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Shipping Packages In Canada? Here’s How You Save

Diana Zheng
January 13, 2024

Shipping packages in Canada may seem easy, but it can be a bit more complicated than expected for those new to the process or wanting to simplify their shipping operations. Thus, if you’re starting your eCommerce business, understanding the ins and outs of domestic shipping can save you time, money, and headaches.

In this article, we break down all the important steps you need to know in the world of shipping parcels within Canada. We’ve got you covered with everything you need to know in ensuring your packages reach their destination safely and efficiently.

Key Takeaways

  • You can be a pro at growing your business and shipping packages in Canada by creating a checklist to ensure you get everything covered.
  • Provide a high-quality shipping service to your customers by partnering with the leading service provider in Canada.

How To Ship A Package In Canada

The ideal way to ship parcels within Canada includes a combination of affordable shipping rates, fast transit time, easy shipping process, and overall exceptional shipping services. Luckily, many shipping providers make that possible for every Canadian looking for a carrier to ship their eCommerce products.

Create A Package Shipping Checklist

For a smooth domestic shipping process, it’s always best to create a shipping checklist that will help you ensure your products reach your customers promptly and in excellent condition. In a way, using this checklist can help you organize and cover everything necessary to complete the process.

Ensure Proper Packaging

Learn more packaging tips

Ensuring proper packaging is absolutely essential when it comes to shipping. Keep in mind that a well-packaged product not only protects your customer’s orders but also leaves a lasting impression on your customers, showing them that you care about their items and their experience with your business.

So, how do you do this step? Here are some packaging tips you may want to keep on your checklist:

  • Choose the right packaging supplies that match the nature of your products. For example, items that need extra care should be securely cushioned with bubble wrap or packing peanuts.
  • Make sure to use sturdy boxes with appropriate size so there’s no wasted space or potential for damage during transit. Shipments undergo frequent movement during transit, so we have to make sure your items are safe and secured inside their boxes! Shipments may go through shocks and impacts while moving, causing the items to shift and move within the container or packaging. Large empty spaces can amplify the effects of these vibrations, causing more stress on the cargo and increasing the risk of damage.
  • Seal your packages properly to avoid any accidents, and label them clearly with accurate addresses and tracking information.

Compare Carriers’ Shipping Services

Sending packages across Canada is more than just getting your products from point A to point B. It also needs to be done efficiently and cost-effectively. One vital step in this process is comparing various shipping services offered by different carriers.

To do so, consider your shipping needs. Are you shipping small, lightweight items or large, bulky products? Do you require expedited delivery, or is standard shipping suitable for your business? It’s also important to take into account the regions you primarily ship to within Canada. Some carriers may have services available only in certain areas, so matching their strengths with your business requirements is essential.

Also, don’t forget to compare the pricing structures and any additional fees involved. This step is vital in optimizing your shipping costs and ultimately improving your bottom line.

Compare Shipping Rates From Major Carriers

Save money on shipping

Finding the most economical way to ship can significantly impact your bottom line. Different carriers and services have varying pricing structures, so it’s important to consider factors such as delivery time, parcel size and weight when comparing prices.

Below are Canada’s major shipping carriers’ sample rates for shipments from Toronto to Vancouver for a parcel weighing 1.5 kg with measurements of 10cm x 8cm x 6cm.

Shipping CarrierShipping OptionEstimated Delivery TimeShipping Rates
Canada Post Regular ParcelTM7 business days$27.78 CAD
FedExFedEx Ground®6 business days$39.63 CAD
UPSUPS® Standard7 business days$44.16 CAD
PurolatorPurolator Ground7 business days$69.58 CAD

Note: Stallion provides highly discounted rates from some of the carriers listed on the table above.

Provide Clear Shipping Label

Here’s a golden rule for seamless Canadian shipping: always provide clear shipping labels to your parcels.

Well, a clear shipping label helps the carrier determine the right destination for your shipments. Thus, make sure that your labels are neatly printed, free from smudges or crinkles, and securely attached to your package.

Accuracy is key – double-check the recipient’s address, including the postal code, and ensure it matches your shipping records. Plus, don’t forget to indicate if there are any special handling instructions or fragile contents.

Add Package Insurance

Protect your package

Taking advantage of package insurance is a smart move that can save you from potential headaches down the road.

Think of it as a safety net for your shipments. It’s there to protect your valuable products in case the unexpected happens during transit. Whether it’s a rough journey, a mishandling incident, or even the rare instance of a package going missing, insurance provides peace of mind.

And here’s the kicker – when you assure customers that their purchases are insured, you’re showing that you’re committed to their satisfaction and willing to go the extra mile to make things right in case something goes awry.

Provide Special Handling Instructions

Imagine this: your customer orders a delicate item like a box of gourmet chocolates. These products need a little additional care while in transit, and that’s where special handling instructions come in handy. Clear and concise instructions, like “Fragile – Handle With Care” or “This Side Up,” can surely make all the difference.

These special instructions guide your shipping carrier on how to handle your shipment and show your commitment to delivering a high-quality customer experience. Customers love it when you go above and beyond to secure their purchases, and it can lead to repeat business and positive reviews.

Consider Bilingual Instructions In Your Products

English and French are Canada's official languages

Canada is a bilingual nation with English and French as its official languages. Providing bilingual instructions on your product labels ensures inclusivity and accessibility for customers who prefer any language, improving the customer experience. As a result, Canadian small business owners are able to show their dedication to serving all Canadians and adhering to these language rules, resulting in the development of a positive and inclusive brand image.

Furthermore, using bilingual instructions help reduce potential language barrier concerns. Doing so enhances customer experience and increases your customers’ likelihood to purchase your product as they can safely and correctly read instructions in their preferred language.

Keep Lines Open For Your Customers

Keep your lines open for customer concerns and inquiries

Effective communication is a cornerstone of a successful business operation, especially in shipping (whether sending mail within Canada, to the US, or shipping internationally), and here’s how it can make a difference.

To start with, keeping open lines of communication with your consumers promotes openness and confidence. In case of unexpected errors or problems with a shipment, swiftly addressing concerns and providing real-time updates may turn a potentially negative experience into a positive one.

Additionally, keeping in touch with your shipping providers, whether through tracking tools or direct communication, helps you manage your logistics more effectively. It allows you to solve issues ahead of time, avoid unnecessary delays, and optimize your shipping procedures. This, in turn, can lead to cost savings, streamlined operations, and increased efficiency, all of which are essential to your business’s success and growth.

Use The Most Reliable Domestic Shipping Service

Consider using Stallion Canadian shipping

When shipping packages across Canada, it’s best to make a thorough research about the overall process and partnering with a shipping provider that leads in the domestic shipping industry.

Thus,with Stallion as your shipping partner, an all-in-one shipping solution is now within your reach. It’s easy! To get started, follow these simple steps below:

Step 1. Create your Stallion account. Registration is free and is completed within just a few minutes.

Step 2. Manually create your shipments or import orders by integrating your eCommerce platform.

Step 3. Prepare and pay for your shipment, then print out your shipping labels.

Step 4. Once the shipments are ready, you may drop them off at the nearest Stallion branch or, if you’re qualified, arrange a pickup service.

Stallion’s Canada Shipping Cost

Stallion offers up to 50% cheaper shipping across the country! Check out this table below to compare the rates Stallion and national carrier for a 1.5 kg shipment from Toronto to the following regions:

From Toronto To:National Carrier (Canada Post)Stallion
Vancouver$27.78 CAD (via Regular ParcelTM)$15.52 CAD(via Stallion Economy Air)
Montreal$20.17(via Regular ParcelTM)$5.50 CAD(via UniUni)
Yukon$35.81(via Regular ParcelTM)$22.11 CAD(via Canada Post Zone-Skip)
(Use Stallion’s Shipping Calculator to find the available options and rates for your shipment.)

Other Services

To complete the best Canadian shipping experience for you and your customers, you may take advantage of the following services:

Shipping Supplies

Instead of looking for third-party supplies, Stallion makes shipping supplies available for you to purchase in-store or online.

Please visit Stallion’s Shipping Supplies page to find the list of available shipping materials.

Stallion Protection

Safeguard your shipments while giving yourself and your customers the peace of mind you deserve by adding Stallion Protection. Enjoy the following as Stallion protects your packages for as low as 0.39 CAD.

  • Fast turnaround time of 3-5 business days for all claims
  • Full coverage protection
  • Simple and easy online claims processing
  • Guaranteed flat-rate pricing

Ship With Stallion Today

Be a part of our community of entrepreneurs who take pride in providing a top-notch shipping service to their customers. Learn more about how we can make you a pro in shipping packages within the country by visiting our homepage or by calling our customer support.

Get started today! Ship faster, smarter, cheaper with Stallion.

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