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Fast Shipping: The Power Of Express Delivery

Aman Chopra
November 13, 2023

With the tough competition in the eCommerce shipping industry, fast shipping has emerged as a game-changer. The power of fast shipping extends far beyond mere convenience. In this article, let us explore the transformative impact of swift and efficient shipping services, discussing how they accelerate the movement of goods and transform our expectations, businesses, and the global economy.

What is fast shipping, by definition?

It refers to the expedited transportation and delivery of items or packages within a significantly shorter time than standard shipping methods.

The exact time duration qualifies as “fast shipping” can vary based on the context and the service provider. This shipping service is typically characterized by features such as quicker transit times, same-day or next-day delivery options, and expedited handling processes.

Moreover, the specific definition may differ from one shipping company to another. It can be influenced by factors like the sender and recipient’s locations, the type of goods being shipped, and the level of service selected by the customer. This shipping type prioritized speed and efficiency, aiming to get items to their destination as swiftly as possible.

Why does it matter?

It is essential for Canadian eCommerce sellers because of numerous reasons. It meets customer expectations, gives a competitive edge, reduces cart abandonment, builds a positive reputation, streamlines operations, expands reach, handles peak seasons, optimizes inventory, simplifies returns, and provides valuable data for informed decisions.

Prioritizing this shipping service is crucial for Canadian eCommerce businesses to maintain customer satisfaction, competitiveness, and operational efficiency.

Is It the Same As Express Shipping?

What is the difference between fast shipping and express shipping?

While these two services are often used interchangeably, there are subtle differences that a regular Canadian seller should know about.

Express shipping is a premium option offered by carriers like Canada Post and FedEx. It typically guarantees quicker delivery times compared to standard shipping services. Customers who choose express shipping pay higher shipping costs for this expedited service, and it’s often associated with specific delivery timeframes, like next-day, two-day, or same-day delivery. It’s a way to get packages to their destination as fast as possible, but it might come at a higher cost.

On the other hand, fast shipping is a broader concept. It doesn’t necessarily refer to a specific service or carrier but rather a commitment by the seller to send out orders promptly and use shipping services prioritizing speed. This can offer express shipping options and involve effective order fulfillment and processing. It is essentially more about the general strategy for expedited order delivery.

What are the various express shipping options available in Canada?

Several express shipping options in Canada cater to varying business shipping needs and budgets. Each service offers different delivery speeds and features for efficient shipping.

Expedited Shipping

Expedited international shipping

Expedited shipping is a highly advantageous delivery option for Canadian sellers. It significantly outpaces standard services by ensuring packages reach their destinations within 2-3 business days. It provides an outstanding mix between speed and affordability, making it a sought-after choice among customers.

Overnight Shipping

Overnight shipping

Overnight shipping ensures swift and reliable next-business-day delivery. This option offers the fastest possible turnaround time of just 24 hours. Like other express shipping options, overnight delivery is typically associated with higher costs due to its unmatched speed and reliability. Therefore, it’s particularly well-suited for time-sensitive and urgent shipments, meeting customers’ needs and seeking the utmost speed and efficiency within the Canadian eCommerce landscape.

Next-Day Delivery

Next-day delivery

Next-day Shipping or Delivery is similar to overnight shipping, yet slightly different. While it doesn’t ensure delivery in a tight 24-hour window, it guarantees items arriving on the next business day, usually within a 24 to 48-hour range. With this method, you can have the speed of expedited service without the strict time limits of regular overnight delivery.

Priority Shipping

Priority Shipping

Priority shipping is a notable upgrade in speed and service compared to standard expedited shipping. Packages are given priority status when using this option, which guarantees a faster delivery – usually within 1-2 business days. It provides a quicker service for customers who have urgent shipments but may not need the extreme speed of overnight shipping.

Are package shipping services and mail shipping services the same?

No, package shipping services and mail shipping services are not the same. Package shipping services are typically used for sending more oversized items and parcels, often through courier companies like Canada Post, Purolator, FedEx, or UPS.

On the other hand, mail shipping services are typically associated with sending letters, documents, and smaller items through postal services. While both involve sending items, they differ in the kind and size of goods they handle, the carriers they use, or the associated costs.

What is the fastest mail service in Canada?

Generally, Canada Posts’s Xpresspost mail service is the fastest in the country. It guarantees quick and reliable shipping with specific delivery within a given date and offers accelerated delivery for mail and parcels. While other services are available, it is a popular choice for timely mail deliveries across the country.

How much does it cost?

The express shipping costs in Canada vary widely depending on the package’s size, weight, destination, and the courier service. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from around CAD 15 to 50 or more for express shipping within Canada. It’s essential to verify with specific courier services for accurate cost information, as they might provide various options and rates to suit your shipping requirements.

How can you offer a free two-day shipping?

You can employ several strategic approaches so you can offer free two-day shipping to your customers:

  1. You can collaborate with a reliable shipping company, like Canada Post, that provides reasonably priced two-day delivery options.
  2. Set a minimum purchase required for free two-day shipping to encourage customers to place larger orders, helping offset shipping costs.
  3. Consider loyalty programs or subscription models where customers pay an annual fee for free two-day shipping to create a sustainable approach.

By using these strategies, Canadian sellers can satisfy customers and stay profitable while providing free two-day shipping.

How can you offer free standard shipping?

There are a few doable actions that can be made to offer free standard delivery as a typical Canadian seller.

  1. Optimize shipping costs by negotiating favourable rates with reliable carriers because these negotiations can often result in bulk shipping discounts that help cover expenses.
  2. Setting a minimum order threshold is another effective strategy, wherein customers can receive free standard shipping when their orders surpass a specific amount.
  3. It’s beneficial to streamline order processing and fulfillment to reduce operational costs.
  4. Sellers can give customers the impression that standard shipping is “free” without compromising revenue by precisely calculating shipping costs and including them in product pricing.

These measures not only attract customers but also ensure efficient, cost-effective shipping services for both parties.

What are the common obstacles faced by Canadian sellers in fast shipping?

Canadian sellers have several challenges in their quest to offer quick and effective shipping services, which may hurt their business operations and customer satisfaction.

Geographic Challenges

The country’s large and diverse terrain, especially in remote or northern regions, can lead to longer transit times and increased shipping costs. Additionally, logistical challenges can arise from the need for effective logistics and long-distance transportation networks.

Weather Conditions

Harsh winters, heavy snowfall, and freezing temperatures can disrupt transportation and delivery schedules, leading to delays. Snowstorms and extreme weather events can cause road closures and flight cancellations, affecting the timely movement of goods. Severe weather in some places can render some areas inaccessible for extended periods.

Limited Carrier Options

Canada’s limited carrier options can be attributed to its vast and challenging geography. Due to the large geography and dispersed population, not all carriers find it cost-effective or logistically feasible to operate in every region. Transport networks are made more difficult by the country’s inclement weather, vast distances between population centers, and rough terrain.

As a result, carriers tend to focus on more densely populated areas and well-established routes, leaving remote and northern regions underserved. This geographical complexity, coupled with regulatory factors, contributes to the limited carrier options in Canada, impacting the availability and affordability of shipping services, particularly in less accessible areas.

Customs and Duties

International shipments can often require customs clearance, which can introduce delays and added administrative complexities. Customs duties and taxes must be accurately calculated and collected, impacting the overall customer cost. To prevent potential issues, it is crucial to ensure adherence to the constantly evolving international trade regulations. Additionally, it can be challenging to navigate various customs procedures in different countries.

Distance From Major Markets

Due to its vast distance from the world’s largest markets, Canada may find it challenging to offer quick shipment to customers. The geographical separation can result in longer transit times and higher shipping costs, particularly for international shipments. Sellers may encounter increased competition from businesses closer to major markets, which can offer fast delivery options.

Rural Deliveries

The remote and dispersed nature of rural areas can lead to longer transit times and limited accessibility, making it harder to meet fast shipping expectations. Narrow or unpaved roads and adverse weather conditions, such as heavy snow in the winter, can further complicate transportation. Sometimes, sellers depend on couriers or local carriers, complicating their shipping processes. Additionally, shipping to faraway locations may be more expensive, which affects price plans.

Tips and Strategies for Canadian Sellers to Improve their Shipping Speed

For Canadian sellers, enhancing shipping speed is crucial to meet customer expectations and gain a competitive edge. Let’s check some valuable tips and strategies to help Canadian sellers improve their shipping speed and efficiency, ultimately boosting customer satisfaction and business success.

Optimize Packaging

Efficient packaging ensures items are protected while minimizing unnecessary weight and space, reducing shipping costs. By standardizing packaging for similar products and implementing streamlined packing processes, sellers can expedite order fulfillment. Items are protected during transit by premium padding and protective materials, lowering the possibility of damage.

Accurate labelling and tracking technologies also contribute to the speed and accuracy of orders. All things considered, packing optimization lowers costs and increases the effectiveness of the shipping process, enabling Canadian sellers to continually provide their customers with faster, more dependable and affordable delivery.

Automation and Technology

Automation and technology are pivotal in enhancing Canadian sellers’ fast shipping capabilities. Automated order processing systems streamline the handling of orders, reducing human error and expediting fulfillment. Advanced shipping software allows real-time rate comparisons, helping sellers choose cost-effective shipping options.

Technology also makes it possible to track and monitor shipments effectively, giving customers and sellers access to rapid updates and transparency. Integrating technology like barcode scanners and label printers optimizes labelling and packaging, enhancing accuracy and speed.

Prioritize Inventory Management

Effective inventory management ensures products are readily available and easily accessible, reducing the time required to pick, pack, and ship orders. It minimizes the risk of overselling or stockouts, preventing order delays. With accurate and up-to-date inventory information, sellers can decide which products to promote and offer faster shipping options. Furthermore, well-managed inventory allows for efficient order consolidation, reducing shipping costs.

Implement Quality Control

Canadian sellers should implement quality control measures to ensure faster shipping services for several compelling reasons.

  1. It minimizes the risk of shipping incorrect or defective products, reducing the likelihood of returns and the associated delays.
  2. It enhances order accuracy, leading to efficient picking and packing processes.
  3. Consistent quality control reduces shipping errors, reducing the need for costly expedited shipping to rectify mistakes.
  4. It boosts customer satisfaction by delivering reliable, error-free orders promptly.

Canadian sellers may enhance their shipment speed and reliability and, as a result, build customer loyalty and brand confidence by putting quality control first.

Choose the Right Shipping Partners

Choosing the right shipping partners is pivotal for Canadian sellers. Effective shipping partners guarantee prompt, reliable, and economical delivery, hence enhancing the whole customer experience. They have affordable prices and a range of services to accommodate different shipping requirements.

The right shipping partner can also assist sellers in navigating the challenges of international shipment, duties, and customs. They contribute to a positive brand image by delivering packages on time and in good condition.

Ultimately, selecting the right shipping partners is not just about transportation; it’s a strategic business decision that directly impacts customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and competitiveness in the eCommerce market.

What is the fastest shipping option for Canadian sellers?

Stallion's fast shipping options

Customers expect speedy shipping, and meeting these expectations can set you apart from the competition. However, the speed and costs can vary between services, so it’s important for sellers to choose the one that best suits their needs and keeps customers happy. But what is the fastest shipping option for Canadian sellers?

Who is Stallion?

Stallion is a preferred pick for regular Canadian sellers and businesses alike. This trusted carrier offers a range of competitive shipping rates, catering to domestic, cross-border, and international shipping requirements.

Stallion has earned its reputation for reliability and efficiency, making it a favoured choice among Canadian sellers. With a diverse array of shipping options at their disposal, sellers can conveniently tailor their shipping solutions to meet their specific needs. Whether for local deliveries or international shipments, Stallion serves as a valuable partner in optimizing the shipping experience for businesses across Canada.

How fast is shipping with Stallion?

Shipping ServiceTransit Time
US Shipping2-4 business days
Canadian Shipping2-8 business days
International Shipping4-12 business days

It is important to understand that while shipping speed estimates are helpful, the actual delivery times may vary due to several factors, including the time it takes for shipments to clear customs, erratic weather patterns, and unanticipated events that can impact the timely arrival of shipments. Canadian sellers should keep in mind that while Stallion strives for efficiency, external factors beyond their control can affect delivery times.

Thus, it is essential to have open lines of communication with customers and control expectations about possible delays to deliver a dependable delivery service in the ever-changing eCommerce market.

Key Takeaway

Fast shipping, with its speed and efficiency, plays a vital role in eCommerce success. It meets customer expectations, sets businesses apart in a competitive landscape, and boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty. Prioritizing fast shipping is essential for thriving in the dynamic world of eCommerce.

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