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Let us help you take advantage of Amazon’s fulfillment service by getting your product to their U.S. warehouses - without the high cost. We give you the ability to scale your business and reach more customers across the U.S.
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Amazon provides low-cost shipping for Americans to ship to their FBA warehouses. But here’s the good news (for us Canadians), we can help you access these savings. Stallion Express is the best way to ship to Amazon FBA USA from Canada!
Save up to 60% on shipping to Amazon FBA USA
Customs clearance (under $800 USD)
No additional brokerage fees
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Wondering about the cost to ship to Amazon FBA USA? See how we stack up against alternative couriers.
To Newark, CA  (15” square box at 30lbs, from Canada)
Standard Carrier
$155.76 CAD
$20.00 CAD
(87% OFF)

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How Our Amazon FBA Shipping Service Works

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Attach your shipping label from Amazon Seller Central

Print & Pay

Input your tracking number, then print, pay, & attach your QR code label from Stallion Express


Drop-off at any of your locations across Ontario or arrange for pick-up


Stallion Express clears customs at the border and UPS picks up your shipment


UPS completes the last mile to your Amazon FBA warehouse

Prohibited and Restricted Items

Stallion Express wants to ensure your shipments arrive safely and smoothly - please ensure you comply with our rules and regulations to avoid any delays.
Learn more about restricted items
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