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Small Packet International Air: Stallion Guide For Beginners

Aman Chopra
June 15, 2024

Understanding international shipping can be challenging, especially for starting business owners. One international shipping service you should take advantage of is Small Packet International Air, as it benefits online sellers who want to expand their market reach and compete globally.

So, join us in this handy guide to streamline your experience with cheap international shipping.

Key Takeaways

  • Small-packet international air shipping offers a cost-effective and efficient global solution for sending lightweight items. It also comes with faster delivery times compared to standard mail services.

  • The streamlined nature of small packet shipments simplifies the customs clearance process. This means fewer delays and complications at border checkpoints.

  • Stallion ensures a seamless shipping experience for Canadian online sellers and their global customers by partnering with trusted international couriers.

What Is Air Small Packet Shipping?

Air small packet shipping is a shipping option wherein lightweight and compact items are sent via air transport. It is best for smaller packages that weigh less and only need a little space or handling requirements of larger shipments.

This shipping method is often used for its efficiency in delivering small parcels internationally, as it offers a faster delivery time than standard mail services. It is commonly used for sending documents and other small items that do not exceed specific size and weight restrictions.

On top of that, it also provides a cost-effective solution for individuals and businesses looking to send small items quickly and reliably across borders.

Let’s look at how much this air small packet shipping costs compared with other shipping options below.

Small Packet International Air vs Other Shipping Options

Suppose you’re sending a package to a customer in Melbourne, Australia. Here are Canada Post’s rates for a Small Packet International Air parcel weighing 4 lbs (1.8 kg) with 15 x 10 x 8 inches dimensions.

Small Packet International AirTracked Packet  InternationalInternational Parcel SurfaceXpresspost International
Shipping Rates82.01 CAD105.68 CAD113.33 CAD174.45 CAD
Delivery Time6–10 business days12 business days2-3 months8 business days (delivery time guaranteed)
Other FeaturesN/ATracking and delivery confirmation
Liability coverage up to 100 CAD
Liability coverage up to 100 CADTracking and delivery confirmation
Signature option
Liability coverage up to 100 CAD

As shown in the table above, Canada Post’s Small Packet – International Air offers the cheapest international air shipping option and the fastest delivery time.

How Long Does Small Packet International Air Take?

The projected arrival date for Small Packet – International Air usually takes 6-10 business days. Meanwhile, delivery time varies depending on factors like shipping distance, unforeseen events, and natural causes.

Does Small Packet International Air Have Tracking?

No, Small Packet International – Air usually does not include a tracking number as it is designed to send lightweight items at a cheaper cost.

How To Track Shipment

Since the said option does not include a tracking feature, the best way to know your shipment status is to contact the shipping provider’s customer support. Prepare the package information, like the shipment number and destination address so that the customer service representative can provide accurate details.

Why Use Small Packet Air International?

Now, let’s take a closer look at the reasons why you should opt for small packet – air international when shipping packages to other countries:

Faster Delivery

Packages on a carousel

As mentioned earlier, Small Packet – Air International offers quick delivery for lightweight packages sent internationally. Unlike standard mail services, this shipping option prioritizes speed, making it an excellent choice for those who need to send items abroad promptly.

But, one trade-off for this expedited service is the need for tracking capabilities. While it ensures swift delivery, customers typically cannot track their packages in real-time as they would with more expensive shipping options.

Cost-Effective Option For Small Items

A money bag in between a stack of coins with a green rising arrow and red falling arrow

Aside from speed, Small Packet Air International is also particularly beneficial for online retailers looking to send lightweight packages without incurring high shipping costs. By using this shipping option, senders can save money on postage fees compared to more premium shipping services.

But it’s important to note that while Small Packet Air International offers affordability, it typically does not include features like package insurance, which may be essential for certain shipments. So, you should consider their specific needs and the level of service required before opting for this shipping method.

Simplified Customs Procedures

A man scanning barcodes on boxes

The customs clearance process is simpler for Small Packet Air International primarily because of the streamlined nature of the shipments.

Since this shipping option involves lightweight packages containing relatively low-value items, it is less likely to raise concerns or need extensive customs inspections. Also, these shipments often qualify for simplified customs procedures or are subject to less stringent documentation requirements than larger or higher-value shipments.

Additionally, this option’s standardized packaging and labelling practices facilitate smoother customs processing. This leads to reducing the likelihood of delays or complications at border checkpoints.

Go International With The Best Shipping Partner

When shipping internationally, you shouldn’t focus only on one aspect, like speed. After all, to ensure you get the most out of international shipping while knowing its progress, you must consider several factors like affordability and visibility.

While there are many international shipping providers in Canada, one stands out in blending all the crucial factors in sending items across the globe – Stallion.

Why Ship With Stallion?

Stallion's branch location

As a leading e-commerce shipping provider, Stallion is the best among all the other choices. Stallion ensures Canadian online sellers can satisfy their foreign customers with a smooth, fast, and affordable international shipping experience.

Here are the reasons that make Stallion’s international shipping option the best in the e-commerce shipping industry:

  • You can save up to 80% on international shipping costs.

  • Full tracking and visibility features are available

  • Fast delivery time within 9-14 business days

  • Partnership with trusted couriers, APC Logistics and PostNL

Now, let’s compare Stallion’s cheapest international shipping options with tracking features and Canada Post’s Small Packet – International Air:

Shipping ProviderShipping OptionShipping RatesDelivery TimeTrackingPackage Insurance
Canada PostSmall Packet International Air82.01 CAD6–10 business days
StallionPostNL International Packet Tracked24.81 CAD9-13 Business DaysOptional
APC Priority Worldwide Tracked(DDP)27.73 CAD10-14 Business DaysOptional

Well, isn’t it great to know you’re spending less by getting more features? You, too, can experience this quality of international shipping service. Start by creating your Stallion account today!

Final Thought

Understanding the value of small packet international air can be a game-changer for Canadians starting their online business. Its faster delivery times and simplified customs procedures make it a compelling choice for online sellers looking to expand globally.

And with Stallion leading the charge in providing affordable, trackable, and swift international shipping options, the journey becomes even smoother.

So, why not take part in this global shipping adventure today with Stallion’s complete shipping solutions?

Get started today! Ship faster, smarter, cheaper with Stallion.

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