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What is the Best Shipping Company for eCommerce?

October 6, 2022

Due to the rising number of eCommerce stores in the country, offering something that can give you leverage over your competitors is something you must consider carefully. Shipping is one of the major factors that customers consider when purchasing online because it is the process of getting the products from the seller to the customers.

Several elements affect shipping, like the costs, distance, and speed, making it more challenging for entrepreneurs and online sellers to find the most suitable carrier to keep up with their needs. Therefore, you must find the best shipping company for eCommerce to satisfy your customers' demands. Check this article out to learn the qualifications necessary before choosing. Scroll now!

Shipping Method

Each package arrives at its destination at a different speed because shipping companies offer various shipping methods to customers, providing options to customers depending on how urgent they need their orders.

Express Shipping

Express shipping in Canada is the fastest way to get the parcels to their destination earlier. Some shipping carriers also refer to it as expedited shipping. How fast is express shipping in Canada? This shipping option allows customers to receive their packages within 24 to 72 hours. However, it is also the most expensive among the choices. Most of the time, express delivery items are flown by airplanes, which makes it more costly.

Express shipping is also the best option for urgent and perishable items. 

Standard Shipping

Most shipping companies for small businesses offer standard shipping. It is also referred to as regular shipping or delivery. This method does not include overnight shipping or other expedited delivery options. This shipment is typically less expensive and carried out by surface couriers or ground shipping. 

This shipping option is best if your package contains non-urgent or non-perishable items. If you want to keep minimal shipping costs, standard shipping can help you reduce the shipping cost. 

Economy Shipping

It is the most affordable method when shipping packages. Furthermore, the most prominent carriers provide this service because it is a first-rate shipping solution and lowers shipping costs, especially for shipments requiring less urgent delivery. 

If you want to know how the economy differs from standard shipping, it boils down to the volume of shipments the shipping carrier ships. An economy shipment has goods in bulk to reduce the prices, while the standard one carries fewer items, thus the higher shipping cost. 

Local Delivery

It refers to the distribution of products locally in a specific neighborhood or city. Local delivery in eCommerce shipping enables customers to buy products from an online store, online marketplace, or physical store and have those orders delivered to their doorstep. However, local delivery does not guarantee fast shipping. The first class local mail delivery takes about two to three days, depending on the location and season. 

Suppose you are a small business competing against a reputable eCommerce company. In that case, it will help your business if you partner with a flexible shipping service to meet your customers' needs. There are shipping companies for small businesses if you research. Note that whichever shipping method you choose will affect the transit time, so you must consider the urgency of the orders to select the appropriate shipping service. 

Shipping Rates

Similar to shipping methods, each shipping company charges different shipping fees. However, it is affected by other shipping elements, such as the shipping services and destination. 

Free Shipping 

The eCommerce business offers free shipping and other discounts instead of the shipping company; you must ensure that you can compete with this perk. Undeniably, customers prefer shops offering discounts, which benefits your business.

Every online business offers free shipping for various reasons. First is when a customer reaches a particular amount of order in a single purchase, which is one of the most popular reasons why a small business offers free shipping. 

Another reason is when the eCommerce business celebrates a special event, like an anniversary or a local or national holiday. Regardless of the reason, find a shipping partner that can help you provide this advantage.

Real-Time Carrier Rates

It is when the carrier's actual shipping charges are automatically generated during checkout for any individual item. Once the customer has finished placing products in their cart, the rates will accurately represent the cost by considering the order's weight, size, and shipping location. 

To avoid overcharging specific customers or losing money on other purchases, real-time carrier rates enable online businesses to charge each customer the actual value the shipment will incur. 

Flat Rate Shipping

Flat rate shipping refers to a shipping method where the cost is determined by how much you can fit into the issued package or box and not by the weight, size, or shape of the item transported.

Calculation of Shipping Rates

While each shipping provider has different ways to calculate the shipping fees, the common factors considered are the package's dimensional weight, the receiver's location, and the shipping options.

As for the dimensional weight, the standard calculation will be width x length x height. So, getting a box big enough to carry the items but sturdy enough to protect what's inside will help you minimize your cost. 

brand marketing image

Brand Marketing

A business distinguishes itself from competitors. One way to think of a brand is the company's identity, expressed through an identifiable mark, logo, slogan, voice, and tone. Some of the most enduring and well-known brand names have existed for decades, if not centuries. 

Brand marketing is essential as it's how to promote the products and services in a way that strengthens the brand. It entails developing and upholding relationships between a brand and its customers. Furthermore, it goes along with the marketing brand attributes or the characteristics that come to mind when someone thinks of a specific brand. 

Understanding brand marketing helps you get insights into strategies, brand types, equities, relevance, and recognition, which are beneficial in expanding business. 

Packaging Options

What do customers first see when buying products? THE PACKAGING! Thus, your choice of product package will provide the first impression you need to attract potential customers. It is vital in brand recognition, and as new products enter the market, you must develop strategies for establishing an impact immediately and motivating customer behavior to buy. 

Consistency is the key when creating a package. While it is common among brands to change their packaging once in a while, keeping some distinguishable features will help customers identify your brand. 

On the other hand, your packaging can also affect your overall eCommerce shipping costs. Thus, the dimensions of the packages matter in designing innovative and creative boxes and containers. It won't only save you on shipping, but you can also provide an impact on customers, especially your target audience. 

Shipping Insurance and Tracking

Shipping protection and tracking are valuable features in guaranteeing your customers that they will receive their packages safely. For an eCommerce company, establishing trust will help you gain customer loyalty and increase customer retention. 

Shipping carriers are providing a tracking tool to make it easier for customers to know where their packages are. Often than not, this tool is already included in the shipping software offered by companies. So, it would benefit you more to partner with a shipping carrier that provides the best shipping software available. 

Along with your tracking, shipping protection assures customers that they will receive compensation if something happens to their items. While accidents and shipping issues rarely occur, it is always better to provide options for mishaps. 

Not only will you avoid paying for damages, but you can also earn confidence from your customers. 

Customs Clearance

While you can only deal with customs if you intend to send your products across the border or for international shipping, you will eventually take this step when you expand your business. 

Dealing with customs takes too much time and effort, completing the requirements and paying the necessary taxes and duties while ensuring that you do not go against the policy. 

Fortunately, Stallion Express can make eCommerce and commerce shipping possible, especially for small businesses. 

What is Stallion Express? image

Filename: choose Stallion as your shipping partner.jpg

Altname: What is Stallion Express? image

What is Stallion Express?

It is the cheapest way to ship anywhere in Canada, the United States, and internationally and has earned the confidence of thousands of online sellers in Canada. 

Partnered with reputable companies, Stallion has established a well-rounded shipping process and multiple shipping options to ensure the satisfaction of its customers. Aside from domestic, cross-border, and international shipping, they also offer other services, including Amazon FBA, Returns, and Stallion Protection. 

Amazon FBA. Amazon offers an order fulfillment process to lift the burden from the customers in catering to the customer's purchases while handling customer service and marketing plans simultaneously. Stallion can help you bring the items to the Amazon US warehouse at a meager price. 

Returns. It is the cheapest US to Canada Returns you can find in the market. Once an item is returned, you do not have to wait for at least seven business days to get the things back to your hands. Since Stallion Express ships weekly, you can get your items within 24-72 hours upon return. Moreover, a photo will be uploaded, and you will receive a notification through your Stallion account. 

Stallion Protection. Stallion provides complete coverage shipment protection for Canadian online sellers at the lowest pricing in the market. Get the assurance you need to handle any hazards you may face along the way. 

However, apart from these three additional services, Stallion has partnered with Aftership for an efficient tracking service!

Key Takeaway

Although creating a shipping strategy that matches your needs and satisfies your clients will be challenging, Stallion is ready to assist you.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact our reliable customer service for any support you need.

Get started today! Ship faster, smarter, cheaper with Stallion.

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