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International Priority Shipping – Ultimate Savings Guide

Diana Zheng
April 29, 2024

International shipping services used to be inaccessible to many small online businesses. Aside from limited shipping options, it was costly, too. If you’re having the same struggles, this guide will show how to send packages across the bank without breaking the bank. Plus, you can learn to improve your business and expand your brand.

Get ready to learn all the secrets to fast, affordable deliveries around the globe!

Key Takeaways

  • Priority shipping benefits businesses: fast delivery, tracking, happy customers, and an edge over competitors. Ideal for urgent shipments (1-3 days) and meeting customer expectations.

  • International priority shipping, while beneficial, has challenges. Customs delays, bad weather, and shipment volume spikes are just among these issues. It is important to consider them when choosing this service.

  • Stallion offers low rates and comprehensive services and provides significant savings compared to national carriers. This approach helps businesses cut shipping costs and expand globally.

What is International Priority Shipping Service

An international priority shipping service is the fastest option offered by shipping providers. It is an expedited delivery option for sending packages overseas. The expected delivery date for these shipments is within 1-3 business days. Thus, it is the best option for urgent international shipments that need faster delivery times, like:

  • time-sensitive orders
  • high-value items

Major international couriers, such as FedEx and USPS, handle these shipments. They offer various services designed to meet specific Canadian eCommerce shipping needs. However, there is one thing shippers need to remember about this option. While it has the best speed, it must go through the international shipping process. This means that all packages still need to go through the necessary process.

What are the benefits of priority mail shipments?

Beyond speed, this method also provides several advantages for Canadian online retailers.

So, it’s best to understand and take advantage of the features below. This can help your online business succeed and grow in the international eCommerce industry.

  • Faster Delivery Times. This service guarantees faster transit and prioritized handling. As a result, it reduces the time it takes for items to arrive at an international destination.

  • Great Tracking Options. It is important to track shipments, especially for ones going overseas. Thus, this service offers great tracking options that allow you and your customer to keep tabs on the shipment’s progress. In return, it ensures transparency and effective communication.

  • High Customer Satisfaction. Most customers expect to receive their packages quickly. You can meet this expectation by choosing this service, adding to a great customer experience. As a response, it will result in higher satisfaction and increased repeat business.

  • Competitive Advantage. Canadian sellers can establish themselves as dependable and efficient by offering this option. Customers will perceive them as a customer-centric business, which can be an excellent competitive advantage in the global market.

  • Effective Operations. Improved shipping processes and quicker delivery times boost online retailers’ operational efficiency, allowing them to handle higher order quantities and meet consumer demands.

How Does It Differ From Standard International Delivery?

There are significant variations between International Priority Shipping and International Standard Shipping. Here are some important differences between the two:

 International Priority ShippingInternational Standard Shipping
Speed Of DeliveryFaster delivery timeframes, expediting shipment transit and reducing the transit timeSlower and longer delivery dates
CostMore expensive  Less expensive
Customer ExpectationsCustomers often expect quicker delivery and more efficient service. Customers are frequently willing to pay extra for expedited delivery and a better shipping experience.Customers are often more price-conscious and prepared to wait longer for their packages.

What Are The Challenges In International Priority Shipping

What Are The Challenges In Shipping To International Countries?

Customs Procedure

This option’s primary goal is speed. Unfortunately, the customs and post office can slow things down. Each country has its rules and inspection processes, which can be unpredictable. Some of the factors that can cause customs delays are:

  • missing documents
  • restricted and prohibited items
  • random checks

While priority services might offer customs assistance, navigating these hurdles can add time and frustration to your fast-tracked shipment.

Dealing with the complicated web of customs procedures needs careful planning, knowledge of international laws, and effective communication with customs officials. Knowing and expecting customs issues may reduce delays, save additional expenses, and provide customers with a seamless international priority shipping experience.

Delays And Unforeseen Issues

Even with “priority” in the name, unexpected issues can disrupt your speedy delivery. Some of these events are:

  • bad weather
  • natural disasters
  • transportation strikes
  • political instability
  • increase in shipment volumes

These circumstances can ground flights and delay shipments. They can cause domino effects, turning a promised quick trip into a frustrating wait.

Packaging Fragile Or Valuable Items

Meeting the packaging requirements for fragile or valuable items demands expertise, as each item may have unique considerations. After all, failing to provide adequate protection can result in damages, financial loss, and customer dissatisfaction.

Safely transporting delicate or valuable goods requires careful attention to detail and specialized packaging techniques. Fragile goods must be carefully cushioned and protected to withstand shipping demands, including potential impacts during international delivery. The shipping process involves using appropriate padding materials, such as bubble wrap or foam, and securing them in flat rate envelopes or small flat-rate boxes.

Addressing Customer Concerns About The International Service

Addressing concerns can be tricky. One thing that makes it difficult to resolve problems quickly is the language barrier. Let us say you do speak the language of your customers. While this can be an advantage, misunderstanding can still happen. There might be expressions that serve different meanings for you and your customer.

Another issue would be the time zone. Customers expecting lightning-fast speeds might take time and effort from unforeseen delays like customs or bad weather. Since priority shipping often costs more, managing expectations and explaining these potential roadblocks is crucial to keeping customers satisfied.

Best Practices For International Priority Shipping

Know The Best Practices For Priority Mail Shipping

Choose A Company That Does It Best

Are you picking the best company for this service? Here’s how you can filter them out:

  • Speed & Reliability. Track records matter! Research each company’s typical delivery times and how they handle customs clearance.

  • Price & Coverage. Compare quotes for your specific route and weight. Remember hidden fees and consider if their network covers your destination.

  • Services Offered. Look for features that fit your needs. Do you need door-to-door pickup, tracking, or customs assistance?

Take Advantage of Fulfillment Centers

Fulfillment centers provide numerous benefits, particularly for small businesses seeking to increase their global sales. These centers act as strategic distribution hubs located in select locations and major cities around the world.

They often offer value-added services such as inventory management, order fulfillment, and even customer assistance. This helps businesses with the operational challenges of express services.

Utilize Real-Time Tracking

With today’s advanced technology, tracking features have significantly improved, providing businesses and customers with up-to-the-minute status into the whereabouts of their shipments. They offer many benefits, such as enhanced transparency, proactive communication, and increased customer satisfaction.

Real-time tracking allows you and your buyers to monitor the progress of shipments from pickup to delivery, providing accurate and timely updates to both parties. Plus, it helps identify potential issues or delays, allowing you to take proactive measures.

Choosing The Right Shipping Option

Choosing the best shipping method can have a significant impact on the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and speed with which items are delivered overseas. It is important to check out aspects such as transportation urgency, the type of goods being delivered, and budgetary restrictions.

Researching different shipping options, comparing prices, transit times, and tracking features will help you make informed decisions. Remember that by choosing the right shipping method, you can ensure that your international priority shipments are delivered quickly and securely.

Choosing The Cheaper Rates For International Shipping

Opting for more affordable shipping can be a beneficial best practice in international shipping, especially for small businesses aiming to optimize their costs and maximize their profitability.

Take note that when choosing the right shipping option, it is vital to balance the budget cost with the desired level of service. Comparing rates from different carriers and considering factors such as delivery time, package size, weight, and destination can help businesses identify the most efficient shipping method without compromising the quality of service.

By intelligently choosing cheaper rates while maintaining the desired level of service, businesses can optimize their shipping expenses and maintain competitiveness in the international market.

Try Stallion Express To Save On Shipping

Choose Stallion Express

If you haven’t found the right shipping partner for you yet, then consider Stallion Express. Bring your small business to the global market by using Stallion’s international shipping services.

Take a look at this table for some examples of Stallion’s shipping rates for international packages from Toronto to other countries.

Stallion Express International Shipping
LocationNational CarrierStallion Rates
London, England (4oz / 113g)$41.73$6.20 (85% cheaper than the national carrier)
Hong Kong (15oz / 425g)$58.30  $12.19 (79% cheaper than the national carrier)
Sydney, Australia (4oz / 113g)$59.61$11.16 (81% cheaper than the national carrier)
Tracking OptionsAvailableAvailable
Delivery Time6-10 Business days4-12 Business Days

Prices shown are in Canadian dollars.

To begin, create your Stallion account. Then, integrate your online store to streamline your operational workflow and shipping process. Now, you don’t have to go to multiple platforms because the Stallion dashboard is designed to let you manage your orders, pay for your shipments, prepare and print your shipping labels, and ship your products to any country of destination!

You can also protect your packages by adding Stallion Protection on your parcels from drop off to your customer’s doorstep. Enjoy flat-rate pricing for all your shipments from Canada to the rest of the world.

So, what are you waiting for? Save money and boost your small business with Stallion’s lowest shipping rates for high-quality shipping now!

Final Thoughts

Conquered the world of international priority shipping! Now you can send important packages quickly and affordably. Remember, this guide is your weapon against overspending.

You can be a priority shipping champion by comparing rates, understanding potential delays, and choosing the right provider. So, pack smart, ship strategically, and get ready to experience the world of fast, cost-effective international deliveries!

If you need a partner to ship your items overseas, consider Stallion’s cheapest shipping rates.

Get started today! Ship faster, smarter, cheaper with Stallion.

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