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How Much Is International Shipping? Learn How To Cut Costs Quickly

Diana Zheng
July 27, 2023

Imagine selling your products to a wider audience beyond international borders. With international sales, you earn a profit and market Canadian products. Yet, retailers often find the problem of paying a very expensive cost for sending out international shipments. An expensive shipping fee can hurt your online sales and drive away your potential international customers.

So, how can you avoid this? Here are some things you must keep in mind when asking, “How much is international shipping?”

Rates For Major International Shipping Carriers In Canada

You may use this table to compare the shipping rates and delivery timelines of the most popular international shipping carriers in Canada, it considers a shipment weighing 1lb being shipped from Toronto, Canada to Sydney, Australia.:

Shipping ProviderBest FeaturesShipping OptionsRates (CAD $)
UPS CanadaUPS Canad offers extensive global coverage, ensuring your packages reach international destinations with seamless tracking and visibility.UPS Worldwide Saver (1-3 days)$137.85
UPS Worldwide Expedited (2-5 days)$129.25
FedEx CanadaFedEx Canada offers a wide range of global courier and logistics services, including international shipping.
FedEx International Economy® (7-10 days)$116.22
FedEx International Priority® Express (1-3 days)$158.42
FedEx International Priority® (1-3 days)$151.30
PurolatorThe Canadian courier and freight solutions provider Purolator provides multiple international delivery service options, including express and ground shipping.
Purolator Express International 9 AM Guaranteed$267.60
Purolator Express International 12 PM Guaranteed$189.47
Purolator Express International Guaranteed$179.99
DHL CanadaDHL has a strong presence in Canada, giving Canadian businesses access to its extensive international shipping network.
DHL (delivery within 7 days)$177.39
CanparCanpar offers cost-effective international shipping services with ground and air delivery options with online tracking and proof of delivery.
U.S. & International (2-10 business days, depending on origin and destination)$143.81
Stallion ExpressStallion provides the most cost-effective international shipping services with a strong focus on e-commerce sellers.

Through our partnerships with APC Logistics and Post NL, we provide streamlined customs clearance, delivery tracking, warehousing and fulfilment, and dedicated customer support.
APC Priority International (9 – 12 business days)$17.02
Post NL International (6-9 business days)$20.18

Please note that shipping rates may vary over time. For the most up-to-date rates, please visit the respective carrier websites.

Factors Affecting International Shipping Costs

There are several factors which affect international shipping costs. Learn how to leverage these in your favour to reduce shipping expenses and maximize profits.


packaging affects shipping costs

While international shipping prices may vary greatly, one thing is for certain, they all consider the parcel weight and measurement. Many shipping companies developed a pricing approach to include more products in a single transit and maximize the space in a shipping container.

This means that the heavier the package weight, the higher the shipping cost. Keep in mind that the parcel size also affects how much shipping will cost.

Many shipping service providers now use the package’s dimensions, rather than the item’s actual measurement, to calculate the shipping cost. The box’s length, width, and height add to its total dimension.

Pro-Tip: Use boxes with enough space to carry and protect your products to reduce the cost of shipping. For smaller items, you can use other packaging materials like Kraft mailers, courier bags, and corrugated boxes to reduce the shipping cost further.

Package Destination

Your package destination is also important when you ask how much is international shipping for a small package.  Generally, the shorter your shipping distance is, the lower the rates when you ship internationally.

At the same time, the shipping price can be higher if the shipment destination is farther. This is all because the cost is calculated from the pickup location to the customer’s destination country.

Applicable Tariffs and Taxes

international shipment boxes

Taxes and tariffs are important and inevitable in all international trade. The customs fee, or tariffs, are mandated contributions that a country’s government imposes for the customs clearance of imported goods.

You must pay a certain amount before an item reaches its overseas destination. Thus, paying these tariffs is important as you expand your business globally.

While it is impossible to avoid paying these taxes, business owners should opt for an international shipping company that offers the most affordable option to make up for the cost of the foreign charges.

Package Protection

Hurricanes and road accidents, among other factors, are inevitable when transporting goods. They may be unlikely, but they are still a possibility. So, sellers should take effective measures to ensure that they are in good hands while their parcels are being transported.

Package protection benefits both the seller and the buyer. Although it is beyond the seller’s control, customers usually blame them when their packages get lost, stolen, or damaged while in transit.

Thus, with package protection, customers get assurance that their packages come with an extra layer of protection. Moreover, it also guarantees that online sellers won’t suffer any financial losses if the transit meets issues along the way which may negatively affect the delivery.

While getting package protection means adding a few more amounts to your total postage charge, this guarantees the safety of your parcels especially on international shipping, giving you and your customers confidence and peace of mind.

Delivery Time

The shipping rates can also depend on the speed of your shipment. It may vary depending on delivery to certain destinations and methods available for the shipment.

Many shipping carriers offer different shipping options depending on your shipping needs. Of course, it can cost customers more if they opt to use a shipping service that delivers their packages faster than standard or economy shipping.

Customers may need to choose an Express Shipping option like priority mail international, especially if they expect a package for urgent reasons.

Consider Stallion Express For International Shipments

stallion ships internationally

Consider Stallion Express as your cheapest international shipping service partner. Move your products from Canada to anywhere in the world using only the fastest premium quality international shipping for the most competitive rates.

Stallion’s easy-to-use integration platforms will give you an efficient way to work on your online store orders and operational workflow.

Stallion’s International Service Features:

  • Partnership With Great International Courier Service – We work alongside great international courier services, like APC Logistics and PostNL, as we give you the fastest, most cost-effective, and most reliable service when you ship a package internationally.
  • Cheapest International Shipping Rates – Stallion offers more affordable shipping costs than the local post office! You can save your money up to 80% on international shipping rates.
  • Full Tracking Options – You and your customers can monitor your package movement by using the tracking reference that is unique to your parcel.
  • Quick Transit Time – Say goodbye to a long waiting game with Stallion’s 5-10 business days delivery time*.

*Delivery time may depend on the recipient’s location.

Please visit Stallion’s FAQs page for more information about this service or you may also contact our customer support.

Other Services Offered

Aside from shipping internationally, Stallion Express also provides shipping services for domestic and cross-border shipments (Canada-to-USA).

Enjoy big shipping discounts by choosing Stallion as your shipping partner and growing your market with us!

Create Your Free Account Now

woman creates free account for shipping

Create your Stallion Express account now! Registration is free.

After signing up, integrate your store and enjoy the easiest way to streamline your business workflow as you manage your orders, create, pay, and print your shipping labels, and process shipments all in one place!

Rest assured that there is no additional charge when using the platform.

Key Takeaway

Whenever you try to estimate how much international shipping is from any shipping carrier, remember the important factors affecting the total shipping costs. Or, to make it easier, use a shipping calculator so you’ll get real-time estimates and more postage options.

Then, use Stallion Express and take advantage of its high-quality shipping process and lowest shipping rates. Finally, experience the smoothest way to send your packages to your customers worldwide.

Get started today! Ship faster, smarter, cheaper with Stallion.

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