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Establishing A Brand Across the Border: Canada to US Shipping

Diana Zheng
April 24, 2023

Establishing a brand is already a challenging task to keep up due to the rising number of businesses that open yearly. However, expanding across the border is a different thing. It requires more strength, better marketing techniques, and exceptional working strategy because you will face thousands of sellers in the United States and overseas. 

This Canada to US shipping guide can help you make your way and compete with other US sellers without breaking the bank. Leaf through this article and find out how!

Target Audience

Finding your target audience requires much work but should not be that complicated. You can divide your target audience into groups based on goals, location, hobbies, and more.

Making your company the clear choice for your customers' money, time, and trust encourages them to choose your brand above other providers of your goods or services. The primary point is to provide something that can make them more excited to open the parcel.


How else can you expect to thrive in the industry if you are unaware of the genuine identities of the big players? Competitor research may help businesses enter the scene, generate a distinctive selling proposition, and create an effective business plan in a market where every brand vies for a small share of the pie.

Additionally, as you expand your brand across the border, the number of your competitors also increases. Knowing them beforehand eliminates their element of surprise. Whether they promise fast cross border shipping from Canada to US, the cheapest shipping rate, or an efficient shipping process when shipping goods, you can match their offer.

Brand Personality

Like people, brands project different personality features. What creates brand equity is the embodiment of a brand that appeals to customers' emotions. Large organizations are not the only ones that may benefit from brand personality; startups and small enterprises can also benefit from this branding tactic.

Before entering the market, decide on your basic principles and what motivates your brand. Emphasize your goals, areas of expertise, and relatability. The remainder of your brand identity will come together much more quickly if these serve as its cornerstone.

Business Name

Apart from enabling your customers to find you, they hold a different power in your business. Business names can evoke strong feelings. It can either be offensive or appealing. It can also impose a positive or negative image and a positive or negative following. Additionally, business names can include, exclude, and influence people. They can also inform and project a wholesome and unified image.

Furthermore, your business serves as your initial impression on customers. They either remember when they come across a sign with your name or do not. This is how entrepreneurs and investors will perceive you. Shareholders like to choose businesses based on their potential. However, some put more weight on qualitative aspects like marketing and selecting an appropriate name. The correct business name can also help you stand out to potential investors.

Color Scheme

Similar to your business name, your chosen color scheme will also reflect a positive or negative image. Colors have the power to draw our attention while evoking feelings and symbolic connections. For instance, many individuals connect red with threat or urgency, so many businesses choose red in marketing specials, and limited-time offers because it conveys a sense of urgency.

It is crucial to think about your target demographic and any cultural connotations that particular colors may have. The best way to choose to research the culture and your target audience is to ensure that you select the correct color scheme.


Your logo shows your identity and attracts potential customers to know your brand. However, the best part of having your logo is to set yourself apart from your competition. Customers can remember who you are and your business as they recognize your sign.

On the other hand, some businesses change their logos from time to time, especially if their company grows or reaches specific milestones. While this can be an excellent marketing strategy, customers are more accustomed to logos they have learned to love and acknowledge, so they also play a role in establishing brand loyalty.


Since we are now in the age of technology, manual processing is no longer efficient in running a business. For example, Stallion provides customers with a faster and more efficient way to manage orders without switching from one platform to another.

Second, it also partnered with AfterShip so they could track their parcel, ensuring it arrived safely at its destination. Simply put, apps are beneficial to you and your customers.


Collaborations are typical in business, and if you want to start one, you can begin by choosing a shipping carrier partner. You must understand the dilemma of people ordering overseas, especially with the transit time. Having a shipping company that can back you up during cross-border shipment is something you should have.

If you still have not considered a company to ship from Canada to US, then you must check Stallion Express! It is the leading shipping option in Canada, partnering with hundreds of eCommerce sellers nationwide.

While the pricing can differ depending on the dimensional weight, shipping option (like priority mail or standard shipping), and distance, you can ship a package as low as CAD 5.00 in the shipping cost. They will process the shipment customs clearance at the Canada Border Services Agency to ensure that the goods do not violate the restricted and prohibited items policy. So, you do not have to process the customs form or go to the post office to ship your customer's package.

How to Further Improve Your Brand In The US?

Many sellers, including you, desire to establish their brands in the US because of the opportunities that await eCommerce sellers. But, it is vital to note that this country already has thousands of entrepreneurs. Thus, you must carefully and meticulously strategize your steps to prevent costly mistakes. 

To start, you can check this list to start on the right foot. 

Set Target Pricing

Setting a target price is crucial, enabling businesses to profit while maintaining consumer-oriented prices. Since it acknowledges the customer's price expectation and manufacturing costs, you can ensure to meet both customer needs and demands. 

Create An Email List

Many people think that receiving emails can be a little bit annoying. However, they don't realize how valuable emails are in establishing a brand and engaging with customers, especially with borders apart. An email list is essential since it's the most effective strategy for developing close relationships with potential customers. 

Brand building in the US

Build Campaign For Different Social Media Networks

Due to different algorithms, one strategy does not fit all social media networks. Thus, you must tailor your not stick with one format only. Whether you are using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, or LinkedIn, your campaign must suit your social media platform. 

Provide Money-Back Guarantee

A money-back guarantee is more than just a promotion; it fosters trust between you (as a seller) and the buyer. It's another way of saying that your customers have nothing to lose as you will give their money back if the products don't live up to their expectations. 

Offer Special Promos

Promos are one way to attract customers. So, ensure that you offer something that is hard to resist. You can incorporate milestone giveaways or holiday promos into these special promos. 

Set Multiple Payment Options

Customers take pleasure in options. Thus, it is better to provide payment selections, allowing customers to purchase from you. While it is ideal to provide all payment options, you can start with the most used methods to accommodate the general public. 

Provide Flexible Shipping Options

Since you and your customer are a border apart from each other, it is best to provide an option that can match their shipping needs. Whether they want it faster, cheaper, or both, find a shipping provider to meet their expectations.

ship with stallion express

How Does Canada to US Shipping with Stallion Work?

Since the perks Stallion offers are exclusive to its users, you must create your Stallion account. Nothing to worry about because registration is absolutely FREE, so make sure to put all your personal details correctly. 

Once done, you will be redirected to your Stallion dashboard, where you can do all the shipping tasks you need to accomplish. With your dashboard, you can create a shipment, choose a shipping option, print a shipping label, and know the package delivery status. 

Suppose the parcel is ready for delivery; you can drop the package at the nearest Stallion branch or book a pickup service. Stallion Express provides a complimentary pickup service to sellers that can meet a specific number of shipments daily or weekly. If you wish to know more about this offer, don't hesitate to contact customer service. Our representatives will be happy to answer any of your inquiries!

Meanwhile, if you're shipping is less than the required number of shipments, you can still schedule a pickup with UPS for a small fee. 

Once Stallion receives the parcel, all you need to do is to wait for the products to arrive at their destination. The company will process everything on your behalf, including customs clearance. So, ensure to include the commercial invoice and the total value declaration to avoid any issues with Canada Border Services Agency. 


If you want to save when shipping goods across the border, you don't have to look far because this shipping provider offers the cheapest shipping rate for any cross border shipment! As low as $4.39*, you can send your packages weighing 4oz (113g) in the States. That's 75% lesser than shipping with the national carrier. 

On the other hand, packages weighing 15oz (425g) only cost $7.62, and parcels with weights of 2 lbs (1kg) are only $11.27. If you calculate it, you can save up to 61% and 51%, respectively, compared to the national carrier. 

*Prices shown are in CAD. The postage price indicated is for shipping to New York. Prices may vary depending on the receiver's location and the chosen shipping option.

Perks of Choosing Stallion Express

One of the best perks Stallion offers is its Integration Platform. Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Shopify shipping will always be smooth and manageable with Stallion Express! You don't have to switch from one platform to another to schedule shipments, manage orders, track parcels, and calculate shipping costs. You can do all tasks within the platform. 

Another benefit you will be happy to hear when shipping with Stallion is skipping the customs duty! Yes, you read it right! As long as the package does not exceed USD 800 in total value (every day per address), you don't have to worry about it. 

Shipping from US to Canada ? Check Out Shippsy 

On the other hand, if you want to purchase products or import item supplies for your business from the United States, take advantage of Stallion's sister company, Shippsy. 

They offer the most competitive US-to-Canada shipping. Plus, they have three ways to get your packages for your convenience: Parcel Pickup, Parcel Forwarding, and Pallet Service. If this information has piqued your interest, feel free to contact Shippsy's customer support for more details.

Key Takeaway

Since expansions can be complex, you can go a long way with determination, correct strategy, and the right people behind your business. Focus on your business and let Stallion worry when you are shipping goods.Follow Stallion's social media sites on or to know more about Stallion Express! You may also view our website or contact our customer service and ship from Canada to US.

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