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Fastest International Shipping For E-commerce Businesses 2024

Aman Chopra
May 24, 2023

Do you want to grow your small business overseas but don’t know where to start? Looking for the fastest international shipping service? This blog post might be all you need.

Let us discuss how you can expand your business with Canada’s best eCommerce shipping solution, Stallion Express. You can learn which countries you should keep your eye on, what items you should not ship, and the process you need to understand.

Leaf through this article now and excel in the eCommerce industry using the fastest international shipping available today!

Countries with High Opportunities for Online Selling

Online selling business opportunities

With 195 countries worldwide, finding the right target audience will take time and effort. You must consider multiple factors before choosing one, which can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time shipping products internationally.

To start your international eCommerce venture, you must narrow your prospects to make researching and choosing your target audience easier. Therefore, we listed the top countries with the highest opportunities for online selling for you to consider.

United States

The United States is Canada’s biggest trading partner, making it the most suitable target audience. Aside from the distance between these two nations, the US is an ideal target audience because of the country’s large volume of online shoppers. Canadian sellers can compete with US retailers with the right strategy and partners.


Australia makes an excellent target audience because of the perks international sellers have. For example, orders not exceeding AUD 1000 (CAD 750) are exempted from paying any tax or duty, so Australians enjoy purchasing from overseas sellers. About 63% of Australians shop abroad, ranking them first worldwide.

United Kingdom

In recent years, Canadian companies have successfully established their presence in the UK eCommerce market. The UK government has prioritized future ties with Canada to create a post-Brexit trading strategy. If you consider the United Kingdom as your target audience and destination country, this link might help you expand your business further.

South Korea

South Korea is another ideal target audience due to the rapidly increasing online purchases from overseas retailers. In addition, South Koreans find foreign eCommerce platforms cheaper, even after accounting for international shipping fees and import tax and duties. South Korea’s cross-border eCommerce was worth USD 4.5 billion ( CAD 6.136 billion).


Since Sweden has a strong trading relationship with Canada, it also has considerable potential to be your next target audience. While Canada isn’t one of the top countries where Swedish consumers purchase their items, you can offer plenty of products that are not available in Sweden, making them an excellent market.


Since Japanese people are keener to purchase from domestic stores, entering the Japanese eCommerce market can take time and effort. However, you should still try.

One way to penetrate the industry is to take advantage of tools and use various strategies, such as top-notch online shopping experience, flawless product quality, distinctive charm, promotions, discounts, and loyalty programs.

Importance of Shipping in the eCommerce Industry

International shipping options

Shipping plays a critical role in the eCommerce industry for these several reasons:

Shipping is sending items to customers after they place online orders. It is vital in order fulfillment and providing a positive customer experience.

Customers expect timely and reliable delivery services, which can affect their overall satisfaction with the online business. As you develop the shipping process, you can see increasing customer loyalty, repeat business, and a better reputation in your niche and general eCommerce industry. Since everything is highly competitive, you can rely on fast delivery times and affordable shipping options to gain an advantage. Customers will always prefer businesses that provide speedier and more dependable shipping services.

With the correct shipping strategy, you can contribute to the revenue of your business, as you can reduce shipping expenses and other shipping-related additional fees. However, the most crucial benefit of international shipping in the eCommerce industry is the opportunity for businesses to expand their reach to the domestic audience. They can grow their customer base and improve revenue streams.

What is the role of international shipping in the eCommerce industry?

Shipping packages worldwide

As the eCommerce sector grows at an unprecedented rate, the number of businesses opting to sell online is also increasing. However, shipping, especially international shipments, is the only way to get the products to the customers. Thus, the fastest international shipping is essential to satisfy the expectations of overseas customers.

It enables businesses to send products to customers worldwide at the fastest delivery speed. Whether you are a start-up or a well-established one, you can differentiate your business from your competitors with the help of fast international shipping. It can also help you move out of saturated domestic markets with limited development potential.

How to choose among the fastest international shipping carriers?

Choosing the fastest international shipping

Choosing the fastest carrier can be challenging. However, you can make this bearable by checking some factors when deciding.

Shipping Time. One of the critical factors to consider when choosing an international shipping provider is the delivery time. Since international carriers provide different delivery speeds, checking which one has more variation is essential to meet your eCommerce shipping needs.

Shipping Costs. How much you spend on shipping is another significant factor when shipping internationally. While the fastest international shipping providers have superior delivery speed, shipping costs may be higher. It’s essential to compare shipping prices among other carriers to discover the most cost-effective alternative that still satisfies your delivery goals.

Reliability. A reliable shipping provider is essential for an eCommerce business. Customers want their online orders to arrive on time, and if you routinely deliver late, lost, or damaged packages, the company’s reputation can be in a negative disposition.

Tracking and Monitoring. You need to check whether the fastest international shipping carrier you chose can provide you with real-time tracking and monitoring services. These features allow eCommerce merchants like you to monitor international shipments and give customers real-time updates on the package’s delivery status.

Customer Support. Having a shipping provider that can immediately respond to you and your customers in case of any issues with your international shipments is definitely a plus. Your eCommerce business should opt for an eCommerce shipping company that provides dependable customer care, including a phone line or chat service, to resolve any issues.

What is the fastest way to ship internationally?

The fastest and most reliable delivery services

While shipping providers offer different fast shipping options, the quickest way to ship internationally is determined through other factors, including the package weight and dimensions, destination country, and the nature of delivery.

One of the most common and fastest ways to ship internationally is Express Shipping. The delivery speed for this shipping option ranges from one business day to three. It is a reliable option for urgent international shipments offered by major carriers like FedEx and UPS.

Meanwhile, USPS offers Priority Mail Express International to customers needing priority shipping for international shipments. The transit times range from three to five business days, making it another option for fast and reliable international shipping.

Another alternative for urgent international shipments is the Same-Day Delivery option. Unfortunately, this option has the most expensive shipping rates. Lastly, you can also find courier services offering fast and reliable international delivery services. The transit times range from one to five business days, making it another excellent option for urgent and high-value shipments.

What are the expedited shipping options offered by each major carrier?

Expedited shipping options

Each carrier has its own set of expedited shipping options that can match your eCommerce shipping needs. Here are some of them:


Some of the expedited shipping options for international shipments for FedEx are FedEx International Priority, FedEx International First, and FedEx International Economy.

  • FedEx International Priority Shipping: one to three business days
  • FedEx International First: Delivery before 9:00 AM of the next possible business day
  • FedEx International Economy: one to three business days


UPS Worldwide Express, UPS Worldwide Express Plus, and UPS Worldwide Express Save are the expedited shipping options for international shipping offered by UPS.

  • UPS Worldwide Express: one to three business days
  • UPS Worldwide Express Plus: Delivery before 9:00 AM of the next possible business day
  • UPS Worldwide Saver: one to three business days


As mentioned previously, USPS offers Priority Mail Express International as an expedited shipping option for international shipping. It takes three to five business days before the package arrives at its destination country.

APC Postal Logistics

APC is a global shipping company specializing in international mail and parcel deliveries. They provide different shipping solutions, such as air, ocean, and ground transport. They are an excellent option to expand abroad because they operate from numerous hubs and offer quick and reliable shipping services. They help e-commerce businesses to extend their brands worldwide. They have partners in Asia, Europe, and Australia.


PostNL is a Dutch postal and logistics company providing mail, parcel, and eCommerce shipping solutions worldwide. It operates a postal network in more than 200 countries and provides shipping services, such as international express delivery and customs clearance processes.

Things to Consider When Shipping Internationally

Things to consider when shipping internationally

Once you consider international shipping, you must create a checklist to ensure you get everything; a tiny step can lead to costly errors, such as delays, returns, and package disposals.

Customs Regulations

Each country follows strict regulations on what items are allowed to enter. To ensure that you don’t ship any restricted items, you can contact the Canada Border Services Agency to get the list of the goods you can and cannot ship to a specific country.

Restricted Items

There can be various reasons countries do not allow a specific item to enter their boundaries. It can either be due to security reasons, impose health threats, or can affect the economy. Nonetheless, you have to follow them accordingly.

Shipping Protection

While transport and logistics issues are rare, you should be confident about them. Always consider taking advantage of the package protection programs of the shipping company so that you will have something to safeguard the parcel.


The packaging protects the parcel from any damage during transit and can help promote your small business abroad.

What are the Important Shipping Tools to Use When Shipping Internationally?

Tools to use when shipping internationally

Shipping tools are significantly helpful to eCommerce businesses, mainly when they ship internationally. It can streamline the process, save time and money, and improve accuracy and tracking.

Shipping Software.

Shipping software is a technology that automates the creation of shipping labels, carrier selection, customs forms management, and shipment tracking, making overseas shipments efficient, accurate, and cost-effective.

Customs Compliance Tools.

It is software that assists businesses in complying with the correct documentation and avoiding delays or penalties when shipping internationally.

Address Verification Tools.

It is a tool in international shipping that examines the validity and legitimacy of the shipping addresses, minimizing the risk of delivery problems, returns, and delays and ultimately improving the customer’s online shopping experience.

Package Tracking Tools.

It is a tool that enables businesses and customers to track the delivery status in real time. It provides information on its location and projected delivery date while maintaining transparency and visibility throughout the shipping process.

Shipping Insurance.

Shipping insurance is coverage protecting shipped items from loss or damage while in transit. It is available through shipping or third-party insurance providers and covers the product cost and transportation fees.

The Fastest and Cheapest International Shipping Partner

Partner with Stallion Express

Of course, you will need a shipping provider to complete each international shipment you have successfully. Fortunately, Stallion has all the above shipping tools! Thus, if you don’t have one yet, check out Canada’s leading shipping company. They work closely with APC Postal Logistics and PostNL to provide a high-quality shipping service.

By partnering with these reputable delivery services, Stallion makes it possible to be the country’s most competitive shipping rates and fastest international shipping method. With Stallion Express, you can save up to 85% compared when shipping with the national carrier. In addition, the delivery time will only take 4-12* days, a few days shorter than sending with other delivery services.

Stallion Express offers an exclusive shipping service from which only its users can benefit. If you want to take advantage of the perks, don’t hesitate to create an account. No need to worry because signing up is absolutely free and secure! You can

Once done with the registration process, you can navigate the shipping platform and click the necessary actions you want, like creating an international shipment, getting the best shipping option, printing a shipping label, and scheduling pickup. You don’t have to work on the customs form or complete border clearance, as Stallion will process them for you.

Key Takeaway

Expanding business internationally will take time and effort to succeed, so you must be patient. It would also help your brand to get the fastest way to ship a package internationally.

As you can ays, visit Stallion Express’s website to get the latest updates and notifications. If you need help or have questions, call customer service at +1 877-863-7447.

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