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Stallion Express works with APC Logistics and PostNL to bring you the fastest and most reliable service to grow your market worldwide. If you’re looking for the cheapest international shipping from Canada with industry-leading reliability, look no further.
Save up to 80% shipping around the world
Full tracking options available
Delivery times from 5-10 business days
International Shipping FAQs


Our competitive rates offer you the cheapest international shipping from Canada.

4-12 business days

Full Tracking

Save up to 85%

Optional Insurance

From Toronto To

National Carrier

London, England

4oz (113g)



(85% OFF)

Hong Kong

15oz (425g)



(79% OFF)

Sydney, Australia

4oz (113g)



(81% OFF)




Delivery Time

6-10 business days

4-12 business days

Prices shown in CAD.

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Prohibited and Restricted Items

Stallion Express wants to ensure your shipments arrive safely and smoothly - please ensure you comply with our rules and regulations to avoid any delays.
APC Logistics restricted items
PostNL restricted items

How International Shipping Works

Learn more about how Stallion works
step 1


Print labels and pay for shipment in your Stallion Express account
step 2


Drop-off at any of our locations across Ontario or arrange for pick-up
step 3


Stallion Express clears customs at the border and delivers your shipment to our partner (PostNL, APC Logistics)
step 4


Shipments get handed to local postal authorities in the destination country, to reach your end customer

International Partner Carriers

Stallion works with the following international partner carriers:
APC Logistics
With facilities strategically located near JFK, ORD, and LAX International airports, APC Postal Logistics operates from coast to coast to provide the most efficient cross-border shipping to over 200 countries worldwide.
Post Nl
PostNL is the premier provider of postal and parcel services in the Netherlands. PostNL offers the most comprehensive and reliable network for delivery – not just in the Netherlands but also abroad.
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Ship faster, smarter, and cheaper with Stallion Express
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