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How Can Packaging Affect International Shipping Cost and Your Business?

Diana Zheng
July 20, 2022

Looking forward to international shipping is something you should expect. If you are apprehensive and cautious about this idea, you do not have to worry because this is a normal reaction for someone who has not experienced it all. You may think of the additional expenses this venture will incur, but there are ways you can save big.

One of which is considering your packaging carefully. It may sound simple, but it affects your overall costs and business. How? Check out this article to learn how packaging affects the international shipping cost and your business. Enjoy reading!

Product Protection and Safety

The primary purpose of packaging is to protect the item inside it. If the product package does not work, you may lose money. Why? When something happens to the goods because of poor packaging, you must compensate, refund, or replace the damaged item. 

If the customer requests a new item instead of a refund, you have to pay for the international shipping costs, which will be extra expenses. It will not only negatively affect your investment returns but your image and reputation as well.

Since you will be shipping overseas, you must carefully consider your packaging materials. You can opt for ready-made materials or have them customized. Either way is good, but ensure they do not exceed your budget to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Suppose you need some suggestions on which packaging materials you should purchase. In that case, you need to consider some essential supplies: corrugated boxes, stretch films, shrink films, polybags, bubble wraps, Kraft paper rolls, and packing peanuts.

Increase Brand Awareness

Your packaging carries information about the product, brand, and business, so it must have an attractive design to captivate the audience’s attention. It may sound shocking, but label reading is still a thing, especially now that people are more health and quality conscious. 

Since you need to save as much as possible, how you design your packaging will affect your expenditure. You do not have to spend a lot to create an attractive yet efficient. On the other hand, your design will influence your audience and impact your costs, including international shipping rates.

You can check the destination country’s customs to ensure that you have an appropriate design. Furthermore, you can also consult your chosen shipping services if they require a specific packaging style. 

provides ultimate unboxing experience image

Provides Ultimate Unboxing Experience

If you enjoy watching videos on Tiktok and Youtube, you might have seen some unboxing videos. Many people enjoy opening the parcel because of the excitement factor, regardless that they already know what is inside. 

Sometimes, the whole product comes in two packs, while others depend on the item. For example, rejuvenating skin care sets come in three. One is the container where products are put; two is the bag or cloth that holds the containers, and the box or the package where everything is set. On the other hand, clothes or bags only come in one box with the goods. 

Regarding the product, the packaging should contain the element of surprise. Consider the color theory, the logo, and the materials you use to ensure satisfaction in the unboxing experience-however, your chosen shipping company will play a vital role in making this experience possible.

You have to choose a company that can gently handle a parcel to ensure that the box remains intact when the customer receives the item. When the order is not in perfect condition when the customer gets them, the element of surprise diminishes, leaving the customer quite disappointed. 

Sustainability and Reusability

Many customers are now more environment-conscious, so as a brand serving your target audience, you must also consider their preferences. Focus on materials that customers can reuse, such as canisters, canvas bags, and plant-based plastic bags. 

However, sustainability comes not only in the packaging but also in the shipping services you choose. For instance, selecting ground shipping is more eco-friendly than priority mail express international since the latter requires more fuel. Generally, the shipment is more sustainable with standard delivery time.

Identity Distinction

The packaging can help consumers quickly recognize your brand. People can distinguish your brand from other products with the right color palette and design. For example, many cosmetic brands tend to lean more toward colors pastel pink and yellow, so choosing these colors is a ticket to comparison. 

Moreover, you can design the packaging that promotes the cause you support or a topic close to your heart. It provides a personal touch and can ignite a feeling of inclusivity among your audience. 

Prevents Alteration

While we should always give the benefit of the doubt to the situation, something uncharacteristic may happen. Different things can happen during the delivery time and the receiving of the package, so it is also best to make the necessary precautions to prevent alterations to your products. 

Before shipping, check the items multiple times to ensure that the orders are complete and accurate. You also have to check the shipping address to avoid returns and issues. On the other hand, remind the buyer to record when they unboxed their orders to provide detailed information if, in any case, they file for a dispute. 

packaging brand promotion image

Brand Promotion 

Along with brand awareness, packaging promotes your product to set you apart from your competitors. It leaves the last impression on your customers, so you must ensure that you have a positive impact. For example, if you are a massive fan of Coca-Cola, you can easily recognize its logo and packaging. 

However, did you know that in 2011, Coca-Cola launched a campaign in Australia where they changed their logo and packaging to show a cause? Instead of their well-known red and white circle logo, they altered the wrapping with the statement “Share a Coke with” plus a familiar name. 

The campaign’s primary goal was to foster a better personal connection with the consumers and to encourage sharable joyful moments. You can replicate this strategy to gain attraction while ensuring that you follow the customs and shipping company’s protocol when it comes to packaging.

Production Cost

Of course, it is already given that your packaging design will affect your production cost. However, it does not mean you cannot control the expenditures because of this factor. It is better to consider the budget before creating the design to put a more realistic approach when planning. 

If you purchase ready-made materials, such as corrugated boxes and jute bags, ensure that you buy in bulk to avoid delays in production and delivery times. Furthermore, some stores provide customer discounts for high-volume orders, so better take advantage of this opportunity. 

Shipping Cost

If you are thinking, “how much does international shipping cost?” Packaging can play a crucial part in your overall expenses.

Everything about the packaging, from its size to weight, will alter the expenses you have to spend. Apart from that, though, you also have to consider the destination and the urgency you need to have that item received by your customers.

For example, a customer from Hong Kong ordered your product. They ordered two sweatshirts weighing 0.5 grams each, and you decided to pack them together rather than in two separate packages. Now, the shipping company will no longer calculate each item but will compute the parcel as a whole. They will calculate the weight of the package and the length, width, and height of the box. While it depends if the company offers flat rate box shipping rates, the carrier may also include the chosen shipping option, like UPS international shipping cost, in the calculation. Note that duty and taxes may apply depending on which country the receiver locates. 

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Convenient and efficient! So, what are you waiting for? Connect with us and know more about what Stallion can offer to boost your business globally!

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