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How important is shipping insurance in Canadian eCommerce?

Aman Chopra
March 21, 2023
  • Are you an eCommerce business owner?
  • Do you ship or deliver your products through a third-party carrier?
  • Do you plan to expand your business across the border and internationally?
  • Do you often ship to the United States or internationally?

If you answered yes to all or any of these questions, this article is just for you. Let us discuss the importance and value of shipping insurance in Canada, the US, and internationally to your business.

When Should You Get Shipping Insurance?

A man wearing a black t-shirt holding a yellow pencil and a woman wearing a golden yellow t-shirt holding a black pencil thinking together

Okay, let’s face it. No matter how prepared we think when shipping the package to the customers, unwanted situations can still happen.

This is why there is no proper moment to get shipping insurance. You can have it every time you send customer orders because mishaps can happen on the least expected occasion.

There are plenty of factors why you should get it, but we want to simplify everything for you.

Save Money. People always think that getting the package insured is another expense. But if the packages and shipments are lost or destroyed, the economic effect could be more than the insurance cost.

Peace of Mind. Operating an eCommerce business is already a handful of work. So getting your shipment insured is something you can check off from the list of things to worry about.

Avoid Liability. When you pay for shipping insurance, you are handing the responsibility of keeping the shipment safe to the carrier or insurer.

Prevent Additional Costs. If something terrible happens to the parcel, the cost of the damaged package is covered by shipping insurance, removing additional fees caused by this incident.

Maintain Customer Satisfaction. All customers expect nothing but the best service, and that includes the shipping process. Shipping insurance can cover your business from any shipping-related issues and setbacks.

Protect Brand Image. Shipping insurance can prevent the negative impacts of any shipping problem and keep customer satisfaction, despite the possibility of shipping setbacks.

Should I Get A Third Party Insurance?

A shipping vessel with translucent protection shield

Getting shipping insurance from a third-party provider is recommended to save money. They offer competitive prices with numerous shipping insurance coverage.

However, the problem in this situation may appear during claims processing. You need to coordinate with the carrier and third-party shipping insurance provider, which can be a hassle and time-consuming.

But let us say the shipping insurance company will be able to handle the communication for you. While this is convenient, you might find yourself lost in the conversation.

Keeping yourself in the loop can be challenging, especially with the technicalities you are not well-versed in yet.

This situation is crucial since there is another factor you have to consider: your customer. Getting first-hand information would make more sense because you must also update your customers regarding the status. However, with many parties involved, communication will be pretty tricky.

Is There An Alternative Option?

 A woman wearing a maroon sweater raising lifting her hands, palms facing upward

If you need an alternative yet better solution to getting shipping insurance, you can consider using Stallion Protection by Stallion Express.

With this option, you can safeguard your packages from unwanted situations and receive numerous perks you cannot easily find in other leading companies. What are these advantages?

  • Immediate Turn-Around Time. It only takes three to five business days to complete claims processing, the industry’s fastest turnaround time.
  • Complete Coverage. Stallion’s complete value protection for your declared value covers the potential risks of physical loss or damage from an external cause while in transit.
  • Online Claims Processing. Stallion offers a simple and convenient claims process run exclusively by our internal staff.
  • Flat-Rate Fee. We offer flat-rate pricing regardless of the packages’ destinations. Stallion provides comprehensive coverage to most foreign locations, from domestic shipping to anywhere globally.

How Can I Avail Of This Shipping Insurance Service?

Only packages with postage from Stallion Express are eligible for this option, meaning shipments with third-party or non-tracked are not applicable).

Note: Stallion Express must accept shipments to qualify.

How Much Does It Cost?

A calculator, some American dollar bills, and a notebook on top of the table

The fee is CAD 0.39 for the first CAD 100 on US and Canadian shipping services, while CAD 0.99 for the first CAD 100 on International shipping services.

An additional coverage fee of CAD 1.49 on the next CAD 100 on US, Canadian, and International shipping services. A maximum amount of CAD 300 can be insured.

Consider Stallion For Your Domestic, Cross-Border, and International Shipping!

Three people high-fiving each other with the Stallion Express logo at the lower left bottom and text “Be Our eCommerce Partner”

Stallion Express is one of the leading companies in Canada. With the cheapest shipping fees, faster delivery times, and an efficient shipping process, you can guarantee excellent service.

Our company partners with major carriers to provide excellent customer service. We aim to support our customers in reaching their maximum potential in the eCommerce industry and compete with other sellers globally.

We offer other shipping services that could benefit all businesses in developing and expanding their brand globally.

Domestic Shipping

Shipping containers placed on top of each other to create the Canada flag

Our partnership with Canada Post and UPS enables us to send your packages anywhere in Canada.

By shipping packages through Stallion, you can save shipping costs up to 50% and complete the shipment within two to eight business days. This is twice faster as shipping with the national carrier yet cheaper and more convenient.

Cross-Border Shipping

The US flag and Canada

Our Canada-to-US shipping service can guarantee that all your shipments will arrive without delay. With the help of our reputable shipping partners, USPS, UPS, and FedEx, you can easily compete with US sellers and establish your brand across the border.

You can save as much as 75% in shipping fees with Stallion Express, with a transit time of two to four business days.

International Shipping

A toy yellow forklift carrying a small globe and five small boxes with a yellow background

Stallion works hand-in-hand with PostNL and APC Postal Logistics in establishing your business globally.

With up to 80% discounts on shipping fees, your packages can reach their destination country in five to ten business days. That’s two to four days ahead of shipping with the national carrier.

A shipping vessel surrounded by dollar signs with a text above “Ship with Stallion Express”

How to Ship with Stallion Express?

  • Create a Stallion Express account.
  • Create a shipment inside your Stallion account dashboard.
  • Choose the correct postage option and pay for the shipping amount + applicable tax and duty.
  • Print the shipping label and attach it to the parcel.
  • You can just drop off the parcel at the nearest Stallion branch.
  • Let Stallion handle the rest of the shipping process until the parcel arrives at its destination.

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If you want to know more about Stallion, keep updated with the latest information about our services through our social media accounts, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

You may also subscribe to our weekly newsletter or check out our blog to read other related articles.

As always, contact our customer support if you need help or have questions about our services.

Get started today! Ship faster, smarter, cheaper with Stallion.

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