If you answered yes to all or any of these questions, this article is just for you. Let us discuss the importance and value of shipping insurance in Canada, the US, and internationally to your business.

When Should You Get Shipping Insurance?

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Okay, let's face it. No matter how prepared we think when shipping the package to the customers, unwanted situations can still happen.

This is why there is no proper moment to get shipping insurance. You can have it every time you send customer orders because mishaps can happen on the least expected occasion.

There are plenty of factors why you should get it, but we want to simplify everything for you.

Save Money. People always think that getting the package insured is another expense. But if the packages and shipments are lost or destroyed, the economic effect could be more than the insurance cost.

Peace of Mind. Operating an eCommerce business is already a handful of work. So getting your shipment insured is something you can check off from the list of things to worry about.

Avoid Liability. When you pay for shipping insurance, you are handing the responsibility of keeping the shipment safe to the carrier or insurer.

Prevent Additional Costs. If something terrible happens to the parcel, the cost of the damaged package is covered by shipping insurance, removing additional fees caused by this incident.

Maintain Customer Satisfaction. All customers expect nothing but the best service, and that includes the shipping process. Shipping insurance can cover your business from any shipping-related issues and setbacks.

Protect Brand Image. Shipping insurance can prevent the negative impacts of any shipping problem and keep customer satisfaction, despite the possibility of shipping setbacks.

Should I Get A Third Party Insurance?

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Getting shipping insurance from a third-party provider is recommended to save money. They offer competitive prices with numerous shipping insurance coverage.

However, the problem in this situation may appear during claims processing. You need to coordinate with the carrier and third-party shipping insurance provider, which can be a hassle and time-consuming.

But let us say the shipping insurance company will be able to handle the communication for you. While this is convenient, you might find yourself lost in the conversation.

Keeping yourself in the loop can be challenging, especially with the technicalities you are not well-versed in yet.

This situation is crucial since there is another factor you have to consider: your customer. Getting first-hand information would make more sense because you must also update your customers regarding the status. However, with many parties involved, communication will be pretty tricky.

Is There An Alternative Option?

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If you need an alternative yet better solution to getting shipping insurance, you can consider using Stallion Protection by Stallion Express.

With this option, you can safeguard your packages from unwanted situations and receive numerous perks you cannot easily find in other leading companies. What are these advantages?

How Can I Avail Of This Shipping Insurance Service?

Only packages with postage from Stallion Express are eligible for this option, meaning shipments with third-party or non-tracked are not applicable).

Note: Stallion Express must accept shipments to qualify.

How Much Does It Cost?

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The fee is CAD 0.39 for the first CAD 100 on US and Canadian shipping services, while CAD 0.99 for the first CAD 100 on International shipping services.

An additional coverage fee of CAD 1.49 on the next CAD 100 on US, Canadian, and International shipping services. A maximum amount of CAD 300 can be insured.

Consider Stallion For Your Domestic, Cross-Border, and International Shipping!

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Stallion Express is one of the leading companies in Canada. With the cheapest shipping fees, faster delivery times, and an efficient shipping process, you can guarantee excellent service.

Our company partners with major carriers to provide excellent customer service. We aim to support our customers in reaching their maximum potential in the eCommerce industry and compete with other sellers globally.

We offer other shipping services that could benefit all businesses in developing and expanding their brand globally.

Domestic Shipping

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Our partnership with Canada Post and UPS enables us to send your packages anywhere in Canada.

By shipping packages through Stallion, you can save shipping costs up to 50% and complete the shipment within two to eight business days. This is twice faster as shipping with the national carrier yet cheaper and more convenient.

Cross-Border Shipping

The US flag and Canada

Our Canada-to-US shipping service can guarantee that all your shipments will arrive without delay. With the help of our reputable shipping partners, USPS, UPS, and FedEx, you can easily compete with US sellers and establish your brand across the border.

You can save as much as 75% in shipping fees with Stallion Express, with a transit time of two to four business days.

International Shipping

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Stallion works hand-in-hand with PostNL and APC Postal Logistics in establishing your business globally.

With up to 80% discounts on shipping fees, your packages can reach their destination country in five to ten business days. That's two to four days ahead of shipping with the national carrier.

A shipping vessel surrounded by dollar signs with a text above “Ship with Stallion Express”

How to Ship with Stallion Express?

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Unfortunately, cart abandonment is still one of the challenges most Canadian sellers face. This situation can be frustrating, especially if you know that your products are worth every penny. However, product quality is not the only reason for cart abandonment.

This article will share some techniques for preventing cart abandonments and offering express shipping in Canada without overspending. Scroll now!

reasons for cart abandonment

What is Cart Abandonment?

Simply, cart abandonment means when Canadian customers place goods in their online shopping cart but do not complete the transaction and the checkout process. Your business loses revenue each time a customer clicks the exit button instead of the "Complete Order" one.

Factors Resulting in Cart Abandonment

While there are plenty of causes for cart abandonment, you have some ways to prevent this from happening.

Complicated Checkout Process

One of the primary reasons for cart abandonment is the complicated checkout process. Every time you add a step and form field in the process, the shopper's ability to complete payment slows down and becomes more challenging. Since buyers prefer straightforward and convenient processes, any additional steps negatively affect customer experience.

Inability to Provide Upfront Cost

Customers do not appreciate any surprise. So, be upfront with the fees. If you want to lower the cart abandonment rate, properly display any charges incurred in the shipment before the customer clicks the "pay now" option, including the shipping cost. Don't forget to advertise free shipping, gift cards, and other discounts if available over a specific amount or event.

Security Concerns

Another specific reason why customers do not checkout their orders is due to security concerns. You need to protect your eCommerce store from some security threats and issues. Hacking, misuse of personal information, financial theft, phishing and scam attacks, and credit card fraud are some problems you need to monitor closely.

Website Performance Issues

Conversion rates are significantly and measurably influenced by website performance. For example, research has consistently demonstrated that a fast page speed will increase conversation rates, making users more likely to complete web page transactions if it loads quickly.

Lacking Return Policies

Whether we like it or not, returns are inevitable. But they are not always turn out negative. Return policies do not only prevent cart abandonment but can also increase customer retention.

In fact, a favorable return policy might improve customer loyalty rates. Shoppers are more likely to make another purchase if they have a positive return experience. In addition, online shops have a higher percentage to grow revenue if they have at least 40% of recurring customers.

Getting a shipping provider with an outstanding return policy is best to ensure you can reach your customers' expectations.

Limited Payment Options

When a customer does not see their preferred payment method, there is no other option but to leave the checkout process and find an online store to accommodate their desired payment process. Thus, businesses can avoid cart abandonment by offering several payment options across various providers.

Slow Delivery and Shipping Time

Customers prefer shops that can deliver their goods as timely as possible. While shipping and delivery time is out of your control, you can still alter its negative impact. For example, you can partner with a carrier that can provide you with a reasonable transit time.

On the other hand, offering express shipping is also an excellent idea to attract customers. You may ask the same question, "How fast is express shipping in Canada?" While shipping companies have different answers to this question, the average delivery time for an expedited parcel to reach the delivery address would be from one business day to a week*.

*Transit time varies depending on the location.

Minimal Shipping Options

While the most common shipping option that most Canadian customers choose is standard shipping, it wouldn't hurt your business to offer more than one shipping service. You can also put variations to your options, like economy and overnight shipping.

Give your customers the freedom to choose which shipping service matches their needs to ensure customer satisfaction and prevent them from leaving during the checkout process.

choose Stallion Express shipping

Try Stallion Express

If you want to limit cart abandonment, go for a shipping provider that will not just send your packages to the delivery address. Instead, choose a company that can help you develop your brand and satisfy customers.

Why don't you consider Stallion if you do not have a shipping partner to work with? They are a one-stop shop for online sellers who want to grow their business worldwide.

Working hand-in-hand with reputable shipping companies makes it easier for them to maintain the best shipping service for eCommerce. Thus, you can easily compete with other sellers in Canada, the United States, and anywhere in the world.

In addition to their outstanding eCommerce shipping services, they provide the most efficient and straightforward process. Create a shipment, choose the most suitable shipping option, add credits, pay the necessary shipping fees, and drop off* the package at the nearest Stallion branch.

*You can reach customer service if you wish to schedule a pickup.

Once Stallion receives the parcel, they will sort them accordingly and deliver them to the partner couriers for final delivery. Finally, Stallion Express will complete customs clearance at the border for US and international shipping on your behalf.

Additionally, users have the opportunity to integrate their online shop, book returns*, and get shipping protection.

*RETURNS are only available to Canada and US shipping due to the complexity and expensive costs when shipping internationally.

Key Takeaway

While cart abandonment is a common issue in the logistics industry, you can prevent it from happening to your business.

Do you want to get updates and notifications from Stallion Express? You can provide us with your email address or visit the website!

Things to Consider When Starting An eCommerce Business

Venturing into business takes a lot of work to succeed. It is not an overnight process that everything works out for you when you wake up in the morning. You have to invest plenty of time, a lot of money, and tremendous effort. Thus, you have to take each step cautiously to avoid costly mistakes.

As expert providers of eCommerce shipping solutions in Canada, we have listed the top elements to consider when starting your eCommerce business. However, this blog post is not only limited to first-time entrepreneurs. If you are struggling to maintain the quality or costs of your business, this article will be of great value.

Build A Team

As you start your eCommerce business, building a close-knit team that works toward one purpose is necessary. The sense and primary aim of creating a team is to make connections and bonds among individuals to establish a successful company. Brands can significantly benefit from fostering these relationships through this process.

In addition, according to research, collaborative problem-solving produces better results. If a brand has a team behind it, there are more creative ideas, innovation, and efficiency in all the tasks. And while you can build all sorts of teams, remember to include designated people in these groups.

Marketing. The advantage of having a marketing team for your company is that there is a designated team to engage consumers and help them decide to purchase your products. They can create a marketing strategy that establishes and sustains demand, relevance, identity, and competition.

Graphics and Web Design. Would you like to increase the company's visibility? An excellent graphic design could result in more sales. Web traffic to your brand is driven by appealing aesthetics, clear idea communication, increased visibility, and scoring various degrees of success. More significant traffic translates into more opportunities.

On the other hand, a professionally designed website can make a positive first impression on potential customers. Also, it could help you in developing your leads and increasing conversions. However, the most crucial part is that it offers a satisfying user experience and simplifies access and navigation for visitors visiting your website.

Fulfillment. Having your fulfillment team earns you many perks, including optimizing inventory, working with the shipping carrier to improve delivery time, and broadening your customer base. Moreover, the company will continuously attract customers and satisfy them with items if you have a clearly defined and efficient order fulfillment process.

Customer Support. It is essential to provide a reliable and credible customer service team to ensure you meet every customer's satisfaction. If you can address a concern correctly, it increases the chances of retention and loyalty. Existing customers who are pleased with the service and feel valued by the business are likelier to make larger purchases than new customers.

Set Goals

Setting goals is crucial to managing a successful company. They can help you maintain a clear direction for your company to strive for. In addition, every time you accomplish a goal can be the defining standard of the company's growth and competitive advantages. When you create a plan, remember to tailor them to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bounded (SMART) to avoid being overwhelmed.

Promote Your Brand

How else will your target audience know about your company, products, and services? Brand promotion is essential to growing the business, which is the primary focus of the marketing team. Some of the ways you can do to encourage a customer to purchase from you are listed below:

Provide Free Samples. Giving product samples to potential customers boosts publicity, gives them a glimpse of what's to come for your business, and hands them the assurance they need to purchase. When you incorporate sample distribution into the marketing budget, you provide your business leverage over competitors.

Offer Vouchers and Coupons. eCommerce companies gain from distributing coupons by stimulating repeat business from customers and helping to establish brand loyalty among consumers, who actively seek out and use coupons to save money on their purchases.

Companies that create a clever coupon strategy stand to gain from rising sales.

importance of shipping strategy

Set Shipping Strategy

Having a shipping strategy minimizes errors and maximizes time for more productive tasks. Included in setting the most suitable shipping method is to answer the question, "How much does it cost to deliver a package?" or "How much does shipping cost in Canada?" to ensure that you create customer-centric solutions. There are basic terms you need to acquaint yourself with so that it would be easier to accomplish the shipping process.

Live-Rates. Live rates are the agreed-upon shipping rates you and your courier settled to and are posted to your checkout over an application programming interface (API). Live rates are determined by the package's total order weight and destination for every eCommerce platform.

On a side note, live shipping rates are one of small businesses' most common pricing methods when establishing shipping costs. Suppose you are using shipping software to fulfill orders. In that case, you will automatically see how much the shipping costs every order incurs.

Same-Day Delivery. It is a shipping option commonly offered to customers wanting to receive their packages instantly. It is a shipping model referring to when a consumer orders a product that can be delivered to the customer's doorstep within 24 hours. However, it is instead an expensive shipping option, so many customers opt to choose something other than it.

Free Shipping. As customers are enticed to purchase products, order volume increases with free shipping. Although it decreases the volume of orders placed, free shipping still likely lead to fewer returns and a better profit margin because customers are more inclined to keep their purchases to avoid paying for delivery returns. An affordable shipping solution can help you provide free shipping, as you can cover the shipping costs yourself.

ship with Stallion Express

Ship With Stallion Express

If you need a team to ship your products securely and at affordable shipping rates, you don't have to look far because Stallion Express is just a few clicks away.

Who Are they?

They are the leading shipping carrier in Canada, offering a vast range of shipping services, including Canadian, US, and international shipping. Stallion Express offers an efficient shipping process to lift the burden of all Canadian sellers from a strenuous shipment.

What Do They Do?

They help every small business in Canada to compete with more established brands by offering the best shipping solutions for eCommerce. They simplify the supply chain, letting eCommerce companies profit faster and satisfy their clients and the client's customers.

How Does It Work?

You must visit their website, create your Stallion account, and set up your store integration, if applicable your eCommerce platform. You don't have to worry because signing up is FREE, and there are no upfront charges that you need to pay. After setting up an account, you can start creating a shipment. Input all the necessary details correctly to avoid costly mistakes and delays in delivery.

Additionally, since it has an integration platform that works like shipping software, you can print the shipping label, calculate the shipping cost, track the shipping carrier's location, etc., without leaving the platform, making it quicker to complete order fulfillment. Thus, Amazon, eBay, or Shopify shipping will never be as easy as shipping with Stallion Express,

Key Takeaway

While it is challenging to venture into the commerce or eCommerce industry, perseverance, correct planning strategy, and the most qualified teams and partners can lead you a long way.

If you'd like to know more about Canada's leading logistics company, you can contact +1 877-863-7447, and our customer support representatives will be happy to help you.

Many countries have gained power and a rising economy once they've established business relations with Canada. With the number of products being consistently imported and exported out of the country, it's obvious that Canada has managed to keep the spotlight on them. However, it's not only Canada that has managed to succeed in making international business relations possible.

It's the various shipping services in Canada that continue to serve everyone everywhere to ensure goods from all over the world reach the country safely, efficiently, and intact. Despite experiencing a global lockdown, eCommerce businesses have continued to resume in peace and at a safe social distance.

However, you're probably wondering how many operational shipping services are available in the country to manage a 6.2% increase in Canadian exports and a 5.8% increase in Canadian imports as of 2018. Well, today, we'll learn more about how Canada has made this possible by giving a quick overview of the different shipping services operating to ensure this success!

But before we get started on knowing what shipping services these are, we must first understand what makes a shipping service great, what factors and aspects we should consider to give everyone a better understanding of why they made this list.

What To Consider When Choosing The Right Shipping Services in Canada

Whether you're a local or international business owner, there are many things you're investing your money into. Sometimes, you need to know if you're putting your money in the right things and on the right people, especially when you're an eCommerce business owner.

Aside from operations and manufacturing, shipping and logistics is probably the other aspect of where your money goes to eCommerce. But how do you know you're working with the right shipping service provider that will not only ensure customer satisfaction but also somehow help you increase your profits?

Their reputation must precede them.

No matter how reliable a shipping company tells you they are, you can't fully guarantee that until you've experienced it for yourself. However, your personal experience shouldn't be the only way to decide this, too. You must scour the internet for reviews, whether bad or good, to weigh out the company's pros and cons. Asking other people for information about the shipping company will also help you choose the right shipping service provider for you.

They should be able to provide you with the option you need.

Despite the number of shipping services in Canada, not many of them can offer you the option you need. If you're planning to expand your business internationally, then a shipping company that provides you with an international shipping option is what you should be looking for. Knowing what you need and what you want helps you narrow down the list of options you have. Aside from that, the shipping options that companies on your list should also match or at least be close to the budget you've already prepared. That way, you won't have to make any major changes to your business' financial plan.

There must be communication platforms available.

One of the key elements of a successful business is communication. If the shipping company you're currently checking out can provide you with access to their real-time tracking programs and platforms then, it's a plus. It'd even be better to provide you with different ways to get in touch with the courier in-charge to make your deliveries. It's not only a way to ensure that your business' processes are streamlined but also a way to guarantee customer satisfaction. For example, Stallion Express has partnered with Aftership for better and more reliable tracking updates. You don’t need to worry about where your package is because Aftership provides its customers with transparency as to anticipation of delivery, etc.

Considering all the various information listed above will help you decide which shipping company is the best for you and your budget. If you can establish a relationship with your shipping service provider, then you might even receive perks such as shipping discounts and rates that will lead to you working with the cheapest shipping service in Canada!

So let's start rounding up the best shipping services in Canada!

UPS Canada

UPS—stands for United Parcel Service—is a multinational logistics and shipping company that continues to operate following its establishment as American Messenger Company back in 1907. The shipping company has managed to evolve and adapt to modern times as they offer various services ranging from packaging and shipping to freight forwarding.

The company continues to develop new ways to integrate and streamline its operations to ensure its customers worldwide get the high-quality shipping service they deserve. UPS has been at the forefront of the shipping and logistics industry, which some companies have modeled after. Through the different locations existing worldwide, it's no wonder that UPS also has a Canada division.

From domestic to international shipping, UPS has a variety of services for you to explore! With the huge network they have built over the years, the business has certainly created different ways for you to enjoy the low shipping fees they continue to offer. And we don't just mean the cheapest shipping service in Canada, but also they offer more affordable rates for you to send any packages internationally.

Overall, UPS works great; however, due to their premium service, they often have a higher price compared to Canada Post. It would be best to hear out the various experiences from other people to evaluate UPS' performance and reliability as a shipping service provider.

Besides, they have different rates for the various shipping services that UPS offers. To better understand this, they have integrated a shipping calculator to make the whole process easier for you! Their shipping services might be the cheapest shipping service in Canada that suits your needs and budget.

Stallion Economy Canada

Unlike UPS, Stallion Economy Canada has not been around for a long time. However, it does not mean it is the inferior one. In the past years, they have proven to provide high-quality and reliable service to its customers. 

Stallion Economy Canada does the final mile delivery taken care of by Canada Post, which is something you should try. With this shipping service, you can monitor the status of your parcel using its tracking page. The package should arrive within four to eight days. 

Stallion Economy Canada line hauls to the most convenient Canada Post Hub of the end destination with three strategic Canada Post hubs for delivery: Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto. But, the downside is that you might not see any updates on the carrier tracking page up to the last few days of your package's delivery. 

Canada Post

If experience is the way to decide how one becomes part of Canada's top shipping services, then Canada Post wins by a landslide. As a domestic shipping service provider founded in 1867, Canada Post has built its own offices in different locations throughout Canada.

However, Canada Post doesn't only operate domestically. This company is currently making a million deliveries daily both domestically and internationally! Their quick and affordable shipping services in Canada and out of Canada have made them among the top shipping services in the

country. Aside from the network they've managed to build over the years, they've also established a good rapport with customers for the efficient and timely delivery.

But despite their experience, their international shipping services tracking information may not be as detailed compared to what other shipping companies can provide you with. If you're concerned about real-time tracking, then Canada Post may not be the one for you. Still, we can't deny how fast, efficient, and reliable their domestic and Intra-Canada shipping services are!

Canada Post is the largest and most preferred domestic shipping company in Canada when it comes to volume shipment. But this doesn't mean they only cater to large volumes of deliveries, too. They have a wide variety of shipping services for you to choose from! Plus, they've also created online tools you can check out and possibly even integrate into your eCommerce store! If not, you can always check out Stallion Express, as we've also partnered with Canada Post for your eCommerce needs! Who knows, Canada Post might be the cheapest shipping service in Canada that suits your local business needs.

What to do next?

In conclusion, Stallion Express offers Canada shipping services, Canada Post, UPS Canada, and Stallion Economy CA* (only for ON region), which can help you grow your business. Besides that, you might be able to find a company that can help you offer the cheapest shipping service in Canada and even out of the country.

Overall, experience and reliability is the most important thing to think about when choosing a shipping company. With that being said, Canada Post is still ranked as the most visited and most trusted shipping company in the Canadian market. Imagine having a more seamless logistics and shipping process with the help of Stallion Express's integrated tools! Your eCommerce business is sure to boom.

Stallion Express's expertise and online integration make it easy for you to manage your deliveries and packages, as well as make it easy for your customers to keep track of their purchases. What are you waiting for? Reach out to Stallion Express today!

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