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What Are The Factors of Shipping From Canada to US Cost? Tricks on How to Save Big!

Diana Zheng
October 3, 2022

Although the United States has one of the largest populations of online sellers worldwide, many Americans still purchase overseas. If you want to expand your business across the border, this is your chance to strategize how to penetrate the US market and compete with local sellers.

It may further pique your interest to know that a whopping 77% of Americans are interested in purchasing in a different country. Canada tops the list in overseas shopping, receiving about 72% of interested American customers. You have a significant market to attract and impress with these numbers, so why not start a venture?

If you are anxious about the cost, here is comprehensive information about the factors of shipping from Canada to US cost and how you can save big! Check it out now!

a. Package Origin and Destination

The distance between the sender and receiver is a significant factor in influencing the prices. The cost of shipping from US to Canada inflates with the distance between the origin and destination. Thus, the farther the recipient’s location is, the more expensive the shipment will incur. In the United States, there are shipping zones you must know about and understand.

In general, the U.S. shipping zones are areas of a carrier’s continental U.S. delivery territory affecting the shipment’s cost. One crucial point to understand is that shipping zones are flexible. Shipping zones span different parts of the U.S.; the zone numbers vary depending on the package’s origin and the shipping service you use. The zone is often higher the farther away from the customer’s starting point.

b. Package Weight

Similar to the distance, the parcels’ weight also plays a critical role in the shipping cost. The cost of transporting the items will increase as it grows larger. The same principle applies to package weight; a heavier shipment will incur a higher delivery fee. While you do not have any control over how much your goods weigh, you can decide what kind of packaging to use when sending them.

What is the difference between actual and dimensional weight?

The actual weight is the precise heaviness of the parcel, including the packaging. On the other hand, dimensional weight accounts for the package’s length, width, and height for calculating shipping costs, which you have total control and adjust according to your needs.

The shipping carrier calculates the shipping cost using the dimensional or volumetric weight to prevent shippers from sending parcels small-sized items in significantly huge boxes, which tend to waste space inside the container.

Package Materials image

c. Package Materials

While package materials are not the primary reason for the expensive shipping from US to Canada cost, they still contribute to the shipping expenses. It is best to purchase the items in bulk as most, if not all, stores offer discounts for a large volume of purchases.

Some of the items you have to consider buying are the following:

Shipping Boxes and Mailers

Cardboard boxes are the most excellent choice for fragile goods with irregular and unique shapes to arrive at their destination without harm. The three most common cardboard boxes are folding cartons, rigid, and corrugated.

On the other hand, mailers are ideal for smaller, flatter objects that are less likely to sustain damage during delivery.

Cushioning and Fillers

Cushioning is vital for a product that is vulnerable to damage during transit. Products with unusual shapes or fragility benefit significantly from additional padding. Some examples include bubble wrap, foam, paper, etc.

On the other hand, it’s common practice to fill the box’s empty spaces with void fillers, like Kraft paper, packing peanuts, and shredded paper, to prevent objects from rolling or bouncing during transit. You can use them individually or in combination with padding.

Labels and Tapes

It’s time to seal and address your box now that you have the appropriate mailing method and a secure environment for your merchandise. Strong tape and clear labeling are essential to guarantee that your item is adequately treated and doesn’t bust open during transportation.

d. Shipping Protection and Tracking Availability

Before a product reaches its destination, shipping protection offers financial security against any unforeseen loss, damage, or theft. Most carriers provide free coverage for a shipment’s declared value up to a specified amount. While problems rarely happen, it is better to keep your customer feel secure.

Meanwhile, a shipment tracking system is software that allows tracking parcels and packages as they travel. Deliveries pass through many hubs where they are scanned. Thus, the tracking system will precisely display the most recent location an item was registered in.

Shipping Service and Delivery Speed

e. Shipping Service and Delivery Speed

Both the shipping service and delivery speed go hand-in-hand. Picking a shipping service also means choosing how fast the items arrive at their destination. However, selecting a shipping option would help to depend on your shipping needs. Some of the shipping options you have are economy, standard, and express shipping.

Note that the faster the items arrive at their destination, the higher the shipping rates will be. Therefore, consider the urgency and the season before booking for shipment.

g. Choose Stallion

Stallion, the leading shipping partner in Canada, partners with United Parcel Service (UPS), United States Postal Service (USPS), and FedEx USA to ensure cross border shipping is fast and efficient while keeping the prices affordable.

Stallion is worth trying because it can help you compete with US sellers without spending too much on shipping. Apart from the cheapest shipping costs, you do not have to process anything at the Canada Border Services Agency because they will process all customs requirements on your behalf.

What’s more impressive is the integration platform that Stallion offers to its users. You can streamline your Amazon, Shopify, eBay, and Etsy stores for a more manageable shipping process. Plus, if a regular parcel has a worth not exceeding CAD 800 in value, you do not have to pay the duty!

Call Stallion’s reliable customer service because we believe cheap shipping should not equate to poor-quality service. 

Get started today! Ship faster, smarter, cheaper with Stallion.

Get Started Today.  Sign Up for Free!
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