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Primary Item (H2) Shipping to Canada in 2024

Aman Chopra
September 22, 2023

With over 42% of Canadian households using Amazon Prime, many wonder if shipping to Canada is possible. Despite how close the United States and Canada are to each other, some still have difficulties getting their products shipped from the Land of Liberty to the Great White North.

Among these respondents, 43% were active paying subscribers, while 12% admitted using another person’s subscription to take advantage of Amazon Prime’s perks. With this data, there’s a growing curiosity about the feasibility of Amazon shipping to Canada.

That’s why we will dig further into “How can you order from and ship to Canada?” and find out how much the shipping rates to Canada cost, plus some facts on to Canada and the time it takes to receive your parcel.

Can you order from and ship to Canada?

Yes, you can order from and get it shipped to Canada. Just include your Canadian shipping address when browsing the website and you will tons of products eligible to be shipped to Canada.

You may come across a few listings that do not ship to Canada or charge excessive delivery fees. What can be done for them? Don’t worry, use a package forwarding company like Shippsy to get products from any US brands delivered to you for minimal shipping prices.

Let’s take a look at the different ways you can get your items shipped from to Canada.

Door-to-Door Delivery

This service is also known as standard ground shipping. It is a shipping method where your purchased Amazon items are shipped directly from an Amazon fulfillment center or warehouse to your designated delivery address.

It typically involves ground transportation like trucks to bring your packages to your doorstep. It’s a practical and popular shipping option provided by Amazon, ensuring items are delivered directly to your home or preferred delivery location. The delivery times and options are subject to change depending on where you are and the exact shipping services offered in your area.

Express Shipping

Express shipping lives up to its name by providing the fastest possible delivery for your purchased goods. It is a premium and expedited shipping option, allowing customers to receive orders faster than standard shipping. It is made for people who demand prompt delivery of their purchased products.

Note that while it ensures swift delivery, it’s essential to consider the additional costs of expediting your Amazon orders. With express shipping, Amazon often uses faster transportation methods, such as air freight or priority services, to ensure speedy delivery. In addition, the shipping prices are typically higher than those of conventional shipping choices.

Cross-Border Shipping

Amazon’s cross-border shipping service allows customers to order products from one Amazon marketplace (e.g. Amazon USA) and deliver them to another country. It enables international shipping and delivery of items that are not available on the customer’s local Amazon marketplace.

Cross-border shipping may have a longer delivery timeframe and more expensive costs than domestic shipping. Still, it gives customers access to a greater selection of products accessible on other Amazon marketplaces.

In most cases, Amazon calculates and displays all applicable import duties, taxes, and fees when you choose cross-border delivery during checkout. These extra charges are often referred to as cross-border fees, covering the expenses associated with customs clearance and international shipping.

Release-Date Delivery

Release-Date Delivery is an option for certain pre-order items, and it’s available in the United States. When checking out, select Release-Date Delivery for the pre-order items you want to get on the day they go on sale.

Shipping fees vary by item; these charges are on the order confirmation page. Amazon Prime members can enjoy free Release-Date Delivery with Two-Day Shipping. While tracking information isn’t always available online, you can check tracking details and estimated delivery dates on the Track Your Package page.

Note that a signature may not be required, and delivery to Amazon Hub Lockers, Alaska, Hawaii, and international destinations, P.O. Boxes, or APO/FPO addresses isn’t possible with Release-Date Delivery.

How to Order with Release-Date Delivery

Amazon ensures an item you pre-order with Release-Date Delivery gets to you on its release day. Simply complete the following steps to make this happen.

  1. Add an eligible item to your cart and proceed to checkout.
  2. When prompted, you can choose an eligible shipping address; you can find more details in the Release-Date Delivery section.
  3. Confirm your selection by choosing Release-Date Delivery to complete the process.

However, upon selecting this option, you must remember that if you don’t see the “get it on its release day” message during the process, your order doesn’t meet the criteria for Release-Date Delivery. Also, note that you can include eligible Release-Date Delivery items in your order; for any other things, it’s best to place a separate order for any additional items.

Is Amazon US Shipping to Canada Free?

free amazon prime shipping

Amazon US shipping to Canada is not typically free. While Amazon offers various shipping options to Canada, including standard and expedited shipping, these services usually involve shipping fees calculated based on factors such as the weight, size, and destination of the shipped items.

Order with Free Shipping Amazon

You can avail of free shipping on Amazon after meeting the minimum order threshold with eligible items marked “FREE SHIPPING.” Meanwhile, Amazon Prime members can enjoy unlimited free two-day shipping with no minimum purchase.

With free shipping, your order arrives in 5-8 business days after all items are ready to ship. However, altering shipping details, combining orders, or cancelling things may impact eligibility. Also, some sellers impose fees, and gift cards have different delivery conditions, so not all items are eligible for this benefit.

Extended Free Shipping By Amazon

You can access EXTENDED FREE SHIPPING by meeting the minimum item threshold and choosing FREE SHIPPING at checkout. Enjoy 24-hour free shipping without a minimum spend. Add eligible items to your cart and select FREE Shipping during this period.

Please remember that only items sold by Amazon are eligible and should be delivered to the same address as your first order. Furthermore, potential handling fees, special products, or geographic shipping restrictions could apply to some places and US territories.

How Can You Reduce Amazon USA to Canada Shipping Costs? to canada pricing

Reducing Amazon USA to Canada shipping costs is a common concern for Canadian shoppers seeking ways to enjoy their online purchases.

Let’s check practical tips and insights on lowering Amazon shipping costs when ordering from the US to Canada, ensuring you can make the most of your online shopping while keeping expenses in check.

Choose Products Wisely

The products you purchase significantly impact the shipping cost, so it’s essential to make thoughtful product selections.

Item Weight and Size

Heavier or bulkier products often come with higher shipping fees. If you can, check the product descriptions first and see if you can find a smaller or lighter version of the items you want to purchase.

Import Fees

Some products may be subject to import duties and taxes when crossing borders. Keeping in mind the categories and values of the products can reduce these costs.

Delivery Time

Due to the customs clearance process or other circumstances, some items may take longer to arrive in Canada. It’s crucial to choose products that fit your timeline. Express shipping methods may come at a much higher price than standard shipping.


Only some products on Amazon USA are available for international shipping. Choosing eligible products ensures a smoother purchasing process.

Returns and Exchange

Returning or exchanging products can be more complex and costly when shipping across borders. Being decisive and opting for more suitable products minimizes the need for returns.

Customs Regulations

Different products could be subject to varied limitations or regulations when entering Canada. So, checking the prohibited and restricted item list before choosing items to ensure that your buying meets these rules and guidelines is better.

Consolidate Shipments

Consolidating shipments can significantly reduce shipping costs by combining multiple items into a single package. It can substantially affect your expenses because shipping fees are often calculated per shipment rather than per item. By consolidating, you eliminate the need for multiple separate shipments, reducing the overall shipping charges.

Additionally, customs duties and taxes are typically assessed per shipment, so consolidating shipments means fewer customs fees. It also optimizes shipping space, reduces packaging materials, and simplifies the customs clearance process, ultimately resulting in substantial savings for customers when importing products from the United States to Canada.

Check for Promotions and Free Shipping

Checking for promotions and free shipping options on Amazon when shipping to Canada can lead to significant cost savings. Amazon frequently offers promotions such as free shipping on eligible items or reduced shipping rates for specific orders.

Customers can substantially lower their shipping expenses by taking advantage of these deals. Also, Canada’s Amazon Prime members may qualify for free or discounted shipping on eligible items. You can have the items you want by staying updated about such deals and taking advantage of free shipping alternatives, which makes international shopping more practical and economical. Shipping Rates to Canada 

Are you planning to shop at Amazon U.S.? Before you do, compute the shipping rates to Canada using USPS, FedEx, and Golden Express Guaranteed. 


If you’re looking for several ways to ship your items from Amazon U.S., the United States Postal Service has a bunch of options you can choose from. Different pricing options such as Priority Mail International starting at 36.35 USD, Flat Rate Shipping at 26.90 USD for its base price, and Express International with a starting price of 45.95 USD.


FedEx is another shipping service that allows you to receive your Amazon U.S. purchases in Canada. They offer the following options: FedEx International Ground, which has a base rate of 21.97 USD, FedEx International Priority, which costs 88.36 USD for its base rate, and FedEx International Next Flight, starting at 402 USD.

Golden Express Guaranteed

USPS and FedEx partnered for Golden Express Guaranteed (GXG), offering a premium service for those who want to receive their Amazon parcels on a precise date. This option also allows customers to have their shipping fees refunded if the courier can’t deliver their package within the promised time. The base rate for GXG costs 67.80 USD.


Trying to purchase items that do not ship to Canada from the US? Use the virtual shipping address provided by Shippsy. Their rates for shipping these packages from US to Canada start at $6.99 (CAD). This is by far the cheapest cross-border shopping method. to Canada: Time It Takes to Ship

amazon packaging

Everyone knows that the United States and Canada are right beside each other. That’s why most delivery times happen as soon as one business day, or six to ten business days based on the shipping option you choose. Keep in mind that shipping delays can still happen because of external factors such as weather conditions, maritime problems, and traffic. 

Final Thoughts

Can you order from and ship to Canada? Yes, you can! shipping to Canada is possible with the help of USPS, FedEx, Shippsy and GXG. 

Suppose you have plans to order from Amazon U.S. and deliver it to your address in Canada. Before you purchase your goods, be sure to check the shipping rates to Canada together with the length of delivery based on the to Canada and the time it takes for your parcel to arrive. 

If you are curious about starting an Amazon FBA business in the US, feel free to check out Stallion Express and contact our experts at 877-863-7447 for more information.

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