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Car Shipping from Canada to US Cost: Is Relying on Shipping Companies Worth It?

Pramod Bhat
January 27, 2021

Shipping from Canada to US cost is already high when shipping normal items, and one can expect the costs for items that are as big as cars. Hence, you’ll surely be asking yourself if relying on shipping companies is worth the price. You may also be looking into car shipping to US from Canada cost and how you can find the cheapest options.

Worry not! We will tell you about  the advantages of driving your car to the US as opposed to partnering with a shipping company. Reading through this article will help you decide. We also got you covered on the requirements you need to prepare and the shipping car from Canada to US cost.

Advantages of Driving Your Own Car from Canada to the US

The thought of driving your own car from Canada to the US may sound tedious (with all the documents you need to prepare), and tiring (with the hours you need to spend on the road). Change your perspective and awaken the inner traveler in you. Here are some of the advantages:

1)  Cut the shipping car from Canada to US cost

As mentioned, driving your own car to the US can cut the costs because you have control over your own money. You can save yourself from the overcharging of some shipping companies, and you know you’ll only be spending on necessary documents, clearance, and travel needs.

Shipping Car from Canada to US Cost depends whether you ship it within a country, internationally, by train, or by truck, but you can spend as much as CAD1,300 plus the payment you need to make to get the clearance and necessary documents Your spendings can get higher every mile distance from where the car will be shipped to where it will be moved.

2)  Free road trip

Get your road trip music ready and your cameras fully charged as you are about to have an enchanting journey from the snowy Canada roads with snowcapped pines and mountains along the way, to warm South American weather where the scenery is awashed orange by the rays of the sun.

For a few hours, you will be wearing a thick coat. As you drive further, you’ll need to lighten the clothes as it gets warmer and warmer. 

3)  A time to relax

Before you start driving, make sure you get your accommodations ready, so you will have a place wherein to sleep during your stopovers. Take this time not only to get some sleep but also to truly experience the place you visited for a stop. Have some delicacies. Get to know the locals. Take photos.

4)  Increased information of Road Laws

Driving from Canada to the US is not all fun. There are also some details you should take seriously, like American road laws. Make sure to check your speed and abide by the speed limit, proper parking and other rules and regulations to keep yourself from any delay and charges.

5)  Increased awareness on Maps

Whether you have a classic map or a high-tech one, you will find it a helpful companion in your journey.

Driving your car to the US from Canada is more of a road trip with a few requirements and documents to prepare. With the sights to see, experiences to have, and people to meet along the way, the hassle is surely worth it!

Advantages of Shipping a Car from Canada to the US via Shipping Companies

On the other hand, there are a lot of reasons why you cannot go on a road trip or handle driving your car to the US on your own, such as your busy schedule, inability to drive in winter, the boredom of traveling alone, the hassle of the documents you need to process, and a whole lot more!

This is when shipping companies come in. If you choose this option, you should know the shipping from Canada to US cost, and also the cost of shipping a car from US to Canada for your return. We’ll talk about that as we discuss the advantages of using a car shipping company service to transport your vehicle.

1)  One-time payment of shipping car from Canada to US cost

Skip the hassle of budgeting your money, and simply pay the shipping company’s charges. After that, you can track your car and wait for the notification that it has arrived at its destination.

2)  Assistance on all documents you’ll need

Another advantage of having a shipping company is the guidance you’ll have in the completion of the documents you need. Later you’ll see the requirements. The shipping company will make sure that all necessary papers are complete for a smooth Canada to America drive.

3)  Your vehicle transport will be handled by professionals.

Shipping companies have experts on car transporting, so they’ll know how to load your car to your chosen mode of transport: open truck, closed truck, train, or driveaway service.

Moreover, when shipping in the winter season, you’ll be at peace knowing that despite the slippery roads and weather obstructions, the drivers and car loaders are trained, and they’ll know what to do.

4)  You still have the option to cut the car shipping to US from Canada cost

As mentioned, there are different transport options, and they have different costs. Transporting by train is the cheapest according to experts, and it is also the safest option. An open truck is the most common, but there are risks to it, like being exposed to the weather and other possible destructions. Having a closed truck is more expensive. A driveaway service means paying the service plus all the expenses the driver will incur along the way,  such as food, toll, gas, accommodation for stopovers, and more!

Choose what fits your budget best.

5)  You’ll save a lot of time and energy.

Driving your own car from Canada to the US is tiring especially if you don’t plan to stay in the US for long and will just fly back to Canada after the car delivery. If this is your situation, it is better to delegate the task to a driveaway service, and spend your time in something more productive.

This type of transportation from Canada to the US works best for individuals with a tight schedule and are willing to pay the shipping to US from Canada cost to delegate the task to specialists on car shipping. If this sounds like you, then shipping through car shipping companies is best for you.

Documents to Prepare for When Shipping a Car from Canada to US

Whether you’ll drive on your own or you’ll use car shipping company services, you’ll need to prepare the documents, and here are what you should have if you’re driving your own car:

·         You need a valid driver’s license and a document that shows your car is registered. They should not be expired until the day you go back to Canada.

·         Secure a copy of your car insurance that clearly states your car is covered in the span of time you and the car will be in America.

·         If there’ll be belongings in your car, declare all of them to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

·         If you have handicap parking permits, bring them as well.

Here are the requirements you’ll need if you’ll use a car shipping company:

·         A letter authorizing the shipping company to ship your car.

·         Provide a copy of the car ownership and insurance to the shipping company.

·         Passport photocopy

·         Declare all belongings in the car to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Key Takeaway

Shipping car from Canada to US cost and even the cost of shipping a car from US to Canada can differ depending on the means you’ll take to ship your car. There are a lot of choices, and if you are a bit of an adventurer, you can also drive your own car to the US.

If you have any other shipping needs within Canada or shipping to the US, Stallion Express can help you. We have been shipping personal packages and products from businesses in Canada and in the US for a time now.

Contact us at 877-863-7477, we’ll discuss with you all the shipping services we offer, and how we can help you.

Get started today! Ship faster, smarter, cheaper with Stallion.

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