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Choose the Best Shipping Partner for International Shipping

Diana Zheng
July 19, 2022

When you infuse a well-planned marketing strategy with a credible shipping partner, you can expect a smooth transaction process and an increase in net sales. This plan can go well, significantly if you are growing a business. However, you might wonder how shipping partners affect the net sales, as they only send the products to the buyers.

Your responsibility is to ensure that your customer receives their orders as soon as possible, which can only happen with a faster delivery time. Furthermore, shipping is also the basis of most customers when rating their overall online shopping experience. So, apart from developing your products, you should also get a partner that aligns with your goals, especially if you intend to expand your brand overseas and offer international orders.

If you don't know the requirements you must set up to hire the most suitable shipping partner, you should go back to your goals. This article might also interest you as we have listed the top shipping companies for international shipping, the shipping rate, delivery time, shipping service, and strengths.

United Parcel Service (UPS)

If you have been shopping online for quite some time, you might have already heard of UPS. It is one of the most extensive package delivery services in the world. Began its function in 1907, UPS has become a household name in the shipping industry.

Market Reputation and Brand Value. UPS has been the most valuable brand in the logistics and shipping industry for the past seven years and has maintained a margin above FedEx, whose brand value is considerably lower.

Deliveries and Services. The variety of shipping options allows every customer to select UPS, as it can handle both urgent and non-urgent situations. As a result, efficient and timely delivery services guarantee customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Geographical Presence. UPS offers services in 220 different countries and has maintained an excellent and remarkable presence in the world's major economies, contributing to the brand's impactful facilities and services worldwide. Therefore, UPS international shipping is a brand you can consider.

Shipping Services

UPS Worldwide Express Plus. Offers two to three business days to Europe and Asia

UPS Worldwide Express. Offers second business day to Europe and Latin America

UPS Worldwide Saver. Offers delivery by the end of the day for domestic shipping

UPS Worldwide Expedited. Offers three to four business days to Europe

UPS Standard. The days will be determined depending on the receiver's location.

Note that UPS international shipping rates may vary depending on your choice of package weight and size, destination country, and shipping service.

FedEx International

Starting as a term paper that received an average score, FedEx, formerly known as Federal Express, offers comprehensive supply chain solutions, highly specialized logistics, customs brokerage, and trade management tools and data.

Technological Capacity. FedEx's advanced technical capacities enable the company to run efficiently, accurately, and practically. These technological advancements make it possible to deliver and pick up more than 14 million daily shipments. It invests heavily in hundreds of aircraft and more than a hundred thousand vehicles. With this level of growth, competitors will struggle to match FedEx's service scale.

Global Reach. Providing services to approximately 220 countries, FedEx has continuously proven its extensive global reach. The company has established a valuable presence in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and other parts of the world. Furthermore, the company operates in places where its competitors do not, which is carried out using thorough air and ground network, one of FedEx's most valuable assets.

Comprehensive Service. FedEx has amassed a sizable service portfolio through strategic investments. It consistently aims at emerging customer segments and meets the needs using this diverse portfolio; FedEx Express, TNT Express, FedEx Ground, and FedEx Freight. Additionally, the company expands its FedEx Freight Direct services to deliver heavy, bulky items to homes and businesses.

Shipping Services

FedEx International Next Flight. Get the package on the next available flight, which will arrive in most international countries and territories within 24 hours.

FedEx International First. Get your package delivered to 220 countries and territories in one to three business days.

FedEx International Priority. Like FedEx International First, the package will be delivered to 220 countries and territories in one to three business days.

FedEx International Economy. Economical shipping has two delivery time options; delivery within two to three business days in selected countries or within two to five business days to more than 200 countries and territories.

Canada Post

Formerly known as Royal Mail Canada, Canada Post was established in 1867 and is a Crown Corporation owned by the 

Canadian Federal Government. It has monopolized the domestic letter market. While competitors can still offer this service to the Canadian market, they have to charge three times higher than Canada Post's standard rate.

Business Support. The government of Canada encourages entrepreneurship and business ventures due to the various alternative channels for reduced tax and breaks; Canadian entrepreneurs are more self-assured in establishing small businesses or identifying themselves as self-employed, with less to no fear of failure. 

Targeted Market Development. Growth in niche markets has resulted in increased profits for Canada. As exporting plays a vital role for Canada, there is plenty of room for international shipping markets. Furthermore, although the USA is still the country's top trading partner, the Asian markets have increased demand, and Canada is taking the challenge to keep up with these demands. 

Shipping Services

Priority Worldwide. If you need to ship time-sensitive items, the best shipping option you should get is the priority worldwide. 

Xpresspost - International. Xpresspost International is the fastest yet most economical option for your shipment. 

Tracked Packet - International. If the parcels you will be shipping are small and lightweight, tracked packet international is your most suggested option.

International Parcel - Air. On the other hand, International Parcel Air is the best option if you need to ship larger parcels cost-effectively. 

International Parcel - Surface. Another option for more oversized parcel shipping internationally economically. 

Small Packet International - Air and Surface. These are the options for shipping small and lightweight parcels. 

international shipping partner image


Providing outstanding international shipping service over the past two decades, APC has proven to be worthy of consideration for international shipment.

Competitive Shipping Cost. APC offers one of the cheapest international shipping rates, allowing customers to maximize their shipments.

International Shipment. APC connects the global marketplace to its clients by serving over 200 countries and representing more than 1 billion online shoppers.

Efficient Shipment Process. For 20 years, APC has simplified overseas deliveries, assisting Canadian businesses in establishing brands abroad, expanding customer base, enhancing business, and increasing revenue. Its extensive and dependable global logistics network enables merchants to deliver packages to their customers worldwide.

Shipping Services

Expedited International. APC's premium service offers many eCommerce customers the speed and visibility required. It only takes three to five working days to arrive at its destination and provides full tracking from the origin to the receiver's door.

Priority International. APC's most popular service level provides quick delivery times and milestone tracking at considerably lower rates than expedited shipping. You can expect a more realistic transit time of four to nine business days, which is available to all international addresses.

Standard International. This service is the most cost-effective shipping option, which combines dependability with cost savings. The usual transit time will be around 7 to 14 working days, which is also available and delivered quickly to all international addresses, including PO boxes.


PostNL is the Netherlands' leading provider of postal and parcel services. It is the most extensive and dependable delivery network, not only in the Netherlands but also internationally.

Worldwide Reach. While PostNL ships primarily within the Netherlands, they have proven reliability in shipping internationally.

Cost-Effective Solutions. Due to the innovative process of PostNL, low-cost shipping options are readily available.

Extensive Shipping Option. With various international shipping options, customers have the freedom to choose a service that matches their shipping needs.

Shipping Services

International Parcel. The service is fast and reliable to any destination worldwide.

International Express. PostNL's express service for lightning-fast parcel delivery. Note that all parcel deliveries are usually completed in two to three business days.

International Packet. International Packet is a shipping service ideal for businesses and online retailers who send small parcels up to 2 kg and approximately the size of a shoebox to overseas destinations frequently.

consider stallion for your shipping needs image

Consider Stallion

Choose Stallion if you want a smooth-sailing, cost-effective, and reliable shipping partner. It is a Canada-based shipping company that helps many Canadian sellers expand their business worldwide hassle-free by offering a simple registration process and the cheapest international shipping cost.

While we are partnered with APC and PostNL for any international shipment, Stallion makes the shipping cost cheaper and the process easier.

As always, you may reach out to our customer service for any inquiries or assistance you may need. 

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