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Route Insurance: The Benefits to Online Sellers

Nicasio Co III
May 1, 2024

In the competitive world of online sales, earning the customer’s trust is crucial. You must ensure that you provide the best possible customer service you give. But what happens when a package gets lost, stolen, or damaged in transit? It can lead to frustrated customers and lost revenue for you.

This article explores Route insurance, a solution designed to address these concerns. Let us discuss its benefits to online sellers. Plus, let us learn how to create a smoother shopping experience and protect your bottom line.

Key Takeaways

  • Route protects sellers and shoppers against lost, stolen, or damaged packages.

  • Route insurance is a buffer between sellers and unhappy customers by initiating replacements or refunds for insured items.

  • Route also offers carbon-neutral shipping through partnerships with companies like Patch.

  • You can easily file for claims without requiring a police report. Just visit their website and directly request for claims.

  • While Route is a comprehensive package protection option, there are other options you can consider. This offers sellers additional flexibility when choosing a package protection provider.

What is Route shipping insurance?

Route is not your typical insurance offered directly by carriers. It’s a licensed insurance company that protects online shoppers and sellers from lost, stolen, or damaged packages.

This company started because of a simple lightbulb moment. According to its founder and CEO Evan Walker, they wanted to help resolve an issue faced by a furniture shop owner. The problem was about items breaking during transit. As a business owner, this is definitely a profit loss and can ruin the brand’s reputation.

As someone who has been in the eCommerce business for 25 years, Walker understands how difficult this challenge is. Hence, the birth of Route!

Here’s the gist of Route:

  • Coverage. Route covers situations where the package gets lost in transit, stolen, or damaged.

  • Benefits for Sellers. Route is a buffer between you and unhappy customers by facilitating replacements or refunds for insured items.

  • Cost. The insurance is typically a small fee added to the checkout process, which customers can opt out of if they don’t want the coverage.

What does this shipping protection cover?

Route Shipping Protection focuses on protecting packages from the following issues:

  • Lost in Transit. If your package goes missing during shipping and is never delivered.

  • Stolen. This covers situations where the package is marked as delivered, but the customer claims they never received it.

  • Damaged. Route will help you if the item arrives broken, unusable, or significantly different from the description due to damage during shipping.

It’s important to note that Route’s terms might have exclusions, so it’s always wise to check their terms and conditions for details.

How can you file a claim?

Filing a police report for a lost or damaged package with Route isn’t typically mandatory. It focuses on facilitating a smooth resolution process within their system. There are two main ways to file a claim with Route, depending on whether you’re the seller or the shopper:

For Shoppers:

  1. Route Resolve Center. This is the recommended method. You can tell the customer to access it through the Route app (if available) or a web link typically provided in your order confirmation email. At the Route Resolve Center, they’ll enter their email and order number to get started.

  2. Email. They can also file a claim by contacting Route’s support team directly via email, but the Resolve Center is likely the more streamlined approach.

For Sellers (if applicable):

The process for sellers might differ slightly. You can likely file a claim on your customer’s behalf through your Route Seller portal. Here’s a possible approach:

  1. Route Seller Portal. Log in to your Route account as a seller.

  2. Orders. Navigate to the “Orders” section within the portal.

  3. Search. Find the specific customer order using features like order number, tracking number, or customer details.

  4. Report an Issue. Once you locate the order, you should see an option to “Report an Issue” or request reimbursement.

  5. Claim Details. Fill out the claim form with details about the issue and necessary information, like tracking numbers.

Should you add package protection?

Whether you should add package protection depends on several factors:

Value of the Item

The peace of mind and potential reimbursement can be invaluable for high-value items.

Your Risk Tolerance

Package protection is a good idea if you dislike uncertainty and the potential hassle of lost or damaged packages.

Seller’s Return Policy

If you offer a return policy that covers damage or loss, you might not need Route’s protection.

Past Delivery Experiences

Package protection can be a wise investment if you’ve had problems with lost or damaged packages in your area.

Does Route Offer Carbon-Neutral Shipping?

Yes, Route offers carbon-neutral shipping, but it’s essential to understand the specifics:

  • Route Package Protection with Carbon Neutrality. When using Route, your order automatically qualifies for carbon-neutral shipping at no additional cost. This helps you provide instant climate action.

  • How it Works. Route partners with companies like Patch to purchase carbon credits that offset the emissions generated by your shipment. These carbon credits fund projects that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, like agroforestry or methane capture.

  • Route Finance Reforestation. This means that Route keeps your packages safe while removing carbon from the atmosphere. It’s a win-win situation where you can provide excellent service while helping the environment.

Is There An Alternative Package Protection You Can Use?

While Route offers a compelling package protection solution, there are other options. Here’s where Stallion enters the picture.

Stallion is a Canadian shipping provider offering safe delivery in Canada, the US, and internationally. As a business focusing on eCommerce, they understand the struggles of online sellers. Thus, they provide an exceptional customer experience to brands and companies.

They offer the cheapest shipping options and faster transit times with estimated delivery of:

  • Domestic Shipping – 4 to 9 business days
  • US Shipping – 5 to 7 business days
  • International Shipping – 6 to business days

However, if you still want an added package protection to back you up in case of unwanted circumstances, Stallion has Stallion Protection to offer.

Take Advantage of Stallion Protection

While Route offers a solution for online package protection, Stallion Protection is a compelling alternative. Here’s how Stallion can safeguard your online shopping experience:

  • Confidence in Delivery. Like Route, Stallion shields you from worrying about lost, stolen, or damaged packages. This means you can sell online with the assurance that you will not carry the financial burden if something goes wrong during shipping. Plus, you can visually track the package through the platform’s tracking page. It’s an added peace of mind to know the progress of your shipments.

  • Competitive Edge. Price is a crucial consideration. Stallion Protection offers protection plans at a cost that aligns better with your customer’s budget.

  • Tailored Features. Explore Stallion’ Protection’s offerings to see if they cater to your needs. Perhaps Stallion specializes in protecting high-value items or fragile goods, which might be a deciding factor depending on what you typically sell online.

Note: To take advantage of Stallion Protection, you must ship with Stallion.


Route insurance safeguards your reputation and revenue. It streamlines lost, stolen, or damaged package claims, reducing customer frustration and costly chargebacks. This fosters trust, repeat business, and a smoother online selling experience. But you don’t have to limit your business to one single option.

Ready to Explore Stallion? Head to Stallion’s website to learn more about their plans and pricing. Stallion might help you receive a positive review from a customer! For inquiries, you can call +1 877-863-7447 or email [email protected]

Get started today! Ship faster, smarter, cheaper with Stallion.

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