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Foolproof Ways to Prepare Your Packages: A Comprehensive Guide

Diana Zheng
July 20, 2021

Package preparation requires serious time and effort, that’s why knowing the courier guidelines is what every online merchant should follow closely to avoid resulting in shipping delays.

We’ll provide you a step-by-step guide on how to prepare your next shipment as a good scout does.

Stallion Express users’ DO’s and DON’Ts in Shipment Preparation


Preparing your shipments for delivery may seem like hard labor, but it’s all worth it in the end. As a responsible Stallion Express user, make sure to take note of these DO’s for a smoother transaction.

  1. A box in good shape

First impressions last, and that also applies when preparing your parcel. Get yourself a sturdy box or high-quality mailer to place the items inside and make sure to seal it properly. 

  1. Package box with a 4 x 6” label

It’s important to note that the 4 x 6” size is the only label dimension recommended by the carrier.  It’s likely our warehouse team will hold and reject your shipment unless this standard is met (it’s what our carrier’s tell us!). 

Double-check the size of your labels when printing them out to provide correct dimensions when placing them on your box if you’re using a regular printer. If using a regular printer, be sure to also check ink levels and ensure the barcode is legible – without blurs or bleeding ink within the barcode lines. 

  1. A box with internal cushions

You don’t want your items to look ravaged when it finally arrives at the destination, right? Whether you’ll secure the products with bubble wrap, styrofoam molds, or heaps of paper shreds, make sure to create necessary arrangements to maintain the products’ mint condition.

  1. A poly bag with a correctly placed label

If you’re an online seller who is using poly bags for your items, ensure to attach the label properly to prevent further dilemmas. Place it on the front and at the center for easy scanning of your parcel.

Be sure to keep the barcode free of any tape or obstructions. 

  1. Kraft mailer with a correctly placed label

Aside from regular boxes and poly bags, kraft mailers are among the usual packaging used by e-commerce merchants for their selling products.

When using kraft mailers for your smaller items, place the postage label properly and avoid covering the barcode with tape.

  1. Boxes with label on its largest and flattest area

It is one of the general guidelines in shipment procedures to place the labels on the largest and flattest surfaces of the box. Always keep in mind to apply this ruling to guarantee the one-time processing of your packages and therefore avoiding delays. 


No one wants to get their shipments rejected. So if you think there’s a high chance of having your packages declined, then it’s time to ask the big WHYs. By taking heed and following instructions, you’ll save a lot of time and money when sending your shipments to our locations.

Here are the DON’Ts when preparing your shipments to avoid getting into that sticky situation.

  1. A box in bad shape with rips and dents

Presentation matters, that’s why you have to choose the best packaging for your goods. Doing so will keep the products 100% secured and damage-free when your shipments are handed over to your buyers.

  1. A box with disproportionate label size

Anything that is more or less doesn’t do any good, and the same goes for printing an incorrect size of shipment labels.

Labels must be the ideal size of 4” x 6” for postage labels. Otherwise, any labels smaller or larger than the standard dimensions will be rejected as per our carrier’s policies and procedures.

Your shipment will be placed on hold by our operations team until this is corrected. Save yourself the trouble and measure it out first! 

  1. A box with loose items

Presentation matters, that’s why you have to secure the items with internal cushions to avoid damages during the delivery process. Besides, your customers expect you to pack the items with extreme care, and that counts for your seller performance.

  1. A poly bag with a label covered in tape

Although applicable to all packages, you shouldn’t practice wrapping the label of your poly bag with tape. This move will only hamper the usual scanning process.

In particular, our carrier partner’s automated conveyor belt system will not pick up on barcodes that are covered in tape. What appears to be a small mistake may result in days with delays! 

  1. Kraft mailers with label covered in tape and placed sideways

If you’re guilty of wrapping your label in tape or placing the label sideways when using kraft mailers, it’s time to change your old ways!

Don’t cover the label, especially the barcode with tape or place it sideways as both of these will lead to shipment delays for you and your customer. 

  1. Boxes with label in between creases

This is one of the most common mistakes encountered when sending over shipments.

Remember not to place the labels in between the creases or on the top flap if you’re using a rectangular packaging box. Shipment labels should lay flat on the largest surface area, not just on any area of the box.

Shipment Supplies You Might Need

It’s time to leave your worries away! Stallion Express branches have the following supplies to ensure that you have everything you need in one place.

  • Poly Bubble Mailer – a lightweight cushioned bag with bubble lining that gives your products the protection it needs. Have we mentioned that it’s made of waterproof and moisture-resistant materials?
  • Kraft Bubble Mailer – this packaging makes printing and writing billing details much easier due to its kraft paper material. Padded with bubble lining that prevents your items from scratches, kraft bubble mailers are available in brown and white.
  • Courier Bag – it is made up of opaque plastic material that protects items from water spillage with its secured seal. Courier bags are best used with lightweight and unbreakable items.
  • Thermal Labels – these paper rolls are useful when printing shipping labels needed for scanning your shipment. We highly recommend investing in these vs. standard printer paper. Save money with thermal printers since you never have to buy ink! 
  • Bubble Wrap – this transparent plastic material is commonly used for protecting fragile and bulky items from breakage and scratches. Bubble wrap can be reused as long as it still serves its cushioning purpose.
  • Packing Tape – it makes sealing package boxes, especially bigger ones faster and more convenient.

USPS Supplies

Opting to go for our Stallion USPS service? You can get a full list of the available packaging supplies once you log in to your Stallion Express account.

  • Flat Rate Box – available in small, medium, and large sizes
  • Regional Rate Box – comes in a Regional Rate Box A and B options
  • Mailing Boxes

Stay tuned for more upcoming shipping tips/hacks by checking out our News & Announcements page so you won’t miss out on any important updates.

Got any questions regarding this topic? Send us an email at [email protected] or dial 877-863-7447. We look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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