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A Beginner’s Guide to Amazon FBA Shipping Rates

Tom Davison
June 4, 2021

If you’re looking into Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), your mind must be filled with questions regarding FBA shipping rates and Amazon fulfillment shipping rates. These become more troubling once you expand your business internationally, especially in the US. 

We got you! Included herein are the details about Amazon FBA, so you can finally decide whether to include it in your operations. 

What is Amazon FBA?

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) or Amazon FBA is the eCommerce platform’s fulfillment service. With Amazon FBA, you can store your products at Amazon fulfillment centers. When you get an order, Amazon will take care of the shipping. You can avail of the many other benefits Amazon offers if you use Amazon FBA. Amazon provides complete information on the fees you need to prepare for the fulfillment shipping rates. 

Amazon FBA shipping rates: Details to Remember

There are Amazon services you will get for free, but most of them are offered with fees. Knowing which services are free and which will add to your costs will help you plan your Amazon FBA spending and manage your expenses. 

FBA Export Program – First among the free services on Amazon FBA international shipping rates is FBA Export. FBA Export covers your global shipping needs. You can avail of this service at no cost. Nonetheless, note that the spending will all be transferred to and handled by the customer.

Amazon FBA rates – General rates are computed based on the dimensions and weight of your package. Sizes are classified into standard and oversize measurements. Note that calculations differ depending on whether your product falls under the apparel or non-apparel categories. The platform has an easily accessible shipping rates calculator to get an idea of how much you need to pay. Fees apply for every unit sold, and the charges vary if you have a professional or individual seller account. 

Here are the other fees that may apply:

  • Storage fees paid monthly
  • Expenses paid for long-term storage
  • Returns from the customers processing fee
  • Fees for removing items on Amazon storage
  • Fees used on completion of packaging according to Amazon guidelines

All these details are available on Amazon Seller Central. You have full access to all spendings, reimbursements, refunds, and fees you need to pay. To avoid unneessary expenses, be aware of the charges mentioned above. 

Selling dangerous goods – Do you sell products classified by Amazon as hazardous goods? Some items under dangerous goods are different kinds of batteries. Chemicals used at home like cleansers, dishwashing liquid, and laundry detergents fall under this category. Even perfumes, essential oils, and more personal use chemicals are considered hazardous goods. Check Amazon’s list of hazardous goods to know if your product falls under this classification. Expect international FBA shipping rates and Amazon Canada FBA shipping rates to incur for dangerous goods. 

Multi-Channel Fulfillment – Do you have stores in other eCommerce platforms and websites but want to use Amazon FBA? Multi-channel fulfillment is the service you need. Add this detail to your international shipping rates checklist of components to explore. This is an efficient way of storing your products on Amazon warehouses in the US and selling them to your US clients. Whether you are selling on Shopify, Etsy, or eBay, Amazon FBA is open for you. 

What Stallion Express Offers

We will deliver your packages to Amazon warehouses at a lower cost. Our team will handle Canada to US customs clearance of items under USD800 and brokerage fees. 

You are guaranteed lower fees with Stallion Express. For a 15-inch square box weighing 30 lbs to be sent to Newark, California, you will only pay CAD20, which is way lower than a Standard Carrier’s shipping rate at CAD155.76. This rate is the lowest among other Amazon-Canada FBA shipping rates. 

If you are ready to partake in the convenient and cost-effective journey of using Amazon FBA, contact us at 877-863-7447. You may also visit our website to know more.

Get started today! Ship faster, smarter, cheaper with Stallion.

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If you’re looking into Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), your mind must be filled with questions regarding FBA shipping rates and Amazon fulfillment shipping rates. These become more troubling once you expand your business internationally, especially in the US.  We got you! Included herein are the details about Amazon FBA, so you can finally decide whether […]

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