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Stallion Express partners with AfterShip to help 8,000 Canadian eCommerce sellers with tracking their shipment worldwide

Diana Zheng
December 18, 2020

As online shopping continues to grow, so does the demand for better and more transparent tracking updates.

Today, December 18, 2020 Stallion Express, Canada’s #1 eCommerce shipping solution has announced an exciting partnership with AfterShip, a worldwide shipment tracking platform for over 200 top brands and over 50,000 Shopify stores to improve consumers’ post-purchase experience. 

This partnership helps over 8,000 Canadian eCommerce sellers with a complete shipping solution – from easy label creation, transparent end-to-end tracking and proactive updates during the entire shipment journey to delivery.

“This partnership provides an edge to our SME clients over their competitors, who are not equipped with this automated tracking ability,” said Pramod Bhat, CEO of Stallion Express. “It works across all our courier partners, such as Canada Post, USPS and UPS, as we have full data integration with AfterShip.”

Tracking is streamlined for both merchants and shoppers in time for the holiday shopping season. Previously, shoppers are sent a Shipment ID, a tracking number from the carrier and a third number for the last mile delivery. Now, tracking is made easy with one tracking number, one dedicated tracking website and a free AfterShip app available in iOS and Android.

“We are thrilled to empower Canadian Shopify merchants to grow by engaging their shoppers after sales with automated delivery updates,” said Andrew Chan, co-founder of AfterShip. “Shoppers can be notified immediately if delivery goes wrong so that issues can be resolved earlier, which is critical to customer retention.” 

About Stallion Express

Founded in 2015, Stallion Express provides faster, smarter and affordable shipping for Canadian eCommerce sellers to grow their business. Whether it’s domestic shipping within Canada, cross-border shipping to the U.S. or International Shipping to support your brand worldwide – we’ve partnered with a strong network of reliable and affordable carrier partners.

With our client base of more than 8000+, Stallion Express has saved over $4 million in shipping costs for over 5 million parcels. For more information, please visit

About AfterShip

Founded in 2012, AfterShip is a shipment tracking platform for online retailers to improve consumers’ post-purchase experience. Integrated with over 740 carriers worldwide, AfterShip tracks over 6 billion shipments per year. Currently, over 200 top brands and over 50,000 Shopify merchants utilize AfterShip to give their consumers peace of mind from shipment, anticipation to delivery. Partnering with leading eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento and Squarespace, AfterShip provides branded tracking pages and sends proactive delivery updates. Major marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Wish and Lazada and brands like Lowe’s, Wayfair, Siemens, HP, Aesop and Farfetch employ AfterShip to customize their own shipment tracking solution and add value to their merchants and consumers. For more information, please visit


Stallion Express 
Diana Zheng
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Tom Ho
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