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International Shipping: What is the best way to ship internationally?

Diana Zheng
April 1, 2022

You can find international shipping as one of the latest trends in the business world. This trend peaked nowadays because it offers great perks to the business sector and the consumers. With the power of the online world, the global market elevates its competition on the worldwide web. 

It will be faster for consumers to get their products internationally. Moreover, they also enjoy availing themselves of products in the comfort of their homes. 

Business entities also benefit from international shipping. They tend to get more customers as they have a larger scale of potential customers. They can also gain higher sales and can boost business growth. 

International shipping has many ways, with all the shipping companies out there. But, it is a must to know what is the best way to ship internationally. 

How to ship cargo internationally?

Cargo shipping is not as simple as you have imagined. It is a very, very long process. Cargo shipping involves five physical processes and two documentation steps. Such steps are Export Haulage, Origin Handling, Export Customs Clearance, Ocean Freight, Import Customs Clearance, Destination Handling, and Import Haulage. That’s why you need to prepare everything before shipping. 

  1. Packaging materials –  It is really important to invest in materials protecting your goods like plastic, bubble wrap, and carton. These packaging materials will protect your item from many processes, like transporting your goods from one vehicle to another. Also, anticipate the drastic temperature change and even possible extreme weather conditions that might destroy the item.  
  1. Schedule and booking –  Schedule early to avoid delays. It takes a lot of documents, papers, and leg work to be done to complete all necessary documents. You need to prepare all of these to avoid delayed shipping. If you book early, any unforeseen circumstances will be addressed appropriately. 
  1. Insurance – Better to be safe than sorry. Sea travel is always unpredictable. There is a possibility of damage, stolen, loss, and accidents. And, any cargo shipping companies will not be liable for this. 
  1. Shipping Company –  This is the most important factor to decide. When choosing the right and effective freight shipping company, you should know and check all the requirements and processes behind it. 

Can Amazon ship internationally?

Definitely yes! Amazon is one of the options to what is the best way to ship internationally! Amazon offers a lot of perks for your desired products being shipped internationally. It served almost 130 countries around the world from the Americas, Africa, and the Middle East, Asia, Australia, and the Pacific, and Europe. 

Here are some of the policies and procedures for Amazon international shipping: 

  1. Customs, Duties, and Taxes – Amazon has no control and can’t tell what and how much taxes and customs fees a certain destination has. There might be import taxes, customs duties, and fees to orders delivered outside the United States, United Kingdom, and the European Union. With this, the recipient of these products will be responsible for the said fees. 
  1. Freight Forwarders and Hand Carry –  Take note that any damage or loss to the product will not be covered by Amazon once delivered via hand carry or a freight forwarder. Some items cannot be exported directly by Once you or a freight forwarder exports these items, you can’t return these products directly to Amazon anymore. 
  1. Free International Shipping –  Sounds interesting, right? If it is an eligible international destination and meets specific requirements, you may select the FREE AmazonGlobal Standard Shipping button. Be reminded that combining, canceling orders, or even changing your shipping address might affect this free shipping feature. 

According to the website, here are the following qualifications which apply to this free international shipping: 

  • You can only ship to delivery addresses located in eligible international destinations only.
  • You can ship to multiple delivery addresses, as long as you meet all FREE Shipping requirements for each address.
  • FREE Shipping order minimums vary by country and are based on US dollars (USD).
  • If you use the Amazon Currency Converter, the local currency amount reflects the value equivalent to USD at the time of purchase.

What are you waiting for? You may now start browsing and check the products you want to buy! Just be considerate these times of the pandemic. Amazon released its official statement regarding the delays in shipment due to the COVID-19 virus. 

How do you ship a package internationally?

Still curious on what is the best way to ship internationally. Here are some quick and simple steps to ship your package worldwide: 

  1. Check if the item is allowed for shipping. Not all items are allowed to ship, especially in some countries with specific restrictions. You should be ensuring that all regulations should be followed to avoid delays and hassle. 
  1. Prepare all customs documents. Some documents you will need are Commercial Invoice for the customs to check if it is allowed for shipping.
  1. Make the international shipping label. Make sure to write all the necessary details such as sender’s and recipient’s names, addresses, and phone numbers accurately. Other shipping details like description, quantity, the shipment value of the goods, and the weight of the package are also essential to write. After writing, print the label and attach it to the flat side of the container. 
  1. Pack your item properly. If you want your package to arrive at its destination in good condition, you need to pack it appropriately. Various packing supplies are free and ready to use. Another thing, bubble wrap is also needed to protect the goods. 

Then, your package is ready to go! 


International shipping is a tiring process. Prepare everything early and assure the safety of the items to avoid hassle and delays. To answer what is the best way to ship internationally, any of the options are good. Just choose what is easy, comfortable, and efficient for you. 

If you don’t want Amazon to handle your international shipments, don’t worry ‘cause Stallion Express got you covered! Stallion Express is the best shipping partner for any international shipment. With Stallion, you can get the most economical shipping rates with discounts reaching up to 85%! We are partnered with APC Postal Logistics and PostNL, both have established an excellent reputation in the international shipping niche. Not only that, Stallion allows you to process your shipment as quickly as 1-2-3. Along with a few clicks, you can manage all your orders from any eCommerce site you have. 

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