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What is the Best Shipping Solution for eCommerce When Selling on eBay?

Diana Zheng
December 20, 2022

You might not be able to discover the most suitable eCommerce platform for you immediately, but it does not mean you won't consider and try some of the available options. As you lay your hands on the perfect place, don't forget all the other elements you must consider before choosing.

Meanwhile, it would help if you also looked for the best shipping solution for eCommerce to ensure that everything goes well. Without it, your efforts to identify the right spot for your business will crumble. 

This blog post will discuss one of the most popular eCommerce platforms globally, eBay, and the most suitable shipping solution you should choose. 

What Makes eBay Popular Among Sellers?

With over 100 million active users, eBay is a hot place to consider starting your small business. As an entrepreneur, you may have already heard of this platform. It is one of the oldest, most well-established, and most popular eCommerce sites.

It is a San Jose, California-based American eCommerce company that enables business-to-business (B2B) and consumer-to-consumer (C2C) purchases through its website. Its founder, Pierre Omidyar, launched this platform in 1995, and it quickly gained attention and rose to prominence, becoming a remarkable success story.

Due to the reasonable pricing and seller opportunities, eBay is a preferable site among small business owners and other entrepreneurs. Furthermore, eBay allows its customers to set up an auction or sell products for a set price. Additionally, it is easy to use, is trusted by its users, offers fixed rates, and you can list up to 150 products monthly for free.

eBay also enforces the seller protection policy, allowing you to concentrate on increasing your online sales. They have a seller protection team to ensure all problems are tracked in advance, the policy upheld, and customer service is always available. It will defend its sellers from bogus feedback and other issues.

However, like any eCommerce platform, you share the eBay marketplace with your competitors. Since you can find all sorts of items sold on eBay having the same or comparable features, you might find sellers implementing competitive pricing strategies.

What Are The Tops Items Sold on eBay?

While providing unique products which are distinguishable to your eCommerce business, offering products that most customers buy will give you an advantage over the sellable things. If you wonder which stuff you can sell on eBay, we listed the top items in the marketplace to give you an idea of which goods to offer.

Clothes and Accessories

Fashion items, like clothes and accessories, are excellent things to sell because they are incredibly portable, straightforward to store, and convenient to ship. Furthermore, you have vast demographics that allow you to create a variety of options and pricing ranges to cater to these target audiences.

Health and Beauty

While many people find health and beauty products leisurely, some consider them necessary. About 85% of the users feel safer when using health and beauty products, while others feel more attracted. Beauty products help people gain more confidence and appreciate themselves more.

Besides, skin care products have become popular among consumers because of pollution, sun protection, and workplace stress, impacting skin quality and aging.

Fitness Items

You might have noticed that the fitness industry is growing; thus, the demand for fitness tools and accessories has also increased. Selling fitness or gym-related products online might be a terrific way to expand your demographics. You have an excellent chance to market your business, boost customer numbers, and improve sales.


Jewelry is one of the top-selling items online because it can be a quick and somewhat inexpensive method to accessorize a particular look. For instance, a simple outfit can be dramatically improved or altered by adding the right necklace or a pair of earrings. Plus, they are easy to promote.

Pet Items

If you are looking for a new market to enter, consider pet accessories and other non-perishable pet products. With the increasing number of pet parents, you have a significant audience to cater to. Collars, leashes, pet clothes, feeders, and toys are some items you can design, create, and sell.

How Much Does it Cost When Selling on eBay?

What makes eBay an even better eCommerce store is you can list up to 250 products monthly for free. You will only have to pay the insertion fee when you exceed this monthly allotment. The insertion fee is non-refundable and is charged per listing and per category.

eBay charges one final value fee every time you sell an item. You don't have to think about the third-party payment processing fees because it is computed as a percentage of the total amount of the sale, plus CAD 0.30 per order, which includes the item price, handling fees, buyer's shipping service, sales tax, and other applicable fees.

Imagine that you provide accessible, affordable one-day shipping, international shipping, and both (like domestic shipping). In that instance, the sale price is determined using the least expensive domestic option you provide.

The sale price depends on the buyer's selected service if you only offer 1-day or overseas delivery and no cheaper local shipping option. Any amount of items purchased by the same customer at checkout using the same shipping option constitutes an order.

According to eBay's fee credits policy, you can be eligible for fee credits if you need to repay the customer or cancel the sale.

Hacks on Increasing Sales on eBay

Hacks On Increasing Sales on eBay

Finding ways to get your customer's attention with thousands of competitors would be best. Getting their attention also means increasing the possibility of them purchasing from your store and increasing profits.

New Items Constantly

The primary goal of introducing new products is to provide customers with unique value. Without this, consumers would have no other motivation to spend on goods and services. Thus, customers will continue using new products or services if they provide extraordinary value.

Furthermore, it can expand into new markets, gain market share, offer more items, and generate more sales by developing new products. On the other hand, revamping current products provides cost reduction, increased margin, and eventually higher profitability.

Utilize Keywords and Hashtags

If you wish to find the right target audience sharing the same interests, hashtags and keywords are terrific methods to take advantage of. Moreover, you can utilize this technique for a variety of purposes, such as working as customer support to help buyers find the right items for them. You can also use it for advertising your goods or services.

Accept Criticisms and Feedback Lightheartedly

It can be difficult to accept some hurtful words about the products we carefully and meticulously designed and crafted to provide excellent customer experience. However, we cannot please everybody. Thus, you should feel disheartened once you receive criticisms and negative feedback.

Instead, you can use them to improve product and service quality, maintain the business's credibility, and boost profits.

Optimize Returns Policy

In continuation to the feedback and criticism, it is also unavoidable when customers return products. These items could be defective, or the wrong size or color, and the customer did not like the item. Whatever the reason may be, you should still accommodate these things. However, to prevent profit loss, you must establish a comprehensive returns policy.

While eBay has its returns policy, you can also implement your own and incorporate it with your partner shipping carrier's regulations to ensure that there will be no issues.

Provide Free Samples

When you provide product samples to customers, you remove their fear and let them try a specific item risk-free. These samples do not have to be as big as the actual product, but enough for the customers to enjoy it.

If they like the product, they will certainly purchase the actual product to share with friends, family members, and colleagues.

Offer Vouchers and Coupons

Most stores offer coupons and vouchers to entice clients to purchase products, helping to increase their profit margin. You can also carefully utilize this technique, especially when providing customers with a shipping option or shipping method.

You can incorporate these vouchers when offering discounted shipping rates and discounted rates on products and services.

Offer Free Shipping and Other Shipping Discounts

Most customers, if not all, want to avoid paying additional shipping costs. So, what will make them attracted to purchase from your eCommerce store? By offering free shipping and other discounted shipping rates.

It may sound challenging to implement because you will be the one to carry the shipping cost, risking a decrease in profits. However, you can make it possible by partnering with the most suitable eCommerce shipping company. Besides the shipping rate, you must also ensure that this shipping company meets your expectations.

Plus, you do not have to bear the shipping cost always. You can offer these perks during special events, like brand milestones, Cyber Mondays, Black Fridays, and other relevant local and international holidays.

Streamline with Stallion Express

Streamline with Stallion Express

If you have no eCommerce shipping partner yet, why not consider Stallion Express? It is one of the leading shipping companies in Canada, helping thousands of sellers ship parcels worldwide. Moreover, besides providing eCommerce international shipping, they also offer various eCommerce shipping solutions to make the shipping process more efficient.

You can streamline the process by integrating your eBay store with Stallion's best shipping software. Once you sign up for a Stallion account, you will be redirected to your dashboard. Don't worry because creating an account is free. You can create a shipment, track the package, calculate the shipping rates, order management, and integrate eCommerce business.

These tools can help make order fulfillment and inventory management more efficient, improving the shipping process. You do not have to move from one website to another or use multiple tools to ensure everything goes smoothly.

However, apart from the advanced eCommerce shipping software, Stallion also offers different eCommerce shipping services, such as cross-border, domestic, and international shipping, partnering with reputable shipping companies to ensure a cheaper shipping rate yet faster delivery times.

Each shipping carrier enables you to choose the suitable shipping option, like standard or expedited shipping, for every order so that you or your customers do not have to worry about exceeding the budget. Plus, you can directly print shipping labels using this tool.

You can access the best shipping software on your desktops or laptops, making order fulfillment more convenient.

Key Takeaway

It may take a while to discover the right eCommerce and shipping platform to solve your shipping needs.

Don't miss the eCommerce business opportunities provided by eBay and Stallion Express. For more information about Stallion's shipping service, call +1 877-863-7447, and their reliable customer service will assist you with better shipping management.

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