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Shipping From Canada To Australia (2024 Guide)

Diana Zheng
May 5, 2023

As a business owner, shipping your products to international countries like Australia can be an exciting opportunity to expand your market reach. However, navigating the process of international shipping can be challenging, especially when finding the ideal process of shipping from Canada to Australia while cutting costs.

Fortunately, you’re in the right place! In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about the factors that can affect shipping time and some handy tips you may need when sending your products from Canada to Australia.

What Are The Factors Affecting Shipping Time To Australia?

Weather Conditions

One crucial factor that can affect international shipments is the weather. Extreme weather conditions like storms and hurricanes can disrupt shipping routes.

weather conditions can affect shipping

Although this doesn’t happen frequently, fog, snow, and heavy rainfall can significantly affect visibility and make navigation difficult.

Also, severe weather events can affect the loading and unloading of cargo, as high winds, swell, and rough seas can make it dangerous or impossible for logistics staff to handle shipping containers.

Moreover, high temperatures, particularly in hot climates, can cause goods, like processed food,  to expand or compress, potentially leading to damage or food spoilage.


Another important factor that may impact shipment time is distance. The farther the distance between the drop-off point and the destination country, the longer it will take for the shipment to arrive.

So, as a business owner, you must consider the distance of the shipment and plan accordingly, primarily when you ship from Canada to a country across the world. It is essential to factor in distance and other related variables when estimating delivery times, especially for time-sensitive goods.

Understanding the impact of distance on shipping times is critical for businesses and customers alike to make informed decisions about shipping options and manage expectations.

Peak Shipping Seasons

Peak shipping seasons can also have a significant impact when shipping to Australia.

A photo of a woman holding her phone and credit card with shopping bags beside her.

The demand for shipping services spikes at these times, which often occur around big holidays, as customers send gifts and other products to their loved ones.

Because of this, shipping companies often experience backlogs of packages and may need help to handle the high volume of orders. It can lead to delays in shipping times and higher prices for expedited shipping options.

Thus, it is vital to plan and be aware of peak shipping seasons to ensure your packages arrive on time.

By understanding this factor, you can take steps to minimize the impact of peak shipping seasons and ensure that your packages arrive safely and on time.

Customs Clearance Process

Delays in border inspection service and clearance can greatly affect shipping times and the happiness of your customers.

A close up photo of a text stating “Customs Clearance”

When Canadian goods cross international borders, they must pass through customs to be inspected and cleared for entry into the destination country.

However, the border clearance process for commercial goods can be time-consuming, and delays can occur due to various reasons, such as incomplete or inaccurate documentation, customs inspections, and backlogs caused by high volumes of shipments.

To minimize the impact of border clearance issues, it is important to ensure that all necessary documentation is complete and accurate.

It can also be advantageous if you work with a reliable shipping partner who can help navigate the customs process.

Tips For Shipping From Canada To Australia

While the factors mentioned above can be totally out of the shipper’s control, some helpful shipping strategies may save you time and money and keep you from dealing with shipping problems.

Use A Shipping Calendar

The shipping calendar is an important tool as it helps you plan and organize your shipments in advance. It allows you to see when you need to send out packages, and when they will arrive at their destination. Recognizing the importance of the shipping calendar tool, businesses can efficiently manage their logistics and ensure timely deliveries.

Using this can help you avoid last-minute rushes and ensure that your parcels are delivered on time. This can help you save time, money, and avoid the stress of last-minute shipments.

Ensure Correct Shipping Information and Commercial Invoice

When shipping from Canada to Australia, it is important to double-check and ensure that you provide the necessary details about the shipments accurately and in a detailed description on all documents.

A woman smiling at the camera while writing on a paper on top of a package.

Incorrect shipping information can result in delays, additional costs, or even package loss. If the shipping information provided is incorrect or incomplete, the package may be delivered to the wrong address. This can result in additional costs for the sender to retrieve and resend the package to the correct address.

Providing correct shipping information, such as the recipient’s full name, address, and contact number, can help ensure the package arrives at its intended destination without any issues.

Know the Australian Border Force Shipping Restrictions

Checking packages for customs clearance

Knowing the shipping restrictions from Canada to Australia is crucial for Canadian businesses transporting goods.

Australian customs have strict regulations on the import of certain strictly prohibited items, like alcohol and tobacco products, and failure to comply with these regulations can result in fines, delays, and even confiscation of the prohibited goods being imported.

Getting to know and understanding the restrictions, labelling, and customs laws and procedures is crucial for ensuring a smooth and successful shipment.

It can also help businesses plan and manage their supplies more effectively, reducing the risk of unexpected expenses and disruptions to operations.

Communicate With Your Customers

As a business owner, effectively communicating with your customers is crucial, especially when shipping products internationally.

A woman wearing headphones while talking to a customer in front of her laptop.

By keeping your lines open to your customers, you can keep them informed about the progress of their shipment, provide them with accurate information, and answer any questions or concerns they may have.

It helps to build trust and loyalty with your customers and ensures that they have a positive experience with your business.

Plus, clear communication can help prevent issues such as lost packages, incorrect delivery addresses, or customs delays, which can result in costly and time-consuming problems for you and your customers.

Choose A Reliable Shipment Delivery Partner

A cropped photo of a person preparing packages

When shipping internationally, choosing a reliable international carrier in Canada is vital. The shipping procedure can be complicated if not handled properly. It can lead to shipment issues like lost parcels or damaged goods and delivery delays.

A reliable service partner with fast and affordable shipping service can ensure your goods are correctly packaged, transported, and delivered on time.

With a trusted shipping partner, you can rest assured that your shipment is in good hands and your business reputation is protected.

Cheapest Shipping to Australia From Canada?

Stallion express provides international shipping to australia

When shipping your products to your Australian customers, look no further than the express shipping options with Stallion Express!

Grow your Australian sales and save more for up to 81% on your total costs with Stallion’s cheapest shipping from Canada to Australia options. Our shipments come at great pricing, are fully tracked and have fast delivery times (goods arrive within 4-12 business days**).

We work with two highly reputed carriers, APC Logistics and Post NL, to get your packages shipped to Australia safely at affordable rates.

**Delivery time may vary depending on the package destination.

How Does It Work?

Stallion offers a simple and affordable shipping process that will make your experience as an entrepreneur hassle-free and fun.

Integrate your store into Stallion’s platform now and accomplish all your tasks for business in one place.

  • Complete your order fulfillment, print your shipping labels, and pay for your shipment in your Stallion account.
  • Drop-off at any of our locations across Ontario or, if it’s more convenient, you can arrange pick-up. You may contact our customer support for this service.
  • Stallion will process the border clearance on your behalf and deliver your shipment to our international partner carriers, PostNL and APC Postal Logistics.
  • Once your shipment arrives in the destination country, Stallion will forward the shipment to a local postal authority to reach your end customer’s address.

Protect Your International Shipments

Get your australian shipments insured

Give yourself and your customer peace of mind by providing full coverage shipment protection for your packages.

While problems during transit only happen sometimes, it is still highly possible. Thus, safeguard your shipments with Stallion Protection for as low as $0.39*.

  • Experience a fast turnaround time of 3-5 business days for all claims.
  • It comes with complete coverage package protection for your declared package value. It includes all risks of physical loss or damage while in transit.
  • Easy and simple online claims processing directly on our website with Stallion’s in-house team to assist you
  • Simple flat-rate pricing regardless of your parcel’s end destination.

*Price is shown in CAD.

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