Marketplace Strategies

Selling on Amazon, Etsy or Ebay as a Canadian Seller? Keep up to date with the latest ecommerce marketplace strategies and stay ahead of the competition.
Establishing A Brand Across the Border: Canada to US Shipping

Establishing a brand is already a challenging task to keep up due to the rising number of businesses that open yearly. However, expanding across the border is a different thing. It requires more strength, better marketing techniques, and exceptional working strategy because you will face thousands of sellers in the United States and overseas.  This […]

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How Does Advertising Affect Online Stores Shipping From Canada to US?

If you are an online store owner shipping Canada to US, stop scrolling because this article is specially written for you. While data shows that only 18% of Canada's overall population are online sellers, it is best to remember that you are not just competing against other Canadian sellers. You are also against well-established US […]

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What Are The Factors in Choosing the Right Target to Make International Shipping Prices Worth It?

Due to the expensive shipping cost and tedious process, numerous businesses usually do not consider international shipping. Additionally, attracting the right target market is more challenging because of various elements, such as culture, geographical location, and local preferences. However, Stallion Express can help you know the factors in choosing the most suitable global audience for […]

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How to Save on International Shipping Rate?

Going out of your comfort zone can be scary and worrisome-the feeling of facing the unknown and looking forward to something you cannot predict. This idea can apply to different things, including business. You can handily establish a company; managing and growing it, though, is the challenging part. Moreover, expanding your business internationally can be […]

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Shipping Strategy 101: Nate Skiver

Speakers: Diana Zheng - Head of Marketing, Stallion Express Nate Skiver - Founder, LPF Spend Management  ***** About our guest speaker Nate Skiver is the creator behind Level Playing Field Spend Management (LPF Spend Management), a company that works with package shippers, mainly helping them with their contracts and looking for the perfect carriers that […]

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Top 7 Mistakes You Must Avoid When Shipping from Canada to the US

Mistakes are inevitable parts of life. It happens to the best of us, and all we can ever do is learn from them, take note of them, and make sure to do things differently the next time around. The same law applies to eCommerce and shipping. Even seasoned business owners who ship internationally still find […]

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Top 8 Things You Need to Learn About the Import Tax From Canada To US

Import tax is something many sellers refuse to deal with due to deep terminologies and confusing rules. However, it is also something that sellers should know about, especially if they want to expand their business across the border or internationally. While you might find it challenging to understand the words initially, it will be easier […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Amazon FBA Shipping Rates

If you’re looking into Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), your mind must be filled with questions regarding FBA shipping rates and Amazon fulfillment shipping rates. These become more troubling once you expand your business internationally, especially in the US.  We got you! Included herein are the details about Amazon FBA, so you can finally decide whether […]

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What Does Insured Shipping Mean? A Guide to Doing Business Properly

Businesses rely on couriers to get their products to customers. Most times, the delivery process is reliable, but sometimes packages get damaged or lost. Both the seller and the buyer should be prepared for that. According to SaleCycle, 80.2% of online purchases are returned because of damage, and most customers returning products want expedited shipping […]

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4 Reasons Behind Canada Shipping Packages Delay Amidst COVID-19

Today's COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lifestyles. Surprisingly, it has also opened bigger opportunities for the shipping industry as people opt to shop online and have their things delivered than risk their health by going out to physical stores.  However, the health-related restrictions come with a spike in demand, causing a huge delay in Canada […]

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Know the Factors Affecting the Cost of Your Canada Shipping Packages

Whether you are thinking of shipping within Canada or from Canada to the US, one of the first considerations you’ll have in mind is the cost of delivery. How much is shipping, Canada to US and vice versa? For sure, you’re on the lookout for the cheapest way to ship from Canada to the US […]

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Door-to-Door vs. Port-to-Port vs. Door-to-Port International Shipping

Following the Internet boom, there came a slow and steady rise in online selling. Nowadays, anyone with an Internet connection can become an entrepreneur. The e-commerce industry, in particular, has blossomed beyond its humble roots, with more and more people thinking about expanding their business internationally. Online businesses can do just that by enlisting shipping […]

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