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What  Are The Challenges Canadian Delivery Services Face?

Diana Zheng
October 20, 2022

Technical problems, marketing challenges, and customer issues are the common dilemmas that many entrepreneurs face inside their businesses. However, the obstacles do not end until the customer's package arrives at its destination. 

Similarly, shipping and delivery services also face difficulties. Although they rarely happen, these problems can significantly impact the supply chain. As an entrepreneur, you have to acknowledge that these issues exist. And while some can be out of your control, knowing them will help alleviate the situation and reassure your customer. 

Leaf through this article to learn the challenges Canadian delivery services face and understand how you can work your business out of these problems. 

Unpredictable Weather Conditions

One common issue that a delivery service can face is unpredictable weather conditions. Unfortunately, one transportation mode most frequently impacted by weather is trucking. The weather conditions, whether snow, rain, wind, or fog, significantly influence the delivery package and used routes because visibility is highly affected. 

Heavy rains and snow can massively affect the shipping and delivery process. When heavy rains pour at a specific duration, roads and low-lying underpasses may become submerged rain, resulting in flooding. 

On the other hand, severe snowfall can also result in road closure. The snow can create obstacles along the way or lead to power lines falling. In addition, the road closure will make it challenging for vehicles to reach their destination, causing delivery delay timeframes. 

In other words, weather-related delays can cause changes to staff unloading hours and shifts, affecting our wishful thoughts for faster delivery. Furthermore, it can result in additional vehicle operation, shipping costs, fuel, and oil expenditures. 

Fuel Increase

Sadly, the increasing fuel rates leave a courier with little to no option but to put significant fuel surcharges onto shipping rates to recover record gas prices. It can be a dilemma for shipping companies as they want to keep the shipping rates, but it would less them profit if they do so. 

With these changes, Canadian sellers are battling rising expenses, pushing extra costs for the price of delivering goods within Canada up, often by as much as 40% for many carriers. Thus, affecting many Canadian customers as well. Furthermore, shipping options, like standard shipping and express delivery to Canada, will be more expensive.

Enhancing customer service

Enhancing Customer Service

Customer service is the backbone and frontline of your business. Without proper customer support, your company will immediately fall, regardless of the product quality.

It can be challenging to provide support because it is more than just answering phone calls or providing chat support. You should be able to provide solutions and meet customer satisfaction whenever they need assistance. 

While you can provide reliable customer support on your end, the chosen shipping service should also be able to give on-par support. Proper coordination and management planning should be imposed to ensure appropriate information dissemination. 

Government Regulations

Sending parcels from Vancouver to Toronto can be manageable since following regulations for domestic shipping is less stressful. However, shipping one package from Canada for international shipping can be another.

Even before the pandemic, many countries already have rigorous shipping regulations to ensure safety and regulate imports. While this situation does not affect a shipping service directly, some shippers send FDA-regulated goods, making it difficult for the shipment to be processed immediately. 

All prohibited and restricted items require documentation to pass through customs. A shipping company must have enough time, effort, and wise decisions to overcome these challenges. To make the process easier, ensure that the parcel does not contain any items under the list. 

Economy Impact

The ability of shipping to provide economical and practical long-distance transportation places it at the global economy's center point. Ships move over 11 billion tons of parcels annually. Given the current world population, this translates to an astonishing average of 1.5 tons per person.

Meet Stallion Express

Get to Know Stallion Express

Businesses, especially start-ups and online ones, will be highly affected when changes in logistics happen-fortunately, partnering with the most appropriate courier service alleviates the effects of numerous shipping and delivery problems. 

If you do not have a shipping partner yet, consider Canada's leading shipping company, Stallion. Stallion Express offers eCommerce shipping solutions that will make every business productive and efficient. 

They offer delivery service to the United States, internationally, and domestic shipping. The partners they are working with are Canada Post, USPS, UPS, FedEx USA, and Stallion Economy to ensure they can prevent the challenges other companies face as they collaborate with other shipping services to give ultimate Canada delivery services.

Stallion Express has the most competitive shipping rates at a faster delivery time, making them the leading shipping service in the market.

Why Should You Choose Stallion?

Stallion Express is an excellent option because they are more than just the cheapest shipping rates and fastest delivery times. They also offer easy Returns, Stallion Protection for shipment security, and Amazon FBA. In addition to that, they also have the following advantages:

  • Technology Upgrade

Technological upgrades will likely benefit many Canadian customers because they make the process efficient. However, it will help you more. Stallion Express allows eCommerce integration to make it easier for you to manage all the shipments in one platform. You do not have to switch from one store to another to get the orders done.

  • Improving Business Processes

Since you are streamlining all your online stores into the platform, your process will become more efficient. Plus, since everything is documented, it is easier to monitor your business's progress and create inventory.

For more information regarding Stallion's superb shipping and delivery services, call +1 877-863-7447.

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