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How important is shipping insurance in Canadian eCommerce?

If you answered yes to all or any of these questions, this article is just for you. Let us discuss the importance and value of shipping insurance in Canada, the US, and internationally to your business. When Should You Get Shipping Insurance? Okay, let's face it. No matter how prepared we think when shipping the […]

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How Does Express Shipping in Canada to the US Reduce Cart Abandonment?

Unfortunately, cart abandonment is still one of the challenges most Canadian sellers face. This situation can be frustrating, especially if you know that your products are worth every penny. However, product quality is not the only reason for cart abandonment. This article will share some techniques for preventing cart abandonments and offering express shipping in […]

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PostNL + FAQ Coffee Chat with Toni Morgado

For our full interview, check it out by clicking here. Speakers: Diana Zheng - Head of Marketing Toni Morgado - Business Development Manager, PostNL  About PostNL PostNL is an expert in international shipping, being around the industry for 200 years mainly servicing Europe where their main sorting facility is located. They provide online sellers with […]

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E-commerce Shipping Solutions for Canadians 2023

Things to Consider When Starting An eCommerce Business Venturing into business takes a lot of work to succeed. It is not an overnight process that everything works out for you when you wake up in the morning. You have to invest plenty of time, a lot of money, and tremendous effort. Thus, you have to […]

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What is the Best Shipping Solution for eCommerce When Selling on eBay?

You might not be able to discover the most suitable eCommerce platform for you immediately, but it does not mean you won't consider and try some of the available options. As you lay your hands on the perfect place, don't forget all the other elements you must consider before choosing. Meanwhile, it would help if […]

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eCommerce Shop Integrations: Make Shipping in Canada More Efficient

It may seem pretty easy to manage an online shop, but it is not always the case. Like operating a physical store, online shops also need proper monitoring and handling to ensure everything runs smoothly. There are many elements affecting the eCommerce industry, including the shipping process. The shipping process can affect your eCommerce business […]

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Stallion 101: Measuring & Weighing Your Shipments

Ever wondered if you’re measuring your shipments properly? Not doing so risks the possibility of either returning the package to the sender with postage due or continuing the delivery of shipments while still charging the pending credits to the seller, also known as postage adjustment. Below is an example of what is referred to as […]

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2022 Survival Guide for Handling Holiday eCommerce Shipping

Imagine the hundreds of customers ordering from your store after you announce a 50% off sale! Your phone may be buzzing with notifications for orders to be fulfilled while others inquire about your product. How do you handle the holiday rush and the plethora of Christmas sales? Don't worry because we have created this survival […]

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PostNL Intl shipping service to GB & AU

Attention Canadian online sellers! A cheaper and faster way of shipping to customers in the United Kingdom and Australia is now live.  In partnership with PostNL, shipments will be delivered to your recipient with faster delivery times of 4 to 7 business days to the UK and 7 to 13 business days to Australia. Additionally, […]

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Your eCommerce Checklist with Standard Shipping in Canada

Creating your eCommerce website is common nowadays, especially since many people find purchasing online more convenient than going to a physical store. According to the latest survey conducted by Statista, about 29 million Canadians are expected to buy online in 2022. For this reason, stores offer standard shipping Canada to ensure that every item ordered […]

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Delivered but Not Received Shipment? Steps to Take as a Seller or a Recipient

A shipment that is confirmed delivered when, physically, no package was received is among eCommerce seller’s letdowns. Whether you’re an eCommerce seller or a recipient of the shipment, we’ll break this down into two parts for you to easily navigate your way through finding a resolution to the case.  Are you the online seller shipping […]

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6 Quick Facts On The Right Shipping Partner for your Ecommerce Business

Logistics form a core part of any online business. With the rapid globalization of online selling, it has become necessary for entrepreneurs to have a shipping partner for ecommerce to reach local and international clients at the click of a button. Many ecommerce shipping providers have risen to answer this growing demand, innovating ways to […]

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