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Amazon International Shipping: Here’s All You Need to Know

Tom Davison
March 18, 2021

Establishing your own business puts you in a different mindset. You may feel challenged on several processes, such as arranging logistics for your goods. To save resources and ensure on-time deliveries, you can turn to Amazon international shipping.

Sellers work differently and radiate different energies towards their business and market; some engage with their customers as if they’re interacting with them personally, while others keep it strictly professional, barely sharing any information at all. As a seller, connecting with your customers is a must. Put their minds at ease by relieving concerns, answering frequently asked questions such as “Does Amazon ship internationally?” or “Are there any hidden charges?”—it’s the least you can do.

With the eCommerce giant helping out small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs like you, reaching more customers has never been easier. Make your mark on the global market through Amazon’s undeniable worldwide presence, but not without going through this Amazon international shipping guide first.

How much are the Amazon international shipping rates?

As you put up your business on Amazon, you also search for couriers to help you transport your customer’s orders. Different shipping companies charge differently depending on which areas you’d ship to. You’ll also need to take note of the kind of item you wish to deliver (perishable, fragile, etc.), dimensions, and even declare the value of the product.

Here’s a handy table of Amazon international shipping rates to guide you in managing your logistics.

Photo source

Just remember that not all shipping options are available in all areas mentioned.

Tips and tricks with Amazon international shipping

One of the things that sellers should consider shipping items is what happens after: 

What problems could arise that would delay the delivery of your products? How do you guarantee that the customers’ orders will not get lost? What do you say to keep their trust despite minor hiccups?

Sellers need to keep constant communication with their customers to prevent any negative feedback or dissatisfaction. But even if you feel dismayed or disappointed with conditions beyond your control, never let your customers feel that. They need to feel assured that you’re on top of everything and that they’ll receive their orders as soon as possible.

What do you need to do?

In order to keep your customers calm and satisfied, you need to follow these tips.

Provide regular updates

The moment you see a delay in your customers’ orders, make sure that you reach out to them and update them of their order’s status. Update them at once if some items are currently unavailable. Send a quick message once their order has been picked up. Finally, let them know that you appreciate them for ordering from your shop. 

Be transparent

Send photos of the item as you prepare it and once it’s picked up. Teach them how to check their order status with Amazon’s order tracking feature and always keep communications open. By maintaining direct contact and answering your customer’s questions personally, you’re less likely to get negative remarks publicly visible on your online shop.

Can Amazon ship internationally?

Yes. Amazon ships to over a hundred countries and other regions that are subject to Amazon Global. Make sure that the items you list on your store are eligible for Amazon Global. If you sell perishable goods, then the covered areas will be limited to avoid expiration en route.

How to avail of Amazon free international shipping?

When your customers place an order that meets specific requirements and the destination is one of the listed locations upon checkout, they become eligible for free Amazon international shipping.

What qualifies for Amazon international shipping?

  • If the product can be shipped to a recognized address from the locations listed
  • If the product passes the free shipping order minimum conditions per area 


Amazon international shipping aims to help deliver your items to your customers by working with other providers. The industry-leading eCommerce platform helps you bring happiness to your customers by delivering orders safely and promptly across the world.

When you familiarize yourself with the different accredited locations for Amazon international shipping, you’ll be able to grow your business efficiently. Always remember that being transparent and keeping communications open with your customers is key to keeping their trust.

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