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Successful Ecommerce Store Tips From Top International Shipping Sites

Diana Zheng
May 8, 2022

The rapid growth of technology has put eCommerce in a very significant role for both buyers and sellers. Shopping and selling are now made easy in just a few clicks on all devices. Because of this, the demand for satisfactory services drastically increases, and businesses compete for the best service provider. 

Your eCommerce business starts with an online store. For successful brand awareness, your site needs to be visible in the online sphere. Ecommerce makes shopping and selling more manageable, but building a well-performing site takes time and consistent maintenance. You will need proper implementation of the design, content, and technical aspects for transactions, such as shipping. 

International shipping is a significant issue. You are expanding locations with a variety of shipping rates and regulations. If this is the route you’re trying to take, this article will be a helpful guide for you. We’ll discuss practical tips on building successful eCommerce shipping from top international shipping sites!

What Makes A Good International Shopping Site?

Are you ready to launch a successful eCommerce site with an international shipping service? Whether you’re a startup looking for the best international shipping tips for a small business or trying to improve your eCommerce site, these are good tips you can learn from.  

Eye-Catching, But Non-Clickbait 

Provide the best customer experience on your site. Incorporate an interactive design that gets them engaged. It would be best to have a fantastic, neat design that matches the products or services you promote. There should also be some catchy phrases: limited deals, the best price for international shipping, or free international shipping widgets. 

Do remember to stay true to what your brand can offer. Avoid using clickbait content to get clicks because once you’ve been found out, it will backfire and make things worse for your business. 

Here’s a neat example from UPS’s global page. The page displays the locations they serve. Once you select an area, UPS will show you various information: a UPS branch address, related news, or a homepage tailored to your location. The map format is a creative and interactive way of providing information.

international shipping sites UPS global image

A Technically Efficient Site

One of the most common problems online platforms face is technical issues. While we were relieved of physical location issues, the online world also has its shortcomings. An eCommerce site can be vulnerable to various factors affecting its ability to function correctly. For a shipping company, this is one of the worst-case scenarios.

Site Speed

One of these issues is the website’s loading speed. Nobody would be pleased with a site that takes too long to load every single thing on its page. Ensure that you’re regularly coordinating with a web developer or any person assigned to work on-site maintenance. One way to check the status of your site speed is through Google’s PageSpeed Insights

There are several ways to fix loading speed. Some of them include file compression, minifying HTML, Javascript, CSS, improving server response time, optimizing images, and many more. Make sure to consult with a technical expert so you can understand how it works.  

Website Forms

Sometimes web forms don’t work well, unable to input the entered data or inform the user that their data has been recorded. It is incredibly upsetting when you’re figuring out how to fill out an international shipping address. After entering a lot of information, it suddenly makes an error and removes all the input. It’s easy to lose customers with such errors, so make sure to check on your web forms.

The solutions may vary based on the type of content management system (CMS) and form plugin you are using. Coordinate with an expert to monitor and ensure the forms are working.  

Working Internal and External Links

Ecommerce sites incorporate internal and external links on their store’s pages as part of digital marketing strategies. Links are implemented to gather more traffic, and it helps customers find more valuable sources of information. If these links won’t work, it affects the customer experience. Make sure to check on your site links constantly!

Made for International Shipping Convenience

A good eCommerce website that ships globally should be a platform that stays true to its purpose. The website is all you have to begin a connection with your international customers. It is where the transactions occur, so you have to make sure it does its job well as a convenient tool for global users.

Easily Accessible

Processing an online order is not always easy for customers, especially those unfamiliar with it. An eCommerce site must be user-friendly enough so all customers can successfully make purchases. Don’t put unnecessary information and procedures on your website. Make the steps quick and easy to understand. 

One example is from DHL’s services. Customers can avail of services without a required DHL account. Signing up can be a daunting task for some, so this is a convenient option. You don’t need an account to send a parcel, schedule a pick-up, book a service online, or communicate with their customer service.  

Order Tracking Availability

Real-time tracking of orders improves brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. The purpose of real-time tracking is to provide customers information as fast as possible. This is especially important for eCommerce shipping. FedEx, for instance, offers order tracking services on its official website.

International shipping FedEx tracking image

There are various ways to build an order tracker for shipping. You can build a tracking page on your website or send a tracking link to the customer via email and SMS. Your transparency and aim to satisfy your customers increase brand loyalty. 

Clear International Shipping Policies

Last but not least, a site with a reliable international shipping service has a clear international shipping policy. A policy page is helpful for customers who are still not familiar with shipping policies or may have specific questions about your service. 

Amazon has a dedicated page for general international shipping information. There are separate pages for customs and taxes, freight forwarders, international shipping eligibility, and many more. 

International shipping sites amazon policy page image


A successful eCommerce site is no overnight success. You take each step with a great deal of care to ensure you’re going the right way. The vast scope and variety of international shipping can be overwhelming, but with proper implementation and sufficient information, you can please your customers no matter where they reside. Learn about cheap international shipping next with Stallion Express today! Call us at +1 877-863-7447 or email [email protected].

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