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International Air Freight Shipping In Canada

Diana Zheng
October 13, 2023

Many small businesses in Canada have great potential to develop into bigger ventures. The more foreign consumers have access to your products, the more likely it is for you to boost your sales and achieve the success of your business. This is where international air freight shipping comes into play.

With this, among your primary considerations in growing your business should be optimizing your business and choosing the right international shipping service.

Air International Shipping vs. Ground and Ocean Shipping

Alt Text: How Does Air International Shipping Differ From Ground And Ocean Shipping?

Shipping to international countries can be done in different ways. The most common types of shipping are air international shipping, ground shipping and ocean shipping. However, among these three methods, air freight shipping services can be more beneficial for you.

ComparisonAir Freight ShippingGround and Ocean Freight Shipping
Speed• Provides unmatched speed,  ensuring online sellers can deliver their products to customers in a remarkably short time.

• Goods will reach their destination within a few days.
• May take longer to deliver the goods, especially for customers from farther foreign destinations.

Shipped items may arrive at the end destination within a few weeks or even months.
Customer Satisfaction• May lead to enhanced customer satisfaction, online shoppers often appreciate and expect quick delivery times.• May result in a higher number of customer inquiries for their shipment status.

• May increase bad reviews, chargebacks, and cancellations, especially for B2C eCommerce businesses.
Inventory Management• Allows faster and more efficient inventory management of unnecessary stockpiling, saving on storage costs, and minimizing inventory issues.• Slower and longer inventory management.

• Increases the possibility of item damage and inventory issues.
Time-Sensitive Goods• Products reach your customers before specific events, such as holidays.• Poses a possibility for the products to arrive late.
• Goods may no longer be used for a specific event.
Global Market Access• Greater access to global markets. Enables online sellers to expand their customer base beyond international borders.• Online shoppers may refuse to purchase from other countries because of slower transit time. 
Flexibility• Allows sellers to send smaller quantities of goods more frequently to facilitate testing new markets, launching new products, or adapting to fluctuating demand.• Demand forecasting is needed as goods cannot be shipped as frequently.

Advantages of International Air Shipping

Alt Text: What Are The Advantages of International Air Shipping?

In addition to the factors mentioned above, international air shipping provides several more benefits:

Reduced Packaging Requirements

Since air cargo is handled less frequently and experiences fewer shocks and vibrations during transport, you can use lighter packaging materials, lowering shipping costs and environmental effects. Also, by using less packaging material, you can help your shipping carrier save more space in their shipping container and allow more packages to be included in the batch for shipping.

Reliable Shipment Scheduling

Air transport follows fixed schedules, allowing for greater accuracy in shipment arrival. As such, airlines have regular departure and arrival schedules*, allowing you to arrange your shipment schedule better. This dependability is particularly useful for time-sensitive shipments or when working with other areas of the supply chain.

*Weather and other outside factors may still affect the departure and arrival schedules.

Enhanced Security

Air shipping companies maintain tight security precautions, including strict import screening procedures. Thus, this adds an extra layer of security to shipments, especially for high-value or sensitive items. Also, its controlled and monitored setting decreases the chance of loss or damage while in transit.

Improved Tracking And Visibility

Air transport often involves advanced tracking and visibility. By using these new systems, you can track your shipments in real-time, providing precise monitoring and timely updates on delivery status. Plus, this access enables you to manage customer expectations, address issues proactively, and offer accurate delivery information to your customers.

Factors Affecting International Air Freight Rates

Alt Text: Know The Factors That Affect International Air Freight Rates

Air freight shipping services can be costly compared to ground and ocean shipping. But, while that is true, the former can lead to better outcomes compared to the latter. If you’re wondering what other factors can affect air freight shipping rates, read these items below.

Package Weight And Dimension

Package weight and dimensions are significant variables when determining international air shipment fees. Generally, airlines charge based on the scale weight, which includes the size of the box as well as its actual weight.

Take note that larger and heavier packages take more space and fuel to deliver. As a result, bigger and bulkier items tend to incur higher shipping costs than smaller and lighter packages, as they consume more resources and may limit overall aircraft containers.

International Destination

Distance, foreign customs and regulations, and availability of facilities may also impact shipping rates. Keep in mind that longer distances usually result in higher costs for transportation due to increased fuel consumption and longer transit times.

Furthermore, some destinations may charge additional handling fees or require special customs clearance documents, which might increase the entire shipment cost.

Package Protection

Including package protection in your air shipment can result in additional costs. But, this comes with a great advantage for you and your customers.

Getting package protection adds value to your shipment and protects it from any damage or loss during transportation. This protection often comes as an extra cost because it takes additional resources and services to assure the package’s safety.

Fortunately, Stallion Express offers the lowest price for premium package protection. With Stallion Protection, you can safeguard your international shipments for as low as 0.99 CAD!

Stallion Express: Your Partner In International Shipping

Alt Text: Why Choose Stallion Express?

Consider Stallion Express as your business partner – you manage your business, and we ship your products.

Our international services are tailored to exceed your shipping expectations. We offer the most competitive rates while providing you with full tracking options, quick and reliable delivery, and overall great service.

Stallion Express International Shipping
Shipping RatesTracking OptionsDelivery TimeStallion Protection
Up to 80% cheaper shipping rates from Canada to anywhere in the worldAvailable5-10 business days

*delivery times may vary based on destination

Not only that, but we also work with the best air freight shipment partners that will surely take care of your packages as we send them to your customers worldwide!

International Partner Carriers

Stallion Express ensures that you receive the most cost-effective and efficient international shipping service with APC Postal Logistics and PostNL.

Call Us

For more details about Stallion’s international shipping services, feel free to visit our website or talk to our customer support. We want to hear from you!

Get started today! Ship faster, smarter, cheaper with Stallion.

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