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Ecommerce Shipping Solutions: 7 Shipping Mistakes You Should Avoid

As a new online seller, order fulfillment is one aspect of your business that you must learn how to deal with. Even though you are not directly involved in the process, there are several eCommerce shipping solutions to choose from. This is to prevent making mistakes that can result in wasting time and money and […]

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Shipping Costs for eCommerce You Need to Prepare for

Starting a business is a milestone that will always be remembered by any business owner. Even the most successful entrepreneurs will have a flashback on their beginnings when asked about their company’s history. Like freshly cut grass, you can still remember even the scent of the room, how the lighting was, and what you felt […]

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Car Shipping from Canada to US Cost: Is Relying on Shipping Companies Worth It?

Shipping from Canada to US cost is already high when shipping normal items, and one can expect the costs for items that are as big as cars. Hence, you’ll surely be asking yourself if relying on shipping companies is worth the price. You may also be looking into car shipping to US from Canada cost […]

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The Top 5 Tips on How to Save on Shipping

Advice on how to save on shipping costs can be found everywhere. However, scouring the web to look for the tips that really work can be burdensome. So, to save you time, we have formulated an easy-to-remember list on how you can save on shipping locally or international shipping fees.Think of these suggestions as sacred. […]

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eCommerce Shipping Solutions in 2021: What You Need to Know

The continuous growth of the eCommerce industry paved the way for businesses to reach more customers worldwide. According to a 2021 forecast from Oberlo, 27% of global customers will prefer purchasing products through digital platforms over physical stores. This data means that eCommerce Marketplaces are bound to thrive for years to come— shoppers don’t have […]

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Annual Carrier Rate Increases for 2021

A friendly reminder of our upcoming annual postage rate increases, scheduled by our partner carriers to begin January 24, 2021. These rate increases occur every year due to inflation and will be reflected on our new pricing pages.  Here’s a summary of the changes, organized by each service.  U.S. Shipping USPS First Class & Priority […]

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Express International Shipping in 2021: Is It Worth it?

A recent study conducted by Apex Insight showed that global shipping market revenues have increased from $380 billion in 2018 to $430 billion in 2019. After all, international shipping continues to be an essential variable for businesses to fulfill their consumer demand processes. It is a significant driving force that allows commerce and trade to […]

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Why Standard Shipping From Outside of Canada Works Best For You

As the world's largest global internet retailer, it's no shock that Amazon ships up north. If you're like the millions of Canadians who love to shop at Amazon.com instead of Amazon.ca, you have probably encountered challenges when shipping your items into the border, especially if you opted for express shipping or something similar. Don't you […]

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Amazon FBA Shipping Service in 2021: 4 Pros and Cons

A vast number of small and medium-sized businesses now conduct their operations on Amazon, primarily due to its ability to reach a large customer base online. In 2019 alone, Amazon recorded a total of 2.5 million sellers on its platform, making it the world's largest e-commerce website today. Think of any object you want to […]

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5 Strategies to Cut Down on Shipping Costs for E-commerce

Besides the price, shipping fees affect most people’s purchase decisions more than anything else. With the growth of e-commerce in recent years, the demand for shipping has grown exponentially, and so has people’s expectations.  Amazon didn’t know when they started offering free one-day delivery to their Prime members how double-edged that weapon would be. Sure, […]

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