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Cheapest International Shipping From Canada (2024)

Aman Chopra
February 8, 2024

In a globalized world, affordable international shipping is vital for businesses, small-time sellers, and eCommerce entrepreneurs. Let us explore all the international shipping methods available in Canada, compare providers, and share strategies for securing the cheapest rates.

Discover the secrets of affordable international shipping from Canada and ensure your packages reach their destinations without breaking the bank.

This article will discuss the following topics:

  • Shipping methods available for international shipments from Canada
  • Price comparisons between the popular shipping companies
  • Factors that affect international shipping rates

Shipping Methods Available For International Shipment in Canada

shipping methods available for international shipments

With a range of options available at your disposal, choosing the most suitable shipping method can significantly impact your international shipping costs, delivery times, and overall customer satisfaction. Thus, it is essential to understand international shipments from Canada clearly.

Let's equip you with the knowledge to optimize your shipping process, as knowing this information will help you find the most efficient and cost-effective solution for your international shipments.

Postal Services

postal services in Canada

Postal services play a significant role in providing accessible and affordable solutions for Canadian businesses looking to send packages to different countries.

Canada Post

Canada Post is the primary postal service provider in Canada, functioning as the country's official postal operator. It has a long and rich history dating back to 1867 and has established itself as a trustworthy and reliable organization for mail and parcel delivery across the nation and internationally.

It offers different service options, including domestic mail, parcel delivery, and courier services. Since Canada Post operates an extensive network of post offices and retail locations, ensuring accessibility for customers throughout the country.

Meanwhile, its international shipping service is designed to facilitate secure and timely package deliveries to international destinations globally. They have different shipping options, including tracked and untracked services, allowing customers to choose the level of visibility and security they require.

In addition to traditional postal services, Canada Post has adapted to the demanding needs of the digital age. Thus, they provide online tools and resources, such as shipping calculators, tracking services, and customs documentation assistance, to help customers and streamline the shipping process.

Canada Post also works with international postal organizations and courier businesses, allowing customers to take advantage of their convenience and reliability.

However, keep in mind that using Canada Post for international shipping is a very costly route.

Courier Services

Couriers and carriers have a pivotal role when you ship internationally. Let's check out some of the major carrier services in Canada for international shipments, highlighting key features, their service offerings, and their rates.

The following table considers a shipment weighing 1lb from Toronto, Canada, to Sydney, Australia.

Shipping ProviderBest FeaturesShipping OptionsRates (CAD $)
UPS CanadaUPS Canada offers extensive global coverage, ensuring your packages reach international destinations with seamless tracking and visibility.

Furthermore, UPS Canada also possesses customs expertise, simplifying the complicated clearance process. 
UPS Worldwide Saver (1-3 days)$137.85
UPS Worldwide Expedited (2-5 days)$129.25
FedEx CanadaFedEx Canada offers a wide range of global courier and logistics services, including international shipping.

The company has an extensive network and coverage and offers advanced tracking, customs brokerage, and time-definite delivery options.
FedEx International Economy® (7-10 days)$116.22
FedEx International Priority® Express (1-3 days)$158.42
FedEx International Priority® (1-3 days)$151.30
PurolatorThe Canadian courier and freight solutions provider Purolator provides multiple international delivery service options, including express and ground shipping.

Purolator also offers customs brokerage and consultation, as well as online tracking and dedicated customer support.
Purolator Express International 9 AM Guaranteed$267.60
Purolator Express International 12 PM Guaranteed$189.47
Purolator Express International Guaranteed$179.99
DHL CanadaDHL has a strong presence in Canada, giving Canadian businesses access to its extensive international shipping network.

The company offers quick delivery services with advanced tracking and real-time updates, plus the necessary expertise that will help you clear common customs requirements.
DHL (delivery within 7 days)$177.39
CanparCanpar offers cost-effective international shipping services with ground and air delivery options with online tracking and proof of delivery.

The company also provides dedicated customer service and extended operating hours for drop-off and pick-up to ensure customer satisfaction.
U.S. & International (2-10 business days, depending on origin and destination)$143.81
Stallion ExpressStallion provides the most cost-effective international shipping services with a strong focus on e-commerce sellers.

Through our partnerships with APC Logistics and Post NL, we provide streamlined customs clearance, delivery tracking, warehousing and fulfilment, and dedicated customer support.
APC Priority International (9 - 12 business days)$17.02
Post NL International (6-9 business days)$20.18

Note that this is a general overview of the carriers and the pricing may vary over time, so visiting the respective carrier websites for current pricing is recommended. However, it is highly likely that you will always get the cheapest international shipping rates from Stallion Express.

Factors That Affect International Shipping Costs from Canada


Finding the cheapest rates for international shipping can significantly impact your bottom line, especially for a small business sending packages overseas. However, achieving cheap shipping while maintaining quality and reliability requires careful consideration of various factors.

Delivery Speed


The delivery speed determines how quickly your packages reach their international destinations, which can be crucial for time-sensitive shipments or urgent deliveries. Every shipping service and provider offers varying delivery speeds, from express options ensuring expedited delivery to standard or economy services with longer transit times.

Before deciding the delivery speed, it's essential to consider the specific needs of your international shipment. Do they require express services? Are these urgent shipments? Can you send them using standard or economy shipping options? Answering these questions can help make informed decisions and get better prices.

Additionally, it's important to align the delivery speeds with your timeline requirements and consider any potential issues that may cause delays, like customs documents, weather, or unforeseen circumstances.

Package Weight and Dimensions


A shipping carrier often determines shipping rates based on the weight and dimensions of a package. Basically, heavier or bulkier parcels generally incur higher shipping fees. Therefore, understanding your package's weight and dimensions lets you estimate and compare shipping costs accurately, letting you choose the most cost-effective option.

In addition to saving on shipping expenses, the package's weight and dimensions can influence the available transportation options, especially when shipping to international destinations. So, knowing the weight and dimensions upfront is better to select the appropriate transportation method that meets your package requirements.

Proper Packaging Techniques

Proper packaging is essential for shipping packages internationally from Canada. Small businesses should use sturdy boxes, fill empty spaces with cushioning materials, individually wrap fragile items, seal the package securely with high-quality tape, and clearly label it with accurate recipient information and necessary customs documentation to ensure secure and efficient shipping.

Reducing Dimensional Weight

Brands and businesses should optimize the packaging size when shipping a package internationally, as the choice of packaging can affect the shipping cost. You can also potentially lower the shipping costs when you reduce dimensional weight. To do this, use the smallest box or package to accommodate your products safely, minimizing empty space. Go for packaging materials that are lightweight but can provide adequate protection.

Tracking and Shipment Protection Options


Tracking and shipment protection are essential when sending a package internationally from Canada. Tracking provides visibility into the shipment's progress, allowing you to keep customers informed and address issues and concerns promptly. It offers delivery confirmation, which is crucial for business transactions and dispute resolution.

Meanwhile, shipment protection and insurance loss, damage or theft risks or theft. Tracking details also assist in customs clearance, ensuring smoother processes and avoiding delays. Prioritizing tracking and shipment protection enhances peace of mind, enables timely issue resolution, protects against risks, and facilitates smooth international operations.

Customs Clearance Process


Compliance with customs and other shipping regulations ensures you meet legal obligations, avoiding penalties or delays. Submitting required documents accurately enables smooth processing, preventing issues and clearance delays. Awareness of potential duties and taxes helps anticipate and plan for additional fees.

Furthermore, proper compliance avoids shipment detentions or delays, safeguarding customer satisfaction and business operations. Thus, understanding the process is essential for successful international shipping operations.

Destination Country Restrictions


Each country has laws to ensure legal adherence, promote safety, prevent the transport of dangerous items, and maintain a secure supply chain. They also protect intellectual property, preventing involvement in illegal activities. Adhering to shipping restrictions also avoids delays, confiscations, and financial losses, and reputational damage.

Key Takeaway

International shipping from Canada requires careful consideration of various factors to ensure the best shipping options. Understanding the available shipping methods, considering factors like delivery speed, package weight and dimensions, proper packaging techniques, reducing dimensional weight, tracking and shipment protection, customs clearance process, and destination country restrictions are crucial for cost-effective and reliable international shipping.

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