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The Beginners Guide to Shipping Parcel From Canada to US 2024

Diana Zheng
June 14, 2023

As an eCommerce seller, you have to explore more business opportunities. It will help you develop your brand, enhance your services, and expand your reach. The United States has plenty of potential customers, which can be a significant factor in growing your company. They are considered Canada’s biggest trade partner for a reason.

However, shipping parcels from Canada to the US is costly and requires complicated shipping documentation. Despite the close distance between these two nations, the shipping expenses are so high and the process is so complicated. It is for the fact that the Canada-US border is still an international border.

Good thing Stallion Express is here to help you. This blog post will help you understand the factors revolving around cross-border shipping. Read it now!

The need for cheap parcel shipping from Canada to the US

Save money when shipping a parcel from Canada to the US

Whether you are a new eCommerce seller or have been in the industry for quite some time, cheap shipping costs can help you improve your business operation. As international shipping rates can be expensive, shipping packages from Canada to the USA can affect the revenue. Thus, finding the most affordable shipping options is crucial for the business’s success.

Affordable cross-border shipping gives you an advantage over competitors charging higher shipping rates. As you lower the costs, you can draw in more customers, boost sales, and increase profitability.

Additionally, cost-effective shipping rates can help in growing your customer base. You can reach more target audiences with affordable delivery options, which may have experienced discouragement because of the expensive shipping fees. It can broaden your base, leading to future business expansion.

As an online seller, providing a positive customer experience is critical. Shipping parcels hassle-free and cost-effectively increases customer satisfaction and loyalty, encouraging repeat business and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

By finding the cheapest way to ship the orders to customers, you are not just lowering the overhead expenses; you can also reinvest the money you save into your business. You can use the funds to improve product offerings or invest in marketing campaigns to attract more customers. Prioritize affordable shipping to set your business up for success and growth.

How to find affordable international shipping options

Shipping boxes around the world affordably

As an eCommerce seller, shipping is the make-or-break factor in your business’s performance. Costs and shipping reliability heavily affect customer satisfaction, sales, and profits. Thus, looking for the cheapest international shipping from Canada to the US is valid.

Here’s what you can do to find affordable international shipping:

  1. Price Match the Shipping Rate. Find out what major carriers’ rates are for the same package weight and size. You can also take advantage of shipping calculators to estimate the costs of shipping packages.
  2. Take advantage of discounted rates. Many shipping providers offer lower rates if you use their online shipping tools.
  3. Consider consolidation. When sending multiple shipments, take into account combining them into a single shipping. It can help you save money by reducing the overall delivery costs.
  4. Use the correct packaging. Whether you are shipping big or small packages, choosing the appropriate packaging enables you to save money on shipping. Use lightweight and sturdy packaging materials that meet the carrier’s requirements. It helps you avoid additional fees for overweight or oversized packages.
  5. Consider utilizing a shipping platform. A shipping platform like Stallion Express offer discounted shipping rates from multiple carriers, including USPS, Canada Post, UPS, and FedEx. This platform makes locating the most affordable solution for your eCommerce shipping needs easier.

Overview of shipping services available, including Canada Post

Importance of US Shipping to Canadian sellers.

Choosing the best shipping service for your online business can be challenging with so many options. Let’s look at some of the most reputable eCommerce shipping providers, such as Canada Post, and give details on their features, prices, and delivery options, as it can help you make informed cross-border shipping decisions for your business needs.

Understanding Cross-Border Shipping

Cross-border shipping brings up new markets and other online business opportunities for brands to grow their customer base and reach a wider audience, which is why it is crucial to understand the ins and outs of it. With cross-border shipping, brands, and businesses can access new markets, boost revenue potential, and position themselves as a global player in their niche.

Explanation of different shipping methods

Brands and online businesses can select from various shipping methods. However, picking the most appropriate way to guarantee that your package will reach its destination on schedule, in pristine condition, and within your budget is critical.

  • Ground shipping. It is a preferable option for cross-border shipments that are not time-sensitive. The process typically involves sending the product across the border using ground transportation, like a truck or van. While it is less expensive than air shipping, the delivery times vary based on numerous factors, including the recipient’s location.
  • Air shipping. It is a faster shipping method for cross-border shipments, especially for time-sensitive or required expedited delivery. This procedure entails using an air carrier like a cargo airline to send packages across the border. However, this option can be more expensive than ground shipping.
  • Courier services. Courier services are well-liked options for cross-border shipments, especially for online businesses. These services typically include sending packages with direct courier services like UPS or FedEx.
  • Freight forwarding. It is a shipping technique that includes using a third-party logistics company to oversee the shipment from beginning to end. Freight forwarding can provide various services, including transportation and customs clearance, often at a lower cost than other shipping options.

Overview of custom requirements

A toll gate for cross-border shipments from Canada to the US

Although Canada and the USA are only separated by a border, Canadian businesses still must comply with the US customs requirements to guarantee that their shipments are authorized for entry into the US.

Note that customs requirements can vary based on the product type, the origin, destination, and the shipping method used. Delays, penalties, and shipment confiscation are among the possible consequences you can face if you fail to comply with customs requirements.

Here are some of the key requirements you need to comply with:

  • Accurate and detailed shipping documents. You must provide accurate and detailed shipping documents, including a commercial invoice, a packing list, and any other required documents to complete the customs clearance process.
  • Package value declaration. Businesses are required to declare the value of the package being sent to determine any applicable duties or taxes.
  • Pay applicable import duty and tax. Businesses that import products into the USA may be obliged to pay duties and taxes. The amount varies depending on the value and nature of the shipped goods.
  • Complete and accurate product information. You must provide complete and accurate product information of shipped items, including place of origin, materials used, and intended use.

Importance of tracking to a cheap shipping

A man using a tracking tool for their shipments

Tracking is essential in the shipping industry. It helps you ensure timely delivery and spot potential issues, provides peace of mind to you and your customers, and enables you to optimize your shipping strategy. You can improve customer service, streamline shipping operations, and ultimately save time and money by tracking your shipments.

Comparison of Shipping Services

There are many shipping services accessible when cross-border shipping from Canada to the USA. You can choose the most affordable and reliable alternative for your eCommerce shipping needs by comparing these options.

Canada Post

Canada Post has several cross-border shipping options from Canada to the US like Tracked Packet, Xpresspost, and Priority. These services offer alternatives for insurance, delivery confirmation, and tracking. In addition, Canada Post helps with the customs clearance process, shipping labels, and packaging supplies.

Private couriers

Private couriers provide tracking, package protection, customs clearance processing, and various delivery time options for cross-border packages from Canada to the US.

Online shipping platforms

Many shipping platforms numerous cross-border shipping options from Canada to the US, providing discounted rates, tracking, package protection, and assistance in the US customs.

Tips for Cheap Parcel Shipping

A light bulb

You may reduce your parcel delivery expenses in different ways without sacrificing the shipping quality. Here are the things you can do to maintain the shipping costs low:

Use a shipping calculator.

Using a shipping calculator can help you find the most affordable shipping rates, as you compare prices from different carriers and services. You can get an instant quote and choose the most suitable option by entering shipment details, including package weight, dimension, and destination.

Use a shipping calendar.

You can use a shipping calendar to create and schedule your shipments in advance and take advantage of times when shipping costs are low. You can save delivery expenses by planning your shipments at certain times, allowing you to avoid peak shipping times and escape rush fees.

Use a shipping aggregator.

A shipping aggregator provides a single platform to compare shipping rates from multiple carriers. You can easily compare costs and transit times from several carriers, such as Canada Post, FedEx, UPS, and USPS, by entering the shipment details.

What Should You Do When Shipping Parcel to USA from Canada?

questions regarding parcel shipping to the US

Remember to think carefully before shipping your products to the US. So, ensure you include the factors in this article in your checklist before proceeding.

Identify Package Weight and Size

One of the reasons why US shipping costs so much is because of how a shipping service calculates the shipping rates. Generally, they compute the shipping costs by the package’s measurement (length x width x height) and weight.

You can also consider using bubble mailers and courier bags to reduce shipping fees, as these packaging materials are charged less.

Check the Prohibited Items

If you wonder what happens if you send prohibited items (accidentally or intentionally), the package caught shipping banned/restricted items will be retained, disposed of, and might cost you sanctions. The worst scenario to happen to you is being forbidden from exporting goods to the US.

You can call Canada Border Services Agency or check this article to see what items you cannot send across the border.

Opt for Package Protection

While shipping companies don’t normally encounter problems in the courier industry, getting package protection is still an excellent step.

Many shipping providers offer shipping insurance to their users for additional reassurance if loss or damage occurs during the journey to its recipient or destination country. Shipping insurance protects both high and low-value shipments, allowing you to file a claim with the carrier or insurance provider to get back the package value insured.

If you need an alternative method of protecting packages, Stallion Express offers complete package protection, which provides the same benefits but a lesser amount. You can ship from Canada to the USA with peace of mind.

Who is Stallion Express?

partner with the stallion express team

You don’t have to look far if you need the cheapest shipping service no one can match. By typing, you will be redirected to Canada’s most trusted shipping provider.

They have proven their credibility by helping thousands of businesses across Canada grow and develop their brands domestically, in the United States, and internationally.

How Does it Work?

First, remember to sign up for an account. All benefits are exclusive to Stallion users, so don’t miss the chance to take advantage of the perks. Please don’t worry because there are no upfront charges after you register.

If you are already inside the dashboard, click the CREATE SHIPMENT button to start the shipping process. Note that working with Stallion means you also skip the complicated customs process. All the details we need are simplified into form fields (like product description and retail cost) and take care of clearing the border for you.

Thus, input the details asked correctly and double-check everything!

Next, pay the total shipping costs by uploading credits on the dashboard. You don’t have to worry about security because Stallion Express ensures your dashboard is secured with all online safety measures in place.

Next, print the shipping labels* and attach them to the parcels. If your package is ready for shipping, you can drop it off at the nearest Stallion branch or book a pickup! You can call Stallion’s customer service to learn more about the pickup service offered.

*If you streamline your online store with Stallion’s integration platform.

What Are My Postage Options?

Stallion Express collaborates with well-established shipping companies to ensure you get the service you deserve. Furthermore, these partners allow shipping options, like priority mail and express. The partner courier services are the United States Postal Service (USPS), United Parcel Service (UPS), and FedEx USA.

Stallion also offers Stallion Economy USA*, which allows users to reduce shipping costs even further by taking advantage of zone skipping.

*Stallion Economy USA reduces the shipping distance, bypassing the New York hub. Stallion sends the package to the nearest USPS hub (from the receiver) and completes the final mile delivery.

How Much Does It Cost?

The prices differ depending on the shipping option you will choose. However, Stallion is true to its word being the cheapest parcel shipping from Canada to the US. Stallion users can save as much as 75% when shipping a package from Canada weighing 4oz (113g) will cost you $4.39. On the other hand, parcels weighing 15oz (425g) cost $7.62, while packages weighing 2 lbs (1kg) cost $11.27*.

To give you a rough estimate of how much the shipping will cost you, use Stallion’s shipping calendar.

*Prices are shown in Canadian dollars.

What Are The Other Perks?

Apart from the cheapest and fastest delivery times, shipping with Stallion Express has numerous advantages.

First, you don’t have to process the shipment yourself. You don’t have to deal with customs clearance or fill out any customs form. Once Stallion receives the package at the branch, your only responsibility is to give your customers their tracking number* so they can also track their orders.

*Most US shipments have full-tracked privileges to ensure customers know their parcels’ delivery status. We do offer non-tracked as well.

Second, you don’t have to worry about any duties or taxes incurred on your shipment because you don’t have to pay duties for packages not exceeding 800 USD in total.

*Stallion strictly follows any protocols mandated by the Canada Border Services Agency, including a declaration of the package value. Once caught, you may face penalties and account suspension after a formal warning.

Key Takeaway

If you want to be confident competing with other sellers when shipping parcels, consider Stallion Express! To receive updates from Stallion Express and more ways to save on shipping, subscribe to our regular newsletter. You can also contact our customer service at +187-863-7447.

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