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Cheapest Shipping From Canada To The U.S. in 2024

Aman Chopra
March 5, 2024

As a Canadian business owner, it is an advantageous move to enter the US market. However, this move can cost your business a hefty amount, especially if you still need to compare prices across multiple carriers and find the cheapest shipping options from Canada to the U.S.

While Stallion Express offers cost-effective options to ship to the US, we will walk you through the rates of all comparable carriers as well as excellent tips to cut shipping costs before giving you the answer. This will allow you to make an informed decision while boosting profitability.

Key Takeaways

  • Shipping from Canada to the US is expensive, particularly when using major carriers directly. Businesses need to explore alternatives to mitigate the financial burden associated with high shipping expenses.
  • It is ideal to partner with a shipping service provider with ties to major carriers. This partnership improves offers the chance to obtain significantly lower shipping prices from the top carriers.
  • Based on price comparisons amongst top carriers, Stallion was found to be the most cost-effective solution for businesses shipping from Canada to the U.S. It offers competitive rates, essential eCommerce features like tracking, and customizable add-ons such as shipping protection.

Top Factors Affecting Shipping Costs

deciding the factors affecting shipping costs from canada to US

Before getting the cheapest shipping rates, you must understand what affects the shipping costs. The crucial factors to consider are:


Generally, the farther the recipient’s location is, the more expensive the shipping cost. The shipping cost increases as the distance between the origin and destination increases. Consider checking rates for different US locations that you are shipping to. This can easily be done with the help of a shipping calculator.

Package Weight and Measurements

Like the distance, the package dimension and weight also affect shipping costs. As the measurements increase, so does the shipping fee. Make sure to have a correct estimate of the weight of your product so that you can accurately calculate shipping fees beforehand.


Generally, the faster the parcel arrives at its destination, the more expensive it gets. In other words, expedited shipping costs more than the standard shipping option.

Customs Clearance

Applicable customs taxes and duties also affect the total payable amount on shipping to the United States and anywhere globally. This can greatly affect the bottom line of your business so make sure to account for them. We will touch on duties and taxes in more detail further down in the article.

Shipping Provider

One thing to remember when cross-border shipping is that not all carriers have the same shipping rates. Each provider has its prices, depending on the services you will get.

Understanding these variables can help you decide how to adjust and reduce your shipping expenses.

Types of Shipping Methods

What is the best delivery service from Canada to the US?

Several shipping options are available when you ship from Canada to the US. To avail the cheapest shipping from canada to us, you must choose the most ideal option based on your product and shipping policy:

Some of the common shipping options are:


Also considered standard shipping, it is the cheapest shipping service. While it is the least expensive option, it has the longest delivery time among other choices.


Expedited shipping is the fastest yet the more expensive shipping method among other choices. It is a service that guarantees shipments reach their destination quicker than standard shipping options.


It is a shipping method ensuring that a parcel will arrive the following day within a specific time. However, overnight and expedited shipping can mean the same thing, depending on where you send the shipment. For instance, shipping companies offer overnight delivery as an expedited option if it takes three business days to deliver a package with standard shipping.

Priority Mail

It is a quick way to deliver a package to US addresses. Like overnight shipping, priority mail is also interchangeable with expedited shipping, depending on the carrier. One of Stallion’s trusted carriers, USPS, uses this term to distinguish their expedited delivery service.

Always acknowledge how urgent you need to send the packages before the shipping method to avoid issues with the recipients and other shipping problems.

Carrier Shipping Rates for Canada to U.S. Shipping

One of the ways to obtain low shipping costs is to compare rates provided by the top carriers.

Being committed to providing Canadian businesses with high-quality solutions at an affordable price, we want our clients to have the best shipping deals. Here are the shipping rates when you ship from Canada to the US with major carriers:

Stallion Economy USA

3-5 business days
YesOptionalStallion’s flagship service – using USPS for final-mile delivery anywhere in the U.S. at incredibly low prices.

USPS Parcel Select Ground


2-3 business days
A ground delivery service offered at the most affordable rates for large or heavy packages.

USPS Priority Mail


2-4 business days
YesOptionalProvides the option of sending mail based on weight and dimension or via Flat Rate envelopes or boxes.

FedEx Ground


2-4 business days
YesOptional A cheap & fast ground delivery service offered by FedEx.

USPS Priority Mail Express


2-3 business days
Prompt delivery to most U.S. addresses every day of the year, with a few exceptions.

By comparing their prices, features, and delivery time, you can recognize which option is the most affordable and still meets your eCommerce shipping needs.

Note: The prices in the table above are discounted rates exclusive to Stallion Express.


Formerly known as Federal Express Corporation, FedEx is an American conglomerate providing shipping and logistics services across the globe. FedEx has a network in the United States, so sending packages would not be complicated. Through the years of service in the shipping industry, FedEx developed an exceptional transportation system with promising technologies, making the shipping method smooth-sailing. It offers numerous shipping services, such as FedEx Express Saver, FedEx Ground, and FedEx Standard Shipping Overnight.

Pros: If you are looking for fast and dependable shipping for bulk or large shipments, FedEx is your go-to shipping service, especially for next-day and express deliveries. They also have precise package tracking, so no more unexpected deliveries!

Cons: FedEx is the more expensive option, has lesser offices, and needs an additional fee for pick-up service.

United States Postal Service (USPS)

Similar to FedEx, USPS has a long-standing reputation in the shipping industry. It is an independent agency monitored and directed by the US Federal Government. USPS has a unique advantage over its competitors because it is responsible for providing postal service to all US residents.

Pros: USPS is the cheapest option for small and light packages. They also deliver to mailbox and PO boxes and offer free pick-up services.

Cons: Despite being in the industry for so long, USPS’ customer service and support still need to develop. They also have limited tracking, so it will be harder to know the package’s delivery date.

If these two shipping options still don’t fit your budget or the services you need, we have a third shipping method for you.

Stallion Economy-USA

Stallion Economy is Stallion Express’ in-house brand for first-mile delivery, from the clients dropping off to processing and sorting before handing it to the carrier partner. Then, the carrier partner completes the final-mile delivery.

Pros: It provides a more cost-effective shipping solution to the customers because it keeps low shipping costs due to zone skipping. If you want to save more, Stallion Economy is the best option.

Stallion offers real-time tracking services and zone skipping which is a logistics strategy to avoid surcharges added by carriers shipping packages to established zones. The charges may vary depending on the carrier and the shipping service.

Cons: Stallion will not ship any individual package which has a value over USD $800. This is a major factor as it allows us to prevent any duty charges for customers (which can greatly eat into your margins).

Get your package delivered to the US

Canada Post and Purolator

Canada Post and Purolator (also owned by Canada Post) need no introduction when it comes to shipping services. They are highly reputable companies with extensive coverage throughout the country. However, they also have some of the most expensive U.S. shipping rates.

Canada Post Small Packet starts from $22.99 per package but does not include tracking or insurance (which bumps up the price to $26.52). Purolator’s U.S. shipping service starts from $57.01 and can go upwards of $159 per package!

Pros: Very reputable companies with extensive coverage.

Cons: High pricing makes the service unsustainable for E-commerce businesses shipping from Canada to U.S.

Two Key Tips For Finding Cheap Shipping Rates

These are a must to help find the cheapest shipping option from Canada to the US:

Use online shipping calculators.

Most shipping companies provide online shipping calculators to help clients estimate the shipping cost by entering the package dimension and weight of the packages. Remember that online shipping calculators may appear differently on different platforms but work the same.

List down comparisons of different shipping providers.

Listing the potential carriers can help you distinguish which can provide your eCommerce shipping needs. For one, excellent shipping services require flexibility and adaptability to cater to American customers.

Please review the shipping service’s delivery time, packaging quality, and professionalism, as these are all factors in establishing and maintaining a positive image with your clients.

Ideally, you would be working with a shipping provider for a decent amount of time, doing your research beforehand can save you lots of hassle.

Additional Ways to Save On Shipping Costs

save time and money on shipping costs

1. Use efficient packaging – While it is necessary for small businesses that the packaging sticks to your branding, it is also crucial for small businesses to remember that your packaging, including the package dimension, can contribute to shipping costs.

Carefully choosing packaging and suitable materials will greatly help you minimize your costs. Don’t forget to price and quality match your material needs to see if you can reduce your expenses without lowering the quality of your packaging. Improvising and utilizing recycled materials is also an excellent idea to keep your budget low for shipping items low.

You might think that customers think low of your business for using used materials, but trust us, customers don’t mind the packaging unless it ruins their orders. It is eco-friendly, so it is like hitting two birds with one stone.

2. Create a shipping plan – Creating a shipping plan will provide you with leverage too. Most customers will look at how long a parcel delivery takes, especially from across the border. When your customers feel satisfied with the delivery time, the chances of retention are high. Small businesses should have a shipping partner offering high-quality services and low-cost shipping rates.

Print postage at home through stallion express

3. Print your postage at home – While most sellers know that they can print the shipping label on their own, shipping companies, like the Stallion Express, also allow customers to print their postage in the comforts of their homes! Independently printing your postage can be more convenient and time-efficient, especially if you frequently ship items.

Postage options can also provide you with many perks, including delivery tracking and discount options.

4. Consider dropping off your items – This tip depends on the number of items you ship and your location. So, if your area is near the dropping point and you only have two to three items to ship, you can opt to bring your products to the branch yourself to minimize paying for an additional fee for pick up. However, if you have multiple shipments regularly, you can get free pickup. For example, Stallion Express offers complimentary pickup within the pickup route to its clients, having a large volume of shipments regularly, e.g., 250+ per week.

5. Plan a shipping calendar – Shipping calendars are essential because they can help you opt for standard shipping. Some instances might overwhelm you when you don’t have a shipping calendar. You can plot your schedule correctly and avoid going back and forth to the branch location. Furthermore, chances are, you will end up forgetting your shipment.

Additionally, shipping calendars can provide you with a more reasonable rational time. How long does Canada standard shipping take? It depends on the postage option, shipping company, and distance. Hence, it is better to provide these criteria to your customers to ensure that you reach their expected delivery date.

What Is The Cheapest Way to Ship From Canada to the USA?

Question what is the cheapest way to ship from the US to Canada

The cheapest way to send a package from Canada to USA is via Stallion Economy USA. Over 20,000+ Canadian sellers have saved over 75% on their US shipments via the popular Stallion Economy USA service.

Here are two common ways to achieve low shipping costs –

Small Parcel Ground Shipping – A shipping option used by sellers sending individual packages weighing less than 70 pounds. Since the packages are lightweight and sent through ground shipping, this is frequently the cheapest way to ship, especially for cross-border shipments.

Using LTL Carriers – Also known as less-than-truckload, it is a shipping strategy that allows sellers to combine shipments with other businesses within the same truck. It is one of the cheapest shipping methods from Canada to US.

Stallion can connect you with trusted carriers and avail of great small parcel and LTL shipping rates through our partnerships.

Found The Cheapest Shipping From Canada to US? Now What?

Shipping from Canada to US is considered as international shipping, even with the trade agreements in place, so before you ship your products, ensure to check the prohibited items, fill out the customs forms, and submit requirements, including (but not limited to) commercial invoice.

With all these processes and shipping documents, it can be pretty overwhelming. Thus, prioritize partnering with a reputable eCommerce shipping provider to assist you in streamlining this process.

How Can Stallion Express Help?

Choose Stallion Express For U.S. Shipping needs

Stallion Express has partnered with trusted carriers to meet all E-commerce sellers’ shipping needs. You can ship from Canada to the U.S. without worrying about the lengthy process, expensive shipping fees, complex documentation and long delivery times.

We work with the United States Postal Service (USPS), United Parcel Service (UPS), and FedEx (negotiated partner rates) to ensure you can avail the cheapest shipping from Canada to the U.S.

Like other shipping solutions, Stallion offers many shipping options that customers and shippers will benefit from, including standard, ground, priority, and expedited shipping. You can use any based on your requirements.

Also, we can provide direct integrations for most E-Commerce platforms allowing you to further simplify your shipping process by viewing all the required information in an easy-to-use portal.

How Does Stallion Work?

  1. Create A Stallion Account. You can only take advantage of Stallion’s outstanding shipping services by creating an account, which you will also use to complete all shipping transactions. Nothing to worry about because it will only take a few minutes and is absolutely free. We don’t ask for any upfront charges or monthly subscription fees.
  1. Go To THE Dashboard and create a shipment. You will be redirected to your dashboard after creating the account. On its left side, you will find the CREATE SHIPMENT button. As you click this, you will be redirected to the shipping form. Other tools you will find here are the shipping calculator, tracking, and integration platform, which can benefit eCommerce shipping. The primary purpose of the Stallion’s integration platform is to make it easier for sellers to manage their small businesses across different sales channels.
  1. Fill Out The Shipping Form. The standard details we request from shippers are the receiver’s name, parcel destination, package measurements (weight and package dimensions), item description, and product value. Stallion Express will use these details to determine how much you need to pay for the shipment. Please ensure you don’t ship products listed under restricted or prohibited items to avoid shipping issues or legal consequences.
  1. Pay For The Shipping Fee. Two ways to pay for the shipping charges are to upload credits or auto-fund your account. Just upload or input your credit card details to complete the process. You can go to the CREDITS PAGE to know how many credits you have left.
  1. Print The Shipping Labels. After paying for the shipping costs, you may print the shipping labels. There are different ways to generate the labels; you can check this link to check what they are. You can also create a packing slip for every shipment you make. You only need to go to your dashboard and click Shipments page > Packing Slips.
  1. Drop Off At The Nearest Stallion Branch. Once the package is ready for shipping, you can go ahead and drop off the package at the nearest Stallion branch. We operate in three provinces in Canada: Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec. You can check this link to see where their exact locations.

Stallion Will Take Care Of The Rest

What makes it even better? You don’t have to prepare any shipping documents to the USA or contact the post office to process the cross-border shipping because Stallion will process the customs clearance for you.

You only need to wait a few days and let our trusted carriers handle the task. It will only take two to four business days to arrive at the destination.

On the other hand, you can find out the parcel status and estimated delivery time by using the tracking number indicated on the shipment.

What Other Shipping Services Does Stallion Have?

Apart from the US shipping service, Stallion offers Amazon FBA, domestic shipping, and international shipping services (worldwide).

Our partner carriers for domestic shipping are Canada Post and UPS, while APC Postal Logistics and PostNL are our partners for international shipping. We have negotiated rates with our partners allowing us to give you the best rates. With these trusted carriers, you can ship anywhere in Canada and worldwide, worry-free!

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