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Get the Cheapest Shipping Rates in Canada Impacts Local E-commerce

Jenna M
January 12, 2021

Customer satisfaction is always at the forefront of any business person’s mind. According to a 2019 survey, 38% of retailers are concerned about the expectations of customers regarding delivery time, and 36% are thinking of the expectation for free or low-cost shipping. 

Satisfying customers is harder these days. Thus, it’s every retailer’s quest to find the cheapest shipping rates in Canada so that he can gain an advantage over his competitors. However, just finding an affordable logistics partner isn’t enough. Other factors affect local e-commerce, not just the shipping cost. Let’s dive into them, shall we?

Seamless Integration

Of all the other factors, perhaps this is the most important. As a retailer, your primary concern is to optimize your business processes so that everything can be more efficient across the board. Everything starts with the fulfillment process, which your e-commerce platform provides. All the relevant information about your customers is, of course, already in the system.

Then, you need to coordinate with your shipping partner to gather the logistical data your customers need. The cost of shipping from Canada will vary depending on the location of the dropoff. In this process, finding a shipping partner with an easy-to-use shipping calculator will be a great advantage. 

Next is the tracking information. You should be able to provide a means for your customers to track their packages. This is important because it can give customers ideas on how they can claim their deliveries. Are they going to be home? Do they need to ask somebody else to receive the package? Are there special instructions on how to find their address? What is the cheapest way to ship from Canada to US? Lots of questions come to mind.

Find a shipping partner who can integrate easily with your e-commerce platform, so you can make your delivery structure simpler.

Proper Labeling

Believe it or not, mislabeling a package is one of the most common reasons for shipping delays. The labels shouldn’t just specify the item name; it should also include the weight, size, dimensions, and shipping zone of the package. It would be best if you made sure all information is accurate.

Putting the wrong information on a shipping label will make it possible for your package to be misrouted, lost, or even sent to another country. It’s also possible for labels to be damaged or mistakenly removed.

Since we’ve already talked about the importance of integration, finding a partner who can include this process in their services will take a heavy burden off your shoulders. They can make arrangements to integrate customer information with their shipping software and receive the shipping data directly from your e-commerce platform.

Availability of Packaging Materials

This aspect of shipping is so easy to overlook that it has become a legend in logistics circles. Finding the proper packaging materials isn’t as simple as some might think. You need to make sure your item fills the box with minimal unused space. Why? Because your shipping company will charge you for the dimensions of the box, not what’s inside, though many companies nowadays will also take the weight of the package into account. Mostly, the most important thing that affects shipping price is the dimension of the package. It’s about how much space your box takes up in their shipping containers.

Next, you need to make sure your package is sealed tightly, complete with bubble wrap inside to protect the item being shipped. It doesn’t matter what kind of item is in a package. Protecting it is the standard with shipping companies nowadays. Other packaging materials include poly bubble mailers, kraft bubble mailers, courier bags, thermal labels, and packing tapes.

Delivery Route Optimization

As any business person will tell you, being on top is hard, but staying there is even more difficult. Your shipping partner needs to ensure that they can continue optimizing their delivery routes while offering you the cheapest shipping rates in Canada. The better they serve your customer, the longer your business relationship will be. 

How long does Canada standard shipping take? It all depends on your shipping partner. However, the delivery standard for regular mail sent inside Canada is:

  • Two business days for local mail
  • Three business days if within the provinces
  • Four days for national mail

As mail service goes, that’s not too bad. In fact, that’s a lot better than most countries’ mail service. The mindset is, everything can still be improved.

We’re not just talking about using online apps to tell their drivers how to get to an address quickly. It’s about doing actual research on how to do everything faster, considering the seasonal variances of routes, cities, and unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters.

Backup delivery vehicles should always be on standby to ensure your packages arrive at your customer’s doorsteps on time. 

The Impact of Getting the Cheapest Shipping Rates in Canada on Local E-commerce

As we’ve discussed, it’s not all about the costs. The integration, labeling, packaging materials, and delivery route optimization also affect local e-commerce significantly. As a retailer, you must be able to balance all these things to find the shipping partner of your dreams.

If you have more questions about how to improve your retail business’s logistics process, please contact us at [email protected], and we’ll be glad to help you. We offer the cheapest shipping rates in Canada, together with the best service.

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Get the Cheapest Shipping Rates in Canada Impacts Local E-commerce

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