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Nicasio is the co-founder of Stallion Express - the leading eCommerce shipping company in Canada. Through his unique experiences in tech and digital marketing, he is on a journey to disrupt the logistics industry.

How Shipping Rates from US to Canada Affect Sales

Shipping costs can make or break a sale—in fact, it is the second-highest reason why online shoppers abandon their shopping carts. This is why free shipping is a favorite among frequent shoppers. If you cannot offer free shipping just yet, there are still ways to offer lower shipping rates from US to Canada. Using shipping […]

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Most Affordable International Shipping Rates to Look Forward to This 2021

Thinking of sending a parcel or a huge package to a loved one overseas but worrying about a possible price hike due to the lockdown? Lucky for you, there is nothing to worry about because this 2021, we’ve prepared a comprehensive list of the most affordable international shipping rates that you can now avail of […]

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5 eCommerce Shipping Options You Need to Consider

Business owners consider shipping as something that either makes or breaks the customer’s order. If they see that the shipping fee is too expensive for them, it drives them to abandon their orders at once. However, if they see options which include their preferred shipping method, then they will check out their orders. Read on […]

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What is the Best Price for International Shipping

Saving resources when it comes to shipping can be a little tricky. To start off, you need to find the best price for international shipping, and that alone can take a lot of time and research. Feeling stuck for a while now? Here’s a helpful guide that will set the ball rolling. The best price […]

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Shipping Costs for eCommerce You Need to Prepare for

Starting a business is a milestone that will always be remembered by any business owner. Even the most successful entrepreneurs will have a flashback on their beginnings when asked about their company’s history. Like freshly cut grass, you can still remember even the scent of the room, how the lighting was, and what you felt […]

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The Truth About Finding the Cheapest International Shipping

Businesses navigate to find the cheapest international shipping company . But, of course, there are different factors that affect their decision.  First, they check how this will affect their profit margin especially for sellers who engage in cross-border selling. Second, finding the most affordable international shipping rates are challenging because of rising costs. The cost […]

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5 Ways You Could Benefit From’s Shipping to Canada

Amazon’s American website is cheaper and has a wide range of choices and selection that the Canadian store does not offer. You might be wondering how it is that buying from across the border is cheaper than buying locally. Wouldn’t that make buying from America more expensive with all the import duties and shipping costs […]

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Answering a Common Amazon Question: Why Should I Get Shipping Insurance?

When it comes to shipping packages, certain situations may arise that are out of our hands. Some of these situations are: packages being lost during transit, damaged parcels, or stolen orders. These situations affect our business because customers would have a negative impression of us. You may have heard of the term shipping insurance. You […]

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Holiday Shipping Details: What You Shouldn't Miss

Most courier companies know that the peak season for shipments is almost here. Holidays will soon be knocking on your doorstep very soon. It’s best to prepare for it. The pandemic has paved the way for people to shop online more frequently even if they encounter some delays in receiving their orders. As the holidays […]

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8 Common Mistakes regarding Canada-US Border Shipping

When it comes to selling online, Canada is an excellent market for your products, especially if you're just starting to ship internationally. Canada and the U.S. are two countries that are strongly linked, and it's not just because they share the same language and time zone. They have engaged in trade and eCommerce for years, […]

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How Does Amazon US Ship to Canada?

Canada and the U.S. are practically neighbors. However, when you add Amazon shipping in between, it seems they are thousands of miles apart. Yet, it doesn't stop third-party sellers from offering their products on, which makes a lot of people ask, “Does Amazon US ship to Canada?” First, why would sellers from Canada sell […]

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4 Tips to Overcome Fulfilled By Amazon International Shipping Restrictions Due to COVID-19

Fulfilled by Amazon international shipping has been receiving bad rap these past few months. Due to the coronavirus outbreak worldwide, Amazon has made drastic and sudden changes to regulate shipments coming into their fulfillment centers. What Has Been Happening on Amazon Lately? The e-commerce giant announced last March 17, 2020, that they partially suspended the […]

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