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Economy and Standard International Shipping What's the Difference?

June 9, 2023

Running an e-commerce business is tricky. There are a lot of things to consider, such as managing your inventory, setting your prices and shipping to customers. Of all these, shipping may be the biggest headache of all. Debates like economy international shipping vs. standard international shipping have been raging since logistics companies started offering them. But how does shipping affect an e-commerce business?

In e-commerce, 69.57% of shoppers abandon their shopping carts, and the number one reason is extra costs related to shipping and taxes. This figure proves that logistics companies need to offer affordable shipping services and balance them with delivery speed. 

Let’s dive into the pros and cons of economy international shipping vs. standard international shipping and determine when these methods are appropriate for your business.

Economy International Shipping

Economy international shipping is the cheapest option logistics companies can offer you. It’s a viable alternative for sending out packages, but it has its advantages and disadvantages.

Lower Cost

If your e-commerce business is just starting out and you want to set more competitive prices, economy is the way to go. The prices of products are often within 5% of each other. Keep this in mind because offering affordable shipping can be the difference between a sale and an abandoned shopping cart. 

Longer Delivery

Since the cost of shipping is lower, the delivery time naturally takes longer. The delivery time is 6–10 days for most major destinations, but it could take longer for other places. 

Economy international shipping transports packages in bulk. Packages wait in the warehouse until there are others to be sent to the same destination. However, the slightly longer delivery time may be worth it, considering the savings. Consider sending non-urgent items through economy international.

Less Efficient Tracking

Most of the time, economy-shipped packages are scanned when they’re collected and when they’re delivered to your customers. There’s usually no information between those two stages.

According to Narvar’s 2018 consumer report, 53% of shoppers won’t buy from you if they don’t know when a package will arrive. In this regard, the lack of reliable international shipping tracking could affect your sales. The bulk transport of economy packages also limits the efficiency of tracking. 

Standard International Shipping

Standard international shipping is the normal shipping method that many logistics companies offer. The cost of shipping packages this way is usually reasonably priced, and it offers average shipping times and full tracking. 

This type of shipping is offered by almost all shipping companies, this is the most common shipping method for online shoppers. It is intended for small businesses or shoppers who send shipments of varying sizes and weights.

Here are some of the main features of standard international shipping -

Reasonable Cost

The cost mostly depends on the size and weight of your packages. Most companies have international shipping calculators so that you can input the dimensions of your packages. Then, you’ll get an idea of the cost of shipping. 

Sending a package from Canada to the United States is usually very reasonably priced for most logistics companies. However, different couriers offer different rates, so do your research, particularly on your courier’s shipping partner in the United States.

Average Delivery Time

Though this method is faster than Economy shipping, it’s slower than international priority shipping. Some deliveries take three days; others may take up to four weeks to deliver because of customs issues. If that happens, say goodbye to good customer feedback. 

You can use standard shipping for most of your packages, but set your customer’s expectations. Always mention that delays sometimes happen, and make sure to inform them if their package takes longer to deliver.

Standard international shipping is the ideal type of shipping for non-urgent purchases made by customers willing to wait a few business days for their items to arrive. This means that standard shipping does not include overnight shipping and will not cost you extra compared to express shipping services or expedited parcel delivery.

Full Tracking Options

Most shipping companies offer full tracking services for standard international shipping. Online tracking is also an option that most companies offer nowadays. Because these packages aren’t transported in bulk, keeping track of them is a lot easier than economy shipping. 

What Is International Priority Shipping on eBay?

eBay’s Global Shipping Program gives sellers another shipping option. If you choose this, your customers will have to pay for the following:

  1. The item’s selling price
  2. Ebay’s calculated international shipping fee
  3. Import duty and taxes

The delivery is fast and has full tracking, but it is on the expensive side. International Priority Shipping starts at $24. It’s possible for you to send smaller and lighter packages directly for less. 

How Long Does Standard International Shipping Take?

How long international shipping takes

Here's a guide you may use to know the estimated transit times from Canada to different continents. While these estimates are subject to change, remember that customs clearance, shipping methods, and specific destinations within these countries may affect delivery speed. 

That is why we recommend you talk to your shipping provider for the most updated information about your shipment. Or you can also use your tracking reference to check on the progress of your international shipment status.

Countries In:Estimated Shipping Time (Standard)
Europe3 - 25 Business Days
Asia4 - 30 Business Days
North America2 - 14 Business Days
South America6 - 45 Business Days
Africa5 - 45 Business Days
Australia4 - 30 Business Days

How Can Standard Shipping Help My E-Commerce Business?

Many sellers apply flat-rate shipping to their businesses to be more consistent. With this method, you can include your shipping cost in the price of your products and waive the shipping fee. Nothing attracts buyers more than free shipping.

If you need a logistics partner that can help you improve your e-commerce business, contact Stallion Express. We’ll give you all the information you need about our integration and shipping process.

What Are Other Factors To Consider When Shipping?

Use high-quality materials for your packages.

While the focus is bent toward the cost, delivery time, and restrictions of standard shipping from Canada to the US, here are some reminders Canadian sellers must always take into consideration when offering the option:

Use The Right Packaging

Unknown to many sellers, the packaging material can contribute to the shipping expenses. So, to save on shipping costs, invest in quality materials that ensure the safety of your items by purchasing them in bulk. Purchasing cardboard boxes (cartons, rigid, and corrugated) and small packet mailers in bulk can cost you less as most suppliers, if not all, offer discounts for volume orders.

The cost of shipping a package is usually determined by its dimensional weight (cost is determined by the size of the box) rather than the item’s actual weight.

Thus, use a box that’s just enough to carry the item and some packing peanuts or bubble wrap. Moreover, use cardboard boxes for items that need careful handling and goods that come in different shapes and sizes. Small packet mailers are best for smaller items less likely to be damaged during delivery.

Double-Check The Shipment Information

The seller is responsible for ensuring that the customers are taken care of from the time they purchase their products until they receive their parcel at their destination. Thus, to avoid errors in shipment and delays in delivery times, sellers should always double-check the accuracy of all information before printing shipping labels.
This is one of the best ways to avoid delays in delivery, lost packages, or undeliverable parcels.

Safeguard Your Packages With Package Protection

While issues in the delivery of shipments are rare, the chances are still high.

With this, sellers should get full coverage protection for their packages' declared value, which includes all risks of loss or physical damages while in transit.

Fortunately, Stallion offers Stallion Protection which gives the lowest price for shipment protection with full coverage. Plus, it provides flat-rate pricing regardless of your parcel’s destination.

Contact us now to get more information about this offer.

Consider Stallion Express

partner with stallion

Many shipping providers in Canada claim to provide the best service to Canadian sellers.

However, Stallion Express always goes the extra mile to offer the best and ensure that sellers receive exactly what they need and deserve in shipping out their goods to customers. Stallion isn't just your typical shipping company that offers services.

Think of Stallion as your business partner: we progress along with your business' success. To achieve this, Stallion will work hand in hand with you.

All the things to consider in your business and eCommerce shipping needs (domestic, cross-border, and international shipments) are provided with premium quality in Stallion. Integrate your online store with Stallion and expand your business in the most convenient and cheapest way.

Work on your transactions in one place where you can manage and prepare your orders, print shipping labels, add account credits, pay for the shipping fees, and satisfy customers' needs in just a few clicks!

Does Stallion Express Offer Standard International Shipping?

Yes! Stallion Express also offers standard international shipping to most countries. You can save up to 80% with Stallion’s international shipping service with full tracking available and fast delivery times.

Aside from international shipping, Stallion also caters to shipments within the country. Worried about the shipping rate? We got your back with up to 50% cheaper shipping fees on domestic shipping. Check out our rates now!

Contact Us

call stallion

Call Stallion’s customer service hotline at +1 887 863 7447 or message us now for assistance and inquiries about our services.

Key Takeaway

You should not go through a stressful process when you ship goods internationally from Canada, especially for Canadian sellers who want to offer our neighbours, the USA, the quality of our products and outstanding service.

This should push new sellers to believe in their starting global business and make experienced Canadian entrepreneurs envision a clearer picture of multi-national business growth.

Get started today! Ship faster, smarter, cheaper with Stallion.

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