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What You Need to Remember to Achieve Cheap Shipping to USA from Canada

Pramod Bhat
April 6, 2022

In 2018, the US received $318 billion worth of import goods from Canada, making Canada its third-largest trade partner. This trade partnership has always been strong even in the past years, and with the growth of e-commerce, the US-Canada trade may see continuous development in the coming years.

Behind all these trades are shipping companies who make sure the imports are delivered. If you are a business owner, especially those trying e-commerce, who are in search of cheap shipping to USA from Canada, this article is for you!

Shipping from Canada to US: Cost

According to data, most of the industries that make up the billions of imported goods from Canada come from Small to Medium Enterprises (SME). Hence, if you are an SME and want to start shipping in the US, the chief question you’ll want an answer to is “How much is shipping, Canada to US?” because spending with efficiency and decreasing your costs on shipping is your primary goal.

In shipping from Canada to the US, it is essential to be clear with the shipping company about the inclusions of your payment. Some companies will cover payment of duty and taxes for you as well as the fees needed for customs brokerage. However, if the shipping company only handles transporting from Canada to the US, you need to familiarize yourself with the US Customs and Border Protection(CBP) guidelines.

Shipping from Canada to US: Customs Fee

To begin with, if the item you are shipping is less than $800USD, there is no need to pay import tax. However, for items costing higher than $800USD, import tax will be paid depending on the goods classification.

Here are the steps to take to calculate how much you need to pay:

1)    Know the exact amount of the items you will ship

2)    Check the Harmonized Tariff Schedule/Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the US (HTS/HTSUS) code for the import duty rate

3)    Multiply the import duty rate to the item cost, and that will be your tax.

For example, you will send goods that cost $10,000USD and the HTS code shows a 5% import duty rate, so $10,000USD x .05= $500USD is your tax. So, instead of going through this rigorous process, plan your shipping calendar accordingly and inform your buyers about the additional charges the shipment may incur if their orders go beyond $800. 

Standard Shipping Canada to US

After settling the costs and familiarizing yourself with Canada to US shipping, the next question you’ll have in mind is “How long does Canada standard shipping take?” as this is the same concern your eager cross border customer will want to know.

Standard shipping, Canada to US, for regular mail and even parcels usually takes 4-6 business days, but because of the rising number of sellers and suppliers in Canada, as well as the rising demand for faster shipping, many companies’ standard shipping, Canada to US, go as fast as 2-4 business days.

However, below are the pitfalls that affect delivery time, and they may also add costs to your shipping. Take note, so you can avoid doing them and ensure your delivery will be seamless and done according to schedule.

1)    False declaration of items you shipped - Decreasing the cost of shipping is a seller’s primary concern, but do not go as far as being dishonest. Not declaring the exact product specifications, lowering the price, or saying that the item is for personal use can make you legally liable even though it is for commercial consumption. This can get your items held in CBP plus additional costs that are four times the cost of your item. There are legal ways to cut shipping costs you can do.

2) Shipping Products under FDA-Prohibited List - Ensure that you only ship products that are not part of the lists, or else it will only delay the process of sending your products across the border. Furthermore, some couriers avoid shipping products under the FDA list because processing the shipment with necessary documents and permits needed takes time.

Key Takeaway

In a world where local and international shipping are more common than ever, people’s most common questions are “How much is shipping, Canada to US?” and “How long does Canada standard shipping take?” 

There are a lot of shipping companies in Canada, so shipping from Canada to US costs can be lowered because of the competition. Standard shipping, Canada to US, can also be delivered as soon as 2-4 days. However, you need to be cautious of the delivery processes to avoid delays on your parcel delivery.

Here at Stallion Express, we offer as low as $4.39CAD for 4oz items, $7.62CAD for a 15oz package, and $11.27CAD for 2lbs goods bound to New York. Your belongings and merchandise will reach your customers in 2-4 business days. We are also well-versed in CBP guidelines and we have partner customs brokers in the US, which ensures that your shipping will go as planned.You can contact us at 877-863-7447 for more details.

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