping to Amazon FBA USA and delivering your goods to American customers means dealing with time differences. The same applies to international buyers. The customer service Amazon FBA shipping service ensures that buyers see you as responsive, professional, and has attentiveness to their needs. 

#4 Availability of all statistics on Seller Central

Numbers don’t lie. Validate the success we are talking about using the statistics available on your Seller Central account. We suggest having a comparative study of the duration you aren’t using the FBA Amazon shipping service yet and the time you started using it. Through this, you can see whether the use of the Amazon FBA shipping service made a difference and whether you should continue using the service. 

Aside from validating the FBA Amazon shipping service's efficiency, you can also track all transactions done using Seller Central. For instance, the returns and refunds are all accessible on your account. Returns from customers will be there too. Fees accumulation? It’s also there. 

#5 Amazon FBA shipping service knows no limit on storage. 

There is always enough space for all the packages coming from all over the world to Amazon warehouses. When you think there isn’t enough space, Amazon offers the Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF). 

MCF allows sellers to store their packages and products in Amazon warehouses even if they are not selling on Amazon. Do you have stores on Shopify, Etsy, or eBay? You can also enjoy the convenience of shipping to Amazon FBA USA and other parts of the world. A separate fulfillment fee applies for MCF. 

For Amazon sellers, note that Amazon will charge monthly storage fees and long-term storage fees to you. Hence, create a game plan to dispose of and sell the items you have stored. Set a goal on when you want your products to be sold. Match this plan with effective Sponsored Ads to ensure that enough people view your listing, get awareness, and an excellent impression of what you are selling, and eventually buying. This strategy will also keep you from removing items on Amazon storage just to cut the cost. Careful planning is the key. 

How to ship (Amazon FBA)?

Now that you have known the different advantages of using the Amazon FBA shipping service, let’s talk about how you can get started through these easy steps:

  1. Set up your selling account.
  2. Go to Seller Central, where you can begin setting up Fulfillment by Amazon.
  3. Add your products and inventory. 
  4. Pack the products you will store on Amazon warehouses.
  5. Ensure that you follow the packaging guidelines Amazon has set to avoid any challenges.
  6. Ship your properly labeled products to the Amazon warehouse.

Registering for Amazon FBA shipping service is easy. Being an Amazon FBA seller will boost your business and help you reach target customers in no time. However, before you can achieve this, it would require you finding the finest shipping partners the industry has to offer. If you want to integrate your Amazon and Stallion account, check this article out

What Stallion Express Offers

Stallion Express can be your partner in shipping to Amazon FBA USA. We know the ins and outs of how to ship (Amazon FBA) to the US. If you want your packing to be handled professionally and per Amazon guidelines, we also got you covered. More than this, we will handle border clearance for your items USD800 and below, therefore eliminating the need for a customs broker. 

Contact us at 877-863-7447 for any inquiries. You may also visit our website to know us more. 

Final Thought

After discussing the five main advantages of using the Amazon FBA shipping service, you may still have doubts. Nonetheless, remember that there is no harm in trying. Besides, if this is your first time to try Amazon FBA, you have no way but up. If it works, you get the financial goals for your business. If you fail, you earn business lessons you can use when you try again. 

Dos and don’ts in life often guide us. At home, our parents would always seem to have an invisible list of dos like “do the chores” or “do your homework.” When we go out into the world, you’ll see a lot of signs “do not cross,” “do not litter,” and more. Following them will be for our benefit. 

The same goes for Amazon shipping costs. If there are signs we could always see to remind us when we are already spending more than what we should, that would be nice. 

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or Amazon FBA is an essential service you should take to succeed on Amazon. It allows you to appear on listings where Amazon Prime users are shopping. These buyers are gold, and there is a higher chance they will buy your products if you have the Prime badge. However, Amazon FBA isn’t that cheap. Hence, if you want to make the most of the service, you should be on top of your spendings. 

We have listed some dos and don’ts you can print in the corner of your office or know by heart. Like the signs we see everywhere, following these dos and don’ts will help your advantage. 

Must-Dos to Save Some Amazon Shipping Costs 

Suppose you do these things, we assure you that Doing the must-dos in this list will lessen, one way or another, your cost to ship to Amazon FBA. How much does shipping cost? The answer depends on how aware you are of your spendings and the steps you can take to minimize your costs. Here are the things you can do to enjoy Amazon FBA without losing a lot of money. 

Do sign up for a professional account once you have stabilized your store.

When you sign up for Amazon FBA, you will have two options--individual account and professional account. If you are still beginning in your business, but you already know the value Amazon FBA can bring, sign up for it. Nonetheless, we encourage you to sign up for the individual account yet because of the following benefits: 

Once you have stabilized your business through steady sales and ranking on the first three pages of the listing, you can look into using the professional account. You will be charged USD39.99 monthly, but here are the advantages of using the Amazon FBA professional account: 

There is a perfect time for everything, they say. For the professional account, the ideal time is after all the steps to optimize your store are done. You will save on monthly fees with this strategy. 

Follow the Amazon packing and preparation guidelines.

You should not forget to follow the Amazon packing and preparation requirements. If you are a newly-opened Amazon store, packing fewer products according to the guidelines will be more comfortable. Nonetheless, once you go big, you might need help. Here are the choices you have:

If you can manage to do the packing yourself, this is the most suggested strategy if you want to save. The packing regulations may be a bit complicated at first, but you’ll get the hang of it in the long run. Besides, the benefit of a decreased fee to pay will be your motivation. 

Invest in Sponsored Ads 

How much does shipping cost? Another factor that will affect this question is the amount of investment you allot for your Amazon Sponsored Ads. Amazon has several sponsored ad types you can maximize to make your product visible to your target audience and get a sale. Here’s a quick look at them:

Strategize on which sponsored ads will give you the sales you need. Investing in the right sponsored ad will also allow you to save on the payment for cost to ship to Amazon FBA. Your products will be off the Amazon warehouses with effective ads in no time. Hence, you do not need to pay long-term storage fees. 

Think and plan wisely when shipping directly from China to Amazon warehouses

China is known to offer cheap manufacturing services. However, if you are still beginning your business and looking into this option to produce your goods, make sure to understand the ins and outs of the processes first. 

Note that you have at least three options if you want to ship directly to Amazon FBA. Each will produce different costs. We’ll explain them according to where you can save the most, both in time and money.

If you are into quality checking first, you may choose to receive the products first, and you will be the one sending the packages to Amazon. 

The three choices can give you varying advantages and disadvantages. Your preference will be according to your priority. If you are after checking your products' quality, the third means is the best. If you are saving time and cost to ship to Amazon FBA, shipping directly from the manufacturing company is the best. 

Maximize Seller Central for your inventory monitoring

Once you are registered to the professional account, you can monitor your inventory. Once important information you can get here is your Amazon.com return shipping cost. You will know how many returns you get, the reasons for the returns, and the prices you pay for the processing of these returns. 

For the first two details, you can check why your products are returned. Some reasons are not within your control like but focus on the returns caused by your goods' quality. Ask yourself how else you can improve your products to avoid the same reasons for returns moving forward. 

For the cost details, you will see that Amazon charges for the returns as well as the repackaging of your working products. Numbers don’t lie. Hence, the information you will get from these data can guide you on the next steps you will take to make your Amazon business succeed. 

Final Thought

Amazon FBA is a worthy investment. It will make your products and listing appear on buyers, especially Amazon Prime members. These customers have a higher probability of buying. Having the Prime badge will make your product more attractive. However, this benefit comes at a cost. Nonetheless, by following these must-dos, you can minimize the cost. 

If you are looking for a partner shipping company that will complement your goal to cut the cost, Stallion Express can be your partner.

Stallion Express offers the cheapest Amazon shipping costs, even lower than National Carriers. How much does shipping cost? Stallion Express offers CAD20 for a 15” square box weighing 30lbs, with UPS label from Amazon seller central attached, to be sent from Canada to their warehouse in Newark, California.  Again, Stallion’s FBA service is just bringing across the border (but gives Canadian Amazon sellers the access to low-cost shipping to FBA fulfillment center).

Contact us at 877-863-7477 for inquiries. You can also visit our website to know us more.

There are a lot of factors affecting shipping costs. If you're shipping your products out, you may need to use an international shipping rate calculator to help you estimate your prices. This is a custom practice, especially for business owners, since this tool has been very helpful in advertising what their customers have to pay for shipping.

But have you ever wondered what the things included in the costs for shipping are? Understanding what the costs are would also be helpful for you. At least this way, you will know exactly what you are paying for. 

Before getting into factors that can affect shipping rates, there are two definitions that you must first understand: the shipping and the handling. You must know the differences as these are also included in the rate.

Handling and shipping are two different processes, even if these are interconnected with each other. Handling is the process of preparing and packing your orders while transporting the item to the customer that falls under shipping. The costs associated with handling are the packaging materials, space for inventory, delivery, manpower, and other resources.

Shipping, on the other hand, are the costs associated when the products leave the warehouse. That includes postage, fuel, drivers or any additional manpower needed, tolls, and transportation fees. You may use an international shipping rate calculator to estimate shipping costs.

Factors Affecting The Price of International Shipping | International Shipping Rate Calculator

If you're a seller from Canada, it's good for your business if you cater to other countries as well. The wider your market reach, the better it is for your sales! These costs may or may not be factored in when you use an international shipping rate calculator. With that, here are the factors that may affect its rates.

Parcel Handling

The costs associated with handling parcels are sorting, labeling, packaging, and loading them to the truck or shipping vessel. The more steps it is needed to handle the product, the higher the labor and other related costs will be, and all of these will be charged with the shipping costs. So if you are going to send out a parcel and it will have to go through numerous handling because of the receiver's far destination, you can expect that shipping costs are higher than those with nearer destinations.

2.Shipping Charges

These charges start once the parcel leaves your warehouse and end until the customer receives the product. Errors, such as mislabelling the parcels and having them shipped to the wrong address, are also classified under shipping charges. 

3. Shipping Insurance

Once the parcel's been shipped, you have no control over what will happen to it. You also don't want to be liable for possible damages that will occur during transit. While most sellers who ship internationally don't think it's necessary to get shipping insurance, it's quite beneficial because you are guaranteed that the courier will be the one liable for the damage. This way, you will not be burdened by the additional costs you will have to shell out for its replacements or possible refunds. Although this part of the fee adds up to a huge portion of the cost, this added cost will be beneficial, especially if you're shipping expensive or breakable items.

4. Duties and Taxes

When shipping to other countries, the other costs that should be factored in are duties and taxes. These are the costs that take up almost 10-25% of the shipping costs. These depend on the country's rates of where it's shipped to and the value of goods to be sent. There are two ways to pay for these costs: Delivery Duty Unpaid (the recipient of the package will pay for it) or Delivery Duty Paid (the shipper will pay).  Since duties and taxes vary.

5. Type of Shipping

Generally, couriers offer two types of shipping. Those are standard and express shipping. These are applicable both for shipping domestically or internationally. The difference between these two is the time it takes for your parcels to be shipped from when you hand it over to the courier until the recipient gets it. Suppose you want the parcel's shipping to be expedited. In that case, you can choose the express option and pay an additional cost for it on top of the usual shipping rates. But if you're good with how long the standard shipping times are, then you can just opt for that. In the e-commerce business, your customers would be very much delighted if they were to receive their orders right away.  

What is the best way to ship internationally?

Now that you're familiar with the breakdown of shipping costs, you're at least getting some sense of understanding of what the costs are for. As a business owner, you would want your business to be profitable, and that's why it's only logical for you to choose a courier that offers the cheapest international shipping.

Why Should You Choose Stallion Express?

Stallion Express offers the cheapest international shipping from Canada. Furthermore, we are looking forward to adding more services to our portfolio like express international shipping for those who would want to expedite the parcel's movement. Choose a courier service you can trust, as you would want your products to arrive to your customers safely and on time. We are more than just a shipping service - we understand how we can help your business succeed through reliable shipment of your goods. Want to learn more about how you can use Stallion Express as your primary courier? E-mail us at [email protected], and let's talk about it!

Cart abandonment is a common issue among online businesses. It is the situation wherein the customers add something into their shopping carts but don't check them out and purchase them. While some customers abandon their carts as they are not ready to buy the items, others find the shipping rates expensive. Whether you ship something across the United States, around Canada, or any destination country, make your shipping strategy better using an international shipping calculator.

What is the use of an international shipping calculator?

A shipping cost calculator can be different for each carrier. It is a tool or shipping method to get how much the shipping charge will be. 

Typically, how to calculate the international rates depend on the carrier. They calculate the package dimension using the weight, length, and height. Please note that shipping companies can either calculate the package's actual weight or its dimensional weight, depending on which is greater. Sometimes, a shipping cost calculator also includes shipping zones. You can expect higher shipping rates if the zone is higher and lower shipping costs when the zone is lower.

The only difference between a regular shipping calculator and an international one is the destination country of the package. If you compare international shipping rate calculators, there is not much difference aside from their calculation of rates. 

How can it make your shipping strategy better?

The shipping strategy can get better because customers already know how to minimize shipping costs. With the help of the international shipping calculator, customers can easily adjust their packages to fit the expenses they intend. 

Customers prefer it when the carrier provides them with a transparent shipping solution to save money. Don't forget to remind your customers to minimize using boxes, as dimensional weight tends to cost higher than the actual package weight.

Improve your shipping strategy with an international shipping calculator

This is when you can apply discounted rates to your customers. As mentioned, the common cause of cart abandonment is the expensive shipping rates. Stallion Express can help you get the cheapest international shipping price. As we all know, discounted rates can entice customers to purchase from you. 

You can offer promo codes or a free shipping fee for a specific number of shipments or delivery times. So, you can help them send items worldwide and earn customers' trust.

Partner with Stallion Express for a better eCommerce service!

APC Logistics and PostNL are Stallion Express' partners for International shipping and postage options. With Stallion, you can pay as low as CAD6.20, depending on the destination country. 

You can save up to 85% off than the national or standard carrier. You can make discount promos plausible with these shipping rates! Plus, you can skip the strenuous filing of documents. Your only task is to choose the postage, pay it, print the shipping label, and drop the package at the nearest Stallion branch location. Stallion Express will complete the shipment process and send the delivery safe to your end-receiver.

Please check our website or call our customer service for inquiries and shipping quotes.

While the ongoing pandemic gave all people stress and financial burden, it is undeniable that some people could seize an opportunity from this unfortunate circumstance. Numerous Canadian online sellers found their target audience through various marketplaces and eCommerce platforms. This situation may be amusing as it sounds, but it is not an easy, smooth road for most of these sellers. Shipping has always been expensive, especially during holidays and peak seasons. However, there is little to no option other than sending your products via a shipping company. Canada is already a massive land, so it would be stressful to send your products independently. How much more if it includes shipping your products to the United States? 

If you are one of those online sellers finding shipping a hassle and tedious task, a question like "How much is shipping Canada to US?" has also bugged your mind. Check this article to help you create the most suitable shipping strategy. Learn the ten hot tips for cheaper shipping from Canada to US cost

  1. Check the Distance.

Distance is the most significant factor why shipping prices Canada to the United States can be cheaper or more expensive. Shipping companies, including the United States Postal Service (USPS), FedEx, and UPS, offer postage costs depending on how near or far the end receiver's location is from the origin. Meaning shorter distances mean reduced shipping rates. So, to limit the shipping charge the shipment incurs, you can check the receiver's location first before proceeding with the delivery service.

  1. Fix the Packaging.

You might think that packaging doesn't affect the shipping cost, but it is the total opposite because it can significantly alter the shipping costs. How? The shipping companies calculate the weight, length, height to get the package dimensions. Some sellers pack their small and lightweight parcels using bigger boxes, which consume space intended for other packages.

So, if you are the kind of seller using big boxes for lightweight and small items, it is better to fix your packaging. Instead of using boxes, you can use carrier packaging and pouches to minimize costs. Meanwhile, if you need to use a package for your goods, ensure that the box is only slightly larger than the item itself. It will prevent the thing from breaking and, at the same time, will not be charged with oversized packaging. 

  1. Choose high-quality yet affordable packaging materials.

Talking about packaging and choosing suitable materials can also help you minimize your cost. Don't forget to price and quality match your material needs to see if you can reduce your expenses without lowering the quality of your packaging. Improvising and utilizing recycled materials is also an excellent idea to keep your budget low for shipping items low. 

You might think that customers think low of your business for using used materials, but trust us, customers don't mind the packaging unless it ruins their orders. It is eco-friendly, so it is like hitting two birds in one stone.

Print Your Postage At Home image
  1. Print your postage at home.

While most sellers know that they can print the shipping label on their own, shipping companies, like the Stallion Express, also allow customers to print their postage in the comforts of their homes! Independently printing your postage can be more convenient and time-efficient, especially if you frequent ship items. 

Postage options can also provide you with many perks, including delivery tracking and discount options. 

  1. Consider dropping off your items.

This tip depends on the number of items you ship and your location. So, if your area is near the dropping point and you only have two to three items to ship, you can opt to bring your products to the branch yourself to minimize paying for an additional fee for pick up. However, if you have multiple shipments regularly, you can get free pickup. For example, Stallion Express offers complimentary pickup within the pickup route to its clients, having a large volume of shipments regularly, e.g., 350+ loads. 

  1. Plan shipping calendar

Shipping calendars are essential because they can help you opt for standard shipping. Some instances might overwhelm you when you don't have a shipping calendar. You can plot your schedule correctly and avoid going back and forth to the branch location. Furthermore, chances are, you will end up forgetting your shipment. 

Additionally, shipping calendars can provide you with a more reasonable rational time. How long does Canada standard shipping take? It depends on the postage option, shipping company, and distance. Hence, it is better to provide these criteria to your customers to ensure that you reach their expected delivery date. 

Avoid Rush Shipping image
  1. Avoid rush shipping.

Rush shipping will only lead you to little to no shipping options at all. Since you need to send your products as soon as possible, standard shipping will be out of the question. Instead, you will choose a shipping option, like express delivery service, which is often more expensive. An example of a more expensive shipping option is FedEx express.

On the other hand, some customers choose rush shipping options. In this case, you need to be transparent about the shipping rates. Please provide them with prior notice about the shipping method, the charges, and the pros and cons of choosing it.

  1. Avail of promo rates and shipping discounts.

Shipping discounts and promo rates are always available, especially if you have a considerable volume of shipments. For example, as mentioned, Stallion Express offers complimentary pickup within the pickup route for large volume shipments. Furthermore, they also provide a referral system for clients who have an existing Stallion Express account. Whether big or small, you should take advantage of special offers because it is more economical. 

  1. Use zone skipping

The United States has eight shipping zones that carriers ship to for domestic shipments. Shipping couriers use these shipping zones to calculate the distance parcels travel from origin to the end destination. However, although faster, choosing only one company to fulfill this task will acquire higher costs. 

Stallion Economy USA does complete shipping called zone skipping. It means all shipments go to their partner in Indiana. Then, they get forwarded to the post office nearest to the customer's destination. 

  1. Choose the Right Shipping Partner.

Canada shipping packages to the Us is a common thing. Hence, creating a shipping strategy with a reliable shipping partner will allow you to find the cheapest way to send your products to the US. For example, Stallion Express is an excellent shipping partner for online sellers in Canada shipping their products around the country, across the border, and internationally. 

Why? They offer cheaper and faster shipping than the national carrier. Furthermore, they also have quick and hassle-free online processing for claims and returns. 

Stallion Express partners with USPS USA, UPS USA, and FedEx USA to provide speedy service for your cross-border shipments. 

You need to create your Stallion account and create your shipment using it. You only need to choose your postage option, pay and print the label, and drop the item in the nearest Stallion branch. There is no need to process other documents aside from the ones required in your Stallion account. It will reduce your costs from processing these documents. Plus, you can manage all your orders from different platforms in a single account, making managing tolerable!

Meanwhile, if you wonder about the delivery time of standard shipping from outside Canada and its costs, you can check Shippsy by Stallion Express. They will provide you with shipping offers for any imports from the US with the same quality and prices. So, feel free to check the website for other cheaper shipping from Canada to US cost tips and tricks useful to your striving online business. 

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