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Nicasio is the co-founder of Stallion Express - the leading eCommerce shipping company in Canada. Through his unique experiences in tech and digital marketing, he is on a journey to disrupt the logistics industry.

Crash Course on Amazon International Shipping

Have you been thinking of growing your business internationally? Do you plan on using Amazon International Shipping? If you have, then that’s awesome! Amazon ships to over 100  countries in the world. In fact, Amazon’s total shipping cost amounted to 37.9 billion U.S. dollars in 2019, and there are over  2.2 million third-party sellers worldwide. […]

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Finding the Cheapest Way for Shipping Parcels from Canada to US

When aspirants start their own business, different factors arise. First, how will products and services come to life? Another vital factor would be transporting the said products and services to their customers on time. Due to this COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses find themselves puzzled as to how to find the best and most affordable way […]

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What is Route Shipping Insurance, and its Benefits to Online Sellers

What is Route shipping insurance? When you Google the answer to this question, the search results won't show you its definition or articles. Instead, the search results are all about the merchants who partnered with Route shipping insurance. That is how popular Route shipping insurance is. It quickly dismisses the cloud of doubt that hangs […]

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Cheapest Shipping from Canada to US that You Need to Know

Targeting a big consumer base in the US market can significantly impact a Canadian business owner’s brand. Since Canada is known to export excellent quality products, it’s easy to attract and appeal to potential buyers in the neighboring countries — with the US being one of them. Shipments to and from the US-Canada border amount […]

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Scale Your Online Business Using Economy International Shipping

E-commerce is booming! In today’s business environment, e-commerce is expected to have 2.14 billion buyers in 2021. That’s about 27% of the 7.8 billion-strong global population. With so many potential customers, it would be considered a great move to scale your online business globally, if possible. However, you can’t do all of this without economy […]

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Small Business Tips: Shipping Prices, Canada to Anywhere in the US

Small businesses have endured a lot during the pandemic. They continuously strategize on how to overcome different hurdles, especially with sales and logistics. Transporting their products from their headquarters to their customers has become more challenging, especially between two countries. Here, you’ll learn about shipping prices, Canada to anywhere in the US. Shipping prices: Canada […]

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5 Questions You Need to Ask About Amazon International Shipping

Are you an Amazon seller? Do you plan to sell on the global market? If you do, then that’s great! Because Amazon operates in over 16 online stores worldwide, it has over 150 million paid Prime members and over 300 million active customers! With Amazon International shipping, you can introduce your products to millions of […]

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International Shipping Rate Calculator | How to Understand Your Shipping Cost

Have you ever wondered what’s included in your shipping cost? Sure, people can understand that shipping costs are rising because of the pandemic. However, wouldn’t it be better if the charge given by a company’s international shipping rate calculator was broken down? This would help many shippers and buyers understand the factors behind the rising […]

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Shipping from Canada to US Cost: 3 Areas You Can Save Money

In 2019, consumers spent $601.75 billion with US ecommerce merchants. Looking at this figure, it’s immediately apparent that the United States is a giant in ecommerce. However, there’s no reason for Canadians to not get a share of that 600 billion. All it takes is a shipping strategy that saves you money and gives your […]

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Express International Shipping On a Budget

Small, medium, and large-scale businesses are compelled to ship goods around the world. A 2016 research report published by Transparency Market Research showed that the shipping industry’s value is expected to skyrocket to $15.5 trillion by 2023, a clear indication that trade and commerce remain to be driving factors in achieving global economic growth. Despite […]

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Standard International Shipping: 3 tips for A+ Savings

Over the years, the evolution of the global shipping industry has undeniably transformed the way trade networks function worldwide. With the advent of technology and the increase in shipping options available for customers, shipping services have become necessary for most companies to fulfill their business processes. A recent study conducted by Apex Insight showed that […]

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Bulk Shipping Solutions To Maximize Cargo Shipments

Since the emergence of the Silk Road in 130 B.C., human civilization has geared itself towards continuous inter-economic trade. These ancient trade networks have had a lasting impact on commerce and business, and are still considered the backbone of the shipping process we know today. Since certain goods were stored in wooden ships and delivered […]

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