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Fast Amazon FBA Shipping Charges for Your Online Business

Nicasio Co III
June 8, 2021

It is, indeed, a dilemma to be in a situation where you need to look out for your sales, handle customer service, create reliable content, and still struggle with how to store, package, and deliver your client’s products to their doorstep within the day. Given that, not all online sellers operate in a team, but this doesn’t mean they can’t lead their way to success alone.

Luckily, there are shipping companies that offer partnerships where you can streamline your courier options with their shipment services. This set-up puts both parties in a win-win situation. All you need is effective communication: send the order confirmation to your shipping partner, and they’ll take care of the rest.

While it does sound plain and simple, the process can be pretty complicated if you have specific shipping standards for your brand and would like to get into detail with your partnership agreement. To fill in these gaps, this article will discuss the primary qualities of excellent shipping and how shifting to an FBA program will significantly improve your business management on Amazon. Let us go over the first objective.

Qualities of Good Shipping Services

Regardless of how you envision your company’s business branding, what all online sellers should have in common is the agenda to have premium-quality shipping for all customers. Transactions should not end in the checkout phase because everything done before, during, and after the transaction will contribute to the customer satisfaction rating of your brand.

Keep in mind that the only direct interaction between you and your customers is during the delivery period, when they will inquire about their order’s estimated date of delivery and will leave a customer review on your products. Make the final touchpoint of the purchase journey meaningful for your customers to establish their loyalty to your brand.

For start-up businesses, selling on Amazon will compel you to follow their shipping policy: delivering orders no later than the following day with respect to order placement date. If you aren’t careful, Amazon has the right to suspend your business for the mere reason of delayed and inadequate shipping services. You wouldn’t want that in your business history, would you?

Given this, you can see that shipping modes (i.e., air freight, sea freight, courier) aren’t the sole basis of an excellent shipping company. Delivery schedule and pricing are two essential considerations of consumers. Without an emphasis on these elements, potential buyers are more likely to abandon a purchase. These circumstances can be avoided with a seamless shipping partnership.

Before we delve into your options, how exactly would you know that you’ve signed up for a suitable courier for your business? Below are some tips to determine good shipping services:

  1. Same-day delivery mechanisms: As mentioned above, Amazon’s selling point is its promising shipping and delivery speed. All of your options for shipping should prioritize immediate deliveries, especially when you’re selling on Amazon.
  2. Availability of long and short distance delivery: If your business limits its target market within the US and Canada, then you don’t need an international shipping solutions partnership. When you have a long distance delivery service, the parcel can go almost anywhere within and outside the country, letting you reach out to customers in areas that are not-so-targeted by the marketplace. This is the ideal choice for businesses that want to make sure that their business grows in their country before they open their doors to shipping abroad. Delineating this matter will cut down unnecessary costs, especially if you’re tight on budget.
  3. Balance between being affordable and being worth every penny: Choosing the cheapest shipping partnership doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best option for your brand. It would be best to select a shipping provider who will not compromise on the quality of the services they offer in exchange for affordability.

Fulfillment By Amazon

After enumerating your prospective shipping partners, another subject you need to consider is the type of shipping procedure you prefer. One of the most popular and reliable methods is via FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon. Experienced and new sellers alike invest in this set-up where they coordinate with a retailer and get the job done.

The main objective of an FBA is to locate a company’s niche in the Amazon marketplace while working hand in hand with third-party sellers. There are currently two million online sellers across the globe that earn a profit from an FBA set-up, so if this data piqued your interest, then you’re on the right page.

Simply put, an FBA is a service offered by Amazon where third-party sellers can send automation of an order fulfillment and manage most of your shipping concerns. Instead of looking for a shipping partnership elsewhere, you can trust the skilled and readily available team that already works for Amazon. It is a relatively straightforward concept and organized structure. For a clear-cut understanding, the process is as follows:

Step #1: The online seller sends their products to Amazon for safekeeping and storage.

Step #2: The Amazon FBA team processes all order confirmations that they receive.

Step #3: The online seller or Amazon FBA team checks on the current stock quantity.

Step #4: The Amazon FBA packages and ships the products to the indicated address.

Step #5: The customer can access the Amazon fulfillment services tracking to monitor the parcel’s whereabouts.

It’s not difficult at all to ship directly to Amazon FBA team. Their lines are always open to communicate with online sellers. Aside from the simple process, Amazon also deals with warehousing, returns, and refunds— and that’s still not everything. The Amazon FBA program provides you with the opportunity to use all fulfillment shipping services, global and dynamic fulfillment networks, and redirect customers to an Amazon 24/7 customer service group.

Although the FBA program is constantly being developed to match the market trends, the only thing you need to think about is supplying Amazon with enough stocks of your product, and they will handle the rest of your former problems. 

Amazon FBA Shipping Charges

Every service you integrate into your business has a corresponding cost, but this shouldn’t discourage you from choosing them. The Amazon FBA shipping rates may or may not be cheap for your brand, as Amazon initially charges you for the storage capacity of their warehouse.

The fees vary depending on your products’ dimensions and weight and not by how much they are priced. Believe it or not, selling cheap yet huge products using an FBA program would do you more harm than good. So when choosing the FBA route, double-check if you’ve thoroughly understood and selected the most appropriate items for the service.

Aside from the storage fees, you also pay for the fulfillment fees of the program. Should you entrust this phase under their supervision, you need to closely monitor your inventory and regularly communicate with the Amazon FBA team. The general rule is that the more stocks there are in your inventory, the higher costs you’ll be paying.

After 180 days, you should expect an increase in your costs. Once Amazon tracks these items and you do nothing about them, they are classified as a “stranded inventory.” It would be a huge hassle to encounter this because Amazon will compel you to pay more for the costs together with a signed inventory report.

In response to this dilemma, marketing experts suggest clearing your stocks using bundles, discounts, and eye-catching sales. This approach would get your products moving in and out of the warehouse. Need leads as to how you can redirect traffic to your product page on Amazon? Use social media and other marketing channels to target your potential customers!

Shipping with Stallion Express

Now that you know how to identify a good shipping quality and what Amazon FBA can do for your business, let’s take a closer look at how Stallion Express lives up to these values. By streamlining your business with Stallion Express, there are numerous benefits that you will be enjoying just by being in the FBA program. Here are some of the advantages that we’ve enumerated:

  • Effortless shipping and logistics
  • Shipping discounts and vouchers
  • Fast transportation for immediate delivery
  • Good customer service management
  • Effective return and refund management
  • Vast storage capacity and product safekeeping
  • An omnichannel fulfillment solutions

Stallion Express offers fast and reliable Amazon FBA shipping services for online sellers in Canada who want to ship their products to the US and internationally. By providing low-cost shipping rates and fantastic FBA warehouses, we’re sure that you’d indulge in your savings. 

Our service leverage is championed by our discounts of up to sixty percent on US Amazon FBA shipments. We do not require custom clearances for under eight hundred USD costs, and we guarantee that there will be no additional brokerage fees.

Once you’ve decided to incorporate our services into your business shipping and delivery framework, we will follow an exhaustive process similar to the standard Amazon FBA stages:

  1. Prep: Labels in the Amazon Seller Central will be generated and attached.
  2. Print and Pay: The printed label would have a tracking number, then you would need to settle your payment so that a QR code can be generated and attached to the printed label.
  3. Drop: Send your products to any of our locations, or we can arrange a schedule for the pick-up option.
  4. Clear: We will clear your customs in the borders and have your client’s orders sent for UPS shipment.
  5. Arrive: We will ensure that UPS brings the package to the client’s doorstep within the day.

Ready to claim our fast and fantastic shipping services? Rush to our website and sign up for the Amazon FBA program!

Should you have businesses in other e-commerce sites outside of Amazon, Stallion Express accommodates sellers from eBay, Shopify, and Etsy! If you have any questions that you would like us to clarify, you can always contact us, and we will respond to your inquiries as soon as we can.

Did you find this article helpful? Let us know if you think that the services compensate Amazon FBA shipping charges by sharing your insights in the comments. We would love to hear from you! For more interesting articles, check out our blog.

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