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Know the Factors Affecting the Cost of Your Canada Shipping Packages

Diana Zheng
May 20, 2021

Whether you are thinking of shipping within Canada or from Canada to the US, one of the first considerations you’ll have in mind is the cost of delivery. How much is shipping, Canada to US and vice versa?

For sure, you’re on the lookout for the cheapest way to ship from Canada to the US and within Canada. You can easily find online calculators that will give you an idea of how much you’ll spend. They will come in handy, especially for one-time-only transactions.

However, if you are a business owner looking into expanding your e-commerce store and reaching more customers in the different regions of Canada, in the US, or abroad, it is better to know the ins and outs of domestic, US, and international shipping. This way, you can consider on your own how to cut the cost of shipping your products.

Canada Shipping Packages: Domestic

Package Type

The primary factor you need to know to find the lowest shipping rates in Canada is the package type. For instance, in sending mails, standard-sized, oversized, and non-standard-sized mails have different stamp prices. The cost of a stamp for a standard-sized mail weighing 30 to 50 grams ranges from CAD 0.92 to CAD 1.30. Meanwhile, stamps for heavier or wider mails weighing 100 to 500 grams can be priced at  CAD 1.94 to CAD 5.47.

If you have heavier and bulkier items, you should go for parcel shipping. Take note that some companies offer the same prices for all shipment as long as it does not exceed 5 kilograms. Taking advantage of these offers can save you money.

Declared Product Value

The value of your product may also influence your shipping spend; it will be the basis for the insurance type the shipping company will offer you. For instance, you may be charged a couple of dollars for every CAD 100 value of the item you are shipping. A common mistake entrepreneurs make when shipping is they do not insure their packages. Although that can save you a few bucks, it isn’t advisable, especially for valuable items.

Delivery Speed

Speedy delivery options are offered by many companies in Canada. If your parcel or mail is just within the city or town, you can expect 1- to 2-day delivery. Next-day delivery is also an option if you want to deliver items to another province or city within or outside a region. 

These conveniences, however, come at a price. If you are not in a hurry or you have not planned your shipping calendar well, you may go with the standard speed when shipping within Canada to save money but still enjoy quality service.


You can find the cheapest shipping rates in Canada by looking for shipping companies that base their rates on the dimensions and weight of the package and have the same starting rate for any destinations in Canada. 

For instance, a 1-pound parcel can be delivered anywhere in Canada for CAD 10.09, a 10-pound item costs CAD 19.00, and a 100-pound package will only cost you CAD 108.10. Compare different shipping company websites to get an estimate of how much you need to pay based on the package weight.

Shipping Packages to the US

Package Type

It is important to take note of materials that cannot be mailed or shipped to the US and the quota restrictions. Not adhering to the guidelines set by the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) can result in additional charges. Your items will also be stored in a warehouse, the storage costs of which you will also have to pay. Worst, if your items are prohibited, they can immediately be destroyed.  

Declared Product Value

The value of your package is important when shipping from Canada to the US because there are US CBP guidelines on import tax. For items less than USD 800 in value, no import tax will be charged. However, for packages that cost more than USD 800, import tax will be charged according to the CBP calculation. Be on the lookout as well for surcharges that will increase your shipping cost.

Delivery Speed

Aside from knowing the cheapest way to ship to the US, you and your clients will surely be interested in knowing the fastest way to ship.

Standard shipping to the US from Canada normally takes 5 to 7 business days, but there are shipping companies that offer 2 to 4 business days as their standard delivery time. That is not even their express delivery, so you may choose to ship through the USPS Priority Mail Express, which only takes 1 to 2 business days, or USPS Priority Mail, which is delivered in 2 days. 

Again, speed comes at a price, so you should plan your shipping well instead of rushing and paying more.


You would think the first rule of shipping is the farther the shipping address, the more expensive the shipping cost. However, that is not really the case because you will find that the cheapest way to ship from Canada to US comes from companies that use the dimensions and weight of your package as the primary basis of the price instead of the destination.

For instance, there are companies where you see a minimal difference in rates when shipping to New York from Canada and when shipping to California from Canada. A UPS Standard delivery of a 1-pound large or flat envelope to New York costs CAD 10.41, but if you plan to send a parcel with the same measurement to California, you will be charged CAD 11.04. 

You can use an online calculator where you can input the destination and specific measurements of your package to get an idea of your shipping cost.


So, what are the cheapest shipping rates? The answer depends on you. Remember that the weight and dimensions of your package mainly determine the cost of shipping. It means you can reduce your cost depending on how efficiently you pack. It also pays to know a few tricks to get the best shipping prices in Canada and to the US.  

If you are shipping bulk products to the US, it is better to partner with shipping companies like Stallion Express. We offer packing, picking, and shipping of your products. You can skip the hassle and delegate the tedious task to us.

Contact us at 877-863-7477 so that we can discuss our offers and how we can help you.

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