It’s been a busy start to the year so far! Here’s to new beginnings and forming healthy, productive habits for your online business.

Let’s start with these updates you need to know from January:

General Updates

Discontinued USPS Regional Rate Box prices

Effective last January 22 (Sunday), Regional Rate Box pricing has been discontinued. While the remaining Regional Rate Boxes can still be used for shipping, they will be treated as weight and rate packages moving forward.

The recommended alternative for Regional Rate Box pricing is USPS Priority Mail Cubic. This is a sub-service of Priority Mail in which sellers ship items using their own packaging.

Need more information? Feel free to contact our customer support team for assistance.

Annual Rate Increases 2023

Review our recent Blog which includes details on increased rates as shared by our carrier partners.

Service Updates

APC Service Alert

In an effort to ensure you're aware of any service disruptions that may impact your business, please see the postal and carrier alerts and updates around the globe by checking out the link above.

PostNL service alert

Please visit the link above for any service disruptions to your international shipments when choosing PostNL as your postage option.


Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Contact our reliable customer service team at [email protected] or call our toll-free line at 877-863-7447 and share with us your thoughts and feedback on our current service lines, other Stallion features, and branch locations you want to see for 2023!

2022 has been a big year for us in many ways – from branch expansions, guest speakers, to new services and features. Overall, a progressive and productive year to reflect on while we continue to grow. 

Without further ado, here are the round-up worth looking back on as listed per month:


The Stallion team has created two video tutorials on billing to increase your knowledge for tax season, with further details provided on your eCommerce transactions with us.

For your guidance, below are the instructional videos you can find on our Stallion YouTube channel to familiarize yourself with our billing features:


The team has set up an analytics page to get extra insight for your business decisions with shipping operations, backed with our data.

Stallion Analytics shows the postage rates, countries you ship to, delivery success rate, postage options you often use, and so much more.

You can navigate it on your Stallion dashboard with these easy steps:

  1. From your homepage, click the down pointer next to your profile icon.
  2. Select Analytics from the drop-down menu.

During this month, we also introduced our Live Transit Times feature that shares real-time data from our carrier partners regarding estimated delivery times. This helps you and your customer determine the dates for convenience.


Here’s the fun part – we’ve expanded our locations to finally be of service to Canadian online sellers, but this time, across 2 different regions:



This lets you check the available shipping options with real-time rates, provided by our partner carriers upon your customer’s checkout. This avoids underpaying/overpaying for fees due to cost estimation.

Through this service feature, we aim to build transparency and trust towards our clients to attract more customers in the marketplace.

Learn more on how to enable the feature by clicking this link.


Apart from our existing integrations – Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Shopify to name them all, we’ve launched BigCommerce and WooCommerce as an addition to our lineup.


In early September, our U.S. team moved to a bigger and better N.Y. address located at:

Suite E - 6420 Inducon Drive W, Sanborn, New York 14132

Shipments are delivered faster to the UK in 4 to 7 business days and to Australia in 7 to 13 business days, with more savings of around 25% to 30% than the previous PostNL postage. 

New PostNL labels printed for shipments to the UK will be a Royal Mail label, delivering within 48 hours once it’s cleared in the customs heading to the UK and is accepted by Royal Mail. Meanwhile, international Australia Post labels will be generated for shipments going to Australia.

Expect a simpler, more streamlined end-to-end tracking with this update as labels come directly from the final mile carrier (UK and Australia local post office).


Stallion Economy Standard, our most recent launch, provides you with faster domestic shipping by 30% through a hybrid air freight and local delivery partners.

We deliver 7 days a week with the help of our local delivery network to ensure a more efficient, hassle-free experience for our clients when using this new domestic postage.


We’re grateful for all our clients who stuck with us last year! Don’t hesitate to keep in touch with us through email at [email protected] or call our toll-free line at 877-863-7447 for your suggestions on Stallion features, services, locations, and everything else under the sun.

Your feedback would mean a lot to us as we expand and make room for more development this 2023.

Please take note of the following annual postage rate increases, as shared by our partner carriers. These increases occurs every year due to higher cost of delivery with inflation and will be reflected on our new pricing pages.

No action is required by you as the prices will be updated automatically.



Stallion Economy USA


*Rate changes for international shipping are specific to each destination country. To keep it simple, we've compiled averages for each continent.

All other remaining postage services are expected to have increased rates as well. We will continue to update this page as we hear from our partner carriers.

We appreciate your continued support and understanding, as we strive to keep pace with the changing times.

As always, our customer support team is here to help address any questions or concerns! Email us at [email protected] or dial 877-863-7447 to speak with a customer support rep.

There’s no denying that 2022 has been a prosperous one as we expanded our horizons. Now, let’s cap off the busiest season of the year with the final batch of updates: 

Service Updates

APC Service Alert

In an effort to ensure you're aware of any service disruptions that may impact your business, please see the postal and carrier alerts and updates around the globe.

Northern and Central Mexico

Due to local capacity backlogs in Northern and Central Mexico, recipients may have experienced delays of up to a week in the delivery of mail and parcels.

Mexico City and Southern areas have seen a lesser impact.

United Kingdom

For more information, please visit

PostNL service alert

Please see the link above for any service disruptions to your international shipments when choosing PostNL as your postage option.


To all the Canadian online sellers who both recently joined and continued to support us this year, we thank you for your unending trust in Stallion Express! We’re looking forward to growing with your enterprise in the following years to come. 

Searching for a specific update you can’t find? Just like we’re open to New Year’s Resolutions, same thing when it comes to feedback! Send us an email at [email protected] or dial our toll-free number at 877-863-7447 to connect with us.

You might not be able to discover the most suitable eCommerce platform for you immediately, but it does not mean you won't consider and try some of the available options. As you lay your hands on the perfect place, don't forget all the other elements you must consider before choosing.

Meanwhile, it would help if you also looked for the best shipping solution for eCommerce to ensure that everything goes well. Without it, your efforts to identify the right spot for your business will crumble. 

This blog post will discuss one of the most popular eCommerce platforms globally, eBay, and the most suitable shipping solution you should choose. 

What Makes eBay Popular Among Sellers?

With over 100 million active users, eBay is a hot place to consider starting your small business. As an entrepreneur, you may have already heard of this platform. It is one of the oldest, most well-established, and most popular eCommerce sites.

It is a San Jose, California-based American eCommerce company that enables business-to-business (B2B) and consumer-to-consumer (C2C) purchases through its website. Its founder, Pierre Omidyar, launched this platform in 1995, and it quickly gained attention and rose to prominence, becoming a remarkable success story.

Due to the reasonable pricing and seller opportunities, eBay is a preferable site among small business owners and other entrepreneurs. Furthermore, eBay allows its customers to set up an auction or sell products for a set price. Additionally, it is easy to use, is trusted by its users, offers fixed rates, and you can list up to 150 products monthly for free.

eBay also enforces the seller protection policy, allowing you to concentrate on increasing your online sales. They have a seller protection team to ensure all problems are tracked in advance, the policy upheld, and customer service is always available. It will defend its sellers from bogus feedback and other issues.

However, like any eCommerce platform, you share the eBay marketplace with your competitors. Since you can find all sorts of items sold on eBay having the same or comparable features, you might find sellers implementing competitive pricing strategies.

What Are The Tops Items Sold on eBay?

While providing unique products which are distinguishable to your eCommerce business, offering products that most customers buy will give you an advantage over the sellable things. If you wonder which stuff you can sell on eBay, we listed the top items in the marketplace to give you an idea of which goods to offer.

Clothes and Accessories

Fashion items, like clothes and accessories, are excellent things to sell because they are incredibly portable, straightforward to store, and convenient to ship. Furthermore, you have vast demographics that allow you to create a variety of options and pricing ranges to cater to these target audiences.

Health and Beauty

While many people find health and beauty products leisurely, some consider them necessary. About 85% of the users feel safer when using health and beauty products, while others feel more attracted. Beauty products help people gain more confidence and appreciate themselves more.

Besides, skin care products have become popular among consumers because of pollution, sun protection, and workplace stress, impacting skin quality and aging.

Fitness Items

You might have noticed that the fitness industry is growing; thus, the demand for fitness tools and accessories has also increased. Selling fitness or gym-related products online might be a terrific way to expand your demographics. You have an excellent chance to market your business, boost customer numbers, and improve sales.


Jewelry is one of the top-selling items online because it can be a quick and somewhat inexpensive method to accessorize a particular look. For instance, a simple outfit can be dramatically improved or altered by adding the right necklace or a pair of earrings. Plus, they are easy to promote.

Pet Items

If you are looking for a new market to enter, consider pet accessories and other non-perishable pet products. With the increasing number of pet parents, you have a significant audience to cater to. Collars, leashes, pet clothes, feeders, and toys are some items you can design, create, and sell.

How Much Does it Cost When Selling on eBay?

What makes eBay an even better eCommerce store is you can list up to 250 products monthly for free. You will only have to pay the insertion fee when you exceed this monthly allotment. The insertion fee is non-refundable and is charged per listing and per category.

eBay charges one final value fee every time you sell an item. You don't have to think about the third-party payment processing fees because it is computed as a percentage of the total amount of the sale, plus CAD 0.30 per order, which includes the item price, handling fees, buyer's shipping service, sales tax, and other applicable fees.

Imagine that you provide accessible, affordable one-day shipping, international shipping, and both (like domestic shipping). In that instance, the sale price is determined using the least expensive domestic option you provide.

The sale price depends on the buyer's selected service if you only offer 1-day or overseas delivery and no cheaper local shipping option. Any amount of items purchased by the same customer at checkout using the same shipping option constitutes an order.

According to eBay's fee credits policy, you can be eligible for fee credits if you need to repay the customer or cancel the sale.

Hacks on Increasing Sales on eBay

Hacks On Increasing Sales on eBay

Finding ways to get your customer's attention with thousands of competitors would be best. Getting their attention also means increasing the possibility of them purchasing from your store and increasing profits.

New Items Constantly

The primary goal of introducing new products is to provide customers with unique value. Without this, consumers would have no other motivation to spend on goods and services. Thus, customers will continue using new products or services if they provide extraordinary value.

Furthermore, it can expand into new markets, gain market share, offer more items, and generate more sales by developing new products. On the other hand, revamping current products provides cost reduction, increased margin, and eventually higher profitability.

Utilize Keywords and Hashtags

If you wish to find the right target audience sharing the same interests, hashtags and keywords are terrific methods to take advantage of. Moreover, you can utilize this technique for a variety of purposes, such as working as customer support to help buyers find the right items for them. You can also use it for advertising your goods or services.

Accept Criticisms and Feedback Lightheartedly

It can be difficult to accept some hurtful words about the products we carefully and meticulously designed and crafted to provide excellent customer experience. However, we cannot please everybody. Thus, you should feel disheartened once you receive criticisms and negative feedback.

Instead, you can use them to improve product and service quality, maintain the business's credibility, and boost profits.

Optimize Returns Policy

In continuation to the feedback and criticism, it is also unavoidable when customers return products. These items could be defective, or the wrong size or color, and the customer did not like the item. Whatever the reason may be, you should still accommodate these things. However, to prevent profit loss, you must establish a comprehensive returns policy.

While eBay has its returns policy, you can also implement your own and incorporate it with your partner shipping carrier's regulations to ensure that there will be no issues.

Provide Free Samples

When you provide product samples to customers, you remove their fear and let them try a specific item risk-free. These samples do not have to be as big as the actual product, but enough for the customers to enjoy it.

If they like the product, they will certainly purchase the actual product to share with friends, family members, and colleagues.

Offer Vouchers and Coupons

Most stores offer coupons and vouchers to entice clients to purchase products, helping to increase their profit margin. You can also carefully utilize this technique, especially when providing customers with a shipping option or shipping method.

You can incorporate these vouchers when offering discounted shipping rates and discounted rates on products and services.

Offer Free Shipping and Other Shipping Discounts

Most customers, if not all, want to avoid paying additional shipping costs. So, what will make them attracted to purchase from your eCommerce store? By offering free shipping and other discounted shipping rates.

It may sound challenging to implement because you will be the one to carry the shipping cost, risking a decrease in profits. However, you can make it possible by partnering with the most suitable eCommerce shipping company. Besides the shipping rate, you must also ensure that this shipping company meets your expectations.

Plus, you do not have to bear the shipping cost always. You can offer these perks during special events, like brand milestones, Cyber Mondays, Black Fridays, and other relevant local and international holidays.

Streamline with Stallion Express

Streamline with Stallion Express

If you have no eCommerce shipping partner yet, why not consider Stallion Express? It is one of the leading shipping companies in Canada, helping thousands of sellers ship parcels worldwide. Moreover, besides providing eCommerce international shipping, they also offer various eCommerce shipping solutions to make the shipping process more efficient.

You can streamline the process by integrating your eBay store with Stallion's best shipping software. Once you sign up for a Stallion account, you will be redirected to your dashboard. Don't worry because creating an account is free. You can create a shipment, track the package, calculate the shipping rates, order management, and integrate eCommerce business.

These tools can help make order fulfillment and inventory management more efficient, improving the shipping process. You do not have to move from one website to another or use multiple tools to ensure everything goes smoothly.

However, apart from the advanced eCommerce shipping software, Stallion also offers different eCommerce shipping services, such as cross-border, domestic, and international shipping, partnering with reputable shipping companies to ensure a cheaper shipping rate yet faster delivery times.

Each shipping carrier enables you to choose the suitable shipping option, like standard or expedited shipping, for every order so that you or your customers do not have to worry about exceeding the budget. Plus, you can directly print shipping labels using this tool.

You can access the best shipping software on your desktops or laptops, making order fulfillment more convenient.

Key Takeaway

It may take a while to discover the right eCommerce and shipping platform to solve your shipping needs.

Don't miss the eCommerce business opportunities provided by eBay and Stallion Express. For more information about Stallion's shipping service, call +1 877-863-7447, and their reliable customer service will assist you with better shipping management.

We’re gearing toward the end of the year! Our team is not only looking forward to the holidays but also to bringing you more news and announcements for your convenience.

To wrap things up, here are the November highlights to watch out for:

General Updates

New Stallion Economy Standard for domestic shipping

We’ve launched Stallion Economy Standard, our Canadian shipping service that delivers your shipment faster by 30% through a hybrid of air shipping and local delivery partners, minus the costly rates. 

Shipments will be delivered 7 days a week by our local delivery network, a joy for the busy holiday season!

Service Updates

Delays for U.S. services in Ontario

Due to a winter storm and a declaration of State of Emergency in New York including Buffalo, delays for select services were expected. 

A delay of 2 to 3 days or more has been anticipated to the transit times as USPS, FedEx, APC Postal Logistics, and UPS may have become backlogged during that weekend.


We Want to Hear From You

As we bring 2022 nearly to a close, we're already busy planning for the New Year! This means we'd like to hear from you, our dedicated clients. Have any feedback? Ideas on improvements, new features, or services? Feel free to share it with us—anything! 

We encourage you to contact us by live chat or email at [email protected] to share your thoughts on what you'd like Stallion to bring in 2023.

Are you an entrepreneur venturing for new products to offer? If yes, then this article might pique your interest.

Since thousands of product options are available in the market, finding an item that will sell right off the bat is challenging. Plus, you already have hundreds, if not thousands, of competitors who have already established their businesses and gained customer loyalty. However, with the correct marketing strategy and Canada courier service, you can build a reputable brand trusted by shoppers. 

We have listed a product category you should consider selling. Leaf through this article to find out!

What Are Custom-Made Products?

Contrary to off-the-rack products that are ready-made, custom-made products are items explicitly created based on the customers' requirements, instructions, or preferences. The term tailor-made is also used in the same sense. Companies make custom-made products for a person, business, or organization.  

Don't get confused between personalization and customization because, although their meanings overlap with each other, they are not entirely interchangeable. Personalized products are made for the customers, while customized products are designed or created according to the customers' preferences.

Customers send their preferred design for more contexts, and the seller will make it possible. Events like birthdays, baptisms, and weddings often get customized products as souvenirs for their special occasions.

Why Are Custom-Made Products Popular Among Customers?

Since customers have different wants and needs, it would be critical to appeal to everyone. So, customized items can cater to the buyers' standards.

Many customers enjoy purchasing custom-made items because they also get the impression that the products they are getting are unique. The advantages of customization for consumers are numerous. Customers adore the sense of control that customized products give them. In addition, it is an excellent way to satisfy a shopper when they look for something particular but cannot find it.

Customers recognize the value of a product developed specifically to meet their wants and needs. This indicates that providing customizations could enhance the user experience and boost participation, earnings, and profits.

Should You Consider Product Customization?

While it depends on your passion, custom-made products are excellent selling options. Some entrepreneurs might view customization as a costly investment and a challenging procedure.

You can build stronger connections with your customers by putting a greater emphasis on customized experiences. Although they can purchase goods anywhere, only your company offers them the ability to personalize their shopping experience. Better experiences result in happier customers, brand loyalty, and, hopefully, repeat business.

What Are The Top Custom-Made Ideas You Can Do?

Like selling any product, there are custom-made items that are more sellable than others. You can check this list to find out what things you can customize, sell, and earn sales.

T-SHIRTS. A t-shirt is a perfect customizable item because of how light and breathable fabric it is. Customers can quickly come up with a design they like, whether it's a popular anime character, a customer's favorite quote, or any design they want.

HOODIES. Due to hoodies' uniqueness and versatility, all ages and genders enjoy wearing them. Therefore, it's common to see people wearing the same hoodie simultaneously. Thus, they are a perfect option for customization. They provide a style statement. They can create a customized design to avoid wearing the same outfit as other people.

PHONE CASES. While the phone case's primary function is to protect the phone, it won't hurt to put a little personality on it. Thus, phone cases are a game-changer because they enable customers to add flair to the phone. Plus, since having the same phone models is expected, a unique phone case will set one apart from the others.

SOCKS. Another item to customize is socks! In addition to being unique and thoughtful, custom socks are a cheap gift that any receiver will adore and value. They cost little even if you buy in bulk. The price goes even lower when buying in larger quantities.

STICKERS. Custom stickers have quickly become a popular and efficient marketing tool in recent years. They are distinctive, affordable, and customizable. You can use vinyl or any other type of paper. You can target other small businesses so that they will order custom customers from you.

With all these advantages waiting for you, you must consider enhancing your parcel delivery service. And although there are numerous Canada courier services, you can make this possible by working with a reliable shipping service.

Ship The Package With Stallion Express

As the product comes in different sizes and forms, you must get a parcel delivery service that can securely send the package on time and at affordable shipping rates. Thus, you must find a carrier partner that can match your shipping and delivery needs without going out of budget.

If you still need to get a delivery service partner, why not consider Stallion Express? A credible courier company trusted by thousands of Canadian sellers shipping within Canada, to the United States, and internationally. As we collaborate with top courier service providers such as Canada Post, United Parcel Service (UPS), United States Postal Service, FedEx USA, PostNL, and APC Logistics, you can send big or small packages without any worries.

They also offer Stallion Economy Canada and USA to further reduce the shipping cost each shipment will incur, living up to be the best courier service in Canada.

Stallion Express does not only promise the cheapest courier and a fast delivery time. It guarantees you an efficient shipping process that is hard to replicate. You only have to sign up and create a Stallion account, which you can use when creating a shipment, integrating the eCommerce platform, tracking parcels, and estimating courier charges before shipping.

In addition, you do not have to worry about customs borders, as Stallion will work everything out for you. As long as the custom-made products are not listed as restricted items, you can ship them anywhere worldwide.

While you can directly drop off the packages at the nearest branch, Stallion Express offers complimentary pickup within specific routes. However, if your location is outside the pickup itinerary, UPS can get the items up for small additional courier charges.

Collaborating with Stallion Express is more challenging than fulfilling orders and inventory management. So, what are you waiting for? Contact +1877-863-7447 and Stallion's friendly and reliable customer service will be pleased to help you.

Key Takeaway

Expand your business, find the best custom-made products to sell, use your creativity in creating unique and cool designs, and partner with one of the best shipping services in Canada!

Who knows? You might be the next internationally reclaimed custom-made brand!

While brick-and-mortar stores are still thriving in this generation, it is undeniable that online stores have become a massive hit globally. Why? For starters, it is more convenient to shop at home using a mobile phone or laptop. People do not have to exert an effort and cut their available time short to be at the store to buy the things they need. Second, customers can find thousands of options for a single product at a competitive price range. 

On the other hand, start-up brands find this innovation an opportunity. When you start a physical store, you must invest some upfront costs, like complying with the requirements, getting permits, and manufacturing products. You also have to pay for the store rental, which is also costly. Thus, it is neither easy nor cheap. 

This reason makes Amazon, one of the most popular eCommerce platforms worldwide, an excellent gateway to starting a business. However, there are certain elements, such as Amazon Canada shipping, that you should consider. 

Let us discuss Amazon, how much it costs, tips to increase sales on this platform, and the most suitable shipping partner you should choose. 

What Makes Amazon Canada A Popular eCommerce Platform?

Canadian customers are meticulous regarding product quality. They scrutinize every item they purchase to ensure it is worth every penny, which is why they are challenging to please. Fortunately, the popularity of Amazon Canada (Amazon CA) makes it credible enough to be trusted by cautious shoppers. But what makes it popular?

Although Amazon US remains the most prominent globally, its Canadian counterpart still has many sellers.

Amazon CA has more than 40,000 sellers, so having a significant selection for a particular product is possible. Furthermore, customers can expect all listed items to be available in stock. Also, the low prices enable Amazon customers to save more than purchasing from the physical store.

How Much Does It Cost To Sell On Amazon?

Similar to Amazon US, there are upfront charges you have to pay to sell on the Amazon marketplace. While you can check seller central to know what these charges are, you can check some breakdown fees you must bear in this blog post.

Selling Plans

There are two selling plan options: the individual and the professional. You can choose whether to pay for each item sold individually or monthly. The individual plan costs CAD 1.49 per item sold plus additional selling fees. It is a perfect plan if you will only sell less than 30 units monthly, are still undecided about what product niche to sell, or have no plans to advertise the products and use advanced tools.

On the other hand, a professional plan costs CAD 29.99 per month plus additional selling fees. It is the most suitable plan for an Amazon seller who sells more than 30 units monthly, wants to advertise products and utilizes advanced tools, including APIs and reports, desires to be one of the top placements on product detail pages and can sell in the restricted pages.

Referral Fees

It refers to the overall price percentage for each item sold or a minimum amount (whichever is higher) that sellers must pay. It includes the item price, shipping cost, and any gift-wrapping fees. This charge is an addition to the selling plan fees. The applicable payment, as the referral fee percentage, varies depending on the product category.

Fulfillment Fees

If you want to lift the burden of fulfilling orders and focus on improving or marketing your products, you can take advantage of Amazon FBA. However, it comes with a price. The sellers must pay the fulfillment charges depending on the product's weight and dimensions. Order picking and packing, shipping and handling, customer service, and product returns are all included in the fee per item.

Note that you might find a slight difference in the price range during the peak and non-peak seasons.

Other Costs

Other sellers must pay extra charges, such as long-term storage costs, or pay for different services like advertising or premium account features.

How Can You Increase Sales On Amazon?

Since you are competing with thousands of other Amazon sellers, increasing sales should be your priority. Below are the ways you can gain attraction and improve profits.

Excellent Photo Quality

Excellent photo quality gives customers a precise idea of what they might anticipate receiving from you. A high-quality image gives your brand a positive first impression and suggests that your products are also high-quality.

Comprehensive and Realistic Product Description

A production description's primary goal is to persuade buyers to purchase by giving them crucial yet helpful details about the features and advantages of the product you sell. You must be as accurate as possible to prevent regrets, dissatisfaction, and false advertisements.

Reasonable Price Range

The proper pricing strategy is crucial to remain competitive in marketplaces under rising volume and price pressure. It gives you the compensation you are due for the goods and services you provide and ensures the earnings you need to make investments in change and expansion.

Increase Store Visibility

Online visibility is crucial for several reasons, including the ability of consumers to find your store on their own. Customers who support your brand are unique visitors or new daily visitors. Being visible online benefits the brand's credibility and reputation or how customers view a business in the marketplace.


When you offer promotional offers, consumers are more encouraged to purchase. They assist potential customers in overcoming any hesitation to buy your good or service. A special offer could persuade customers to order more of a specific item.

Timely Delivery

Timely Amazon Canada delivery increases customer satisfaction. Each client will be pleased to receive their items right on schedule, and the delivery experience will be pleasant thanks to reliable courier services. Note that some products have a timeline, so it is crucial to carefully follow the shipping and delivery timeframes.

Prompt Canada Amazon delivery can be possible with the correct shipping partner. However, apart from the shipping cost and delivery time, you must also consider whether this carrier can meet your shipping needs.

Partner with Stallion Express

Shipping around Canada would not be as easy as when you ship with Stallion Express. Apart from the affordable shipping rates and reliable delivery time, being an Amazon seller becomes more efficient when you integrate your store with its integration platform.

Stallion partners with Canada Post and United Parcel Service in completing Amazon delivery in Canada. You can expect to receive an efficient and convenient Canadian shipping service.

On the other hand, if you wish to expand your business to the United States or internationally, don't look further, as Stallion also offers cross-border and international shipping. It is a one-stop for any eCommerce business!

Key Takeaway

Boosting your Amazon Canada shipping sales can be pretty complicated for the uninitiated. By following these tips and understanding the many factors involved, improving the efficiency of your deliveries shouldn't be difficult. Learn more about Stallion Express and how our services can boost your Amazon Canada profits for less.

Having overseas customers can be one of every small business's most crucial goals. Imagine customers seas apart from you opening your well-beloved products. How awesome would it be, wouldn't it? However, international shipping is affected by numerous factors that can make it more challenging. 

Each country's unique culture, laws, and traditions affect how you market your products, services, and brand. You can also add that each country's geographical location and national holidays can alter the delivery time and shipping cost, making it more burdensome. 

This blog post discusses the top strategies for a successful overseas expansion with the cheapest shipping international.

Research About International Audience

As you get to know more about your global audience, it enables you to communicate in a way that will be meaningful to them, which is an excellent method to foster a relationship with them. It is also the time you get to identify your new target audience. You can research one country at a time to prevent being overwhelmed.

You can check minor yet crucial details about the country, such as colors. The color palette is vital in marketing as it will instantly help customers recognize your brand. However, colors can have different meanings in every country.

For example, Canada and Mexico are located in North America but see the color yellow differently. Canada defines yellow as a color of amusement and joy, while Mexico describes this color are life and death.

On the other hand, you can also research how much the shipping cost of each international shipment may incur. You can ask questions, like the cheapest way to ship luggage internationally. Learning about the prices of different shipping options, such as priority mail international, can help you figure out a way to provide a reliable yet cheapest option available.

Identify Your Competitors

Find out how you can be competent enough for the locals to consider your brand. Apart from the well-established and famous stores in that country, many other businesses want to penetrate and enter their market. So, you'll need to identify these competitors to prepare your leverage and enhance your business, like offering the cheapest international shipping rates.

There are multiple ways to find out who your competitors are. First, you can check the local directories, the Chamber of Commerce, advertisements, and press reports. You can also find information on the Internet when searching for companies that have the same products as you.

Regardless of where you will find the data you need, you have to get information about their offer, price range, shipping and delivery process, tools they use, brand, and design values. It will be easier to narrow down your advantages and disadvantages.

Create A Fulfillment Strategy

Customers expect fast product delivery, and you need a sound fulfillment strategy to make this possible. Planning a fulfillment strategy will require a good understanding of the basics of the fulfillment process and the nature of your business.

You can start by integrating tools and new methods to improve the efficiency of your order processing and organize your inventory. It will also help if you work with a reliable shipping company that can speedily deliver your products and enables you to take care of any returns. The courier service must have a credible reputation when shipping internationally.

Offer Competitive Prices

It's a no-brainer that selling products at a lower mark than your competition is a sound sales strategy. However, you may need to cut costs to make this work, which can mean something other than cutting corner should want.

Have a second look at your overhead costs and see which expenses need improvement. It would be best to cut your international shipping cost by working with an affordable shipping carrier and providing the cheapest shipping method.

Provide Multiple Payment Options

Only some payment options work for some customers, so it is in your business's best interest to offer multiple payment options. This allows your customers to pay for their orders how they want. Additionally, this lets you cater to a broader audience, increasing your sales opportunity.

Optimal Checkout Process

One of the reasons for many cart abandonment is the complicated checkout process. So, you should be aware of how to improve it. While the cheapest shipping internationally can encourage many customers, the optimal checkout process can persuade them not to abandon their carts and continue shopping.

Superb Inventory Management

A small business like yours needs inventory management because it can enable you to oversee multiple locations, avoid overstock, and maintain correct records. With an inventory system's help, you can simplify these operations instead of attempting to complete them all manually.

Efficient Shipping Service

Due to the distance involved, having an efficient shipping service is a must. One of the ways to ensure a high-quality service is by partnering with a reliable shipping partner. Any shipping carrier can promise to provide you with optimum international shipping service, but not all meet your shipping needs. They may offer the cheapest shipping rate, but the delivery time would be as slow as a turtle.

On the other hand, the shipping options available may not be as accommodating as you want them to be, so it would not still be as efficient.

Consider Shipping with Stallion

If you want to guarantee that you can compete with other businesses, consider partnering with Stallion Express. It is the cheapest way to ship internationally and compete with international sellers.

They provide seamless and easy-to-use shipping software that allows shippers anywhere in Canada where you can create an international shipment, integrate your eCommerce platform, choose a cheap international shipping option, and print shipping labels.

Additionally, signing up is free. Plus, you only have to pay when buying credits, which are done within your dashboard to prevent security breaches and guarantee the safety and confidentiality of your account.

So, sending a package internationally will never be as easy and cheap as choosing Stallion's international shipping service.

Key Takeaway

Expanding your business and allowing it to take on international orders can take a lot of work and maybe rather costly. That is mainly because international shipping is both cheap and easy.Fortunately, there are efficient and affordable international shipping services like Stallion Express that will not only bring down your overhead costs but will also ensure that your products are delivered anywhere across the border.

With the holiday season just a month away, expect to see thousands of shoppers flocking to stores to purchase much-needed items, such as food ingredients, decorations, and Christmas presents. While many still buy from physical stores, many are also taking advantage of the eCommerce industry to get most, if not all, of their Christmas shopping needs.

Since the number of online shoppers has increased, preparing a shipping strategy will put you in a better position over your competitors. Aside from offering Canada express shipping, you can also create a master plan to ensure that you successfully achieve customer demands and needs.

Leaf through this article to learn how to avoid delays during the holiday rush. Check this article now!

Plan Ahead

While you might not be able to follow every detail in your plan, it does not mean you do not have to do it. Planning is essential in shipment, especially during the holiday season, because more people ship at that time than the rest of the year.

It ensures enough time to fulfill the order and reach its recipients. Furthermore, it prevents you from being overwhelmed and exhausted by the large volume of orders needed to be shipped.

When planning, consider these key elements: shipping calendar, packing strategy, shipping company, delivery option, and the customer's shipping budget.

Shipping Calendar

A shipping calendar helps you to schedule each shipment within the working schedule of the carrier. Furthermore, you can see whether you can still accept orders or decline customers to avoid providing empty promises of sending their packages on time.

Shipping calendars are also excellent tools to remind yourself about the holidays when the number of shippers might increase. It can help you prepare for better shipping and product offers and discounts.

Packing Strategy

This part might be easy to think about, but it takes time to pack a single order properly. If you are a small business, you might have seen videos on Tiktok where small business owners like you fulfill one package at a time. It takes a minute or two to prepare the orders, so imagine if you must simultaneously make hundreds or thousands of orders ready for shipping.

Without the correct strategy, you might end up using all your time packing orders. You might not be able to answer inquiries or promote your products, which can be a missed business opportunity.

Shipping Company

You can easily find a shipping company in Canada, but can they match your shipping needs? As an eCommerce seller, you must be meticulous in finding the most suitable shipping partner you can do business with.

Do they have flexible shipping options? How much will it cost you to ship your items with them? What is their shipping process? Figuring out these answers will help you identify the company to which you can confidently send your package.

Shipping Option

You must think carefully about what shipping option to choose to ensure that your customers will get their items at a faster delivery time at an affordable shipping cost. While the primary choice you can offer is standard shipping, the influx of shipments can make the transit time unpredictable. So, the chances of delays are also possible.

On the other hand, express shipping is a better option because of the priority, and fast timeline shipping companies provide for the shipments. However, an expedited parcel tends to cost more for shipping.

Thus, you must find a mediation in this dilemma to help shippers in Canada bring their presents to their loved ones.

Customer's Shipping Budget

Due to the increased fuel costs, many delivery companies in Canada have also increased their shipping rates. Unfortunately, this situation directly affects the consumers because they will be the ones to pay for the shipping cost.

Suppose you can get the carrier offering the cheapest shipping rates with a fast yet realistic delivery time. In that case, you can provide free shipping or applicable discounts to your customers without losing profits.

Communication Is The Key

Communication is the company's backbone because you must converse to get everything done. Without it, your company will have difficulty accomplishing tasks and become unruly. Furthermore, most parts of the business require communication, like talking to the shipping company, persuading customers, and promoting the brand. Additionally, it adds efficiency if you are working with a team.

Double-Check Necessary Information

One of the factors that cause delays is erroneous information, especially on the shipping address. If you have put the wrong information about the receiver's delivery address, the carrier will be unable to locate where to send the items. It takes another attempt to resend the package, and during peak seasons, such as Christmas, reattempting delivery can be challenging because there are thousand more orders to be delivered.


Let us be honest; having many orders makes us want more. However, unknowingly, it can also make you overwhelmed. In this situation, you have to ensure that you have enough staffing to support peak volume who can manage shipment volume predictions. This way, you can ensure you can send the goods without delay and make your customers more satisfied.

Why Should You Choose Stallion Express? 

As the leading shipping partner in Canada, Stallion Express has established an excellent reputation for providing high-quality shipping service at a faster transit time but with cheaper shipping costs.

What Shipping Options Do You Have?

As Stallion partners with Canada Post and United Parcel Service, you can offer Canada express shipping at lower fees. Thus, you can provide a complimentary gift card to your customers, such as shipping discounts, to lift the burden of expensive priority mail shipping costs from your customers.

Key Takeaway

The holiday season should be the best opportunity for you to increase brand awareness and boost profit. Thus, you have to find ways to make the time less overwhelming.

For more information regarding Stallion's other shipping services, you can check their website or contact customer service at +1 877-863-7447.

Their customer service representatives will be happy to assist you!

Christmas is one of the busiest seasons for many shoppers as they buy presents, decorations, and other items needed for the much-awaited occasion. However, the shopping spree does not end on December 25 for countries like Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. They celebrate Boxing Day, a fantastic day to shop and sell products. What is Boxing Day, how can it help your business, and what shipping company should you choose when sending customer orders? Check this blog post to find out the answers.

What is Boxing Day?

Boxing Day is a memorable holiday celebrated after Christmas Day. Boxing Day is one of the most popular occasions to shop for your favorite items.  

Although the celebration originated in the United Kingdom, its popularity in Canada is undeniable. It is a public holiday in eight out of ten provinces. And while not all Boxing Day traditions were carried over to Canada, like fox hunting or dancing on the streets with live music, many sports activities, like Hockey, are still present and anticipated.

It almost became the counterpart of Black Friday and Cyber Monday in Canada. Thus, many Canadian shoppers and sellers await this well-celebrated occasion. About 34% of Canadians are expected to shop around this time, which is only 9% less than when Canadians shopped for Black Friday.

How Can It Help Increase Sales?

Boxing Day helps increase sales because many Canadians do post-Christmas shopping. Furthermore, since it is considered a bank holiday, people have a lot of time to visit stores to purchase items, even before the store hours begin. All eCommerce sellers should look at this event as an opportunity to grab. Why? It is more convenient to get the things you need without leaving the place you are more comfortable with, especially after exhausting your energy on Christmas eve and Christmas day. Thus, online shopping is the best option to offer.

You eliminate the burden of going to the store and lining up in the long queue. Instead, they can relax at home or prepare for the next big event, the New Year!

What Strategies Should You Consider Doing For This Event?

Of course, you cannot just be excited about Boxing Day without store preparations. Since it is also a big day for your online shop, you have adjusted your marketing strategy to ensure you get the traffic you want and meet your planned sales goals.

Here are some of the tips you can practice to take advantage of Boxing Day:

Shopping Ads Campaigns

The quality of your leads can be improved by using shopping ads, which offer pertinent product details. Since every customer tries to create educated buying decisions, shopping advertisements can be excellent traffic sources. These web visitors have a strong desire to buy from your website.

Utilize the Power of Social Media

Social media is more than just showing what you did for the day, ate during lunch, or went on vacation. You can use it to entice customers, get their feedback, and foster loyalty. Furthermore, social media marketing can help you lessen marketing expenses by utilizing it when conducting market research. By creating consumer networks and advertising, expect an increase in revenue.

Take Advantage of Keywords and Hashtags

Although they differ from one another, hashtags and keywords have some commonalities. They are practical tools for promoting organic traffic sources and putting your brand visible to your target audience on their respective platforms.

Provide Irresistible Offers

One of the most significant offers you can provide customers is discounts. Who wouldn't enjoy such a privilege? A small business like yours will have many competitors, so you need leverage to stand above them. You can offer vouchers, coupons, cashback, and shipping discounts to entice more customers to choose you over other brands.

Cashback is an excellent option to ensure profit while extending the promotions. Since you will only provide a percentage per total value sold of every transaction for every customer, the amount would not be as considerable. For example, each shopper will get 2% of the total cost when purchasing something from your store. So for every CAD 10, they will only get CAD 0.20.

On the other hand, vouchers and coupons can be a little more costly than the alternatives because you have to allot a significant amount so that customers can enjoy the vouchers. However, you can still offer them when celebrating business milestones, such as anniversaries and other local and national holidays.

Meanwhile, free shipping and other shipping discounts can be possible by partnering with the best shipping company in Canada. The top three aspects you should consider before choosing are safety, cost, and time. How safely can they transport each package? How much will the shipment incur? How fast can they ship the parcel to the receiver? The answers to these questions are enough to identify your shipping partner.

Partner With A Reliable Shipping Partner

If you want to choose the most outstanding shipping services in Canada, look no further because Stallion Express is just a few clicks away. As one of the leading shipping companies in Canada, they offer the most competitive rates you could find in the market.

Stallion provides the reliability you need from a shipping partner, as you can do numerous tasks without switching from one platform to another. By simply creating a Stallion account, you will have access to your dashboard and experience enhanced functionality—no need to worry because registration is free.

You can create a shipment, integrate your eCommerce shop, choose convenient shipping services, calculate the shipping cost, inventory management, and track the package's location. Plus, you can guarantee the security you need when adding credits to your account. Everything is done within your dashboard and is appropriately documented, so you do not have to worry.

In addition to Stallion's reliability, they collaborate with different courier services in Canada to ensure an adept supply chain and that all Boxing Day purchases arrive on time.

If you wish to expand the business to the United States or overseas, Stallion also enables you to compete with other U.S and international sellers.

Key Takeaway

The correct supply chain logistics, products that encourage sustainability, and competitive rates can help you excel on Boxing Day!Check Stallion's website for the latest news and information, or call customer service at +187-863-7447 for any inquiries and assistance you need.

Due to the snowstorm in British Columbia and considering the safety of our team members, all pick ups for the region and our cross border delivery will be canceled today.

U.S. and International shipments received yesterday should expect a 1 day delay.

Our branch location remains open with regular business hours.

Please take extra caution on the roads!

If you have questions or need assistance with anything, give us a call at 877-863-7447 or reach us by email at [email protected]

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