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What You Need to Know About Port to Port Shipping

Diana Zheng
April 7, 2022

Working with the right manufacturers or suppliers to create and develop your products is one of the ways to improve your business. The industry is abundant with product manufacturers or suppliers, but only the most suitable one will help you succeed in your venture. Product manufacturers affect your overall product cost and quality, shipping costs, and packaging. Many business experts suggest getting two manufacturers or suppliers, one overseas and one domestic. Your local supplier will be your substitute if any problems arise, like incorrect products or delays in shipping. Speaking of shipping, as an entrepreneur, you also have to learn about this industry as it is one of the fundamental factors in growing your business, especially eCommerce ones. 

One particular process you have to learn is the Port to Port shipping. It is helpful, particularly in importing products from overseas suppliers. You have picked the right place if you wish to get more information. Check this article to learn more about this process, its advantages and disadvantages, and how important it is for the company's success. 

What is Port to Port shipping?

It is the movement of freight forwarders to ship goods from the origin country's airport or seaport to the destination country's port. You can expect that this method is a less popular process than door-to-door shipping as it is more complicated and requires more understanding. The difference between these shipment methods is that door-to-door shipping transport the products from the seller's location to the recipient's address. On the other hand, port-to-port shipping will only be limited to the inland ports. For example, if you got your products from Hong Kong or China, the shipping line will not send the products to you directly but to one of your chosen Canadian ports. If you don't know yet, Canada has five major ports located in Vancouver, Montreal, Prince Rupert, Halifax, and Saint John. The largest port is the Port of Vancouver, managed by the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority. 


You have the freedom to manage documentation, obtain customs clearance from the origin and destination country, arranging inland transportation and warehouse, among others. This is considered an advantage as you can be flexible with your schedule. Plus, you can find better deals on getting the requirements and transportation. 


It is a costly and often dangerous shipping process, commonly handled by a freight forwarder or owner. However, many shippers still consider and prefer this process. Since this shipment does not involve on-carriage and pre-carriage services, it is recommended to experience shippers. So, suppose you are new to this kind of process. It is better to religiously learn about the port operations, bulk cargo, and anything related to this method before considering it or finding a port-to-port shipping international company to assist you.

Some of the services you might encounter in this shipping process are Services at the Country of Origin, Freight Services, and Destination Services. The services will mainly consist of notifications and arrival confirmation. 

What are port-to-port charges?

This shipping process can be expensive since you must consider numerous factors, such as ocean freight rate, security, fee, shipping container rental, cargo tracking, etc. Ask for a quote from a reliable port-to-port shipping company first to determine the estimated amount the shipment will incur.

What are the best ways to make this possible image

What are the best ways to make this possible?

Although there are various factors to consider, you can make this process work once you manage everything harmoniously. 

  • Inland transportation - You have to prepare the inland transport of your goods from the ports of loading and discharge, which includes trucking or rail services. It can also be a fusion of both. However, the process can vary depending on the origin location and delivery endpoint. 
  • Port Schedule - As mentioned, port-to-port shipping does not cover pre- or on-carriage services. So, it will be your responsibility to ensure that your shipment is on time from the delivery to the port to make the sailing date to pick up from the port of origin upon arrival. You will not be charged with delay charges, such as demurrage. 

Demurrage is the charge incurred when the owner of a chartered ship fails to load or discharge the vessel within the agreed time. 

  • Customs Clearance - You have to go through customs clearance at origin before shipping your cargo like any international shipping. You have to file the necessary documents with the customs authorities at your destination before picking up your shipment. Please note that every country has different documentation, so you must check on that. Furthermore, kindly check the restricted and prohibited products in the destination country to avoid returns and sanctions.
  • Cargo Insurance - While losing cargo in transit is rare, it is still better safe than sorry. Getting cargo insurance is a wise decision because it protects you from the unpredictable nature of freight shipping, like damaged or lost shipments.
  • Local Charges - The fees such as the Bill of Lading release fee, related port charges, wharfage, and so on are typically excluded from port-to-port shipping rates. However, as previously stated, some port-to-port quotes may include local handling charges at the origin and destination.

Introducing Stallion Express

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