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Economy International Shipping vs. Standard International Shipping

Cyrel Nicolas
April 6, 2021

With the various social media networking sites available and the rise of messaging platforms, it’s no surprise that technology has truly made communication easier no matter where you are in the world. 

The same goes for shipping. Sending packages, mailing letters, and purchasing different items online is made easier with international shipping. Just like the rest of the world, Canadians love shopping online too, especially with Canadian shipping service providers making everything more accessible and affordable. 

Besides businesses and eCommerce stores, many have benefited from these types of services. If you like hanging around on online shopping sites, then you’re probably familiar with how international shipping works.

However, there might be one piece of information you don’t know about international shipping, and that is the existence of economy standard options for this particular service—and simply knowing the different options for international shipping service isn’t enough.

As a business owner, you’ll likely want to dive deeper into economy international shipping vs. standard international shipping! In line with this, we have prepared a quick guide for you to better understand the concept of international shipping.

Economy International Shipping vs. Standard International Shipping: How It Works

At first glance, not everyone can see which option most businesses and buyers will benefit from. It’s always better to learn more about each shipping option to maximize your options and choices. With the option you choose, you should be able to quickly and easily integrate it into your business plans for today and, of course, in the future. Running a business tends to become a lot easier as you start getting ahead of everything—from logistics and shipping, to increasing sales and creating better marketing campaigns.

Opening your business to the world requires more than just strategies. With shipping becoming the lifeblood of most businesses across the globe, creating a solid shipping strategy that fits your financial needs becomes invaluable. It might sound daunting at first, but shipping will eventually become second nature to you.

Economy International Shipping

Understand just how much time and energy people spend shopping online, scrolling through shopping apps only to see a high shipping cost. No matter how much they want the item, many people will choose to abandon their carts. High shipping costs are huge deterrents, and for many sellers this means finding alternatives to their current shipping option. 

Luckily, there’s always the economy international shipping option. You’re even luckier if there are couriers in your country who provide this shipping service. Many customers opt for this service due to its affordability and reliability. 

Economy international shipping is usually the most cost-effective way to ship a package internationally. Despite how long the service takes to send your items, it still manages to provide an excellent means of transporting your goods to anywhere in the world. 

The slow shipping solution also gives you the flexibility to offer customers a wider range of prices for your items. Other shipping options can’t give you the same kind of flexibility, making it ideal for eCommerce businesses and individuals who are not sending time-sensitive parcels. Although international shipping will always come at a high cost, it feels great to have a more affordable alternative to make ends meet.

How long does it take?

Compared to standard and expedited international shipping options, economy international shipping takes at least 6–15 days to major destinations across the globe. However, not all shipping companies follow the same time frame. Take note that delivery times vary depending on your shipping zone and the location you’re shipping the item to.

As with most shipping options, shipping a package domestically is always quicker than shipping it internationally. However, do account for delays. These delays are commonly caused by factors such as harsh weather conditions, customs, and serious fortuitous events.

Shipping and logistic companies are constantly finding ways to improve shipping times by streamlining their processes to prevent delays. To help you navigate shipping costs and times, utilize the wealth of shipping rate calculators available online. These can guide you in planning your deliveries and creating a budget.

When should you choose it?

Despite the fast-moving world we’re in, there are still people who wouldn’t mind longer, yet cheaper, shipping. To give customers more options, other companies offer expedited shipping at an additional cost. Still, not every item needs to be shipped fast, and maximizing low-cost shipping for your business can help you deal with shipping bulky items or non-urgent packages to buyers overseas.

If you’re still unsure whether or not economy international shipping is the right option for you, below we’ve listed the advantages of opting for the more affordable option when it comes to sending items internationally.

Low shipping rates

We’ve already mentioned how affordable the rates for this option is. If you’re following a tight budget, then this option is the right one for you. The price of the economy international shipping option is the primary reason why most people opt for it rather than other shipping options.

Enough delivery time

This option works by shipping items in bulk to ensure low and affordable prices, which means the time it takes for your goods to arrive is longer than with standard international shipping. However, it does guarantee that your package will be received by your customer within 15 days, assuming that there are no unexpected delays on their end.

Primary real-time updates

Economy international shipping’s tracking features aren’t as detailed or updated, unlike with other shipping options. However, this varies depending on what shipping and logistics company you’re working with. Some companies ensure customer satisfaction by offering real-time tracking on all of their shipping options.


We know that keeping a business at bay is difficult enough—many small businesses struggle financially, especially at the beginning. Still, once you take logistics in hand, you’ll see that you have many more options to help save you, and your customers, money.

Standard International Shipping

Besides having a solid strategy for your shipping operations, you’ll need to find the right shipping company to work with. With the influx of couriers in the shipping and logistics industry today, finding the right one is a daunting and challenging task that you’ll need to accomplish to ensure a seamless process. If you’re confused with all the available shipping options out there, knowing how the whole process works might ease you into making a decision. 

First, you’ll need to know your priorities. Are you looking for the best value for your money, or are you looking to make a speedy delivery? Not many people know how to choose the most appropriate shipping option that brings them the most benefits, but knowing what your options are helps in making your decision.

When shipping internationally, another option gives you the best of both worlds—the standard international shipping option. Like the economy international shipping option, this option is an affordable option that guarantees faster shipping than the former. 

You’re probably familiar with this option if you’ve been in touch with various shipping companies for a while. Many shipping companies offer this standard shipping service option, making it the most usual option that businesses and individuals choose, unlike the economy international shipping option.

How long does it take?

In general, express shipping is faster than standard shipping, while standard shipping is faster than economy shipping. While all these shipping options are equal in reliability, the only difference is how fast your package will get to its recipient and at what cost.

The difference between standard international shipping and economy international shipping is that standard shipping takes around 2–10 days. Like with economy standard international shipping, the package’s size and dimensions, along with the distance between the country of origin and the destination, affect the total cost you’re required to pay.

When should you choose it?

Businesses should give customers multiple options to choose from when it comes to shipping. Standard international shipping offers your buyers the best value for their money. Letting them choose whichever they would prefer also gives them the idea of how valuable your business makes them feel.

As a customer, if you’re not interested in the small window of time difference between economy international shipping and standard international shipping, choosing either one would work for you. After all, a few days isn’t much of a difference if you’re not in a hurry to receive your package.

Why opt for standard international shipping?

Seeing many options available at your disposal is overwhelming. Sometimes you’ll begin to wonder if your choice really matters, as there’s not a lot of difference between the options. To help you out, we’ve outlined the advantages of standard international shipping below.

Affordable rates

Standard international shipping still comes at an affordable price despite being a faster option than economy international shipping. Although it’s affordable, its price may not be the primary reason why people choose this option. Its affordability, together with how much time it takes for your buyer to receive the package, makes it an efficient option.

Shorter delivery time

A shorter delivery time makes sure that your customers enjoy their product at an earlier time. Although the difference is only a few days, having the option to receive their goods earlier is something many customers appreciate.

Quick, real-time updates

Buyers and sellers receiving quick, real-time updates on their item’s location is possible with the standard option. It is especially useful with the various details each update brings—for example, detailed updates notify you of any delays and issues that your shipping provider encounters.


Standard international shipping isn’t for everyone, but it can benefit you in growing your business and satisfying your customers. After all, fast shipping doesn’t have to be expensive. Having a general idea of what your buyers need will also help you decide whether standard international shipping is the right choice for your business.

Final Thoughts

While you can’t see a huge difference between economy international shipping vs. standard international shipping, these two options will both provide you with the best value for your money. Regardless of which option your pick, if you’re shipping within the same area packages and goods usually arrive within 5 days. 

Most shipping services also offer packing and tracking services, which businesses are sure to enjoy. These services help businesses keep track of which item goes where and to whom. But international shipping can be a ton of work, and looking at convenient shipping options can help you out immensely.

If you’re an eCommerce seller, you might want to make things easier by giving Stallion Express a try! From domestic shipping to international shipping—and from Canada to anywhere in the world—Stallion Express provides you with the necessary tools that you can quickly and easily integrate into your platform.

Interested? Reach out to Stallion Express to know more about how we can help you!

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