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How Much Does Canadian Postage to USA Cost? (2024)

Diana Zheng
January 13, 2024

The process of sending a package across the border may initially seem complex. Still, essential considerations can impact your shipment’s overall success, such as understanding postages to the USA from Canada.

Key Takeaway

  • Staying updated on postage options and rates can help you and your business stay on the right track when shipping packages to the US.
  • Canada Post’s postage rates may differ depending on the postage options and other parcel services.
  • Several shipping tips come in handy to ensure a smooth and efficient shipping from Canada to the US.

Canada Post Options For Postage From Canada To US

Postes Canada options

Canada Post offers the following US-to-Canada postal services.

Standard-Sized Mail

Standard-Sized Mail includes letter envelopes, standard cards, and postcards. Dimensions are strictly considered when sending these mail items:

  • Self-Mailers and Envelopes – These are packaging forms used for documents, letters, or promotional materials.
Size: Minimum Dimension:140 mm x 90 mm x 0.18 mm

Maximum Dimension:245 mm x 156 mm x 5 mm
  • Postcards and Other Cards – These are compact cards intended for both communication and promotional purposes.
Size: Minimum Dimension:140 mm x 90 mm x 0.18 mm

Maximum Dimension: 235 mm x 120 mm
  • Standard-Sized Mail – This refers to postal items that follow specific dimensions set for efficient processing and delivery.
Weight:Equal to less than 50 kg

Non-Standard/Oversized Mail

Non-Standard Mails are usually oversized or come in unusual shapes. However, the weight and size restrictions must be taken into account when sending this type of mail.

This mail includes envelopes containing more than one mail item or heavier items like catalogues or paper bundles.

Weight:50 to 500 grams 
Size:Minimum Dimension:140 mm x 90 mm x 0.18 mm 

Maximum Dimension:380 mm x 270 mm x 20 mm

Parcel Services

You may use Canada Post’s parcel services if you send mail over 500 grams (1.1 lb). Please refer to the details below for the available postage services from Canada to the USA.


Canada Post Xpresspost is a premium and expedited shipping service designed for delivering parcels between 2-3 business days. This option comes with a tracking number, allowing the sender and recipient to monitor the package status and location during transit. You can drop off the parcels at a post office box nationwide.

Xpresspost also includes the following:

  • A signature confirmation option;
  • insurance coverage up to $100;
  • and an on-time delivery guarantee (subject to terms and conditions).

Expedited Parcel

Expedited Parcel is Canada Post’s quick and affordable postal service option. This ground shipping service is ideal for sending packages weighing 30 kg and above. The estimated delivery time for this option is 4-7 business days, and it comes with a tracking feature, delivery updates, and a $100 insurance inclusion.

expedited and express delivery options

You may also take advantage of a return-to-sender feature for an extra charge.

Tracked Packet

tracked packet USA shipping option

Canada Post Tracked Packet is a cost-effective shipping service ideal for small and lightweight parcels. This comes in low postage rates that are fixed according to the parcel weight, which should not exceed 2 kgs (4.4 lbs). This option includes a $100 insurance coverage, full tracking, and easy customs clearance processing.

Small Packet

Canada Post Small Packet is the perfect option for parcels that do not exceed 2 kgs (4.4 lbs). This economical air shipping service is best for non-time-sensitive packages. The delivery time frame is from 5 to 8 business days. However, please note that this option does not include tracking and insurance features.

Xpresspost USA

Canada Post's Xpresspost shipping option

It is a premium shipping service Canada Post offers for quick and reliable delivery to the United States. With fast delivery of 2 to 3 business days, it’s an ideal choice for time-sensitive shipments.

This service includes tracking, delivery confirmation, and an on-time delivery guarantee, ensuring timely parcel arrival. It suits businesses looking for expedited shipping with the added convenience of online tracking and label creation.

It offers peace of mind, speed, and visibility for shipments to various destinations in the United States, making it a preferred choice for urgent deliveries.

International Parcel Air

Canada Post's International Parcel Air

International Parcel Air is an excellent choice when you need to send larger parcels to any international destination, including the United States, in a cost-effective manner. It accommodates bulkier items and packages, making it ideal for businesses and individuals.

This service becomes particularly valuable when shipping to countries that do not provide the Xpsresspost International option, ensuring a reliable alternative for your international shipping needs.

International Parcel Surface

Canada Post's International Parcel Surface

Consider International Parcel Surface for a cheap shipping method to the United States and other international destinations. This is best suited for non-urgent shipments, for which delivery time is not a top priority.

With International Parcel Surface, you can cut shipping expenses while ensuring your packages arrive at their international destinations. Although it could take a little longer than air services for your package, it provides an affordable option for transporting items or boxes abroad.

Canada Post Postage Rates From Canada To USA Cost In 2024

Postage rates to other international destinations (US)

Here’s a table to guide you on the latest postal rates from Canada to the USA. You may find a rate at Canada Post’s homepage to get the correct postage updates and rates.

Postal ServicePostal Rate

Standard Size Mail

Stamps(Mail weighing 30 grams up to 5 paper sheets)$1.30

Postcards and Letter Envelopes(Mail weighing 30 – 50 grams, up to 9 paper sheets)$1.94

Non Standard Size Mail

Mail weighing 50 – 100 grams, up to 20 paper sheets$3.19

Mail weighing 100 grams – 200 grams, up to 40 paper sheets$5.57

Mail weighing 200 grams – 500 grams$11.14


Mail weighing up to 500 grams$26.37
500 grams – 1 kgStarts at $33.82
Up to 1.5 kg$34.91
Maximum Weight of 30 kgStarts at $192.06

Expedited Parcel
For the first 500 grams $20.35
500 grams – 1 kgStarts at $22.24
1 kg – 1.5 kgStarts at $24.03
29.5 – 30 kgStarts at $119.34

Tracked Packet
Up to 100 gramsFixed at $13.36
100 grams – 250 grams
250 – 500 grams
500 grams – 1 kg
1 kg – 1.5 kg
1.5 – 2 kg

Small Packet
Up to 100 grams
100 – 250 grams
250 – 500 grams
500 grams – 1 kg
1 kg – 1.5 kg
1.5 – 2 kg

Canada Post Parcel Features

Canada Post services for cross-border and national delivery

Here are the services Canada Post offers to its Canadian customers. Please take note that some of the services below may be applicable to domestic shipping only:

International Shipping

Aside from US postal services, Canada Post also offers reliable international shipping services. They are trusted for shipping items around the world, making it convenient for those looking to connect with customers from international destinations. Their international shipping options include:

  • Xpresspost International
  • International Parcel
  • Tracked Packet International
  • Small Packet International

Real-Time Tracking Feature

Canada Post Canada Post offers Signature and Identity Services, which ensures that there is a proof of delivery upon a personal hand-off of the item and that the parcel is handed over to a person with a valid ID.

Flat Rate Pricing

Canada Post offers flat-rate shipping. However, please note that this service is available for packages weighing not more than 5 kgs bound for shipping across Canada. Here’s a breakdown of the flat rate boxes and their prices, which you may purchase online:

Flat Rate Box SizeDimensionsPrice
Extra Small Flat Rate Boxes24.1 x 16.5 x 8.9 cm$16.99
Small Flat Rate Boxes35cm x 26 cm x 5cm$19.99
Medium Flat Rate Boxes39 cm x 26 cm x 12 cm$24.99
Large Flat Rate Boxes40 cm x 30 cm x 19 cm$32.99

Collect On Delivery Services

Collect On Delivery (COD)* is a delivery option wherein the delivery courier collects the payment on behalf of the sender before handing the package over to the recipient.

*Service is available only for domestic delivery.

Items That Canada Post Does Mail

Some items that Canada Post does not ship to USA include:

  • Illegal mail, such as obscene materials, articles related to unlawful lottery schemes and fraud
  • Solicitations by mail
  • Controlled items such as tobacco and vaping products, firearms, intoxicating beverages, and medical or biological materials
  • Prohibited items such as radioactive items and highly flammable materials
  • Dangerous goods such as lithium batteries

Tips For A Smooth Shipping Process

Commercial customs clearance when sending mail

You deserve to ship your products in the smoothest way possible. So, here are some handy tips you may want to consider adding to your checklist:

Stay Informed About Postage Rate Changes

Stay updated on the latest Canada Post postage rates

It helps to stay informed about the latest Canada postage rates. These rate adjustments can impact your business’s bottom line, affecting everything from pricing strategies to customer satisfaction.

To ensure that you’re not caught off guard, it’s essential to keep an eye on any updates from the postal service or courier companies you partner with. You may subscribe to their newsletters, follow their social media accounts, and regularly check their websites for the latest postage rate changes. Or, you may also consider joining industry forums and groups where both sellers and customers share insights and updates on shipping costs and regulations.

Use A Postage Meter

Use postage meters when sending mail

A postage meter is a special device used by businesses to print postage directly into envelopes, labels, or other mailing materials. It is a handy alternative to using traditional stamps.

With the use of postage meters, you can accurately weigh your mail and calculate and print the exact postage required, eliminating the need for a physical postage stamp. These machines are often leased from postal services or authorized providers, offering convenience and cost-saving benefits, especially for companies that send out a high volume of mail.

Check Address Accuracy

Check accurate shipment details for personal and business mail

Checking the accuracy of your customer’s shipping address is a must for every Canadian business owner sending packages from Canada to the US. It is a simple yet vital step to avoid shipping issues and delays.

Always double-check the recipient’s address to ensure there are no typos or missing details. Also, do not forget to include the ZIP code, as it works as the postal GPS for their package. When shipping to the US, remember that every detail matters, from street names to house numbers. Keep an eye out for any special address requirements for the destination, as different places may have unique formats.

Ensure Proper Packaging

Use proper packaging to give your shipment protective armour for transit across the border. Canadian entrepreneurs like you should pay close attention to this important step when sending mail.

Use sturdy boxes or envelopes to safeguard your products, and add a little extra cushioning to prevent damage. Some items need extra care, so using bubble wraps or packing peanuts can go a long way. Use high-quality, strong tape to seal everything up and keep your parcels intact. Also, don’t forget to clearly label the packages with both the sender’s and recipient’s accurate addresses.

Track And Monitor Shipments

Tracking and monitoring shipments is like having a pair of eyes on your packages when it’s miles away. Taking advantage of tracking options helps you keep tabs on your shipment’s journey in real time, giving you peace of mind and allowing you to keep your customers in the loop. Plus, you can proactively address any delivery hiccups and provide accurate delivery times to your customers.

How to reduce Canada Post Postage Rates?

For many people and businesses looking to efficiently control shipping expenses, lowering the cost of Canada Post’s postage meter is definitely a goal. Cost savings in postage can lead to more competitive pricing, better profit margins, and improved overall efficiency in shipping operations.

Choose the right service

Choose a carrier that matches your needs. If your shipment does not require express shipping and is not time-sensitive, consider using slower, less expensive options like ground shipping. You will instantly notice price drops with these minimal changes.

Consolidate shipments

If you frequently send items to the same international destination, consider consolidating multiple shipments whenever possible to save money. Sending one larger package instead of several smaller ones can be more cost-effective.

Use flat-rate boxes

Canada Post offers flat-rate boxes for certain services. These boxes allow you to ship items at a fixed rate regardless of weight, which can be cost-effective for heavier items and does not affect the postage meters. While you cannot purchase a flat-rate box online, you can buy it from any post office across Canada. There are three sizes you can choose from: small flat-rate boxes (35cmx25cmx5cm), medium flat-rate boxes (39cmx26cmx12cm), and large flat-rate boxes (40cmx30cmx19cm).

Ensure the box is within the maximum weight of 5kg or the allotted maximum size of the boxes. Otherwise, it won’t be accepted. Once you’re ready to ship your package, you can drop off small flat-rate boxes in a street letter box.

Take advantage of online postage discounts

Canada Post frequently provides attractive discounts and money-saving opportunities when buying personal and business mail online. Using these online services, you can maximize your savings, reduce postage meters, and simplify your shipping process.

Use Canada Post’s comprehensive online tools, which you can generate and print postage and shipping labels, figure out the postage meter, and track your packages in real-time, ensuring your customers receive their packages

Consider bulk mailing

If your business routinely sends business mail in a substantial volume, you could potentially unlock significant cost savings through bulk mailing discounts. These programs are tailored to accommodate high-volume mailers, offering reduced postage meters that can substantially lower your overall shipping ependitures.

It is essential to get in touch with Canada Post to learn more about the advantages of bulk mailing and to find out your eligibility. They can guide you through the application process, outline the specific requirements, and provide insights into how this tailored direct mail solution can enhance the cost-efficiency of your mailing operations.

Negotiate rates

If your businesses regularly mail items in a significant volume, you can negotiate customized postage rates with Canada Post (or use a discounted shipping provider like Stallion). These custom prices can optimize your shipping expenses and enhance the competitiveness of your operations.

Check for promotions and offers

Apart from the cost-saving options online, Canada Post occasionally offers promotions and discounts, especially if you mail items during holidays or peak seasons. Keep an eye out for these promotional opportunities to save on postage expenses.

Avoid surcharge-triggering factors

Check the factors that can lead to a surcharge, such as irregularly shaped packaging, not following the standard size mail requirement, oversized mail, incorrect addressing, and insufficient postage. Ensure your packages comply with Canada Post’s guidelines and international customs regulations to avoid additional fees. Check whether it’s correct postage, address, location, and more.

Use third-party shipping services

Explore alternative delivery options or third-party shipping services and compare their rates with Canada Post. Some third-party providers offer competitive international postage rates and additional shipping options.

Review and audit your shipping practices

Since international postage rates tend to be more expensive, reviewing your shipping procedures regularly to find places to cut costs can be beneficial. Search for inefficiencies and make necessary adjustments.

Choose Stallion For Guaranteed On-time Deliveries

partner with Stallion Express

If you’re looking for a cheap alternative to Canada Post when shipping to the United States, Stallion can be your cross-border shipping partner. We provide on-time deliveries for our shipping services, assuring our clients of timely and dependable parcel and package deliveries.

Also, our rates are some of the lowest on the market for the same benefits. Partnered with national carriers, we provide the fastest services and postage at a very affordable cost.

Get started today! Ship faster, smarter, cheaper with Stallion.

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