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Courier Partner for E-commerce With The Best Shipping Rates in 2024

Diana Zheng
May 26, 2023

Upscaling the systems should be the priority for entrepreneurs to grow their online businesses. A systems-driven company can meet the complex growth requirements, which means powerful eCommerce shipping solutions can help you achieve your business’s full potential.

However, there are a few more aspects of eCommerce shipping that you need to think about when growing your business, like choosing the most suitable shipping partner. With thousands of Canadian courier services willing to work with you, it can be challenging (and crucial!) to work with a shipping partner that offers the most competitive shipping rate with the same high-quality eCommerce shipping services.

Check this article to learn more about one of the leading courier partners for eCommerce, who will offer the best shipping rates in 2024!

How Can You Get the Best Courier Services Partner For eCommerce?

While being the best courier service is subjective and can come differently depending on what shipping services you are looking for, there is a standard that many companies look at when choosing the perfect eCommerce shipping partner.

Review the Reliability of the Courier Service Provider

You can experience multiple positive effects of having a reliable shipping company.

  • It boosts efficiency in your eCommerce business. Reliable shipping partners know how to do the job as quickly as possible and can figure out new ways to accomplish tasks to save even more time and money.
  • Reliability also helps you achieve optimal customer satisfaction. It can establish trust because it is honest to its capabilities.

Although you can use different criteria to measure the reliability of the courier services, the top two bases you need to review carefully are its reputation and customer support.

The reputation of the potential courier services is an excellent base indicative of their reliability. It is best to look for courier’s reviews and ratings on online shopping, on their website, and on third-party review websites to know the feedback of the other shipping companies or customers about their services.

Meanwhile, courier services with a responsive, attentive, and professional customer support team can bring your business to the next level. As the package travels to its destination, you need someone to provide a clear line of communication with you and your customers.

Take Advantage of Cheap Shipping Costs

Choose a courier service that can reduce shipping costs while offering a price that works for you and your customers. However, always remember that the cheapest eCommerce shipping options are not always the best. Thus, you must plan your shipping strategy before choosing a logistics service provider.

Most courier services provide various service levels, including standard shipping and expedited delivery. Selecting the most suitable service for your shipment can save you shipping costs. You should also be mindful of the package dimensions and shipping tools to ensure you get the best out of your option.

Check the Flexibility of the Courier Services

While taking advantage of the cheapest shipping options available is essential, it would help eCommerce businesses more if the courier service is flexible enough to give shipping discounts to meet your eCommerce business shipping needs.

Some factors you can use as a guideline in choosing the best Canadian courier service provider are its delivery options, accessibility to your customer’s location, tracking and communication, logistics services customization, and returns.

Benefits of Having the Best Courier Service Provider for eCommerce

Benefits of having the best eCommerce courier partner

You might think that simply having a delivery partner send every parcel to its rightful destination is enough. That, however, does not ensure quality delivery. You must ensure that every shipment gets the service it deserves.

Speedy Delivery Services

Most shipping companies with superb courier services offer a fast delivery time.

Quick parcel services enable an online business to reach customer expectations because it shows how you value your customer’s time, leading to positive feedback and potential recommendations to other people. The chances of increasing customer loyalty are high because they will keep ordering from you.

You can also gain competitive advantages by choosing fast shipping speed courier services. Often, customers look at the delivery timeframe and shipping amount before completing the checkout. Most customers only proceed if they can ensure they can get their orders quickly. So, eCommerce businesses can reduce cart abandonment with the help of quick shipping companies.

Prevent Logistics Issues

While shipping issues rarely happen, the chances of them happening are still high. Feel more confident about your shipment and the reputation of your online business by partnering with the best logistics partner.

With the most suitable shipping company, you can guarantee that customer orders arrive quickly and reliably, lowering the chance of missing or delayed packaging. It helps eCommerce businesses meet customer expectations for fast and efficient delivery.

Moreover, eCommerce businesses can manage their inventory by ensuring customers receive their orders on schedule. It reduces inventory holding costs and improves cash flow. You can easily manage orders and roll your working capital by reducing the order placement and delivery time.

Real-Time Tracking Updates

Partnering with the best shipping company will improve your business communication and transparency. Your customers can track their packages and receive real-time updates about the shipment’s status, including the expected delivery timeframe. This feature reduces customer inquiries and complaints, increasing customer satisfaction.

In addition, since you already have the tool to help your customers t

Complete Supply Chain

Compared to your competitors, you can lower your distribution costs by using fewer distribution channels and logistics experts, which would support you in maintaining a more substantial cash flow and profits. It’s a win-win situation where you lower expenses and accomplish the tasks faster.

Stallion Express: Canada’s Leading eCommerce Courier Service

Stalllion Express best Ecommerce shipping service

Available Shipping Services

Many delivery options exist for people looking to send their packages within Canada and across the Canada-US border. However, none comes close to Stallion Express. They work closely with reputable courier companies, maintaining the credibility of every shipping service.

You can bring your business’ A-game and reach your maximum potential with the help of Stallion’s shipping partners.

US Shipping

If you want to expand your customer base across the border, Stallion is the shipping carrier you need.

One of Stallion’s standout eCommerce shipping services is its US shipping service. They provide fast and reliable shipping from Canada to anywhere in the United States. Stallion Express’s US shipping option is ideal for your online store to streamline your cross-border shipping and improve customer experience with competitive rates and a commitment to prompt delivery.

Stallion has the expertise and resources to get your shipments to their destinations quickly and efficiently. They are the go-to choice for businesses looking for a reliable and cost-effective eCommerce shipping solution, emphasizing excellent customer service and a commitment to delivering the best possible eCommerce shipping experience.

Canada Shipping

Stallion is a top-rated eCommerce shipping provider offering a range of options to meet the unique eCommerce shipping needs of businesses across Canada.

If you’re a small online business wanting to grow your business across Canada, Stallion’s Canada shipping option is something you must consider. With their fast and reliable shipping services, you can ship anywhere in the country.

This option features affordable shipping costs, an extensive tracking system, and a timely and efficient delivery commitment. As Stallion is committed to satisfying its clients, you can guarantee they can send your products to your customers quickly and cost-effectively. With their domestic expertise and their shipping partners’ help, you can experience exceptional service to develop your business.

International Shipping

Stallion’s International shipping services offer customers fast and reliable shipments to destinations worldwide.

Stallion Express relieves the pressure of dealing with complicated customs clearance processes, expensive shipping costs, and delays. We got you covered as you expand your business internationally.

Our overseas shipping services allow you to grow your global customer base with our reliable and cost-effective shipping solution. With the help of our shipping partners, you can ship orders without any issues!

Amazon FBA Shipping

Stallion Amazon FBA shipping service is a hassle-free solution for online stores to streamline their Amazon fulfillment process. With this shipping method, you don’t have to store and manage your inventory since Amazon can do it on your behalf.

You can send your products directly to Amazon’s fulfillment centers in the United States, saving you time and resources while ensuring customers receive their packages efficiently.


Stallion understands the importance of providing a seamless return process, so you don’t have to worry about customers returning packages from the United States. With a hassle-free solution for managing returns and exchanges, it can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Shipping Partners

Choose your eCommerce shipping partner wisely

Having a reliable shipping partner is vital to a growing business because they provide expanded reach, dependable shipment, cost-effectiveness, improved customer experience, and scalability. Thus, choosing Stallion can significantly help your business to succeed and grow with its systematic shipping operations and customer-centric goals.

Stallion Express has a wide range of shipping services to accommodate customers’ needs. You can expand your business anywhere with our domestic, US, and international shipping, you can expand your business anywhere. Our partners are Canada Post and UPS for Canadian shipping, USPS, FedEx for US shipping, and APC and PostNL for international shipping.

They also offer delivery services to Amazon FBA US warehouses!

USPS, FedEx, and Stallion Economy USA

USPS and FedEx are reliable courier services you can choose if you’re shipping a package to the United States.

USPS is a trusted and well-trusted shipping provider offering numerous services, including priority mail and parcel select. They have an extensive network of post offices and delivery routes, providing comprehensive coverage across the United States.

On the other hand, FedEx is a well-known expedited and reliable delivery service. They offer different services, including overnight, two-day, and express shipping options, allowing time-sensitive products to arrive right on schedule.

Meanwhile, Stallion Economy USA is Stallion’s white-label option for the most cost-effective Canada-to-US shipments, striving to improve cross-border shipping for businesses hoping to grow their business across the border.

Canada Post, UPS, and Stallion Economy Canada

Being Canada’s national carrier, they can ensure reliability and accessibility for businesses to ship anywhere in the country. Their options include regular mail services and expedited parcel delivery. At the same time, UPS has the global expertise and advanced logistics capabilities to provide businesses with efficient and fast shipments.

On the other hand, Stallion Economy Canada is similar to its US counterpart, focusing on allowing Canadian sellers to ship across the country cheaper and faster.

APC Postal Logistics And PostNL

PostNL provides businesses with a reliable and cost-effective solution for shipping packages globally. At the same time, APC Postal Logistics specializes in international shipping providing brands and businesses with a range of cost-effective options for sending parcels to various destinations.

As you take advantage of the strengths of APC Postal Logistics and PostNL, your business can benefit from the comprehensive international shipping solution, including competitive rates, reliable delivery, tracking capabilities, and efficient customs handling.

Tools Available At Stallion Express

Stallion offers a seamless process to ensure our clients get the best of our clients get what they need. Our integration platform lets sellers integrate their eCommerce platform and automate their shipping process into one tool. So, sellers do not need to switch from one site to another to complete fulfillment tasks.

Additionally, it features other tools like the shipping calculator to help you get an estimated shipping price and a tracking tool to both track shipments and get updated on the delivery status.

Shipping Costs

If you want to save money, Stallion is your friend! They offer the cheapest shipping rates with no monthly costs or fees. You can save up to 75% on postage rates! You can check this page to get an estimate of the shipping costs

Other Services

Apart from the excellent services mentioned above, Stallion Express also offers other services you might enjoy. You can take advantage of Stallion Protection to ensure that your parcels are extra protected from any transit issues Stallion Protection.

Do you need more shipping materials? Stallion also offers shipping supplies, such as bubble wraps, poly mailers, Kraft mailers, etc.

You won’t have any problems with returns, either. They have the lowest rate on the market from the US to Canada, immediate notification, and live customer support to ensure that you will get a smooth-sailing process.

Key Takeaway

Affordability and reliability are critical in choosing the best shipping partner for your eCommerce business. After all, you will want to maximize your profits while keeping your customers happy. Stallion Express provides robust and economical shipping solutions to help your business thrive and succeed.

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