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E-commerce Shipping Solutions for Canadians 2024

Aman Chopra
March 6, 2023

Things to Consider When Starting An eCommerce Business

Venturing into business takes a lot of work to succeed. It is not an overnight process that everything works out for you when you wake up in the morning. You have to invest plenty of time, a lot of money, and tremendous effort. Thus, you have to take each step cautiously to avoid costly mistakes.

As expert providers of eCommerce shipping solutions in Canada, we have listed the top elements to consider when starting your eCommerce business. However, this blog post is not only limited to first-time entrepreneurs. If you are struggling to maintain the quality or costs of your business, this article will be of great value.

Build A Team

As you start your eCommerce business, building a close-knit team that works toward one purpose is necessary. The sense and primary aim of creating a team is to make connections and bonds among individuals to establish a successful company. Brands can significantly benefit from fostering these relationships through this process.

In addition, according to research, collaborative problem-solving produces better results. If a brand has a team behind it, there are more creative ideas, innovation, and efficiency in all the tasks. And while you can build all sorts of teams, remember to include designated people in these groups.

Marketing. The advantage of having a marketing team for your company is that there is a designated team to engage consumers and help them decide to purchase your products. They can create a marketing strategy that establishes and sustains demand, relevance, identity, and competition.

Graphics and Web Design. Would you like to increase the company’s visibility? An excellent graphic design could result in more sales. Web traffic to your brand is driven by appealing aesthetics, clear idea communication, increased visibility, and scoring various degrees of success. More significant traffic translates into more opportunities.

On the other hand, a professionally designed website can make a positive first impression on potential customers. Also, it could help you in developing your leads and increasing conversions. However, the most crucial part is that it offers a satisfying user experience and simplifies access and navigation for visitors visiting your website.

Fulfillment. Having your fulfillment team earns you many perks, including optimizing inventory, working with the shipping carrier to improve delivery time, and broadening your customer base. Moreover, the company will continuously attract customers and satisfy them with items if you have a clearly defined and efficient order fulfillment process.

Customer Support. It is essential to provide a reliable and credible customer service team to ensure you meet every customer’s satisfaction. If you can address a concern correctly, it increases the chances of retention and loyalty. Existing customers who are pleased with the service and feel valued by the business are likelier to make larger purchases than new customers.

Set Goals

Setting goals is crucial to managing a successful company. They can help you maintain a clear direction for your company to strive for. In addition, every time you accomplish a goal can be the defining standard of the company’s growth and competitive advantages. When you create a plan, remember to tailor them to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bounded (SMART) to avoid being overwhelmed.

Promote Your Brand

How else will your target audience know about your company, products, and services? Brand promotion is essential to growing the business, which is the primary focus of the marketing team. Some of the ways you can do to encourage a customer to purchase from you are listed below:

Provide Free Samples. Giving product samples to potential customers boosts publicity, gives them a glimpse of what’s to come for your business, and hands them the assurance they need to purchase. When you incorporate sample distribution into the marketing budget, you provide your business leverage over competitors.

Offer Vouchers and Coupons. eCommerce companies gain from distributing coupons by stimulating repeat business from customers and helping to establish brand loyalty among consumers, who actively seek out and use coupons to save money on their purchases.

Companies that create a clever coupon strategy stand to gain from rising sales.

importance of shipping strategy

Set Shipping Strategy

Having a shipping strategy minimizes errors and maximizes time for more productive tasks. Included in setting the most suitable shipping method is to answer the question, “How much does it cost to deliver a package?” or “How much does shipping cost in Canada?” to ensure that you create customer-centric solutions. There are basic terms you need to acquaint yourself with so that it would be easier to accomplish the shipping process.

Live-Rates. Live rates are the agreed-upon shipping rates you and your courier settled to and are posted to your checkout over an application programming interface (API). Live rates are determined by the package’s total order weight and destination for every eCommerce platform.

On a side note, live shipping rates are one of small businesses’ most common pricing methods when establishing shipping costs. Suppose you are using shipping software to fulfill orders. In that case, you will automatically see how much the shipping costs every order incurs.

Same-Day Delivery. It is a shipping option commonly offered to customers wanting to receive their packages instantly. It is a shipping model referring to when a consumer orders a product that can be delivered to the customer’s doorstep within 24 hours. However, it is instead an expensive shipping option, so many customers opt to choose something other than it.

Free Shipping. As customers are enticed to purchase products, order volume increases with free shipping. Although it decreases the volume of orders placed, free shipping still likely lead to fewer returns and a better profit margin because customers are more inclined to keep their purchases to avoid paying for delivery returns. An affordable shipping solution can help you provide free shipping, as you can cover the shipping costs yourself.

ship with Stallion Express

Ship With Stallion Express

If you need a team to ship your products securely and at affordable shipping rates, you don’t have to look far because Stallion Express is just a few clicks away.

Who Are they?

They are the leading shipping carrier in Canada, offering a vast range of shipping services, including Canadian, US, and international shipping. Stallion Express offers an efficient shipping process to lift the burden of all Canadian sellers from a strenuous shipment.

What Do They Do?

They help every small business in Canada to compete with more established brands by offering the best shipping solutions for eCommerce. They simplify the supply chain, letting eCommerce companies profit faster and satisfy their clients and the client’s customers.

How Does It Work?

You must visit their website, create your Stallion account, and set up your store integration, if applicable your eCommerce platform. You don’t have to worry because signing up is FREE, and there are no upfront charges that you need to pay. After setting up an account, you can start creating a shipment. Input all the necessary details correctly to avoid costly mistakes and delays in delivery.

Additionally, since it has an integration platform that works like shipping software, you can print the shipping label, calculate the shipping cost, track the shipping carrier’s location, etc., without leaving the platform, making it quicker to complete order fulfillment. Thus, Amazon, eBay, or Shopify shipping will never be as easy as shipping with Stallion Express,

Key Takeaway

While it is challenging to venture into the commerce or eCommerce industry, perseverance, correct planning strategy, and the most qualified teams and partners can lead you a long way.

If you’d like to know more about Canada’s leading logistics company, you can contact +1 877-863-7447, and our customer support representatives will be happy to help you.

Get started today! Ship faster, smarter, cheaper with Stallion.

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