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What is Standard Shipping: A Beginner’s Guide

Aman Chopra
May 21, 2024

Getting the products delivered quickly and affordably is a top priority in online selling. However, understanding the different speeds and costs can be confusing with so many options available.

This blog will discuss the most common and affordable delivery method, STANDARD SHIPPING. Let’s talk about what it is, how it works, and its advantages and disadvantages.

Key Takeaways

  • Standard shipping is the most budget-friendly option for package delivery. It is one of the most popular shipping methods among businesses and consumers. Depending on the shipping company, it goes under various names, such as regular, ground, or economy shipping.

  • This option does not guarantee a specific delivery date. However, it typically delivers packages within a predictable timeframe. The usual delivery times for domestic deliveries are between 3-7 business days. Meanwhile, standard international shipping takes longer.

What is Standard Shipping in Canada

Standard shipping is the most cost-effective delivery option offered by carriers. Depending on the location, standard shipping takes 3-7 business days. Some shipping companies offer this service under economy, regular, or ground shipping.

These shipping and ground services also typically involve transporting packages via land (trucks). Regardless of their name, they all have the same delivery timeframe.

How long does standard shipping take?

A woman wearing an orange tank top and orang cap carrying an orang alarm clock on the right hand and two boxes on the left hand

As mentioned earlier, the packages usually take 3-7 business days, depending on the location. Meanwhile, standard international shipping has longer delivery times. It can take between 7-30 days to reach the recipient. It is slower than express shipping options like Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express.

Advantages of Standard Shipping Services

A woman holding a phone with a tracking app

While not the fastest, standard shipping services offer several advantages that make them popular for businesses and consumers. Here are some key benefits:

Cost-Effective Delivery Option

This is the biggest perk. This economy shipping option is by far the most affordable option compared to expedited or express shipping. This makes it ideal for non-urgent purchases where speed is a minor concern. Businesses can also enjoy lower shipping costs and higher profit margins.

Widespread Availability

You can find this shipping option readily available across different shipping companies. Thus, you don’t have to worry about whether you can use this service or not. This perk ensures easy access for both senders and receivers, regardless of location.

Tracking Features and Reliability

This shipping method has a well-established delivery process with predictable timelines. Yes, you cannot get a guaranteed delivery date. However, you can expect your package to arrive within a specific timeframe.

Additionally, most standard shipping services offer online tracking. This feature helps you and your customers check the package’s progress and estimate its arrival date.

It’s essential to know how the package is doing to make sure it will arrive at its destination on time. Plus, you can address any issues that may arise during the journey.

Disadvantages of Standard Shipping Services

A man wearing a blue shirt handling a damage box covered with packing tape

Although the shipping rates for standard shipping services are lower, they have some drawbacks. Here are the things you must consider before choosing this option:

Slower Delivery Times Than Express Shipping

Its primary disadvantage is the slower delivery times than other shipping methods. With at least one week of waiting, this less delivery window can be a dealbreaker for customers who need their items quickly. Thus, you should choose other options for urgent deliveries.

No Guaranteed Delivery Date or Time Window

Unlike some expedited shipping options, standard shipping doesn’t offer a guaranteed delivery date. You’ll receive a timeframe (e.g., 3-7 days). However, unforeseen delays can occur during transit. This lack of precision can be frustrating if you expect your package on a specific date.

Higher Risk of Damage

With standard shipping, packages usually go through more steps. It also has more potential touchpoints than expedited services. They might take longer to arrive and go through more sorting centers. As a result, this could increase the chance of mishandling or damage.

Standard Shipping Costs From Each Courier

A toy truck with toy coins

The costs for standard shipping vary slightly depending on the courier. However, here’s the breakdown for shipping vs the items going to Vancouver, Canada.

CouriersShipping OptionsShipping CostDelivery Time
FedEx Standard ShippingFedEx EconomyCAD 88.563 business days 
FedEx GroundCAD 43.1675 business days
UPS Standard ShippingUPS StandardCAD 41.783-5 business days
Canada Post Standard ShippingRegular ParcelCAD 28.517 business days
Stallion Standard ShippingUniUniCAD 9.473-5 business days
Fleet Optics GroundCAD 9.527-8 business days
Canada Post Zone-SkipCAD 9.726-8 business days
ICS GroundCAD 12.365-7 business days

The rates are calculated for packages weighing 2.2 lbs (1kg) with dimensions of 18 in x 8 in x 5 in going to Vancouver, Canada from Mississauga.

How Does Stallion Provide Support

Stallion truck with "Start Your Journey" signage

Stallion provides shipping options for retailers with an economy shipping budget. They offer various perks to users that can benefit their businesses:

With these features, you can save money on shipping and improve your brand reputation. Plus, you get to expand your business across the border and internationally!

How Does Stallion Work?

  1. Create an account. Proceed to Stallion’s homepage and hover to the upper right corner of the site. Click the Get Started button that you will see in this section.

  2. Enter personal information. Upon clicking the button, you will be redirected to a new page, where you need to enter personal information. Make sure to put accurate details to avoid issues along the way.

  3. Explore your dashboard. After entering the details, you will be redirected again to your Stallion dashboard. You will find different features to streamline the shipping process.

  4. Ship your packages. If you’re ready to ship your packages, proceed to CREATE SHIPMENT. Remember to put the correct details to avoid costly errors. Apart from standard shipping, you have other options to choose from.

  5. Pay shipping fees. The platform will generate the amount you must pay for the shipping. After paying, print the shipping labels and attach them to the package.

  6. Drop off or schedule pickup. Once the package is ready, you can drop it off at the nearest Stallion branch. You can also schedule a pickup for a minimal charge. Note: Stallion offers a free pickup service. Feel free to contact customer support to take advantage of this perk.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, standard shipping is the budget-friendly workhorse of the delivery world. It offers a reliable, cost-effective way to get your purchases, though with a 3-7 business days wait domestically.

While it might not be the fastest option, it’s perfect for non-urgent needs. Now, you can confidently navigate the shipping world, knowing standard shipping is a solid choice for your wallet.

For the cheapest ways to ship within Canada, across the border, and worldwide, consider Stallion to save more on standard shipping cost!

Get started today! Ship faster, smarter, cheaper with Stallion.

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