Purchasing from another country has never been easier with international shipping. At a time when the e-commerce industry is booming, the need for a fast and reliable shipping service becomes more pronounced. In 2023, ordering online has become the new norm and all businesses need a sturdy supply chain.

If you’re still not shipping internationally, then you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. Statista reported 2.14 billion digital buyers worldwide in 2021. This figure is expected to rise to 2.77 billion by 2025. 

Starting your e-commerce journey does not mean sticking to one place. Tapping into the international market is a great business opportunity, and you have to expand your reach to earn more income. So if you’re a business-minded person who wants to scale your business or a newbie who wants to target the international market, read this guide.

Getting Started with International shipping

Expanding beyond your borders is a huge step for your business. It entails providing your customers with the best online experience, which is a determining factor of whether your business will succeed or not. Luckily, Amazon has made it easy for sellers to ship internationally with Amazon Global Selling

Amazon Global Selling allows you to sell your products worldwide. Its goal is to increase your revenue and simplify your customers’ shopping experience. Currently, you can sell your products at 16 Amazon marketplaces. 



Middle East


Amazon Global Selling is a wildly successful program, with over 2.2 million third-party sellers worldwide. Cross-border shipments also account for a quarter of sellers' sales. So if you want to start shipping internationally, get started with this program. 

Importance of International Shipping

E-commerce shipping is important for a business to grow and expand its reach. It can make or break your relationship with your customers. You might offer your customers the best products, but they wouldn’t know that until the product has been shipped to them. 

If a customer receives a damaged product, it will reflect badly on you. Hence, picking a reliable courier for your international shipping needs is a must. Here at Stallion Express, we offer the best shipping service for an affordable price. 

Advantages of International Shipping

There are a number of reasons why you should try international shipping. 

First, you can broaden your customer reach. Customers will love to buy from your shop if you offer a product that isn’t available in their country. They’ll love you all the more if your products produce excellent results and you ship them on time.

Second, you can increase your sales. When you have reached new customers, you will have the chance to enter a new market and grow your business. You can boost your sales especially during the holiday season since people celebrate many holidays globally. 

Third, selling internationally through Amazon helps in reducing your brand building costs. When customers hear about Amazon, they will instantly recognize the name. You won’t have to worry about building your brand from scratch.  

Disadvantages of Shipping Internationally

There are a few disadvantages when shipping internationally. For one, you have to compete with local and overseas sellers. Second, customer reviews don’t appear in all marketplaces. For example, a four-star rating from a US buyer won’t appear in the UK marketplace. Lastly, you will have to contend with the difference in culture and language. You have to match your marketing with the culture of your target country for your products to resonate with them.

How to Start Shipping Packages Internationally Using Amazon?

If you wish to use Amazon to ship packages internationally, we can help you. Below are the steps you need to follow.  

  1. Learn the basics.

Selling on Amazon requires knowing the rules on taxes, seller identification verification and product eligibility of the destination country. 

If you plan on selling in the European Union, registering for the consumer spending tax or VAT is a must. It’s best to know about this to avoid problems in the future. Fortunately, there is the Amazon Service Provider Network. There, you can connect with service providers who can manage your VAT requirements for you.

After registering your account on Amazon, they will conduct a Seller Identity Verification. As part of European regulation, Know Your Customer (KYC) verification is also conducted once you reach EUR 15,000 in sales.

If you plan on selling in Japan, you need to comply with its laws. In particular, the “Act on Specified Commercial Transaction” requires that you disclose your business information on your seller profile page. You will also need to maintain a local business address for customer returns.

  1. Create an Amazon strategy.

Before you start shipping, you need to create an Amazon strategy that will help you navigate international shipping. Some of the things you need to look into include the location, the products you will be shipping and the policies of your target country. 

First, let’s talk about the location. You need to know where in the world you want your products sold. If you’re unsure where you should expand first, you can start by keeping the shipment close to home. Starting small and close allows you to test how expanding your shipment works. 

Another way to start looking for a location is tracking the shop’s current demand. Analyze your shop’s market and trends. Check where in the world you get the most traffic. Look for repeat visits, in particular, because they can point you to the people who are showing interest in your products. 

Third, consider the main languages of the country where you wish to expand. Communication is key to dealing with customers. You may want to expand to markets where you understand the language. 

You need to consider the product you wish to ship when creating an Amazon shipping strategy. As much as you want to offer your whole product line, you need to know if the items will appeal to the international market. Additionally, determine the weight of the item because smaller items are more cost-effective. Lastly, create a list and decide on a winning product. 

Once you have an idea of the items and places you want to sell, it’s time to check the country policies. You can’t ship products that are prohibited in your target country. Being familiar with its existing rules and regulations can help ensure smooth shipping.

By gathering information on these three areas, you can create a strategy for your store. It’s best to stick to your plan of action for seamless delivery. 

  1. Create an account on Amazon’s global marketplace.

We have covered the location and products you wish to sell in the previous step. Next is creating an account on the Amazon global marketplace, specifically on your target region’s marketplace. 

For example, if you want to sell in the United States, then you have to create an Amazon account for that country. It goes the same way when you want to sell in the UK. However, there is an exemption to this rule. 

If you’re part of the North American Unified Account or European Unified Account, you can create only one seller account for the different marketplaces belonging to the unified account. For example, you have an account in the UK and you want to sell in Spain. Because both of these countries are under the European Unified Account, you don’t need to create a new account on Amazon Spain.  

Next, provide your payment information to pay your monthly fees for each Amazon account. You can use one of the following methods to set up your account:

The monthly fees for each account are as follows:

These are the details you need to provide when creating an account on the Amazon global marketplace:

Steps to create an account

  1. On the Seller Central, click “Inventory” and then click “Sell Global.” The tabs for the different regions will appear.
  2. Click your target marketplace. There are two ways you can do this. 
  1. Start listing your products.

Once you have created your Amazon account, you can start listing your products. Remember that product listing can’t be done in bulk. All of your products’ Amazon Standard Identification Numbers must be registered on every marketplace you’re in. Also, don’t forget to add the following details:

Don’t forget to optimize your product listing. Doing so helps increase product visibility. It will also help you rank high on Amazon and stay relevant. 

  1. Select your fulfillment method.

When fulfilling your orders, you can choose to do it on your own or through Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). FBA removes the burden of fulfillment from your shoulders. Amazon will handle the packing, shipping and returns; the only thing you need to do is send them the inventory. 

If you decide to fulfill your orders on your own, you will be responsible for the packing, shipping, documentation and returns. Moreover, you have to deliver excellent customer service. It’s also important to note the following terms:

It is the responsibility of an IOR to pay the applicable import duties and taxes. They will also ensure that the imported goods comply with local laws. An IOR is needed in Europe and Japan. Amazon’s fulfillment centers are not considered IOR. 

If you do not have an IOR, you must appoint an Attorney for Customs Procedures (ACP). However, you need to remember that an ACP only pays duties and taxes. Ensuring your products’ compliance with the local laws is your responsibility.

  1. Fill out the necessary documents and carefully package your items.

Whenever you ship products from one country to another, you need to fill out customs documents. These include information such as the name of the sender and the recipient and shipment details. Each destination country has its own set of requirements.

Also, don’t forget to pack your item carefully when shipping to Amazon’s warehouse. If you are under FBA, Amazon will handle the packing. If you’re shipping on your own, make sure to use the right containers and packaging materials.

How to Start Shipping from Canada to the United States? 

shipping from canada to us
  1. Check if you’re allowed to ship the item you’re about to send to the United States.

We have mentioned this, but it bears repeating: check if the item you are about to ship can be sent. Otherwise, you’ll have a problem with customs and your customer. Check the list of items the United States restricts and prohibits. Also, take note of the shipping documents you need to present for smooth customs clearance. 

  1. Determine the documents you need to present.

If you’re still unfamiliar with the documents you need to fill out and prepare when shipping to the United States, it’s time you take note of it. Entrepreneurs who skip this process get their shipments held at the border, which aggravates their customers. You see, negligence is not good for business. 

Below are the documents you need to provide before delivering products to customers.

Also known as a business invoice, a commercial invoice discloses your shipment’s content and value. Note that you must declare the actual number and description of the items in the invoice to avoid delays.  

In the North American Free Trade Agreement, Canada, the United States and Mexico agree to remove impediments to trade and investment with each other. The NAFTA Certificate of Origin helps in determining if imported goods are eligible to receive reduced or free duty as specified in the agreement. The exporter must accomplish this document fully and legibly, and it must be in the importer’s hands at the time of declaration.

The Importer ID number is used by US Customs to track the movement of your goods through the various importing processes, such as establishing bond coverage. You can get yours through your customs broker. 

A bill of lading is a legal file acting as an official contract of carriage that a product is bound for shipping. The document includes relevant shipping information and outlines the terms and conditions of carriage. 

The B13A application form is a document required by Canadian customs for all export products to be shipped to other countries. This is a must for shipments with a value above CAD 2,000 and for regulated, prohibited and controlled goods regardless of the product value. You need a Canadian Automated Export Declaration and submit your B13A at least two days before transport. 

The CCD is a document that contains crucial information about a product. It has a unique shipment code assigned by Canadian customs to help them identify the origins of carriers and shipments before they are delivered to a designated location. 

You need an export permit to ship internationally. To get one, you need to have an Export and Import Permits Act file number, which you can obtain by registering for a separate claim with the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. Afterward, pay a fee of CAD 14.00. Your export permit will be given within 30 days. 

  1. Choose how you will ship packages internationally.

There are three ways you can ship internationally.

If you wish to ship bulk packages, air freight is your best choice. It’s also faster than shipping through sea since the products are loaded on the plane and quickly sent to the customer. However, this option is more expensive since the plane has less space to store the products. 

The cost of air freight is based on either the actual gross weight or volumetric weight, whichever is higher. The reason behind this is some packages are heavier despite the small space they occupy. 

If you are shipping packages that require big containers, you can pick sea freight. It’s also the cheapest method of shipping internationally, but it takes the longest time. The cost for sea freight is also based on the parcel's volume or weight, whichever is higher. 

A shipping courier sends your packages to your customers. Some of the famous courier companies are FedEx, USPS and United Parcel Service (UPS). Shipping couriers are one of the best options when shipping internationally. If you plan on shipping gifts, personal items and goods, you can pick any of these shipping couriers. 

Note that each shipping courier has a different set of rules, so read their terms and conditions beforehand.

  1. Learn how to reduce shipping costs.

If you want to ship internationally, you have to face this reality: shipping is expensive. However, resourceful business owners find ways to reduce this cost.

For one, you can negotiate with shipping carriers. Oftentimes the volume of packages you ship per month can reduce the shipping price. Second, you can use the packaging materials provided by the shipping carrier. Using your own can result in additional fees, particularly when the item exceeds the size restrictions. Third, invest in prepaid shipping. It is especially useful if you ship in bulk.

  1. Pick a reliable shipping carrier.

Depending on how they deliver your goods, your shipping carrier can strengthen or damage your relationship with your customers. Hence, it’s imperative that you choose a reliable shipping carrier to handle your packages. Below are some international shipping carriers you can choose from.

Best for small businesses looking to ship small items, the USPS is a shipping service that offers you the best price for a package under five pounds. The standard delivery period for USPS is 2–8 business days. 

If you plan on shipping large packages, pick UPS. They offer better deals for larger packages; however, they don't provide flat rates, unlike USPS. The standard delivery period for UPS is 1–5 business days. 

Known for its quick delivery period, FedEx is best for rush shipping. Their services include overnight shipping, cross-country same-day shipping and regular delivery for domestic and international shipping. The standard delivery period for FedEx is 1–4 business days.

DHL delivers to more than 220 countries, and they have an online quote generator to know the cost of shipping your package. Hence, DHL is best for international shipping. The standard delivery period is 3–8 business days.

Stallion Express is a reliable shipping service from Canada and the cheapest courier on this list. They closely work with APC Logistics and PostNL to bring you the fastest and most trustworthy international shipping service to grow your market worldwide. Shipping internationally will cost you as low as $6.20.

You may also integrate Stallion Express into your e-commerce store.

If your business is located in Canada and you need a reliable and cheap shipping courier, pick Stallion Express. One of the best deals you can receive from us is saving up to 80% on shipping costs. Plus, delivery takes only 5–10 business days.

Final Thoughts

Effective international shipping from Canada requires time and research. We can help you in every step of the journey. If you’re looking for a shipping carrier that can safely deliver your goods at a low cost, provide seamless integration and great customer service, check out Stallion Express.

Are you a Canadian seller aiming to provide customers with a fast, affordable, and convenient shipping service? Or an online business owner wanting to improve customer service and earn more sales? This blog post might pique your interest.

Shipping to the United States has always been expensive due to the distance. However, Stallion Express, together with United States Postal Service (USPS), makes US shipping affordable, faster, and more convenient for any Canadian sellers!

Get to know how shipping with USPS Canada and Stallion Express works! Read now.

Who is Stallion Express?

Stallion Express, also known as Stallion, is a Canadian shipping company aiming to provide efficient shipping and delivery service to the US. Plus, you can escape going to the post office and dropping the items. Stallion partners with USPS Canada to help online business owners compete with US sellers by offering discounted USPS shipping rates.

You have to expect a saturated market since the US already has millions of online stores. You are competing with both local and international sellers. Thus, one of the ways to attract potential customers is to provide a cheaper shipping rate.

If you want to ask, "Can you ship USPS from Canada?" The answer is definitely yes. USPS ships from Canada through Stallion Express, allowing you to put leverage on your business.

How Does It Work?

Before taking advantage of the perks provided, you must create a Stallion account, so visit Stallion's website at www.stallionexpress.ca to register. Click the GET STARTED button in the website's upper right corner, redirecting you to the registration page. Remember to fill up the form correctly and use an active email address.

Once you're done, you'll need to verify your account using the email sent to your indicated email address. After that, you can navigate your dashboard to learn more about it. Do not worry, as Stallion's dashboard is easy to navigate.

If you're ready to send a package, you may click the CREATE SHIPMENT button inside the dashboard. Indicate all the information needed accurately, and choose the shipping option. You may find options that suit your clients' budgets, such as USPS priority mail and priority mail express.

Once you finish, you may drop the package off at the nearest Stallion branch across Ontario or opt for a pickup service. Stallion offers complimentary pickup (Stallion Direct Pickup) to clients with shipments of more than 50 packages daily or 250 packages weekly. This complimentary pickup service is available only within the greater Toronto area (GTA).

However, you don't have to worry if your location is outside GTA, as you may also book a UPS pickup for a small additional fee.

Once you hand the package to Stallion Express, you don't have to worry about signing up for the customs form, as Stallion will process them for you. Once customs clearance is done, Stallion will deliver the package to the United States Postal Service to complete the final delivery.

The expected delivery date may be between three to five business days*. If you want to be updated on how long USPS shipping time from Canada to US takes, you and your customer can track the package using the tracking tool on the website or within the dashboard.

*Delivery time may vary depending on the recipient's location.

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

Stallion Express provides the most competitive price in the industry.

You can save up to 75% on shipping costs with Stallion Express. If you're shipping a 4oz (113g) package, you only have to pay around $4.39* compared to the national carrier's $17.62 ($13 less). Moreover, shipping a parcel weighing 15oz (425g) costs only around $7.62, saving about $12. Lastly, a 2-pound (1kg) package will only cost you about $11. That's $10 less than shipping with the national carrier.

You can also check the estimated shipping expenses incurred in the shipment using the shipping calculator, which you can also find within the dashboard.

*Prices are shown in CAD.

**Prices are calculated for shipping to New York.

On the other hand, another perk you can take advantage of when shipping to the US with Stallion is it eliminates the burden of paying duty and taxes. As long as your item has a total value of less than CAD 800, you don't have to worry about paying them. Furthermore, Stallion will also streamline the border clearance process for you.

What Are Its Features?

Stallion offers more than just cheap shipping and a faster delivery time. It is a one-stop shop for everything you need for a shipping partner.

What Are The Prohibited Products?

Like any other shipping company, Stallion strictly follows Canada customs protocols and ensures that we do not ship items that are not allowed. Shipping prohibited items may cause delays and item disposal, leading to additional expenses.

You can check the list here or contact customer service if you want additional information.

Who Are Stallion's Other Shipping Partners

Stallion provides more shipping options to its customers by having more opportunities for its clients. Apart from USPS, Stallion collaborates with United Parcel Service (UPS) and FedEx USA to improve your company's bottom line.

Moreover, Stallion also has Stallion Economy USA to help customers reduce shipping expenses. It does a process called zone skipping, in which Stallion delivers the package to the nearest USPS hub from the recipient.

NYK Stallion branch warehouse

Key Takeaway

Reducing costs does not automatically mean lowering the quality of service. With the right partners, you can minimize expenses without harming the service quality.

If you are looking for shipping partners to ship your parcels within Canada and internationally, Stallion also offers domestic shipping with Canada Post and UPS as its partner couriers. They also have international shipping service with APC and PostNL as their partners.

Do you need additional information about the Stallion? Do not hesitate to contact customer service at +1877-863-7447.

When various eCommerce platforms paved the way for online shopping, they also empowered small businesses to find a place for their products and services. The process of putting up the store entails finding shipping partners for eCommerce that will help deliver and fulfill your customers' orders.

Finding a shipping and mailing service to help you fulfill orders has become quite challenging, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. Some courier companies closed and halted their operations due to lockdowns imposed in the countries they provided. Some shipping companies re-opened and continued their services provided that they follow health protocols in their respective countries and work with partner shipping companies internationally.

Before choosing the courier among the different shipping services in Canada, here are some factors that you need to consider.

Factors to consider when trying to find shipping partners for eCommerce 

Part of the things you do when you start your eCommerce business is choosing a platform on which to display your products and services. Alongside that, you also choose the courier that will help you transport the customers' orders right to their front door. Picking the right courier means a lot for businesses since it allows them to establish loyalty and customer satisfaction through the orders fulfilled.

One thing to remember about choosing shipping partners for eCommerce is that you need to know if they will be the best choice for you and your business.

Kind of products to be shipped

Some issue that sellers sometimes face is that they sell various products that some shipping companies may not handle well. With large parcels, some also impose a weight limit on shipping. If the products you try to ship exceed their limit, it may incur an additional cost. However, when you sell smaller products, check if they are within the minimum weight limit or if there's a flat rate that you could avail of. If they are open to bulk shipping, make sure to note that as it can be convenient for your business.

Where are you located?

The pick-up point and drop-off locations matter, especially when deciding which shipping company you should use. Sellers need to check the couriers near them to see how fast or reliable their service can be. For an efficient and prompt delivery, make sure to check if there are couriers near you and inquire if they can work with your business.

How much will it cost?

Another important factor that sellers need to consider is setting the price right. Shipping companies provide various calculations and rates that will help sellers choose the right one. Study how much the business can convert before shipping and how much you can put in as markup to cover the shipping costs.

How to choose the best shipping partner for your business

Make sure you know your options

One of the crucial questions to ask yourself before contacting a courier is, what kind of products will we be shipping? 

Some shipping companies only focus on transporting smaller items such as postcards, journals, or even books. Sellers can opt to ship using the flat rate or the basic fixed rate that they're offering. If you sell bigger products, consider how much these weigh and how far they will go. 

In some instances, shipping companies limit the items. For example, you can only ship up to 68kg while others only up to 30kg. Remember that if the product you sell weighs more than the limit they imposed, that will cost you more.

Bear in mind that as you research the right courier for your business, make sure you spend some time checking the weight restrictions. Doing so avoids any delay or mishaps when the business is already up and running.

Check where they are located

Posting about the products you sell includes mentioning the customer's location and where the product will be coming from. Checking out shipping services in your area will help you transport the orders to your customers. Sometimes, they offer partnerships with eCommerce companies and give discounts and other perks when you make a contract with them.

However, when it comes to international shipping, make sure that you check the rates nationally and internationally. Some shipping companies fail to handle global logistics and end up losing the package altogether. Not only does this harm them, but this will also put you out of business for the negative reviews and losses from these undelivered orders.

Choosing shipping partners for eCommerce includes knowing a local shipping company that works specifically in that country. For example, here in Canada, there's Canada Post.

Conduct a background check on their performance

Before choosing a shipping partner for your eCommerce store, conduct research on every courier that you come across. Remember, when you choose a shipping partner, you rely on them for the safety and security of your goods and services. They will be the one bringing the customers their orders and as well a sense of happiness when they receive their parcels.

When you browse through the internet for different courier services, check their FAQs, see how they work, and how the process is mainly for eCommerce . Review the feedback and client testimonials to check how they were fulfilling previous or earlier orders.

If a friend of yours recommends one, make sure to research their performance as well and check the experience of your friend. Remember that even if it works for them doesn't mean it will automatically work for you.

Delivery time

Fulfilling orders is one of the most important things for a business. Some customers demand or request for a shorter waiting period for their parcels. However, since some countries are still on lockdown, this may be quite challenging to do.

One thing that sellers need to keep in mind is that around 46% of customers abandon their shopping carts because of vague delivery schedules or late deliveries. That results to losing around half of your total customers (old and new), and this affects your profit margin.

Therefore, before choosing a courier, make sure to find out how soon the delivery will be. If there will be delays, communicate with them and ask them to keep you updated.


Another thing about couriers these days, they have apps that you and your customers can use to check and contact the shipping company about where the parcel could be. Monitoring the delivery is one vital thing that sellers need to look for in a shipping company.

Getting notifications about where your order is or if it has arrived surely gives more positive feedback to your business. Customers appreciate getting updates and news about their parcels. Check their tracking system if it benefits your business and your customers.


Choosing the shipping partners for eCommerce entails a lot of research in order to find the right company to work with. Make sure to evaluate your products and services. If the products fit within limits and do not violate any rules and regulations, then you may check if you can work with that shipping company. To know more about which shipping service is cheapest that you can work with, feel free to schedule an appointment with us!

Canada has a vast market of people buying and selling online, ranking 8th worldwide. Domestic shipping has grown a significant number over the years, making tough competition in the eCommerce industry in the country.

As a small business owner, succeeding in the eCommerce industry is something you look forward to in the future. Of course, before you reach that level of success, specific changes must happen. Growing a company can be an exciting yet overpowering experience. These changes include expanding your business and making it more visible to a bigger audience. You can expand your business and open it to the international market. It can be challenging because it is risky, tedious, and expensive. However, you can make the task hassle-free and cost-effective with the correct shipping partner. Learn the cheapest international shipping and how to take advantage of it.



An international shipping can be expensive because of your package size. Shipping companies measure the package's weight and dimension to determine its cost. You can calculate the cost by multiplying the length, width, and height of the package. Unless they offer flat-rate shipping, the parcel will cost more if it's heavier.

Avoid using a large box for the lightweight and small package because you still pay for the packages' space. Instead, use packaging that will be enough with what's necessary. Estimate the size of your package to ensure that you can put the shipping label properly.


The international shipment also considers the distance of the end receiver to calculate the shipping costs. To put it simpler, if your receiver lives far away, you need to pay more for the shipping fee. Find a shipping partner to help you save as big as possible, especially with international shipping rates. So, don't forget to check the shipping rates with your shipping partner to see how you can save since you will be shipping internationally.


Shipping materials, depending on the quality, would also cost some amount. However, you can get boxes and envelopes for a discounted price (or even free) from the shipping company. It is also better to buy shipping materials, like bubble wrap, air-fill, and poly, more significant in bulk to save a more considerable amount.

You need high-quality materials to avoid damage to the products, as it needs to travel far distance. Furthermore, you also need to check the packaging requirements for international shipping to know what materials to purchase.

If you are looking for a shipping service to assist you in this new venture, consider checking Stallion Express.



Stallion Express is the leading eCommerce shipping partner in Canada, ready to serve small and enterprise business owners to open their business internationally. We let Canadian online companies compete with US sellers by providing a user-friendly platform to integrate with their eCommerce accounts, such as eBay, Etsy, Shopify, and Amazon.

With Stallion Express, you can save up to 80% compared to other couriers. Plus, your parcel only takes 5 to 10 business days before it arrives.

You can take advantage of these perks by creating an account with us. Once done, don't forget to integrate your platform into your Stallion Account. No need to worry as our shipping software is user-friendly!

Select and pay the chosen postage. After, schedule picking or dropping off the package at any branch location.

Then, let Stallion Express complete the rest of the process until it reaches the end receiver. Furthermore, we partner with a well-known reliable international shipping company to ensure that your receiver can get your items safe, secured, and right on time.



They are the leading provider of parcel delivery and postal service in the Netherlands. They offer the most all-inclusive and steadfast network for any delivery service in the Netherlands and internationally. Furthermore, PostNL is a budget-friendly option mainly for shipments to Europe. However, it is only available in the region of Ontario.

USPS International

They serve more than 180 countries, including Canada, Japan, and Mexico. They offer Priority Mail Express International and USPS Priority Mail International. They have the best services for handling parcels to the United States. However, they tend to have an expensive shipping rate and have a longer delivery time frame for international shipping than the two.

APC Postal Logistics

They are a US-based shipping company widely used by most e-commerce platforms, such as eBay and Amazon. They partnered with private carriers and Post offices in providing high-quality delivery and shipping services. Furthermore, they offer the most competitive rates and have updated features that clients would enjoy.

They offer air international shipping and door to international port shipping to help you save money. But, please keep in mind to check the items before shipping. Stallion Express doesn't ship FDA-regulated products. Furthermore, APC Postal Logistics, PostNL, and USPS International also follow strict regulations in shipping products.

This article may be helpful to your venture in learning about the cheapest international shipping and how to take advantage of it

If you have any questions about the international shipping process, please contact Stallion’s friendly and reliable customer service or check its website. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of the cheapest international shipping.

The rise of the eCommerce industry paved the way for many online sellers to open a business. Although starting a small business has never been easy, technology provided start-up businesses leverage over the traditional ones. Plus, with the power of social media, like Tiktok, Facebook, and Instagram, many people are enticed to purchase items overseas.

However, shipping items overseas can take time and be expensive, resulting in issues like cart abandonment. Good thing there are hacks to minimize your shipping and deliver it 2x faster than the national or other carriers. If you want to find out what these hacks are, check this article to get tips to help online entrepreneurs minimize your express international shipping cost.

Start with Research.

Research is necessary for expanding the business since you will enter a new market and focus on a new target audience—understanding how the industry of that destination country should be your first step. You need to set different needs and goals for each country to match your finances because the international shipping cost is not cheap. Additionally, check all varying factors that can affect the shipping rates, like delivery address and transit times, to see how to spend as low as possible without compromising your customers. Your goal is to provide the parcel to your customer faster, and the only way you can get it is to find a fast and reliable shipping service. Good research will also help you find the best price for international shipping. 

Innovate Eco-friendly packaging

Never Undervalue Your Products.

Part of your research should include creating an effective marketing strategy to emphasize the strength of your product. Don't be afraid of putting the right price on your products, especially if you are 100% sure of their worth. Remember, while costs can catch people's attention, it's the quality that can make them stay loyal to the product or service.

Moreover, always stress that the shipping fee is excluded from what they are paying to remove the burden for you to have an additional cost. However, you can provide some of your loyal customers with a gift card or shipping voucher to show appreciation.

Innovate Eco-Friendly Packaging.

Whether the destination country is Hong Kong or the United Kingdom, ensure that the packaging withstands long-distance travel. But, it does not mean that you need to spend more than the allotted budget. You can use recycled or natural materials to pack your items since many customers are becoming environmentally conscious; this step will help you save money and promote a cause.

Plan Your Packaging Strategy.

Your packaging strategy can save you time and effort, especially on peak and holiday seasons. Furthermore, your system can give you an efficient way to finish packing and hit the target with ease. It can prevent you from the overwhelming feeling of packing a large volume of shipments. You can also categorize the parcel according to its delivery address to make it more efficient.

Offer Varying Shipping Rates and Delivery Time.

Of course, aside from the product quality and price, customers also look at the products' shipping rates and delivery time before purchasing. International shipment can be costly, especially if the destination country is too far from Canada. It can persuade your customers to continue buying from your shop if you can accommodate your international shipping customers through various shipping fees and transit times.

Standard shipping is a common shipping option for customers. The shipping rate is lower than express delivery, and the expected delivery time will range from nine to eighteen business days, depending on the shipping companies. Another shipping option you can offer is the international priority shipping for a faster but more expensive shipping option.

Think About Fulfillment Warehouses

Think About Fulfillment Warehouses.

Fulfillment warehouses have their pros and cons. It may cost you some amount due to the rent and other charges, but it can save you time and effort since they will be the ones to do all the shipping tasks for you. Furthermore, their customer service can also answer inquiries about the shipment. Additionally, fulfillment warehouses, like Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), will help you advertise your products overseas.

Plan Your Shipping Calendar Correctly.

A shipping calendar is helpful, especially during holidays and peak seasons. You will not be overwhelmed with the volume of orders and will avoid spending too much on rush shipping. You can also categorize your shipping calendar based on similarities, like delivery address or chosen shipping service.

Invest in Shipment Protection Programs.

Shipment protection programs can safeguard your international shipment from any unforeseen circumstance. You will not carry any liability for damage or loss during the shipment. For example, Stallion Express offers Stallion Protection, the leading full protection coverage for Canadian online sellers.

Find A Reliable International Shipping Partner.

A shipping partner will lead you to better customer service. They can also provide you with the most efficient techniques and suggest the best price for international shipping based on your goals and needs. Choosing a shipping partner is crucial in establishing your brand overseas, so always check your options. However, if you still haven't found the perfect partner yet, how about you take a look at Stallion Express?

Choose Stallion Express.

Stallion Express has all the things you need from a reliable international shipping partner. They provide the cheapest, fastest, and most reliable shipping service for international shipping cost and standard shipping. They are partnered with reputable shipping companies, APC Postal Logistics and PostNL, to provide a premier service you cannot find from others, including international priority shipping. 

Stallion Express also offers other services that will suffice your shipping needs, like United States shipping and Canadian shipping. If you wonder about “what is international shipping on ebay processing like?” You can easily integrate your account through our system for faster processing and managing of shipment. Set your account now and experience the cheapest express international shipping cost!

Having everything you need in one place saves you time, effort, and a lot of resources. It is no surprise why many enroll in an FBA program where automated transactions are being fostered, benefitting online sellers amidst the pandemic.

If you have your Amazon business established, you would most likely choose an FBA business model to save time, energy, and money. In fact, 66% of the top 10,000 sellers follow the framework of this business for its advanced shipping services and fulfillment networking.

This article will focus on what an FBA business is and how to kick start your own, including tips on enhancing your FBA business with an Amazon US ship to Canada and what Stallion Express can do for all your shipping needs.

What is An FBA Business?

An FBA business model stands for ‘fulfillment by Amazon.’ This structure provides sellers the:

Simply put, Amazon first receives your products, then stores these products in one of their warehouses. When a customer places an order, Amazon immediately packs, ships, and monitors your package’s location in real-time. In addition to that, Amazon fulfills other tasks such as returns and refunds. While it does sound convenient to shift to this framework, you need to weigh out the pros and cons of this system.

One of the disadvantages of an FBA business is that all these services are charged, while the additional fees come from the 24/7 customer service of Amazon stellar, local or international shipping costs, access to global fulfillment networks, and unlimited storage space. Let us look at how the entire process works, particularly establishing and keeping a successful FBA business running.

Starting Your FBA Business on Amazon

As mentioned earlier, getting started involves sending your products to Amazon, where approximately 100 million-square-foot-storage warehouses in the United States can accommodate them. Before this, you need to inform Amazon regarding the kind of products that you will be sending so they could recommend the most appropriate warehouse location for your goods.

Once you have directly sent your products to the indicated warehouse location provided by Amazon, the second step is to allow Amazon to sort and store these products in their inventory for safekeeping. Should you learn that any item gets damaged in the warehouse, Amazon will immediately grant a reimbursement.

While your items are under the custody of Amazon, all you have to do is standby until a customer purchases your product. Amazon would handle all of your consumers’ transactions, including accepting the customer’s mode of payment (e.g. credit or debit card) and automatically updating your e-commerce inventory. When this is done, Amazon will promptly ship your product to the customer’s location and proceed with a full tracking arrangement.

Amazon will ensure that their workers or high-end robots will neatly package your products into a box before shipping them to the consumer’s receiving address. In the meantime, buyers can inquire or follow up on their parcels through Amazon’s skilled customer service team. As soon as the items are received, additional questions such as shipment satisfaction, overall customer experience, product returns, and other inquiries will be raised to evaluate points of improvement.

Should your FBA business receive feedback from a previous customer, it is your choice to respond and take action. Just keep in mind that this decision will affect your product listing, so carefully address these concerns. Every 2 weeks, Amazon would sum up your sales and deduct seller fees and direct personal bank deposits to compute the income you have made with your e-commerce business.

Given this procedure, you may want to use some of your available time to develop a promising benchmark for your sales. Among the value-adding activities, you could do more study sessions or workshop lessons on market research—determine who your competitors are, explore various digital marketing strategies, and reconsider how to source or ship your products locally or internationally.

It is crucial to define exactly how you would like your merchandise stored, packaged, and transported (i.e., air freight, sea freight, shipping courier). You must also ponder on the shipping policies offered by a company to you. Learn to ask yourself questions such as ‘Can Amazon US ship to Canada?’ or ‘Can Amazon Canada ship to US?’ and ‘Does Prime US ship to Canada?’.  Luckily, Stallion Express intends to make your FBA business easier to manage when it comes to shipping.

Amazon US Ship: Parcels to Canada

Enhance your Amazon FBA business and gain the ability to manage your product shipping more easily. As an effective shipping solutions company, even for Amazon FBA purposes, Stallion Express is proud to offer a hand to all Canadian e-commerce sellers wishing to ship to an FBA warehouse in the US. Stallion Express guarantees convenient and affordable transportation services to warehouses in the United States. 

Stallion Express aims to scale your FBA business by reaching customers all around the United States. Our features consist of low-cost shipping rates where you can save up to 60% on the shipment status for an Amazon US ship to Canada. Furthermore, Stallion Express features a customs clearance of up to 800 USD with no additional brokerage fees. If you need more information concerning Amazon FBA with Stallion Express, you may check our Frequently Asked Questions.

The standard carrier would cost 155.76 CAD for shipping a 15” square box weighing 30 lbs from Canada. Meanwhile, Stallion Express offers the same shipping services for only 20.00 CAD, giving you an 87% discount. This is a big steal for e-commerce businesses currently tight on budget. Streamline your Amazon business with Stallion Express, where you can closely keep track of your products’ movements. Since Stallion Express is an entrusted shipping solutions company, it is a standard protocol to categorize your shipments according to their respective destination, be it within Canada or cross-border. Enjoy a fast and easy Amazon US Ship to Canada with absolutely great discounts with Stallion Express!

In 2018, the US received $318 billion worth of import goods from Canada, making Canada its third-largest trade partner. This trade partnership has always been strong even in the past years, and with the growth of e-commerce, the US-Canada trade may see continuous development in the coming years.

Behind all these trades are shipping companies who make sure the imports are delivered. If you are a business owner, especially those trying e-commerce, who are in search of cheap shipping to USA from Canada, this article is for you!

Shipping from Canada to US: Cost

According to data, most of the industries that make up the billions of imported goods from Canada come from Small to Medium Enterprises (SME). Hence, if you are an SME and want to start shipping in the US, the chief question you’ll want an answer to is “How much is shipping, Canada to US?” because spending with efficiency and decreasing your costs on shipping is your primary goal.

In shipping from Canada to the US, it is essential to be clear with the shipping company about the inclusions of your payment. Some companies will cover payment of duty and taxes for you as well as the fees needed for customs brokerage. However, if the shipping company only handles transporting from Canada to the US, you need to familiarize yourself with the US Customs and Border Protection(CBP) guidelines.

Shipping from Canada to US: Customs Fee

To begin with, if the item you are shipping is less than $800USD, there is no need to pay import tax. However, for items costing higher than $800USD, import tax will be paid depending on the goods classification.

Here are the steps to take to calculate how much you need to pay:

1)    Know the exact amount of the items you will ship

2)    Check the Harmonized Tariff Schedule/Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the US (HTS/HTSUS) code for the import duty rate

3)    Multiply the import duty rate to the item cost, and that will be your tax.

For example, you will send goods that cost $10,000USD and the HTS code shows a 5% import duty rate, so $10,000USD x .05= $500USD is your tax. So, instead of going through this rigorous process, plan your shipping calendar accordingly and inform your buyers about the additional charges the shipment may incur if their orders go beyond $800. 

Standard Shipping Canada to US

After settling the costs and familiarizing yourself with Canada to US shipping, the next question you’ll have in mind is “How long does Canada standard shipping take?” as this is the same concern your eager cross border customer will want to know.

Standard shipping, Canada to US, for regular mail and even parcels usually takes 4-6 business days, but because of the rising number of sellers and suppliers in Canada, as well as the rising demand for faster shipping, many companies’ standard shipping, Canada to US, go as fast as 2-4 business days.

However, below are the pitfalls that affect delivery time, and they may also add costs to your shipping. Take note, so you can avoid doing them and ensure your delivery will be seamless and done according to schedule.

1)    False declaration of items you shipped - Decreasing the cost of shipping is a seller’s primary concern, but do not go as far as being dishonest. Not declaring the exact product specifications, lowering the price, or saying that the item is for personal use can make you legally liable even though it is for commercial consumption. This can get your items held in CBP plus additional costs that are four times the cost of your item. There are legal ways to cut shipping costs you can do.

2) Shipping Products under FDA-Prohibited List - Ensure that you only ship products that are not part of the lists, or else it will only delay the process of sending your products across the border. Furthermore, some couriers avoid shipping products under the FDA list because processing the shipment with necessary documents and permits needed takes time.

Key Takeaway

In a world where local and international shipping are more common than ever, people’s most common questions are “How much is shipping, Canada to US?” and “How long does Canada standard shipping take?” 

There are a lot of shipping companies in Canada, so shipping from Canada to US costs can be lowered because of the competition. Standard shipping, Canada to US, can also be delivered as soon as 2-4 days. However, you need to be cautious of the delivery processes to avoid delays on your parcel delivery.

Here at Stallion Express, we offer as low as $4.39CAD for 4oz items, $7.62CAD for a 15oz package, and $11.27CAD for 2lbs goods bound to New York. Your belongings and merchandise will reach your customers in 2-4 business days. We are also well-versed in CBP guidelines and we have partner customs brokers in the US, which ensures that your shipping will go as planned.You can contact us at 877-863-7447 for more details.

Your job isn't done after you've convinced a customer to place an order. As an e-commerce seller, it is also your responsibility to make sure every order reaches your customer's hands in a safe and timely manner. The challenge here is how to do it despite the strict border restrictions between the two countries. Here are the essential factors to consider before shipping products from Canada to the U.S.:

Choose Right the Shipping Partner

The shipping companies are responsible for delivering your products to the end receiver. Their job is to ensure that the items are well-delivered on time because your reputation as an online seller can be affected during the delivery process. So, finding the most suitable shipping partner will help you lessen the troubles of sending your package to the United States. 

They need to be professional, able to match your shipping needs and whom you can trust. Furthermore, they need to have a seamless process to avoid additional stress shipping your items.

Stallion Express is a well-trusted shipping company by thousands of online sellers in Canada. They let Canadian online sellers compete with US sellers, as they offer the cheapest shipping rates with fast delivery times, with a partnership through USPS (US National Carrier). They also provide a fast and hassle-free transaction through their seamless, user-friendly website.

Don't forget to check and explore our website to learn more about the company, the terms and conditions, and how US shipping works at Stallion Express. Plus, don't hesitate to send us a message because we will be delighted to accommodate your questions. We put our customers first so you are always talking to a friendly customer service representative, and not a robot. 

When you're ready, create an account and take advantage of the numerous perks the company has in store for you. 

*Items you are not allowed to ship to the U.S.

Each country's government has its own way to safeguard its citizens, especially for the goods that reach its borders. According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), here are the products they prevent from entering:

"The products CBP prevents from entering the United States are those that would injure community health, public safety, American workers, children, or domestic plant and animal life or those that would defeat our national interests. Sometimes the products that cause injury, or have the potential to do so, may seem fairly innocent. But, as you will see from the material that follows, appearances can be deceiving."

So before you sell items including alcoholic beverages, dangerous toys, prescription drugs, and more, keep in mind that these are items forbidden by law. On the other hand, restricted items require special permits or licenses before entering the U.S. Examples are animal products, specific fruits and vegetables, firearms, and animal by-products. Generally speaking, Stallion Express also does not handle shipments that are governed by US FDA. Therefore, nothing that enters the mouth (including oral hygiene tools) is permitted.

Accuracy and completeness of the information about your goods

Keep in mind that U.S. Customs charges severe penalties for negligence or gross negligence. It could cost you as much as 40% of the value of the goods or up to four times the duty. So make sure each documentation is free of errors.

Don't forget to clearly identify the items you are shipping. The vagueness of your items can cause problems and delay during the customs and export declaration. For example:

Put the size, quantity, and other relevant information to accurately describe the items.

Here’s an example: “1 womens t-shirt (blue), size small' instead of just putting ‘shirt’ on the description. See the list below for more accurate product declarations.

Preferred: 1 paperback book, pages, size, 'The Little Prince', ISBN - 9783140464079

Instead of: book

Preferred: 1 pencil, black lead core, quality wood casing, yellow color, hexagonal shape

Instead of: pencil

Preferred: 1 pair of pants, cotton spandex material, 28 waistline, stretchable, black

Instead of: pants

Preferred: 1 ream newsprint, 24" x 36" size, 610mm x 914.4mm ISO

instead: paper

Moreover, don't forget to put the ASIN number too for Amazon FBA shipments. You can find it on the item's product information at Amazon website. 

Estimated shipping time

The standard shipping from U.S to Canada is different because it is more complicated than the other way round. So, try Shippsy by Stallion Express for importing instead. Shippsy allows cross-border shipping from the US to Canada easy. You can purchase from any US online store with your own unique address at a very low cost and receive the same quality of service without any problems or delay.

How much is Amazon shipping? It depends on the weight and size of your package and the package’s destination. If you want detailed information about how Amazon FBA shipping works, read our comprehensive guide here.

While we are on the subject of shipping fees, you may be wondering how much the cheapest shipping from Canada to U.S. is. Rates will depend on the postage/service type and carrier you choose. Shipping with Stallion Express means you’ll have budget-friendly options like USPS non-tracked to premium options like FedEx Standard Overnight. Shop different packages for different customers.

Tax and Customs Fee

You might be thinking of shipping tax and customs fee and did some research about it. However, you don’t need to worry about that because there will be no additional tax or duties to pay as long as your packages are within the $800 limit set by the US customs. 

In closing

Shipping products from Canada to the U.S. can be hassle-free when you keep in mind the factors above. Better yet, develop a shipping strategy that will keep your shipping costs to a minimum, win more customers, and keep your business ahead of the competition. Choosing Stallion Express can be the best option for your lifelong shipping partner, especially if you plan to expand your business to the U.S. Ensure you’re paying the lowest possible cost without compromising delivery time. We have never missed a cross-border delivery in the last 5 years of business because we always plan ahead.

Stallion Express has years of experience in shipping products from Canada to the U.S. We also have a team of experts that will assist you in trying Amazon FBA or shipping goods from the U.S. to Canada. For inquiries, you can call +1 877-863-7447 or email [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you!

Establishing an online business is far from being a walk in the park. It involves a lot of strategizing, brainstorming, and putting ideas into action. You think of different strategies on how to improve the performance of your business and widen your reach. You do different analyses to understand eCommerce, your target market, and consumer behavior. As your business grows, different horizons widen, and you need to check on those without losing focus on cultivating and expanding your business. Hence, some businesses learn to delegate their obligations, especially their daily operations. Would you like to learn how to ship directly to Amazon FBA? Here’s an article that will walk you through the process.

One of the great things about Amazon FBA is that it helps sellers build their empire as they delegate secondary factors like logistics to experts. It allows you to give your best on the primary aspects of your business, such as marketing, sourcing products, and even engaging with your customers. Plus, you get to expand your knowledge about international deliveries, such as shipping directly to Amazon FBA from China, minus most of the work.

Are you ready to learn how to ship directly to Amazon FBA?

Before you go to any webpage or click anything on Amazon, it’s essential to understand why you need Amazon FBA for your business. One of the most common questions sellers ask is, “Can you ship directly to Amazon FBA”?

Of course, you can! FBA is a logistics solution offered to Amazon sellers. Just like other people, sellers endure repetitive tasks, especially when it comes to logistics and shipping. With this handy feature, Amazon is more than willing to do the heavy lifting for you! Isn’t that wonderful, especially during peak seasons?

Another good thing about the Amazon FBA is that you’ll become eligible for the free two-day shipping to Amazon Prime customers. What does this mean exactly? This means that the most loyal customers of Amazon may get their orders within a span of two (2) days without any additional or hidden charges! Now, isn’t that convenient?

Pros of Amazon FBA

Aside from the free 2-day shipping for Amazon Prime members, here are other benefits you might want to look into:

Cons of Amazon FBA

Now that we’ve learned the pros, let’s move on to the main disadvantages of Amazon FBA:

It’s as easy as 123!

  1. First, register on Amazon FBA
  2. Create product listings
  3. Pack your products and ship them to an Amazon warehouse. 

Amazon manages the routine tasks connected to order fulfillment which encompasses customer satisfaction through customer service, returns, and even refunds.

What do you need to remember about Amazon FBA?

  1. It may be pricey

Amazon FBA offers a ton of benefits, so naturally, it wouldn’t come cheap. It can be challenging, especially for sellers who are just starting out. The charges that you see on Amazon cover both storage and all fulfillment procedures. Since Amazon will handle the shipping, the cost will be included in the FBA fees.

  1. No sales quota

Fortunately for sellers, moving items to the Amazon warehouse is limitless. Amazon understands that your products are unique and crafted equally, with demand varying depending on several factors.

Amazon offers its FBA services to small business owners who have had records of poor shipment turnarounds. Even if you only sell a few products a month or thousands of items a month, you can always register to the Amazon FBA.

  1. Not mandatory at all!

What’s great about Amazon FBA is that it’s not mandatory for sellers. Any seller will always be able to sell their products on Amazon even without thinking of registering to the FBA. It’s the initiative of Amazon to help those who can’t commit to daily business operations 100%.

Can I ship directly from Alibaba to Amazon FBA?

The answer to that is yes. A lot of Chinese companies directly ship to Amazon warehouses for sellers. As a general rule, the only thing you need to be mindful about is whether or not the company you’re buying from is trustworthy.

So, what’s next?

Now, you go back to your drawing board and plan on how you will delegate your shipping logistics to Amazon FBA. Remember that even if you plan on growing your business and letting it flourish, you also need time for yourself and to live. Amazon FBA helps you achieve that exact work-life balance.
If you need an Amazon FBA shipping service, Stallion Express is here to help! Visit our website to know more about the services we offer.

When you start a business or pursue becoming a reseller, one of the important factors that you ponder on include which courier company you’ll work with. A good working relationship with a chosen shipping company means you’ll create a great customer experience too. Consider time and safety when you ship parcels to your customers. One of the vital things to remember when it comes to shipping, securing the package and ensuring it is delivered without any damage. Hence, finding the best eCommerce shipping solutions for your needs should be your top priority.

With the rise of eCommerce sellers and businesses, sales for the year 2021 is projected to be at $485 billion annually in the US alone. As the market continues to evolve, more and more businesses adapt to stay ahead of the competition.

Some quick facts to enlighten you:

Before we take a deep dive about choosing the best eCommerce shipping solutions for your business, let’s first discover what affects your choice and what factors you need to consider.

What services do you need to watch out for with these eCommerce shipping solutions?

In order for your business to perform and satisfy your customers needs and wants, you ensure that your business works with a courier service that you trust. They will be the ones responsible for the transportation of your products.

Make sure you take note of the following:

Factors to consider when choosing the best eCommerce shipping solutions

Before choosing a shipping company, you carefully determine which ones fit the budget and your needs. Now, here are the vital factors that you need to look at when choosing the shipping partner you want to work with.


A lot of the eCommerce shipping solutions in Canada consider the size and the weight of every parcel being delivered. This is one of the vital factors that you need to check before choosing a shipping company. Simple as to say, the larger your package is, the more you need to pay for the shipping.

Another factor to look at are the shipping packages, like the shipping insurance. For example, Stallion Express offers the Stallion Protection that allows Canadian online sellers to feel at ease while sending their packages to their customers via our shipping partners. It is a package offering full coverage shipment protection at the most competitive price in the industry. Furthermore, it also offers:

Shipping expenses

Most online businesses that you find these days offer free shipping to their customers. One of the most common reasons that they offer this is that costly shipping fees tend to drive away customers. Eventually, this makes customers abandon their carts altogether. You don’t want that, right?

The challenge with free shipping is that you may not be able to breakeven with the other expenses that you incur. What you could do is offer free shipping for a minimum amount of purchase from the store.

Some eCommerce shipping solutions in the UK offer a flat rate for parcels that will be delivered in the same area. This way, your customers determine how much the shipping cost will be.

Most courier companies use these metrics to determine how much will it cost you to ship your parcels:

A number of shipping companies provide integration with your preferred eCommerce platform. Some of those online platforms include Shopify, Amazon, and Etsy. Integrations are beneficial, especially for bulk orders in different online marketplaces.Integration allows you to import all your open orders (from multiple marketplaces) with the click of a button. No need to spend time managing multiple tools, copy & pasting, etc. when you can do it all within one screen. One example you can check is Canada’s leading shipping partner, Stallion Express.

International shipping

eCommerce sellers are empowered by the platforms they use to ship internationally as anyone can see their online store. So, finding a shipping company that ships internationally is one of the priorities that they pay attention to.

Remember that sending items to different countries may need documentation. Reach out to our customer support team if you have a specific country in mind, otherwise required form fields are included when you create, purchase your postage. Other than that, you need to abide by the rules and regulations of the destination country. Make sure that you are transparent with your customers. Do this by putting shipping policies on your online store so they know and they are informed. Explicitly say that it’s no longer part of your responsibility if there will be local custom duties in some country.

Delivery period

As previously stated, you put up shipping policies on your website or the platform that you’re using. Mention about shipping multiple products will arrive at either different times or together. If you want to offer more economical and cost-friendly shipping options to your customers, this could be one option to include.

Another way to save resources and time for delivery would be to let your customers choose the most suitable shipping for them - standard or express delivery.


With the awareness of climate change, global warming, and other environmental issues, more and more customers appreciate and prefer sustainable packaging for their orders. They prefer a more eco-friendly packaging in order to reduce their waste and help the environment recover from all the pollution there is.

Some sellers who handcraft their products include some personal and handwritten notes for their customers. This way, it makes their customers feel cared for. Other than handwritten notes, you may opt to print out thank-you cards or even include gifts or coupons with their order.

Remember to include the invoice. If you are on paperless billing, send a digital copy through their emails or even text messages. Some include information on returns, exchanges, or even refunds.

Various eCommerce platforms now include the use of extensions that let sellers put barcoded labels to ease their operations. However, if you label your packages manually, it’s better to print it out than write it yourself.

Returns, refunds, and exchanges

When a customer feels disappointed about their order or they got the wrong item, they want to return it. Others file for a refund while some communicate with the seller for an item exchange. Make sure that when you compose your shipping policies, you include terms on how customers will be able to do these transactions.

While preparing the package, you may include a printed form where they can fill out in case they encounter trouble with the product. Then specify if they need to drop it off the warehouse or at a partner establishment. If you work with a third party service provider, ensure that they will manage and handle the parcels in good condition. Here, at Stallion Express, we offer U.S. and Canadian returns on orders that need to come back to you.

For example, Ana (the seller) is sending her customer’s order to John’s (the customer) US address. He received the parcel three days later, only to realize he ordered the wrong size. He gets in touch with Ana, and she creates a USPS return label and emails it to him. John puts the label on and seals the shipment. He drops this shipment off at any USPS post office near his residence. Ana will see this returned shipment arrive at Stallion’s U.S. warehouse. She will request this item back to their Canadian Stallion branch location for a fee of $3.99.

To simply put it, Stallion users fill out a one-time POA (Power of Attorney) form to meet our broker’s guidelines. Then, see all pending returns (U.S. and Canadian) show up for you within your Stallion dashboard. Choose to request your item back or dispose of it. 

However, take note that Stallion Express return policy only applies to Stallion’s US and Canada shipping, since there are different policies when it comes to exporting items for each country, and the expenses the shipper needs to pay, international returns are not offered.

Express shipping

Some customers are very eager to receive their orders. Standard shipping may take at least 3 to 5 business days while putting a word about express shipping would be equivalent to same-day delivery or next-day delivery.

If you plan on offering this kind of service, do not hesitate to show the rates and be transparent with your customers. Include the information on your shipping policies.

How to choose the best eCommerce shipping solutions for your business?

Identifying what your business needs is the first step in choosing the best eCommerce solution. You factor in the expenses you incur and the method on how you want to pay them. Remember, don’t go over your budget cause your business will suffer too.

Another thing to factor in, the cost of making the product or sourcing it. Next, the things you need in order to securely package it. After learning about the packaging, you check the shipping expenses. Consider our APC DDP postage type option to expedite shipping times by paying for customs duty & fees ahead of time. 

You may compare and contrast the services and the rates of every shipping company you encounter. Don’t sign any agreements just yet without checking how efficient their service will be to your business. Better yet, why not give Stallion a try without hesitation - no contract, or upfront costs and let the service speak for itself. 


As your business grows, the volume of your shipments increases too. Remember to carefully evaluate what your business needs before availing of any service or giving out discounts.

Level up your online business with Stallion Express, your partner in providing a fast and high-quality shipping service. Don’t hesitate to send us a message or feel free to check our website and social media accounts to know more about us.

Canada has plenty of online businesses, and the numbers are continuously increasing in years. As an emerging small business in the eCommerce industry or not, delivery is essential to keep up with your customers' demands - more so when you expand your business internationally. Offering fast, efficient, and cheap international shipping can be your selling point to overseas clients. 

Customers expect excellent shipping service regardless of location, so finding the most suitable shipping partner is crucial. Your chosen international shipping partner will be the one to deliver your products to your customers, and if they are not reliable enough, your business is somehow at stake. 

However, what factors should we consider before choosing our shipping partner? How to know whether it can provide excellent international shipping or not? How to determine a reliable international shipping partner? What is the best way to ship internationally? We listed nine (9) factors you can include on your checklist in choosing the perfect shipping partner for you.

1. Cost-Effective

Purchasing something overseas is expensive because you need to pay for the actual item, plus the shipping fee. Although customers already expect this upon buying, it would still be helpful to provide them with an affordable international shipping fee. Promoting that you have the "cheapest international shipping" attracts people's attention because it is another way to save money, and who wouldn't want that? 

Stallion Express is the best shipping company in Canada that offers the best shipping solution with the most competitive shipping rates. With Stallion's affordable rates, you can also cover the costs on some occasions for promos and other giveaway activities. 

Their international shipping rates, the best price for international shipping, can help you or your customer save up to 85% compared to a national carrier and a standard courier. You can check the shipping calculator on the website to see the shipping cost you need to pay during the shipment.

2. Hassle-Free

The tedious and time-consuming shipping process is a big turn-off, not if you have the luxury of time. However, it would help to consider the technicalities when creating a shipping account with them. How hard is it to ship the parcel with them? Find out the company's process so that you can see if their methods align with your needs.

Stallion Express guarantees a hassle-free transaction to all of your shipments. You can follow these four quick and easy steps:

  1. If you still don't have a Stallion Express account, you need to make one first before getting all the perks. Once signed up, print the label and pay for the shipment using your Stallion account. 
  2. Once done, you can either drop off your package at any branch location across Ontario or arrange for pick-up.
  3. You only need to track your package from here as Stallion will work the rest. They will clear customs at the border and send the package to their shipment partner, *PostNL and APC Logistics.
  4. Our shipment partners will hand your packages to local post authorities in your country's destination and deliver them to your customer.

Stallion made it easy for the shippers to make the shipments. 

3. Quick Delivery

Aside from the products they will receive, many customers base their ratings on how fast items arrive at their doorstep. It can quickly improve customer satisfaction with a quicker delivery time. Some customers are willing to pay more for a rapid ETA. As the seller, you have to seek ways to meet this expectation. Finding a shipping provider that can guarantee a short delivery time can help you achieve a high customer satisfaction rate. 

Stallion Express has the *fastest delivery time compared to the competitors and standard international shipping. Although it depends on what postage you choose, you can expect to receive your items within four (4) to twenty-one (21) days. 

*Note: Due to the pandemic, you might experience some shipping and delivery delays as the Department of Health imposes strict regulations to help contain the virus. Furthermore, some countries have other shipping regulations that our shipment partners must follow.

4. Easy Customer Return Policy

Returns can be inconvenient for you as it costs time and money. However, Stallion Express provides an easy *return policy from Canada and the US. You can fulfill the returns following three steps: Input, Request, and Pick-up.

Input: You need to provide your importer number from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Request: Go to your Stallion Express account > Returns page and request for a return.

Pick-up: You can pick up the item at any branch location.

The fees vary for both Canada and US return shipments. 

*Note: The return policy does not apply to international shipments due to the different regulations from each destination country. Furthermore, they can be costly. 

5. Good Reputation

As your shipping partner also low-key represents your brand, you need to find someone with a good reputation in the shipping industry. They are seen as providing value, and most customers want that. It can also result in customers' loyalty to your brand. 

Furthermore, a positive image can also attract better people, so it can also make or break your reputation. Find someone who shares the same values in providing quality customer service. 

Stallion Express has been around for more than half a decade, and the reviews from its users are tremendously good! They built an excellent relationship with their customers. So far, they have created a stress-free shipping environment for numerous online entrepreneurs across Canada. 

6. Reliable Customer Service 

International customers need constant updates as their parcels are coming overseas. Your updates, together with the tracking, are their only way to know the situation of their orders. Finding a shipping company that has excellent customer service can lessen the stress. 

Stallion Express guarantees friendly and reliable customer service to all its clients regarding customer services. Furthermore, we provide many options to contact us. You can check the list below:

7. User-Friendly Interface

A user-friendly interface helps customers fulfill their needs quickly and efficiently, reducing their time to navigate the system. Additionally, not all customers are tech-savvy, so providing a website easy to understand and access would give you additional cookie points.

Stallion Express doesn't want you to encounter any problems while using your Stallion account, so we hired the best IT experts to ensure that all the site is functional and easy to navigate. Plus, you can track your package anywhere you are using your account.

8. Shipping Options

Providing many international shipping options allow customers to choose the most convenient way to ship their orders to them. It also means you want to cater to your customers anywhere they are in the world. Stallion partnered with two well-established shipping companies to help us deliver your package safe and secured. We are currently partnered with APC Postal Logistics, USPS International, and *PostNL. 

Regardless of what international shipping services it is, you can expect we would find ways to accommodate you.

*Note: PostNL is only available across Ontario.

9. Insurance Policy

Sometimes, accidents happen during shipments- a lost parcel, damaged household goods, etc. We don't want to scare you, but things like this happen despite all of the preventive measures (although it rarely happens). A shipping carrier that can insure and protect your shipments is what you need.

Stallion Express offers *Stallion Protection that has:

  1. It has the fastest turnaround time in the industry.
  2. It has hassle-free online processing claims.
  3. It has complete protection coverage for your declared value, including risks of physical damage due to external causes while in transit.
  4. It provides flat-rate pricing, regardless of your package's destination. You can check the website to know the prices for each Package Protection Program. 

Note: The policy only applies to parcels with postage printed through Stallion Express. You can also visit our Support Page to get further details about the insurance policy.

Keynote: We understand how challenging it is to find the most suitable shipping company. So, if you will ask what is the best way to ship internationally, why don't you give Stallion Express a try? A reliable international shipping company offering the best price for international shipping will help you grow your business worldwide, and Stallion has proven to provide customers with their global shipping needs. Check out our website to know more about our company and our services.

What a beautiful sight it is to see that the whiteboard is filled with business plans. Colorful post-it cards have taken over your office glass divisions; your team is exhilarated with the blueprint--you are finally launching your business! 

Along with the excitement are all the financial nitty-gritty details you want to be on top of to ensure that the plans you have will turn to reality and your business will continue to grow. 

Let us help you with a financial topic you will surely try to decipher: shipping costs for eCommerce, both local and international deliveries. Read through to know all the details. 

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Shipping Costs for eCommerce

If you are launching your business primarily on Amazon before expanding it on other eCommerce platforms, you need to familiarize yourself with FBA. 

FBA is Amazon’s fulfillment service that offers to pack, store, and ship your products. It is incredibly convenient and advantageous to use this method, but here are the costs associated with it:

Fixed Monthly Fees

Once you decide to use FBA, the first step you need to accomplish is to select between the individual and professional plan. 

Fees Per Unit Sold

To calculate fees per unit sold, familiarize yourself with the different categories: small, small oversize, large, medium oversize, and apparel, as you will be charged based on these sizes. Charges begin at $0.40 up to $9.44, depending on the size. 

Storage Fees

You will also be charged with storage fees, which are determined depending on the space occupied by your products. The rates also change depending on the months of the year, with January-September having $0.69/cubic foot payment only, and it increases to $2.40/cubic foot from October-December. 

Long-Term Storage Fees

If your stocks do not move quickly and stay in Amazon warehouses for more than a year, an additional $3.45/cubic foot fee is added to what you need to pay per month. 

Repackaging and label adding

If you could not follow the packing guidelines by chance, Amazon needs to step in and repackage your products and even add labels if needed, which will add costs to you. 


Customers might have special requests for having their orders gift-wrapped, especially during holiday seasons. Amazon’s got your back with their gift-wrapping service that also comes with fees to make note of. 

For a complete list of fees, you may check out Amazon’s complete list of fulfillment fees, and to get an estimate of the costs, you can check Seller Central’s FBA calculator. 

Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF)

Amazon MCF is a fulfillment method you can choose once you’ve expanded your business from Amazon to Shopify, eBay, and Etsy. If you have already begun using FBA while selling on Amazon, it will be easier for you to use it continuously, even when selling on other platforms. 

The fees you need to pay on MCF depends on the following: 

Keep in mind to do the measurement and weighing right to get the correct costs you need to pay. You can check out Amazon MCF fees for the complete costs. 

What about the packaging? Even though you do not sell on Amazon, the packages will be packed with Amazon branding, which may cause a little confusion to your customers. You have two options: you can look into selling on Amazon too or wait for the eCommerce giant's solution of providing unbranded packaging for MCF users. 

FBA Export Program

After figuring out sending orders domestically, it is now time to move on to the other half of your brainstorming output and put them to life--shipping internationally. 

Since we are already on FBA and MCF, you can also consider the FBA Export Program as you can enjoy its shipping services as long as you are using FBA and MCF. You may opt to enable your products for international shipping, and you can expand your clients to all the countries where Amazon is available. 

Which shipping service is cheapest? If we are talking about costs you cover, FBA Export Program comes at no cost to sellers. 

The buyers handle the shipping charges, including customs duties and tax, and delivery fees which may not be enticing to customers. 

If you choose these international shipping options, here are the strategies you can enact to ensure you will not scare off customers:

Other Couriers to Choose From

If the shipping services you are looking for aren’t provided by the couriers mentioned above, we suggest you take a peak at Stallion Express as they offer international shipping.They are partnered with notable international shipping companies to keep the quality of service that Stallion provides to its customers. 

Moving on, whether you are still planning or you will send actual orders now, trusted international couriers will surely be on your list. We recommend these services for when you’re shipping individual small orders (not big bulky items like FBA items).

International Courier

Shipping Options


PostNL is the leading provider of postal and parcel services in the Netherlands. PostNL provides the most far-reaching and credible network for delivery, not only in the Netherlands but also worldwide. However, PostNL is only available for the region of Ontario (not B.C.).

APC Postal Logistics

APC Postal Logistics offers its services from coast to coast to provide the most adept international shipping to more than 200 countries worldwide*. Based in the U.S., they provide multiple options like DDP and DDU to help expedite international shipping and customs. 


USPS also ships internationally with delivery arrival of 2 to 10 days, depending on your service choice and destination country. However, it costs more and arrives longer than other shipping options Stallion Express currently offers. 

To find out the rates, you can use the calculators available on the Stallion Express website. These three couriers are undeniably well-trusted and offer a wide variety of shipping services. However, if you are looking into long-term international shipping, you may want to look at the next shipping option as they have cheaper offers. 

Note that international shipping options above do NOT offer returns - mainly due to local post office authorities and high customs/duties.

Cross-Border Shippers

Cross-border shippers are shipping partners and are indeed the best option for eCommerce sellers like you. To get started, you need to look for a reliable cross-border shipper to partner with. These shippers also offer complete shipping solutions with US and Canadian returns, multiple carries to choose from, and lowest rates on the market.

Here’s what happens next:

Step 1: Create and buy your postage, which will be your shipping label, alternatively, on US shipments you may choose to use your own label with one of our supported carriers.

Step 2: Drop your package to the cross-border shipper, and pay a shipping fee depending on the weight and dimensions of your package. You may also arrange for a direct pick up, if that’s a service they offer, especially if there are boxes more than you can carry. This service is rendered by some shippers at a minimum fee. 

Step 3: They will scan and process your item, and hand it off to the carrier you selected for final mile delivery to your customer, follow the tracking page to see your shipment’s journey. 

Step 4: You may also choose to integrate your online store. Integrating it means that tracking events will also be shared with your customer, creating an easy seamless transaction. 

Whether you’re a part-time online seller or own an enterprise shipping hundreds of thousand shipments on a regular basis, have a partnership with a shipping company. You can shop multiple shipping carrier options and rates, and choosing Stallion will save you time and money with our easy-to-use website and low-cost options.

Partner With Us!

We might be just the partner you are looking for! We, at Stallion Express, are a cross-border shipper ourselves. We know the ins and outs of sending packages within Canada, to the U.S., and even internationally. Aside from that, we also allow third-party postage (like Amazon FBA), and provide the best service portfolio on the market for you to consider.

Moreover, the cheapest shipping fee, tracking, and Stallion Protection would want you to choose our company more than ever. You won’t only take advantage of the cheapest shipping, but you can also have a dedicated account manager for enterprise clients, friendly support representatives via phone or live chat, and automation tools on our website to help you save time.

To get the in-depth details to feel free to give us a call or send us a message. You may also visit our website. We’d love to discuss our shipping offers with you.

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